Saturday, October 23, 2010

Chapter 25-Bundles of Joy and Bundles of Hurt

Four months later

The past four months for Pat and I have been crazy. Between winning the Cup, half of his teammates being traded, and his day with the cup, we didn’t find time to rest. It was now the middle of September and we were back in Chicago for training camp and the season.

Adam leaving Chicago was not only bittersweet to the team, it was bittersweet to the Kane family as well. Leah was in a city that she wasn’t familiar with and at five months pregnant, she had a lot to adjust to.

“Babe, are you okay?” I nodded as Pat soothed my back and put a cold rag on the back of my neck.

“I’m fine, it’s just the flu. Erica just got over it so I probably got it from her.”

“Are you sure that you will be okay here by yourself while Jon and I are at practice?”

“Pat, I’m fine, go before you’re late.”

Pressing a kiss to my forehead, he stood up from the floor and picked me up carrying me to our bed, “I can call Q-stache and tell him that you’re sick and I’m sure he’ll understand I can’t come to practice today.”

“If you don’t go to practice, sick or not, I’ll kick your ass.” Pat laughed and I pulled the covers up to my neck.

“If you feel better, want to go to lunch or something after practice?”

“I’d kill for a deep dish pizza from Edwardo’s over in Hyde Park right now.”

“Pizza it is, I’ll call you after practice. I love you,” Pat said giving me a kiss.

“I love you too, have fun.”

Pat gave me a quick smile and tossed my cell phone to me from the dresser before he shut the door. My phone rang and it was Alyssa calling. I haven’t seen her all summer and I wanted someone to come and keep me company so I answered the call.

“ALLY,” she screamed and I laughed.

“Hey Alyssa, how’s Jordan and Brent?”

“They’re doing great, how are you?”

“Sick in bed craving deep dish pizza from Edwardo’s.”

“I remember when I was pregnant with Jordan, their pepperoni and mushroom deep dish was dinner for me every single night.”

As soon as I heard the word ‘pregnant,’ I began to feel nauseous again, “Alyssa, can you do me a favor while the guys are at practice?”

“Yes ma’am, Jordan and I were going to come see you anyways. What’s the favor?”

“Can you stop at a drug store or something and buy me every pregnancy test you can find?”

“Holy shit, Ally! Are you serious?”

“I’ve been sick for the past two weeks and it’s only getting worse and I’m craving everything in sight and when you mentioned your cravings when you were pregnant with Jordan, a light bulb went off in my head.”

“Holy shit, I’m on my way.”

I hung up and texted Erica who was in class.

Come over after class


Alyssa is coming over with Jordan and I may have to go to the doctor’s

Are you okay?

I might be…

Might be what?


OMG! Does my brother know?

Not yet and please don’t say anything to Jon

I won’t, I’ll be over as soon as I can

The buzzer to mine and Pat’s condo went off and I looked on the security camera to see that it was Jordan and Alyssa. I climbed out of bed and walked down the hall to the living room. I laughed when I noticed that Jordan was still carrying ‘Duncan’ the dog around. He was just like his father, they both were really close with Duncan.

I buzzed them into the building and five minutes later, the doorbell rang. Jordan came running into my arms as soon as he saw me.

“Aunt Ally, I miss you.”

“I missed you too, baby doll,” I replied giving him a kiss on the cheek before I gave Alyssa a hug.

She handed me a bag and I walked into the bathroom with her while Jordan sat on the couch and watched the Stanley Cup champions DVD so he could see Brent and Duncan in order to keep him occupied.

I peed in a cup and sat it on the counter, I dipped the tip of all of the pregnancy tests into it before I dumped it down the toilet. I set the alarm on my cell phone for three minutes from the current time and when it went off, I made Alyssa read the results.

“If this kid is anything like his daddy, we’re in for heartbreak,” she joked and I started crying.

“I’m pregnant,” I sobbed and she hugged me.

