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Good News, Bad News!!

The good news is, I expect to have an update out by the end of next week, probably Friday. The bad news is, it is one of the final chapters. There are 2 full chapters and an epilogue left.

I am so glad you guys have stuck by me with this story. I apologize for not regularly updating like I used to, school and work have gotten in the way, as well as other stories that I started.

You guys have been so patient and I am sad to see this story end. This was my first NHL story that I started shortly after the Olympics in 2010. I have covered everything that needs to be covered in the story. All that is left is Jaidyn's birth, Ally and Pat's wedding, and a twist in the epilogue you all will have to wait for.

Thank you so much for all the love and support. For my Blackhawks fan followers and for my Carcillo fan followers, I have started a story called "Love the Way you Lie." Please check it out, also if you love Patrick and Jonathan, "Daytime Friends, Nighttime Lovers" is for you who love Kaner drama and mushyness.

Not a Hawks fan, no worries...I have the Bruins, Lightning, Flyers, Predators, and soon to be Penguins covered. I hope you guys check out those stories as well as my one shot series featuring players from around the league.

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Chapter 27-The Crazy Pregnant Bitch


“Ally, what the hell are you doing, go to sleep,” Pat murmured before going back to sleep.

“But Patrick, I’m horny,” she whispered giggling.

“Ally, it’s four in the morning and I have practice in four hours, go back to sleep!!”

Patrick had thought he was dreaming Ally was trying to have sex with him while he was sleeping but by the looks of it, he wasn’t.

“I want to have sex with my baby’s daddy,” she whined.

Patrick had a million thoughts going through his mind, he hadn’t gotten a good night’s sleep since Ally’s hormones started becoming whacky. Between late night cravings and crying sessions, he was exhausted from running around for what she wanted to eat and reassuring her everything was going to be okay.

Of course, Patrick loved sex, that’s how they got to her being pregnant but in all honesty he just wasn’t in the mood tonight, “Ally, I’m tired. Please go to sleep!”

Ally sighed in defeat and wrapped her arms around Patrick, “Please Patrick,” she whispered kissing his bare shoulder.

Patrick knew he would have hell to pay for this in the morning but he couldn’t take the whining anymore. Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, he turned over and claimed Ally’s lips with his own.

Smiling to herself, Ally ran her fingers through his growing hair as he placed his hand under her shirt.

“I love you,” she whispered.

“I love you too, more than you’ll ever know,” he said removing his t-shirt from her body.

Patrick took a minute to notice that the weight she was gaining from her pregnancy was filling all the right places and her breasts were bigger than they were before. Chuckling to himself, he rubbed her stomach and gave the small bump a kiss before he started sucking on her breasts.

“Patrick,” she gasped clutching his head tightly in her hands.

He smirked as he stood up from the bed and quickly removed his boxers, “I am going to pay for this in the morning, but right now, I don’t even care.”

Ally laughed as Patrick entered her and she let out a gasp, “You know Patrick, for not wanting this to happen, you sure are enjoying it.”

“Anything to please you baby.”

“Patrick,” Ally moaned as he pulled out and thrusted back into her.

“Patience, baby,” he whispered against her lips as he began moving in and out slower than she liked.

“Fuck this,” she said flipping him over and grabbing the scarf off of the coat rack by the bed.

“What the fuck are you doing,” Patrick asked confused.

“You want to play games, oh we’re playing games,” Ally said seductively as she tied his wrist to their headboard.

“Kinky,” he smirked as she started riding him, “FUCK!”

“You like that,” she asked.

“This is how we got here in the first place,” he moaned.

Ally climaxed with Patrick following shortly after and collapsed on top of him, “Now you can go to sleep,” she said kissing his lips before rolling over on her side and Patrick wrapped his arms around her and they both fell asleep.

Patrick smacked the off button on his alarm clock and dragged himself out of bed. He caught himself falling asleep in the shower. Quickly showering and getting dressed, he gave Ally a kiss and whispered he loved her before he grabbed his keys and drove to Johnny’s Ice House.

“Good morning,” Jon greeted as Patrick walked through the locker room door, “What the hell happened to you?”

“Dude, Ally is what happened to me. I love her and the baby to death and back but I can’t take her hormones or her cravings anymore.”

“That bad, huh,” Sharpie asked.

“You have no idea, she woke me up at four this morning to have sex with me. I got two hours of sleep last night between her begging for sex and me going to iHop to fucking get her pancakes.”

“She begged you for sex,” Brent asked, “I thought you begged her.”

“I wasn’t in the mood last night and I was jetlagged from our plane getting in so late and she had me out last night at three in the morning fucking getting her McDonald’s.”

“You should have thought about that before you did the baby making dance with her,” Duncan said causing the whole locker room to laugh.

“Fuck you Duncs,” Patrick said with a smile.

“Alright boys, get dressed, practice starts in ten minutes,” Coach Q said coming in the door.

Patrick quickly change into his gear and hit the ice behind Jon, as they skated around, Patrick let his curiosity get the best of him and asked Jon if he had heard from Erica.

“Have you heard from Erica,” Patrick asked.

Jon winced at the subject and shook his head, “I haven’t talked to her since I told her happy birthday at her party.”

“I told her that she ruined the best thing that ever happened to her and that it was going to come back and bite her in the ass when you find another girl.”

“I don’t want another girl, I want her, she’s all I’ll ever want. I spent nearly three fucking years with her, I can’t just move on.”

“She’s my sister and I may sound like a bad brother right now but you’ll find someone.”

“That’s like you breaking up with Ally and trying to find someone else, it’s fucking stupid and not even possible.”

Patrick shot a puck at Corey and skated the length of the rink, “Oh, fuck my life,” he whispered to Jon as he looked up in the stands and saw Ally sitting in the last row eating a hot dog with Erica at her side.

“What,” Jon asked following his gaze and he felt his chest tighten at the site of Erica sitting there with a hoodie over her head so he didn’t recognize her.

