Sunday, May 2, 2010

Chapter 11-It Stars with an I and ends with a U

Pat’s POV…

I couldn’t help but smile as I watched Ally sleep. I was sitting up and she was lying on my chest and I was tracing circles on her arm. Every now and then I would sneak a kiss on her forehead. People tell me that I am “whipped” but it’s so much more than that. I hate when people say “whipped.” It’s called being in love, I am head over heels in love with Ally.

I’ve been in love with her ever since the day I met her when I was six years old, it sounds pretty creepy I’m sure but it’s the honest to God truth. Today is my birthday which means one thing, the best present that I was ever given was Ally in my life.

“What are you staring at,” she asked groggily giving me a kiss.

“How beautiful you are,” I said smiling.

“Happy birthday baby,” she said crawling over so that she was now lying on top of me and I shifted myself down so that my face was under hers.

“You know this is the best birthday present that I have ever gotten,” I said barely breathing from us kissing.

“What that kiss,” she asked.

“No, you here in my arms,” I smiled, “I’m not lonely today like I was on each and every single one of my birthdays for the last nineteen years.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too, so much,” I replied giving her a kiss that quickly got heated and turned into three hours of me making love to her.

I could stay like this forever wrapped up in her arms showing her how much I love her but tonight’s the fundraiser that the wives and girlfriends planned. Erica came up last weekend and has been staying at Jon’s house. Although my cousin was in denial that she was Adam’s girlfriend, she was here too planning the fundraiser.

“We should probably shower and get ready to go,” I said as the two of us just laid there content with our lives and each other.

“Have you decided what you’re doing tonight?”

“Doing what? Singing and dancing aren’t my thing, especially in front of everyone.”

“It’s for a good cause, think of all the kids you will be helping from Children’s Memorial Hospital and their families. I’m singing with Erica and Kris, Adam and Leah have something planned and they’re not telling us, and Ally is singing a song to Brent and then he is singing with Sharpie and Jon.”

“Wait, Jon is going to sing,” I asked shocked that Jon would get up on stage and sing a song in front of everyone.

“Yes, Jon is going to sing,” she replied, “So, can you please do something for me?”

“Alright but I’ll only do it if I can rap ‘Stuntin’ like my daddy.’”

“You can’t be serious,” she said.

“I’m being so serious,” I said laughing, “You know I love Lil Wayne and that song.”

“It is your birthday and I love you so yes you can sing that but please keep it clean there will be kids there,” she replied also laughing.

“Fine, I’ll leave out the swear words.”

“Want to go get something to eat,” she asked, “I’m hungry.”

“I get to choose the restaurant after all it is my birthday.”

“I’m paying for you anyways you jackass,” she said standing up letting the blanket fall off of her and I whistled at her.

“Want to join me in the shower,” she asked.

“I thought you’d never ask,” I said standing up and following her into the bathroom, “My mom isn’t going to interrupt us again, is she?”

“Shut up,” she said kissing me.

Meanwhile at Adam’s apartment…

“Leah,” Adam said shaking the sleeping brunette, “Yoohoo Leah time to get up.”

“Five more minutes,” she groaned turning over and facing the wall.

“You said that two hours ago and I let you sleep,” Adam laughed lying down beside her.

“Burish, leave me alone,” she said groggily falling back asleep.

“We got to practice our dance for tonight.”

“I swear to God if you don’t leave me alone I will castrate you.”

“Oh really,” Adam smirked pouncing on Leah tickling her sides.

“Stop it,” Leah giggled and Adam laughed rolling over so that Leah was on top of him.

“Not until you say Adam Burish is the sexiest man alive and I want his babies.”

“Adam Burish is a loser and I don’t want his babies,” Leah laughed.

“Wrong answer,” Adam laughed flipping her back over so that he was on top of her.

“I can’t breathe,” Leah said, “I give up.”

“Not until you say the magic words,” Adam said tickling her sides again.

“Adam Burish is the sexiest man alive and I want his babies,” Leah laughed in defeat.

