Sunday, May 23, 2010

Chapter 14-I'm On a Boat

“Hello,” I said answering my ringing cell phone as I waited for Pat to get done with practice

“That was some stunt you pulled Ally,” my dad said on the other line, “I don’t approve of your boyfriend so you leave without letting me or your mother know.”

“Dad that was a month ago, please get over it already,” I said rolling my eyes and growling to myself, “Besides he’s not my boyfriend anymore.”

“You two broke up…praise the Lord,” my dad said and I did have to laugh because he wasn’t going to take what I was about to hell him too easily.

“No, we didn’t break up,” I began and my dad started cursing loudly which caused Alyssa to start laughing as she came out of the ladies room with Erica.


“Yeah dad he’s all of those names because he loves me and you can’t see by that because you think he’s going to cheat on me and leave me for a gold digger,” I said rolling my eyes, “Yeah dad I’ve heard that at the house which is why we left to come back to Chicago in the first place.”

“What’s wrong,” Alyssa asked me and I just sighed and put the phone on speaker.

“He’s not good for you Ally,” my dad argued, “I can’t wait until he breaks your heart and I will say, ‘I told you so.’”

“Give me that fucking phone,” Erica said snatching the phone out of my hands and shutting the speaker off, “Hi Mr. Jordan it’s Erica. I really don’t appreciate you talking like that about my brother. You aren’t around him and Ally enough like I have been to see that they love each other and Pat will never hurt her and if he does I will personally kill him. Please do myself, Pat, and Ally a favor and learn your facts before you decide to downgrade my brother.”

“Thank you,” I said as Erica handed me my phone, “Alyssa, are you okay?”

“Yeah it’s just morning sickness, it’ll wear off after the fifth month the book says,” Alyssa replied smiling, “I’m fine but I’m hungry.”

“She just puked her intestines out and now she is saying she’s hungry,” Erica said rolling her eyes laughing, “Hormones are like men, can’t live with them and can’t live without them. Actually I’m hungry for IHOP.”

“IHOP THESE NUTS,” Sharpie said coming out of the locker room.

“I’ll pass,” I said laughing, “But you’re more than welcomed to come to breakfast with us.”

“I am hungry now that you mention it,” Sharpie said smiling and we laughed, “Are the golden children going with us?”

“They are going over to Troy and Carmen’s house for a Mario Kart tournament,” Alyssa said, “Ally, myself, and Erica refuse to go anywhere near Carmen since she’s a bitch and mistreats the three of us because we are the youngest of the girlfriends.”

“Yeah she does have a bitchy side but I promise that she’ll come around,” Sharpie said, “She’s like that to all the girlfriends and wives of the new players, she just has to get to know you better. Speaking of newbies where’s Leah at?”

“She just left with Adam like ten minutes ago to go pick his parents and sister up at the airport,” Erica said, “They’re going to go sightseeing around Chicago so that his parents and Nikki can meet Leah.”

“Isn’t that cavity sweet,” Sharpie mocked and we laughed as Jon and Pat came out of the locker room.

“Where you guys going,” Jon asked giving Erica a kiss.

“Sharpie here is treating us to breakfast at IHOP,” I said putting my arm around Sharpie’s shoulder, “He’s such a gentleman.”

“You’re full of jokes Ally,” Jon said smiling causing Sharpie to flip him off.

“Don’t eat too much,” Pat said looking at Erica and myself, “Jon and I got something planned for you girls later.”

“Really,” Erica asked raising her eyebrow, “Are we double-dating or something?”

“Technically no,” Jon said, “You’ll see tonight, if we tell you too much it’ll ruin the surprise. Just pack and overnight bag and get dressed up.”

“Fancy smancy,” Sharpie joked, “Not bad for two little boys who got their first girlfriends.”

“Bite me Sharpie,” Jon spat back causing Sharpie to laugh.

“I’m sorry that’s Erica’s job,” Sharpie said, “Oh wait…you’re still a virgin that’s right!”

“Go fuck yourself man,” Jon said causing Alyssa to laugh.

“Alyssa, where’s Brent,” I asked.

“He left with Duncan already to head over to Troy and Carmen’s.”

Pat’s phone rang and he answered it telling Jon that it was Troy and that they were ready to start the Mario Kart tournament with our without him.

“We’re going to head out,” Pat said giving me a kiss, “I’ll see you back at the house.”