“Damn, she put on weight,” Soupy said standing next to Patrick.

“She’s pregnant, asshole.”

“I know but she got big fast.”

“She’s almost five months now, we’ll find out in a couple of weeks what we’re having.”

“I’ll bet my condo, my car, my lake, and my cup ring that it’s a boy,” Jon said to both Pat and Soupy.

“Nah, the way her belly looks, it’s definitely a girl.”

“I don’t care what we have, I just want the kid to be healthy,” Patrick said.

Coach Q blew the whistle and the boys skated over towards the drawing board. Patrick was leaning on his stick and caught himself not listening to a thing Quenneville was saying because he was too busy falling asleep while standing up.

He kept telling himself that everything he was doing for Ally would be worth it when they had their baby in their arms. He had talked to his dad about it and Pat Sr. told him to man-up and bitch when he goes through it four times and stop bitching about it now.

After practice was over, Ally and Erica waited in the hallway outside the locker room. Soupy came out first and gave them both a hug, “Wow, Ally, you look like you’re ready to pop already,” he joked but she scowled at him.

“Oh Soupy, fuck you, you fucking firecrotch,” she snapped and Soupy laughed.

“I’m going home to eat, I’m starving, see you later,” he replied giving her and Erica another hug before he left.

Patrick came out a short time later and gave Ally a kiss. They headed home leaving Erica
by herself so that she could talk to Jon.

Jon came out of the locker room and noticed Erica standing there, he took one look at her and walked away without saying a word. Sighing in defeat, Erica followed him to the parking garage.

“Jonny,” she said.

“Please, don’t call me that,” he whispered fearing she would hear the sadness in his voice.

“Jonathan, please, can we talk?”

“What’s there to talk about, you cheated. You fucking tore my heart out of my chest and stomped on it. I fucking loved you, hell I still love you but you know what, you made your choice. I know you were never with me for my money or my fame but Erica, I was fucking going to ask you to marry me. I fucking asked your dad for his blessing and I asked Patrick too. You know what, I don’t have time for this,” Jon said getting in his car and slamming the door before he sped off.

Sharpie came out of the door and saw Erica crying as she looked after Jon’s car, “Come on sweetie, let’s get you home,” he said unlocking his car and ushering her inside, “Want to talk about it?”

“What would you do if you did something you regret and now the best thing that has ever happened to you is walking out of your life?”

“I’d say, ‘you fucked up kiddo,’” he smiled as he drove towards where she was staying with Brent and Alyssa.

Ally was lying on the couch watching Lifetime when the doorbell went off, “Patrick, can you get that?”

Ally heard Adam’s voice and she pulled the blanket over her head, “Ally my dear,” he said coming into the living room, “I hear you’re being a pain in Kaner’s ass!”

“Don’t come near me, I’m fat and ugly,” Ally cried.

“Oh please, you are not, you’re pregnant,” Adam said, “You sound like Leah right now.”

“I keep trying to tell her she’s beautiful but she won’t listen,” Patrick said standing in the doorway.

“I’m fat,” Ally cried again and Patrick rolled his eyes.

“Come on babe, let me see your pretty face,” Adam said trying to remove the blanket but Ally held it tight to her body.

“No, leave me alone,” she said.

“Alright, I’m out of here,” Adam said winking at Pat who smirked, “I’ll see you at the game, maybe we’ll get some dinner afterwards. Bye Ally.”

“Bye Adam,” she mumbled and Adam stood up and ducked behind the couch. Pat walked over to the door and opened it before he shut it making her believe Adam really was gone.

“Is he gone,” she said removing the blanket.

“Yeah,” Pat replied sitting on the couch putting her feet on his lap.

“HEY DOLLFACE,” Adam shouted jumping out from behind the couch.

“YOU LYING BASTARDS,” Ally shouted hitting Adam in the face and kicking Pat in the balls.

“FUCKING PREGNANT NAZI,” Adam shouted holding his face, “Jesus Christ, she’s fucking worse than Leah!”

“I can’t feel my fucking nuts,” Patrick said as Ally stood up.

“Don’t fuck with pregnant women, douchebags,” she said walking into the kitchen.

“Oh dude, I feel so sorry for you,” Adam said to Patrick who laughed.

Later on that night after the Stars defeated the Hawks 4-2 , everyone was gathered for dinner. Patrick’s parents were in town from Buffalo with Jackie and Jessica. Patrick had asked his mom and dad for advice on how to deal with Ally and they told him to just do what she says because it would all be over before they both knew it.

“Erica, how come Jon didn’t come to dinner,” Donna asked.

“Yeah Erica, why didn’t Jon come to dinner,” Patrick asked mockingly.

“He didn’t feel well, the flu has been going around the team,” Erica lied.

“Really, because Jon seemed fine at practice and so did all of the other guys.” Patrick said feeling Ally kick his shin.

“Pat, that’s enough,” Ally whispered, “Don’t do this now.”

“I still can’t believe you didn’t know Ally was pregnant,” Pat Sr. said, “Did you not notice any change to her moods or her sleep patterns?”

“I noticed she had put on weight but I didn’t want to say anything.”

“Oh great, now I’m the fucking Goodyear blimp to you,” Ally said standing up from the table and walking in the direction of the bathroom.

“Open mouth, insert foot,” Jackie joked and Pat whispered for her to shut up.

“Way to go, jackass,” Jessica said and everyone laughed.

“Why the hell would you say that to her,” Donna asked, “Jackie, go get her and bring her out here so your retard of a brother can apologize.”

“Gee, thanks mom,” Pat scoffed.

“Honey, you know I love you but your mouth gets you into so much trouble.”

“Tell her I think she’s beautiful and that I love her.”

“Sure thing Pattycake,” Jackie said excusing herself from the table.

She walked into the bathroom of the fancy restaurant and saw Ally sitting on the couch that was in the center of the floor.

“Who the fuck puts a couch in a bathroom,” Ally said to Jackie when she saw her come in the door through the mirror.