Adam let her go but never took his eyes off of her, both of them were out of breath from wrestling around on the bed. Adam looked at Leah who was smiling up at him and slowly inched his face closer to hers before he captured her lips with his own.

He had wanted to kiss her for so long but didn’t know how she would react so he didn’t even bother but today was different. Much to his surprise, Leah kissed him back. Both were breathless when they pulled away from each other. Neither one of them didn’t know what to say when they finally did pull away from each other.

“I need to go…uh…look for something to wear tonight,” Adam said climbing off of Leah and heading for the door, “We are going to leave here no later than five so make sure you’re dressed.”

“Ooo-okay,” Leah said.

“Damn it,” Adam said to himself before kicking the wall, “Why can’t I just tell her how I feel?

Leah sighed to herself before throwing her head back in the shower, “Why can’t I just admit that I love him?”

Normal POV

“ALLY, HURRY UP WE’RE GOING TO BE LATE,” I heard Pat yell from the living room.


“Did you look in the closet, they were in there yesterday on the bottom by the door,” he said coming into the room and opening the closet door bending down picking up my shoes, “Oh man they were really hard to find,” he said smiling setting the shoes on the bed.

“Shut up,” I said smiling back at him, “Are Erica and Jon meeting us there or are they coming here?”

“They’re meeting us there if you’d hurry up.”

“I couldn’t find anything to wear,” I argued.

“Couldn’t find anything to wear my ass, I just bought you a shitload of new clothes last week when I was in Los Angeles because I thought you’d like them.”

“I know but we had to wear what Kris wanted us to wear.”

“You’re shitting me, right?”

“Nope,” I laughed, “He wanted us to dress like Fergie in the Glamorous video.”

“Wow, he’s really taking this shit seriously.”

“Can you grab that bag off of the door for me and get the white dress out?”

“This is like that one she wore in the fake movie shoot in the video,” Pat said handing me the dress.

“It’s similar to it except its pants and a halter,” I said, “I found it in my stuff last week.”

“This is hot,” he said as I put it on over my bra and underwear.

“I’m surprised you were able to focus for more than five minutes with me in nothing but my bra and underwear.”

“Oh trust me if we weren’t going to be late for the fundraiser, you’d be wearing nothing right now,” Pat said smiling.

“You’re such a horn dog.”

“I don’t hear you complaining, it’s more like screaming my name.”

I couldn’t help but laugh, I loved when we bickered back and forth playfully like this. It was a sign that we what we had in our relationship was great and I enjoyed every minute of it.

We arrived at the Congress Plaza Hotel and Convention Center where we were directed to go to the back door.

“Kris, Erica, and I are up first,” I said as I walked to where Erica and Kris were standing by stage, “Do me a favor and take pictures, Leah planned a surprise for Kris and only Erica and I know what it is.”

“Alright,” Pat said giving me a kiss, “Good luck.”

“Thanks,” I said quickly pecking his lips before I walked over to the stage where Kris was standing with Ally.

“Ladies and Gentleman, thank you for coming here tonight. It is an honor for the wives and girlfriends from the Chicago Blackhawks to be throwing this fundraiser for each of you. All profit taken in tonight will benefit the Children’s Memorial Hospital. We have a great show planned for you all as well as a very special guest, so sit back relax and let’s raise some money for the kids,” Alyssa announced to everyone.

“Ladies and Gentlemen up first Chicago Blackhawks forward Kris Versteeg, Ally Jordan the girlfriend of Patrick Kane, and Erica Kane the girlfriend of Jonathan Toews singing Glamorous by Fergie,” Nikolai announced to everyone.

The music started and both Erica and I started singing when Kris came onto the stage and started the first verse.

“Stop, stop, stop the music,” I said and Kris looked at me like I was insane and the crowd was murmuring.

“What the hell are you doing,” he whispered.

“Just trust me,” I said smiling and he nodded his head.

“As everyone knows Kris loves to sing this song, so Leah Kane who is Patrick’s cousin decided that she’d call up her best friend Stacy.”