“See you later,” I said as he smiled and walked off with Jon.

“Well Mr. Sharp don’t just stand there, lead the way,” Alyssa said motioning in front of her for Sharpie to start walking.

“I can’t wait until you spit out that kid because you are a bitch,” Sharpie said and Alyssa smacked him on the back of the head and we headed out of the practice rink and to the closet IHOP we could find.

Sharpie parked the car and asked the lady for a table for four somewhere where he wouldn’t be recognized.

“Sure thing Mr. Sharp,” she said taking us to the back of the restaurant in the corner, “You’re server will be right with you.”

“I want the stuffed French toast with the whipped cream on top, that looks good,” Sharpie said and Alyssa agreed.

“Oh yes it does.”

“I want the New York style cheesecake pancakes,” Erica said.

“Same here that looks really good but I think I am going to get the chocolate chip pancakes,” I said as the server came over to the table.

“Hi I’m Josh and I’ll be your server this morning,” the blonde haired, blue eyed man said. He couldn’t have been no more than eighteen maybe nineteen at the most, “Can I start you guys off with something to drink?”

“Coffee and an orange juice,” Sharpie said.

“I’ll take an iced tea,” Alyssa said.

“Water with lemon,” Erica said as she opened the menu back up looking through it.

“And for you,” Josh said smiling at me.

“I’ll have a coffee and an iced tea,” I said and he wrote it down.

“Are you guys ready to order?”
“Me and the pregnant bitch will have the stuffed French toast combo and the kids will have chocolate chip pancakes and the New York cheesecake pancakes,” Sharpie said handing Josh the menus.

“You’re an asshole,” I said laughing and Sharpie smiled.

“I mean no harm though, I just love to joke around with people.”

“We know,” I said smiling, “We all love you actually, you always put a smile on our faces even when we are in a bad mood.”

“Thank you,” Sharpie replied smiling again, “Out of all the wives and girlfriends you three and Leah are the only ones who know how to take my wittiness and aren’t annoyed with me.”

“I told you the other ones were bitches,” Alyssa said opening her straw to start drinking her iced tea that Josh had just brought over.

“She’s been with Brent for over two years and the other girls haven’t warmed up to her yet but you two and Leah clicked with her right away,” Sharpie said, “My ex-girlfriend clicked with her too.”

“Who would be stupid enough to let you go Sharpie,” I asked.

“Eh, she left me for another woman,” he said laughing.

“Are you serious,” I asked.

“I’m as serious as Sean Avery at a Dolce and Gabbana fashion show,” he said causing the three of us to spit our drinks everywhere and laugh our asses off.

“That was funny,” I said, “High five for that one.”

Sharpie just laughed it off and we enjoyed our breakfast getting to know the real Sharpie and not just the jokester that we saw every day. Breakfast was going good until he decided to smear whipped cream on my face and throw a strawberry at Alyssa who in return threw one at him and started a mini food fight at our table.

When we left, my hair had strawberries all through it and Erica was trying to get the syrup out of her hair but wasn’t having any luck. Alyssa was wiping at the chocolate stain on her shirt from the piece of my pancake that Sharpie threw at her.

“That was fun,” Sharpie said and all three of us agreed, “We have to do that again. I enjoyed talking to you three, maybe Leah can come next time.”

“Sure thing,” I said smiling, “It was good getting to know the real you.”

“I’ll see you guys later,” Sharpie said dropping us off at mine and Pat’s apartment, “Have fun.”

“See you Sharpie,” we said waving as he drove off and we walked through the garage to get to the building.

“What the hell happened to you guys,” Brent asked from the couch in my living room that he was currently sitting on with Pat and Jon.

“We got into a mini food fight with Sharpie and we are a mess,” I said and Pat came over licking the whipped cream off my cheek.

“I can totally elaborate on this situation right now but I am going to keep it to myself and save my energy for later,” he said smiling and I smacked his chest before giving him a kiss.

“I thought you guys were going over to Troy’s house,” Erica said stating the obvious.

“We were but Ari got sick, do him and Carmen had to take her to the vet so we decided to come here,” Jon said as Erica sat down next to him.

“Brent we need to head out soon we have a sonogram appointment at one and it’s already noon and we have to drive across town,” Alyssa said looking at her watch.

“I’ll see you guys tomorrow,” Brent said as he hugged me and Erica goodbye, “See you later.”