“Stuck up rich people, I guess,” Jackie said sitting down on the couch next to her, “Are you okay?”

“Your brother thinks I’m fat, Soupy thinks I’m fat, and hell the whole city of Chicago should put me in the sky for aerial views of the Bears games.”

“You are not fat, Pat loves you and thinks you’re beautiful,” Jackie said laying her head on her future sister-in-law’s shoulder.

“What did he buy you to say that to me,” Ally cried, “A new purse or a car?”

“He didn’t buy me anything,” Jackie said truthfully, “My mom told me to come in here since my retard of a brother doesn’t know how to keep his mouth shut.”

Ally laughed and hugged Jackie, “I just keep telling myself that it’ll all be worth it when I hold the baby in my arms.”

“It will be,” Jackie said, “I can’t wait to meet the baby.”

“I hope it’s a boy,” Ally said, “I hope it’s a boy and he looks like Patrick.”

“God help that child,” Jackie joked causing Ally to laugh, “What if it’s a girl?”

“I hope she looks like you or your sisters, you guys are gorgeous.”

“Thanks but I hope she looks like you,” Jackie said.

“Thanks,” Ally replied.

“So, Soupy called you fat,” Jackie asked.

“Mhm and I called him a firecrotch.”

Jackie started laughing really hard and couldn’t stop herself, “Firecrotch,” she asked, “Oh my God, good one.”

“He has some nerve.”

“Oh, I know right, does he own a mirror,” Jackie asked.

“Obviously not,” Ally laughed.

“Come on, let’s go before Pat eats our food,” Jackie said standing up and helping Ally from the couch.

“I’m glad we had this talk,” Ally replied honestly.

“Me too,” Jackie smiled as they headed back to their table.

“Adam just called,” Donna said, “Leah’s in labor.”

“Oh my God, we have to fly to Dallas,” Ally said, “Pat call the airport, Erica let’s go home and pack. Jackie, Jessica, Donna come with us, we’re going to see her.”

“Are you sure that’s a good idea,” Pat asked, “Are you allowed to fly?”

“Yes, I’m allowed to fly. Get on the phone, Patrick, you’re wasting precious time.”

Donna gave Pat Sr. a kiss and told him she’d be back to Chicago within the week and she left the restaurant with Ally and the girls.

“Dad, how did you manage to survive four pregnancies,” he asked.

“Trust me son, it’s worth it when you hold the baby in your arms and you quickly forget about the hormones and the crazy pregnant bitch you love and the baby become your world.”

Patrick laughed at his father’s choice of words as he booked his family’s flights to Dallas. Five months down, four to go, he kept repeating in his head. He just hoped he could last that long without going insane.

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Chapter 26-Legality with a Broken Heart

October 2010

“Ally,” Patrick said coming through the door calling my name, “Are you home, baby?”

“I’m in here,” I replied from the dining room and he came around the corner smiling before giving me a kiss.

“How was practice?”

“Q is kicking our asses.”

“Have you talked to Erica about what she wants to do for her birthday,” I asked and he shook his head no getting a bottle of water from the refrigerator and sitting down at the table across from me.

“I kind of wanted to give her a birthday party, I tried to talk to Jon about it but he just changed the subject.”

“Maybe he’s planning on doing something himself, I’ll talk to him later.”

“Do you think she’d like a big party?”

“She’s your sister, why are you asking me,” I said laughing and Pat rolled his eyes.

“She’s your best friend too,” he laughed before placing his hand on my stomach, “How’s my baby doing?”

“I read in the book today that Baby Kaner weighs half an ounce and is two inches long.”

Patrick laughed and took the book from my hands before he gave me a kiss, “I think we need to go shopping for Erica’s birthday present, what do you say?”

“I need new clothes, my jeans are starting to get tight!”

“Alright, I’ll buy you and my sister something,” he laughed standing up, “I’m going to change out of this monkey suit.”

“It looks good on you though,” I pouted.

“I’m not going shopping in a suit,” Patrick argued and I stuck out my bottom lip.

“You don’t love me anymore,” I said faking as if I was crying and I heard him sigh before he knelt down in front of me, “Baby, you know that’s not true.”

“Then why won’t you wear your suit?”

“How about I just wear the dress pants and the shirt,” he tried to reason with me and it worked.

“Can you wear the black hat too,” I asked looking up at him with a normal voice.

“You tricked me,” he smirked in defeat.

“Oh Patrick, you’re too easy to fool.”

“You’re going to pay for that,” he said picking me up over his shoulder and carrying me down the hall to our bedroom.

“I thought you wanted to go shopping for Erica’s gift,” I said as Patrick ran his hands under my shirt.

“We have a whole week to shop,” he mumbled against my lips and I gave into him. I fumbled with the buttons on his shirt and he pushed my hands away before he unbuttoned the first three buttons and threw it over his head. He leaned down and kissed my lips before he let them travel to my neck. I moaned as he hit the sensitive spot on my neck.

My cell phone ringing cause Patrick to groan, “Let it go to voicemail,” I said as he pulled the sweatpants I was wearing off.

“Do you enjoy wearing my clothes,” he asked.

“Hey, mine don’t fit anymore and yours are comfy.”

My phone rang again and this time I groaned, “I think you better answer that,” Patrick said rolling on his side to hand me my cell phone that was on the nightstand.

“Hello,” I said pressing the green talk button.

“Ally,” Jon’s voice said on the other end, “Do you have a second?”

“Yeah sure, what’s wrong?”

Patrick gave me a questioning look and I mouthed “Tazer” and he gave a small smile.

“Can you meet me in half an hour, it’s important!”

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine,” and I could hear the lie in his voice but I let it go.

“I’ll meet you at the Dunkin’ Donuts down the street from mine and Pat’s apartment.”

“I’ll be right there!”

“Something’s not right,” I said to Patrick when I hung up the phone, “Jon seems down about something.”