“Who the hell is Stacy,” Kris asked.

“Me,” Fergie said walking onto the stage.

“Ladies and Gentlemen here to sing this song the way it is supposed to be sung with Mr. Versteeg I proudly present to you, Fergie,” I said and the crowd was on its feet cheering.

“Are you ready to sing this song with me Verbeauty,” Fergie asked and I could have swore Kris was about to pass out on stage.

“HOLY SHIT IT’S FERGIE,” Kris said and the crowd laughed.

The music started back up again and Fergie began singing the song and Kris finished with the rap. Everyone loved the first performance of the night since it was the best performance of the night.

“I can’t believe I just sang a duet with Fergie,” Kris said as he came off the stage with her behind him, “Leah that was a dream come true. I can’t thank you enough.”

“It was no problem as soon as Ally told me what you guys had planned I placed a call to her and she was on the first flight out here.”

I pulled Fergie aside and asked her if she’d sing Happy Birthday to Pat and she gladly agreed. She stuck around through the whole fundraiser and helped us backstage. She was so friendly and down to earth. She didn’t even act like she was a big time celebrity.

Alyssa sang a Miley Cyrus song to Brent causing “awws” around the crowd. Pat got a standing ovation for attempting to rap, “Stunting Like my Daddy.”

Adam and Leah were the talk of the night with their rendition of the infamous last dance scene from dirty dancing. Adam even brought in dancers to march down the aisle like in the movie. It definitely topped our performance, at the end of the performance Adam told Leah he loved her for the first time.

I was really happy for Leah, she deserved someone who would treat her right and not like a piece of crap and a punching bag like Jason did. At the end of the night Fergie sang Happy Birthday to Pat and the whole crowd joined in. We rose over $30,000 for the hospital and the hospital staff was very grateful and so were the children who were residents there and their families.

Jon and Erica took off at the end of the night because she had to leave to be back in Buffalo for school the next day. I felt sorry for her because I wanted her to move here but Pat and Donna wouldn’t let her. I don’t blame them because she was their eldest daughter and they weren’t ready to let her go yet. I wasn’t ready to leave Buffalo myself but after being with Pat for the three months that we were together I knew I had made the right decision.

At the airport

“I really wish you’d stay,” Jon said as Erica’s plane was called for boarding.

“I wish I could stay too but I have to get back to school,” she said smiling, “But look on the bright side, I’ll be done in a few months with school and I applied here for college.”

“Really,” Jon asked smiling.

“University of Chicago,” Erica replied.

“I hope you get in, I really want you here with me.”

“I know you do,” Erica said sighing, “I wish I could be here with you like Ally is here with Pat.”

“I’m jealous of what they have,” Jon admitted, “I mean I know we’re together but they’re together every second of the day and we’re only together when we can be together.”

Erica felt tears welling up in her eyes, “Are you saying we shouldn’t see each other anymore,” she asked.

“God no,” Jon said pulling her to him wrapping his arms around her, “It’s just I get lonely sometimes. I see Ally with Pat and Alyssa with Brent and I just wish you were here more often because I…”

“You what,” Erica asked.

“I guess I’m trying to say three words that I’ve never told anyone except my family, I love you Erica,” Jon said.

Erica felt her heartbeat speed up when Jon told her that he loved her. She smiled up at him before she wrapped her arms around him, “I love you too.”

“That’s all I needed to know,” he said giving her a kiss, “I’ll see you when Pat comes home for Thanksgiving in a couple of days.”

“I’ll be looking forward to it,” she said giving him another kiss, “I’ll call you when I land. I love you Jon.”

“I love you too Erica,” he said smiling as she walked towards the gate and blew him a kiss before she waved and disappeared out of sight.

Ally lied in bed next to Pat that night after everything had happened and she couldn’t have been happier. Her best friend was in love and so was Leah. She just hoped her parents would love Pat as much as she did. They knew him as Erica’s brother but now they were about to meet him as her boyfriend, she just prayed that they approved or things were about to get complicated.


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