“Later Seabs,” Jon and Pat called out as I walked into the bathroom shutting the door behind me so I could take a shower.

When I was finished showering, I put my robe on and walked out into the living room towel drying my hair to find that it was just Pat and I that were home now. Erica and Jon left to go get ready for wherever we were going tonight.

Pat was watching SportsCenter and I sat down next to him on the couch putting my head on his shoulder. He looked at me from the corner of his eye and smiled wrapping his arm around my shoulder and pulling me closer to him.

“Where are we going tonight,” I asked.

“Jon and I have a nice date planned for both you and my sister on a yacht as we sail around Chicago before we sail Lake Michigan until tomorrow morning.”

“Wow,” that was all I could say, “The slightest little things he did made me fall in love with him more each day.

“It’s a huge yacht and there are bedrooms and stuff so we can sleep,” he said smirking.

“Sleep…yeah right,” I said laughing.

“Erica and Jon have their side and we have ours so we will have privacy.”

“How much did you and Jon pay for this?”

“Don’t worry about it,” he said, “It’s nice that I can do stuff like this for you when I can.”

“But I don’t want you breaking your bank account because you feel like you have to buy me expensive things and take me on expensive dates because I don’t care about your money, I care about you.”

“I know but as long as I have the money and you, I’m going to spoil you anyway I can,” he said smiling, “So get used to it.”

I sighed in defeat, it was a losing battle with him, “What should I wear tonight?”

“Wear that dress you wore when we had date in the park,” he said smiling, “I love that dress.”

“You love it because you got lucky when I wore it,” I laughed while rolling my eyes.

“So maybe I do but no in all seriousness you look so gorgeous in that dress.”

“Fine, I’ll wear it but you Mr. Kane are wearing that black suit that I just got you with the black shirt and the white tie that your mom got you for your birthday.”

“Yes ma’am,” he said saluting me and I rolled my eyes standing up from the couch.

“Well, I am going to get dressed,” I said walking towards the bathroom so that I could start doing my hair.

“I’m going to go ahead and get dressed too,” he said, “Our ship sails at five.”

I let my hair hang down, it was now back to blonde with a little bit of brown in it. I ran my flatiron over the ends to make them look choppier than they already were and I pulled my hair back around the crown and braided it. I applied my make-up that consisted of a smoky eye and nude colored lip gloss. I walked into my room and grabbed my black and white checkered lingerie set out of the dresser that I haven’t worn yet and
put that on before I reached into the closet pulling out my dress.

“Hey Pat,” I called out into the living room.

“Yeah babe?”

“Can you come help me zip this?”

“Sure thing,” he replied and I grabbed my black heels out of the closet waiting for him.

“I can’t get this zipped by myself,” I said as I stood up and he helped me zip the back of it.

“You look absolutely stunning,” he said giving me a kiss, “I love your hair down like that.”

“Thank you,” I replied smiling, “Want me to just put your clothes in my bag and get your suit ready while you are in the shower?”

“Yeah that’s fine,” he said as he stripped off his clothes and put them in the hamper.

“I got to wash those this week we have a pyramid starting in there.”

“Don’t worry about it,” he said walking into the bathroom as I grabbed a pair of his jeans and one of his button downs from the closet.

“Pat, do you want a hat to wear tomorrow,” I asked.

“Yeah grab the blue Cubs hat off the rail of the bed,” he replied and I grabbed it setting it next to the luggage while I folded his jeans and shirt nicely before I grabbed one of my sweaters and sat the hat on top zipping it. Next thing was his suit. I laid it out nicely on the bed and started packing my clutch purse.

An hour later we met Jon and Erica at Jon’s apartment.

“Whose car are we taking,” I asked.

“We’re not taking a car,” Pat said.

“Well, I sure as hell am not walking in two inches of slushy snow in heels,” I replied.

“We don’t have to walk anywhere,” Jon said smiling, “We got a limo.”

“Are you serious,” Erica asked and Jon pointed to the black Range Rover limo that sat across the parking lot.

“You guys are too much,” I said as Pat grabbed my hand and lead me towards the limo

We arrived at the yacht and Pat took my coat off for me and sat it on the couch in the room that looked like a living room.

“Well, what do you think,” he asked as I looked around.

“I love it,” I replied, “I can’t believe you did this for us. I can’t say thank you enough.”