“He hasn’t been himself and I know my sister isn’t acting right either, I swear to God if he broke her heart, I’ll kill him.”

“Calm down, I’ll be back.”

I stood up from the bed and got dressed. I gave Pat a quick kiss and grabbed my jacket before I headed down the street.

Jon was there before me and I ordered a hot chocolate and sat down at the table with him. He gave me a small smile and I immediately knew that something was wrong.

“Jon, what’s wrong?”

“I don’t know what I did to her.”

“To who?”

“Erica, come on Ally don’t act like you don’t know!”

“I don’t know anything,” I said questioningly.

“She fucking cheated,” he said and I was still dumbfounded.

“Who cheated?”

“Erica, she cheated on me at her friend’s party in Buffalo. She got drunk and fucking slept with her ex-boyfriend.”


“Just please don’t say anything to Kaner, I don’t want him mad at her before her birthday.”

“Jon, he has a right to know. He thinks it’s you that hurt her.”

“I would never hurt her, God you know that.”

“I don’t know what to say, Jon. I wish I could say something to make it better but I can’t.”

“I was going to ask her to marry me over Thanksgiving, I had the perfect plan. A carriage ride through Millennium Park then I was going to take her ice skating before dinner then when everyone was together I was going to ask her.”

“Jon,” I said going to the chair next to him and giving him a hug, “I’m here for you if you want to talk, I promise I won’t say anything to Patrick.”

“Thank you,” he said forcing a smile, “I’m sorry for making you come out here.”

“It’s okay, I’ll tell Pat you wanted to meet and talk about Erica’s gift.”

“Thank you!”

“Oh my God, it’s Jonathan Toews,” we heard three voices say at the counter.

“That’s our queue to leave,” he said smiling and we waved to the three teenage girls that were drooling over him.

“It’s the same way with Pat but sometimes the girls get bitchy towards me.”

“Trust me, I remember the cup party,” he laughed as we got to the front door of mine and Pat’s apartment building.

“Want to come up for dinner?”

“Why not, I am kind of hungry.”

“I just got off the phone with Murphy’s Bleachers and booked it for Erica’s birthday party.”

“That’s great,” Jon said faking a smile.

“Tazer, what the fuck is your problem?”

“Nothing is wrong, why the fuck does everyone keep asking me that?”

“Dude, snap the fuck out of it, seriously, what’s your problem?”

“Do you really want to know what my problem is,” Jon asked and Patrick nodded his head, “Your sister and I broke up! Did she tell you that?”

“I fucking told you that I would fucking kick your ass if you fucking hurt my sister.”

“I didn’t fucking hurt her,” Jon argued, “She fucking got drunk at her friend’s party back in Buffalo and fucking cheated on me, there are you happy that you’re fucking sister stooped to the level of a whore.”

“Don’t call her a whore, I swear to God, I will kick your ass,” Pat said sitting down and I sat next to him trying to calm him down.

“I didn’t fucking call her a whore, I loved her Kaner, I fucking loved her and you know that. I was going to ask her to marry me on Thanksgiving. I had the ring for the longest time and I talked to your dad about it when he was here last season on the dad’s trip.”

“I don’t know what to say,” Patrick said shrugging my hand away and I sighed in defeat before I stood up and walked into our bedroom slamming the door.

I didn’t know what to think as I got dressed for Erica’s birthday party a week later. Patrick had invited Jon but I knew that Jon wasn’t going to come. Patrick and I didn’t tell Erica we knew everything, we were going to let her tell us on her terms.

Erica laughed at Jordan who was attempting to break dance in the middle of the floor.

“She looks happy,” Pat said taking a sip of his drink.

“I was like that too when I left you but I was hiding behind the pain.”

“Do you think Jon will forgive her?”

“Eventually but right now he has to get over the hurt and the shock. He has to learn to trust her again.”

“I’m sorry that I ever put you through that,” Patrick said wrapping his arm around my waist and kissing my temple.

“You didn’t cheat on me, you were put in the situation but you realized what you were doing and stopped it before anything could happen. I’m sorry for never believing you.”

“We’re good now though, right,” he said smiling as he placed his hand on my stomach, “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“I don’t fucking believe it,” Patrick said looking towards the door. I turned around and I saw Jon walk over to Duncan and Brent who were both chasing Jordan around trying to get him to calm down.

“He’s here to make people believe they’re still together, don’t worry he won’t go over to her. He’ll just watch her.”

I couldn’t believe that this as happening to two people who were perfect just like Pat and I were. I was destined to get Erica and Jon back together. I don’t care if it took six months or a year, he wouldn’t be with anybody but her, I’d make sure of it.

Patrick and I worked our own relationship out, we just had to repair theirs. It wasn’t our place but he hated seeing his sister hurt and we both hated seeing our best friends miserable. Getting their lives back together when ours were just beginning with our baby on the way was going to be difficult but we were bound to do it, we just hoped it didn’t break us.

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Slight Delay

I got off of work late today so the chapter will be up on Sat 12/18 sometime. I promise! The update is almost finished.

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I got good news

I'm working on an update and it will be up later tonight!! I know it's been highly requested and since I'm finally done with school for the semester, I am picking up writing this story faithfully again. There's not much left to write, however I have more and more ideas and will continue with a sequel called "Stuck Like Glue"

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Chapter 25-Bundles of Joy and Bundles of Hurt

Four months later

The past four months for Pat and I have been crazy. Between winning the Cup, half of his teammates being traded, and his day with the cup, we didn’t find time to rest. It was now the middle of September and we were back in Chicago for training camp and the season.

Adam leaving Chicago was not only bittersweet to the team, it was bittersweet to the Kane family as well. Leah was in a city that she wasn’t familiar with and at five months pregnant, she had a lot to adjust to.

“Babe, are you okay?” I nodded as Pat soothed my back and put a cold rag on the back of my neck.

“I’m fine, it’s just the flu. Erica just got over it so I probably got it from her.”

“Are you sure that you will be okay here by yourself while Jon and I are at practice?”

“Pat, I’m fine, go before you’re late.”

Pressing a kiss to my forehead, he stood up from the floor and picked me up carrying me to our bed, “I can call Q-stache and tell him that you’re sick and I’m sure he’ll understand I can’t come to practice today.”

“If you don’t go to practice, sick or not, I’ll kick your ass.” Pat laughed and I pulled the covers up to my neck.

“If you feel better, want to go to lunch or something after practice?”

“I’d kill for a deep dish pizza from Edwardo’s over in Hyde Park right now.”

“Pizza it is, I’ll call you after practice. I love you,” Pat said giving me a kiss.

“I love you too, have fun.”

Pat gave me a quick smile and tossed my cell phone to me from the dresser before he shut the door. My phone rang and it was Alyssa calling. I haven’t seen her all summer and I wanted someone to come and keep me company so I answered the call.

“ALLY,” she screamed and I laughed.

“Hey Alyssa, how’s Jordan and Brent?”

“They’re doing great, how are you?”

“Sick in bed craving deep dish pizza from Edwardo’s.”

“I remember when I was pregnant with Jordan, their pepperoni and mushroom deep dish was dinner for me every single night.”

As soon as I heard the word ‘pregnant,’ I began to feel nauseous again, “Alyssa, can you do me a favor while the guys are at practice?”

“Yes ma’am, Jordan and I were going to come see you anyways. What’s the favor?”

“Can you stop at a drug store or something and buy me every pregnancy test you can find?”

“Holy shit, Ally! Are you serious?”

“I’ve been sick for the past two weeks and it’s only getting worse and I’m craving everything in sight and when you mentioned your cravings when you were pregnant with Jordan, a light bulb went off in my head.”

“Holy shit, I’m on my way.”

I hung up and texted Erica who was in class.

Come over after class


Alyssa is coming over with Jordan and I may have to go to the doctor’s

Are you okay?

I might be…

Might be what?


OMG! Does my brother know?

Not yet and please don’t say anything to Jon

I won’t, I’ll be over as soon as I can

The buzzer to mine and Pat’s condo went off and I looked on the security camera to see that it was Jordan and Alyssa. I climbed out of bed and walked down the hall to the living room. I laughed when I noticed that Jordan was still carrying ‘Duncan’ the dog around. He was just like his father, they both were really close with Duncan.

I buzzed them into the building and five minutes later, the doorbell rang. Jordan came running into my arms as soon as he saw me.

“Aunt Ally, I miss you.”

“I missed you too, baby doll,” I replied giving him a kiss on the cheek before I gave Alyssa a hug.

She handed me a bag and I walked into the bathroom with her while Jordan sat on the couch and watched the Stanley Cup champions DVD so he could see Brent and Duncan in order to keep him occupied.

I peed in a cup and sat it on the counter, I dipped the tip of all of the pregnancy tests into it before I dumped it down the toilet. I set the alarm on my cell phone for three minutes from the current time and when it went off, I made Alyssa read the results.

“If this kid is anything like his daddy, we’re in for heartbreak,” she joked and I started crying.

“I’m pregnant,” I sobbed and she hugged me.

“Congratulations sweetheart, you are.”

“Pat is going to leave me.”

“No he isn’t, he wants kids. Ally, how many times have you guys talked about having kids?”

“We talk about kids a lot.”

“See, he wants to be a dad. He sees Brent with Jordan and Fraz and Carly announced they were having a baby before Bowman went apeshit on the trades.”

I couldn’t help but laugh and she hugged me reassuringly.

“What was your OB-GYN’s name?”

“Dr. Sodini on West Wilson Avenue.”

“Do you have her number,” I asked and Alyssa nodded her head as she pulled her cell phone out of her pocket and went through her contacts for her number.

I dialed it and scheduled an appointment for noon, it was nine in the morning now. I took a shower while Alyssa made Jordan breakfast.

Erica came home from class and we all climbed in the car and went to the doctor’s office. Dr. Sodini did blood work and the test came back positive.

“Congratulations Miss Jordan, you are two months along.”


“I take that this was unplanned?”

“Yeah it was, my fiancé and I have talked about kids but we agreed to wait until we were both ready but hey there’s nothing we can do now. This baby will have a lot of people who will love it just as much as we will.”

“I’m going to give you a prescription for prenatal vitamins and have you schedule an appointment for next month. Take it easy for the next few days and once again Congratulations.”

“Thanks,” I replied smiling.

I walked into the waiting room where Erica was sitting next to Carmen.

“Well,” Carmen asked.

“I’m two months along.”

“I’M GOING TO BE AN AUNT,” Erica shrieked.

“Yes you are,” I replied smiling, “We have to get back home before practice ends so Pat doesn’t suspect anything.”

“Congratulations Ally,” Carmen said hugging me and smiling.

“Thanks Car, I thought it would have been you and Troy that had the baby first.”

“Hey Frazzle Dazzle and Carli beat us to it.”

We all laughed and Carmen dropped me off at mine and Pat’s house before she drove Erica over to her and Jon’s where Ally was with Jordan waiting for Brent to meet them there.

“Hey babe, where were you,” Pat asked me as I opened the door.

“Carmen and Erica drove me to the doctor’s office over in Hyde Park, sorry I completely forgot to call or leave you a note.”

“It’s fine, don’t worry about it. Is everything okay?”

“Pat, we need to talk!”

We sat down on the couch and I saw the panic in Pat’s eyes, the last time I told him we needed to talk, I left him for five months.

“What’s wrong baby,” he asked.

“Remember how we talked about having kids then we both agreed that we would wait a while before we had kids running around here.”


“Pat, there’s no easy way to say this but…”


I put my head down and slowly nodded my head in fear that he may just get up and walk out of the door without ever returning but I was proven wrong when he picked me up and spun me around.

“I take it you’re happy.”

“Why wouldn’t I be happy?”

“Because of what happened before.”