“Are you hungry,” he asked and I nodded my head yes.

“What are we having to eat?”

“Baked ziti with meatballs,” he said smiling as he took the lids off of the plates that were on the table that was lit with two candles and had two glasses of red wine poured for us already.

“Aren’t we a little young for the wine,” I said joking.

“Hey I tried to be as romantic as I could,” he smiled and I gave him a kiss.

“I know and I love it,” I said attempting to sit down when he stopped me and pulled the chair out for me.

“Here let me get that for you,” he said as I sat down.

“Thank you,” I replied as he sat down and we started eating.

When dinner was over neither one of us was in the mood for dessert since we were both full.

“What do you want to do now,” Pat asked, “I was thinking we go out on the deck and dance even if it is cold but hey that’s what we have coats for, right?”

“I would love to,” I said as he led me out on the deck and we started dancing to the slow classical music that was playing on the radio of the boat.

Meanwhile, Jon and Erica had just sat down to eat their dinner when an all too familiar voice came into the room dressed as a waiter.

“Hello my name is Patrice Sharpay and I will be your waiter for this fine evening,” Sharpie said coming towards the table.

“Someone please pinch me and tell me I’m dreaming and that he is not really here,” Jon said and Sharpie pinched him.

“WHAT THE FUCK MAN,” Jon said angrily, “THAT HURT!”

“Such a vulgar one young man,” Sharpie said, “Didn’t your mother ever tell you not to curse in front of a lady.”

“What the hell are you doing here Sharpie,” Jon asked,

“I was just here to joke around with you,” Sharpie said, “Can I interest the lady in some wine?”

“She’s too young, Sharpie,” Jon said through gritted teeth.

“That didn’t stop her brother,” Sharpie mumbled and Erica laughed.

“Sharpie we get it but can you please go now,” Jon asked, “We want this to be private.”

“I can tell when I’m not wanted,” Sharpie pouted, “I’m going.”

When he was off boat, Jon apologized to Erica who just laughed and brushed it off.

“I wanted tonight to be perfect, I hope he didn’t ruin that for us,” Jon said as they started eating.

“Not at all,” Erica said smiling.

“What do you want to do after dinner?”

“We can sit out on the deck until it gets too cold or we can watch a movie in here until we both fall asleep. I don’t care whatever you want to do is fine with me,” Erica said smiling.

They finished up dinner and went into the room they were staying in and changed their clothes. They climbed into the king sized bed and got comfortable with each other. Jon leaned down and gave Erica a kiss that led to a make-out session that quickly got heated.

Jon rolled Erica over so that he was on top of her and she pulled him closer to her, “Maybe we shouldn’t do this,” Jon said pulling away.

“I want to,” Erica said pulling his face to hers and giving him another kiss.

Jon stuck one of his hands under Erica’s t-shirt and caressed her stomach and she pulled his over his head.

“Are you sure about this,” he asked.

“Jon just shut up and make love to me,” Erica said and Jon couldn’t help but laugh before he pulled her shirt over her head and placed kisses from her mouth to her jaw and collarbone.

Both of them were enjoying their first time together while Pat and Ally were in their own little world on the deck.

“I could spend the rest of my life like this,” Pat said to me and I smiled.

“We will one day,” I replied, “We’re going to be married one day within the next three years and we will be together for the rest of our lives.”

“Can you imagine if you never would have walked into my life when you did?”

“I try not to think about it, I thank God every day that when I walked into that kindergarten classroom all those years ago your sister invited me to play with her since I was the new kid in the class that no one knew.”

“I often wonder where we would be if I never would have told you how I felt about you in the airport in Buffalo.”

“I’d be stuck in Buffalo right now with your sister and neither one of us would be here with the men we love enjoying this cold night on a yacht.”

“True,” Pat said laughing before he kissed me, “Maybe we should head inside it’s getting a little bit colder.”

“Yeah it is,” I replied and we headed back inside.

I walked into the bathroom and took off my clothes and got into the shower rinsing my make-up off of my face and the hairspray out of my hair. I felt a pair of arms wrap around me and I was met with a smile and a pair of lips attacking my own.

“Hey at least my mom can’t ruin the mood for us this time,” Pat joked and I laughed as he lifted me up against the wall and kissed me passionately.

Nothing in the world could change how I felt about Pat and how Erica felt about Jon. They say time can change things and we were about to find out just how big a change really can be.


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