Pat sighed before he sat me back down on my feet and lifted my face so that I would look at him, “Ally, I told you back then that if that ever happened again I’d be here for you. I know we agreed to wait but I’m so happy right now. I mean Leah’s having fraternal twins and Bur is thrilled but come on now I’m going to have my own child.”

“So you’re not mad.”

“Not at all, God baby, I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“How far along are you?”

“Two months.”

“Two months,” Pat said looking like he was concentrating on something, “So we conceived at Bur’s cabin.”

“Yeah I guess so.”

“Oh my God! My mom and sisters are going to be ecstatic!”

“Erica knows, we just have to tell everyone else.”

“God, I’m so happy right now,” Pat said hugging me, “I know we agreed to wait but this is…wow.”

I smiled and we both sat there just talking about names and how we were both going to start house hunting soon since we obviously couldn’t raise a baby in a two bedroom condo.

Pat was excited to start the life of the white picket fence and kids running around. He was also ecstatic that he could have a son who could play in the NHL or a daughter who could play in either a women’s league or could play for the USA women’s hockey team.

He wanted to get married as soon as the baby was born and I was okay with that. Everything seemed to be falling into place for us and I couldn’t be happier after everything that Patrick and I went through.

Jon’s POV

I stood there as Erica admitted that she cheated and I didn’t know what to say. Two and a half years were gone down the drain. I planned on asking her to marry me on Thanksgiving when her family came to town but the plans were quickly thrown at the window.

I felt as if someone took a sledgehammer to my chest and hit me with it repeatedly. I loved her so much and she threw everything we had away. I trusted her with everything I had and now I don’t know what to think about her anymore.

“Jonny, will you please say something,” she pleaded and I didn’t want to listen to a word she said.

“What do you want me to say, Erica? You cheated on me and threw away my trust.”

“It wasn’t supposed to happen, I got drunk when I went to my friend’s party in Buffalo last weekend.”

“I thought you were different and that you would never break my heart but I guess I was wrong.”

“Jonny, please don’t do this,” she cried.

“I can’t be with you anymore, Erica. It just won’t be the same anymore.”

“I love you, Jonny.”

“Don’t call me that.”

I was beyond angry right now and I could have killed the scumbag she slept with if he was in front of me right now. Kaner always said he’d kill me if I’d hurt her but right now she killed me because she hurt me.

“I can’t believe I was going to give you this,” I said setting the ring box down in front of her and walked out of the house without saying a word.

I needed time to think about forgiving her and what I wanted. I knew this was the end of us and I tried to convince myself that if we were meant to be together, we’d be together again one day but that is hard to do when the best part of your life threw everything you had away in the trash and put your heart in a blender.

Getting over this won’t be easy but I’ll be able to do it, I’m stronger than this…I think.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Chapter 24-Welcome Home

“Do your parents know we’re engaged again,” I asked Pat as we drove back to our apartment from the airport.

“Yep, they knew that I was going to propose before we left. I talked to them about everything then I talked to your parents.”

“You’re sneaky!”

Pat smirked as we pulled up in front of his parent’s house.

“I sort of kind of promised them we’d spend the night here tonight.”

“Is Leah here too?”

“Yeah she and Leah are here and Jon came to spend the night here before him and Erica head to Winnipeg later on this week for his day with the cup.”

“When’s yours?”

“I don’t know yet but I’m sure it’s going to be one big party for us.”

“There ain’t no party like a P.Kane party!”

“Because P.Kane parties don’t stop.”

“You’re a lame ass,” I laughed while slapping his shoulder.

“But you love me anyway,” he said giving me a kiss as we walked through the door.

“Patrick,” Donna said walking over to hug her son, “We miss you around here.”

“We live ten minutes away, mom,” he replied rolling his eyes.

“I know but I’m not used to my little boy being away all of this time,” Donna sniffled and Pat Sr. laughed.

“Ally, you’re glowing,” he said.

“Pat and I have some news for you guys.”

“Are you pregnant,” Donna asked excitedly.

“God no, Pat and I made the decision that we aren’t going to have kids until we get married which will be soon.”

“OH MY GOD, YOU’RE ENGAGED AGAIN,” Donna shouted hugging me and Pat.

“When did this happen,” Pat Sr. asked.

“Last night,” I said and Pat smiled kissing my temple.

“I’m really happy for you guys, you really deserve to be happy after everything that has happened to you within the last three years.”

“PATRICK,” Jackie shouted running down the steps and tackling Pat.

“Jackie, I can’t breathe,” he said laughing and hugging his sister.

“I missed you,” she replied kissing his cheek.

“I miss you too, Jax.”

“Ally,” Erica said coming through the door followed by Jon, “I didn’t know you guys were coming home.”

“Our week in Disney is over, Pat and I are engaged again, and we plan to get married in July of 2012.”

“You guys have the date set and everything this time,” Jon said smiling, “Wow! You guys are serious about getting married this time.”

“We’re older now and we’ll be ready to make such a big commitment in two years so we set the date.”

“I’m happy for you, really, I am,” Jon said shaking Pat’s hand and hugging me.

“Where’s Leah and Adam,” Pat asked.

“They went to the hospital since Leah has been throwing up all day and they just want to make sure everything is okay but I think it’s just morning sickness,” Donna said, “But I’d rather be safe than sorry.”

“Where’s Jessica?”

“She went with them.”

“Oh okay,” Pat said before we headed upstairs to his old room to put our bags in there.

“Are you guys still spending the night here,” Jackie asked leaning in the doorway.

“Yup,” I said opening my suitcase and tossing her the Mickey Mouse hoodie that Pat and I bought her.

“Wow, you guys actually got me the hoodie I asked for.”

“You can say thank you, you brat,” Pat said smiling.

“Thanks,” Jackie said giving both of us a hug, “I love it.”

She walked out and closed the door behind her leaving Pat and I to ourselves. We both flopped down on the bed and curled up in each other’s arms to take a nap. We were almost asleep when the door flew open and Adam jumped on us.

“WAKE UP, SNOWFLAKES,” Adam said and Pat punched him in the stomach.

“Hey Adam,” I said giving him a hug, “Surprisingly, I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you too, it’s not the same without you.”

“So you’re really going to play for the Stars,” Pat said and Adam nodded his head.

“This really sucks that I won’t get to see you or Leah hardly at all,” I said and Adam sat down on the chair in Pat’s room.

“We’ll make it work, I’ll bring her to Chicago when we’re there on road trips and you guys can come see her when the Hawks are in Texas then we’ll split the summers here between Buffalo and Madison. It’ll work out, no matter what team I’m on, I’m still a part of this family and you’re friend.”

“Stop making her cry, Adam,” Leah scolded coming into the room, “ALLY! YOU’RE ENGAGED AGAIN AND GETTING MARRIED IN 2012.”

“Yup,” I said flashing my ring and she shrieked hugging me and falling on top of me.

“Ool that’s hot,” Adam said and Pat threw a pillow at him, “What I’m a guy, I’m allowed to have thoughts about my wife with another woman.”

“ADAM,” Leah shouted and I laughed.

“Just don’t think about my woman that way,” Pat said giving me a kiss.

“How about we have guys night tonight since the bitches are going to be working on wedding shit?”

“Sounds good to me,” Adam bumping knuckles with Pat causing Leah and I to roll our eyes.

“Men,” Leah said smirking and rolling her eyes.

“PATRICK, ALLY, ADAM, LEAH, DINNER,” Jessica shouted up the stairs.

“Hitler is waiting,” Adam joked and we all laughed.

Dinner went by without a hitch and all of the guys went out leaving Donna, Jackie, Jessica, Leah, Erica, and me by ourselves.

“Chick flicks or scary movies,” Donna asked.

“Scary movies, we’re all in love here except those two,” Leah said pointing to Jackie and Jessica.


“Jess, I’m right here no need to shout,” Donna scolded her daughter.

“Saw, The Ring, Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, or Friday the 13th,” Erica asked going through the DVDs on the bottom of the TV stand.

“How about none of those,” Jackie said with an attitude.

“How about you shut up before I make you sleep outside,” Leah said and Jackie huffed causing Erica and I to laugh.

“Did dad go with them,” Jackie asked Donna.

“Nope, he’s downstairs watching soccer.”

“Lucky him.”

Erica put in Saw and it wasn’t long before we were screaming and burying our faces behind pillows. Leah sat there laughing and eating the popcorn while we watched the movie.

“That guy just got his head chopped off and you’re laughing,” Erica asked.

“It’s so fake, it’s funny,” Leah said between giggles and a mouthful of popcorn.

“Can I have some of that,” Jessica asked and Leah gave her a handful.

“Guys, did you hear that,” Jackie asked and we shushed her, “OH MY GOD, MOM!”

Three Jigsaw masks came around the corner from the kitchen and we all screamed. Leah stood up and walked towards the three figures wearing the masks.

“Just because I’m pregnant doesn’t mean I am afraid of anything, bring it on motherfuckers,” she said throwing the bowl at one of the figures and it cursed.

“JESUS CHRIST LEAH, IT’S US PLAYING A JOKE, ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME,” Pat asked taking the mask and hood off.

“PATRICK TIMOTHY KANE, I AM GOING TO KILL YOU,” I said punching him in the arm.


“That was for scaring us and being an asshole.”

“Babe, you have one hell of an arm on you,” Adam said wrapping his arms around her.

“You’re sleeping on the couch tonight!”

“It was all Pat’s idea, he suggested we scare you.”

“Would you jump off of a bridge if Pat told you to?”

“I wouldn’t be stupid enough to jump off of a bridge.”

“Are you mad, babe,” Jon asked Erica who had yet to say anything.

“I’m not mad, just disappointed. I’m just surprised you went along with something my brother told you to do.”

“I’m sorry,” Jon said giving her a kiss, “Really I am.”

“It’s okay, don’t worry about it,” Erica replied hugging him and giving him a kiss.

“Clean up the popcorn and make some more and the guys can join us watching the movie since we need some shoulders to bury our faces in,” Donna said as Pat and I volunteered to make new popcorn while Erica cleaned the mess in the living room.

“You know you look hot when you’re scared,” Pat said coming up behind me and wrapping his arms around my waist.

“You look sexy in all black,” I replied giving him a kiss and we started making out.

“Seriously guys, you’re going to fuck on the counter while we’re in the next room,” Erica said coming in the kitchen causing Pat and I to break apart. She rolled her eyes and turned on her heel walking back into the living room.

“We were just making out, what’s got her so pissed off,” Pat asked before our lips were joined again but this time we accidentally knocked Jon’s hoodie onto the floor and a black velvet box fell out of the pocket when I bent down to pick it up.

“Oh my God, Pat,” I said opening the box and there sat a vintage looking princess cut engagement ring. It was slightly bigger than mine and I didn’t care at all. My ring was my ring and Pat bought it for me and that’s why I didn’t envy this ring.

“HOLY SHIT,” Pat said taking the box from my hands.

“Do you think he’s going to ask Erica to marry him?”

“I don’t know, I mean he’s twenty-two and she’s twenty.”

“It’s a situation like ours, I’m sure Jon just bought it and is going to put it away until he’s ready to give it to her.”

“Hey guys, did I leave my jacket in here,” Jon asked coming into the kitchen and Pat quickly shutting the box and handing it to me behind his back and I slid it back into Jon’s pocket.

“Here you go,” I said taking it off of the chair and handing it to Jon.

“Thanks,” he said sighing in relief, “I thought I lost it and I can’t afford to lose it.”

“I’m sure you can’t,” I replied and Jon just smiled not catching on to what I said and walked into the living room.

“I can’t believe he’s going to ask my baby sister to marry him.”

“Hey you don’t know for sure if he is yet, just calm down,” I said rubbing Pat’s back and he turned to me giving me a kiss.

“We should go watch the movie before they think we’re screwing each other in here.”

“Good idea.” Pat took my hand and we walked into the living room sitting down on the couch. I soon fell asleep on Pat’s shoulder and when I woke up the next morning I was in Pat’s bed with his arm around me.

I woke up to Erica knocking on the door telling us that Donna made breakfast and that it was waiting for us downstairs.

During breakfast Erica received from her friend, Julie. I’ve hated Julie since junior high and she hated me too. She especially hates me now that I am engaged to Patrick and I could care less.

“Donovan,” Erica asked, “Really? Didn’t he get the message to leave me alone when Ally broke his nose.”

“Who’s Donovan,” Jon whispered.

“Erica’s ex-boyfriend that cheated on her with the bitch she’s talking to,” I said, “I beat Julie’s ass and broke her jaw and I broke Donovan’s nose when we found them screwing each other.”

“I was going to kick his ass myself but Ally got to him before I did,” Pat said, “He was the biggest piece of shit that walked the face of the Earth and I’ll kill him if he ever steps foot into this house again.”

“You won’t have to worry about killing him because I’ll do it my damn self if he comes into this house while I’m here,” Jon said.

“HE’S WHAT,” Erica asked, “No, I got a boyfriend. I’ve been with him for two years. He’s one of Pat’s friends. Yes he’s a hockey player and no you can’t sleep with him too you slut. I don’t have time for this, leave me alone and do me a favor and don’t ever call my house again.”

“Fucking bitch, I told you I didn’t like her,” I said as Erica sat down.

“Jon, you might want to be on the defensive when that doorbell rings in about ten minutes.”

“Why does Captain Serious have to be on the defensive,” Adam asked coming around the corner with Leah.

“Donovan, her ex-douche bag boyfriend decided that he wants to visit and is on his way over here.”

“I’ll help the boys kick his ass,” Adam said cracking his knuckles.

“I remember he was Jason’s protégé,” Leah shivered, “He was there one night when he beat me.”

“Leah,” Erica said hugging her cousin, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“You weren’t with him then, Ally had just kicked his ass and I knew she’d kill him if I told you.”

“I hate the kid already and I never even met him,” Adam said when the doorbell rang.

Jon went upstairs to use the bathroom when Donovan showed up.

“Let him in,” Pat said to me as he and Adam both took a seat on the couch pretending they were watching TV.

I opened the door and Donovan walked in, “Hey Ally, you’re looking just as slutty as ever.”

“Aw Donovan don’t talk when you have a dick in your mouth,” I spat back and Adam chuckled next to Pat who elbowed him to shut up.

“Hey Pat, congrats on the cup man, can me and a couple of my buddies get into your cup party here for free?”

“How about you’re not invited and I don’t like you,” Pat fired back and Adam high fived him.

“Well, well, well if it isn’t Adam Burish, the man who married the biggest whore in Buffalo.”

“I didn’t know he married your mom, I thought he was married to me,” Leah said coming out of the dining room to sit on Adam’s lap.

“I suggest you not fuck with anyone in this family while I’m here today because I will kick your ass kid,” Adam said and Donovan rolled his eyes as Erica came into view.

“Guys can you let us talk in private,” she asked as everyone reluctantly nodded their heads.

“Call me if you need help throwing his ass out of here,” Adam said to Erica who nodded her head.

Jon’s POV

I was so pissed that Erica would let that douche bag in this house while I was here. I was her boyfriend for God’s sake. I deserved to be down there with her talking to him but I sat on the top of the stairs out of view watching them like a hawk in the mirror.

I felt my blood boil as the douche bag leaned over and kiss her. I flew up off of the steps and walked into her room slamming the door behind me.

“WHAT THE FUCK,” I shouted throwing the TV remote at the wall.

Did I not mean anything to her? I bought her a ring for God’s sake and she let him kiss her. I wasn’t going to give her the ring, it was going to be locked up in the safe at my parent’s house in Winnipeg for when I was ready but I gave her a promise ring on my birthday.

She hurt me by kissing him back, I loved her with all of my heart and thought that our two years together meant something to her but that blew up in my face when she kissed that jackass.

“Jon,” she said coming into the room shutting the door behind her, “Can we talk?”

“There’s nothing to talk about,” I said packing my suitcase.

“Where are you going,” she asked.

“Home to Winnipeg, that’s where I’m going.”

“I thought we weren’t leaving until Thursday.”

“I’m going home a few days early, is that okay with you?”

“Jon, what’s wrong,” she said coming over to me and turning my face to meet hers.

“I saw you kiss him, Erica.”

“I didn’t kiss him, Jonny, he kissed me.”

“Do you expect me to believe that? You didn’t exactly pull away from him.”

“I slapped him, and Ally punched him in the face and re-broke his nose. I’d never cheat on you let alone think about kissing my douche bag ex-boyfriend. I love you, Jonny.”

“I love you too, Erica but I need time to think.”

I didn’t bother to look at her face, I know I hurt her. I felt like that asshole that just left and I promised I’d never hurt her but I broke that promise.

“Jonny,” she said reaching out and I pulled away zipping my suitcase and walking out of the house without saying goodbye to the Kane family or Erica.

I saw her through the rearview mirror of my rental car sitting on the porch just staring after my car. I tried to forget the image as I got onto the highway heading towards the airport.

“DAMN IT,” I cursed pulling over on the side of the road. Quickly doing a U-turn I sped off towards the house.

Erica had her back to me as I put the car in park in the middle of the street and ran behind her pulling her to me kissing her.

“Jonny,” she cried.

“I’m sorry,” I said placing a kiss on her lips.

“I love you and only you.”

I gave her another kiss and I felt the ring box in my pocket but I couldn’t bring myself to ask her to marry me but I knew deep in my heart that she was going to live in Chicago with me this season and that she will be mine forever because no one and nothing is going to come between us. So much for a welcome home for Pat and Ally, they can’t escape drama no matter how hard they try.