“Congratulations sweetheart, you are.”

“Pat is going to leave me.”

“No he isn’t, he wants kids. Ally, how many times have you guys talked about having kids?”

“We talk about kids a lot.”

“See, he wants to be a dad. He sees Brent with Jordan and Fraz and Carly announced they were having a baby before Bowman went apeshit on the trades.”

I couldn’t help but laugh and she hugged me reassuringly.

“What was your OB-GYN’s name?”

“Dr. Sodini on West Wilson Avenue.”

“Do you have her number,” I asked and Alyssa nodded her head as she pulled her cell phone out of her pocket and went through her contacts for her number.

I dialed it and scheduled an appointment for noon, it was nine in the morning now. I took a shower while Alyssa made Jordan breakfast.

Erica came home from class and we all climbed in the car and went to the doctor’s office. Dr. Sodini did blood work and the test came back positive.

“Congratulations Miss Jordan, you are two months along.”


“I take that this was unplanned?”

“Yeah it was, my fiancĂ© and I have talked about kids but we agreed to wait until we were both ready but hey there’s nothing we can do now. This baby will have a lot of people who will love it just as much as we will.”

“I’m going to give you a prescription for prenatal vitamins and have you schedule an appointment for next month. Take it easy for the next few days and once again Congratulations.”

“Thanks,” I replied smiling.

I walked into the waiting room where Erica was sitting next to Carmen.

“Well,” Carmen asked.

“I’m two months along.”

“I’M GOING TO BE AN AUNT,” Erica shrieked.

“Yes you are,” I replied smiling, “We have to get back home before practice ends so Pat doesn’t suspect anything.”

“Congratulations Ally,” Carmen said hugging me and smiling.

“Thanks Car, I thought it would have been you and Troy that had the baby first.”

“Hey Frazzle Dazzle and Carli beat us to it.”

We all laughed and Carmen dropped me off at mine and Pat’s house before she drove Erica over to her and Jon’s where Ally was with Jordan waiting for Brent to meet them there.

“Hey babe, where were you,” Pat asked me as I opened the door.

“Carmen and Erica drove me to the doctor’s office over in Hyde Park, sorry I completely forgot to call or leave you a note.”

“It’s fine, don’t worry about it. Is everything okay?”

“Pat, we need to talk!”

We sat down on the couch and I saw the panic in Pat’s eyes, the last time I told him we needed to talk, I left him for five months.

“What’s wrong baby,” he asked.

“Remember how we talked about having kids then we both agreed that we would wait a while before we had kids running around here.”


“Pat, there’s no easy way to say this but…”


I put my head down and slowly nodded my head in fear that he may just get up and walk out of the door without ever returning but I was proven wrong when he picked me up and spun me around.

“I take it you’re happy.”

“Why wouldn’t I be happy?”

“Because of what happened before.”

Pat sighed before he sat me back down on my feet and lifted my face so that I would look at him, “Ally, I told you back then that if that ever happened again I’d be here for you. I know we agreed to wait but I’m so happy right now. I mean Leah’s having fraternal twins and Bur is thrilled but come on now I’m going to have my own child.”

“So you’re not mad.”

“Not at all, God baby, I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“How far along are you?”

“Two months.”

“Two months,” Pat said looking like he was concentrating on something, “So we conceived at Bur’s cabin.”

“Yeah I guess so.”

“Oh my God! My mom and sisters are going to be ecstatic!”

“Erica knows, we just have to tell everyone else.”

“God, I’m so happy right now,” Pat said hugging me, “I know we agreed to wait but this is…wow.”

I smiled and we both sat there just talking about names and how we were both going to start house hunting soon since we obviously couldn’t raise a baby in a two bedroom condo.

Pat was excited to start the life of the white picket fence and kids running around. He was also ecstatic that he could have a son who could play in the NHL or a daughter who could play in either a women’s league or could play for the USA women’s hockey team.

He wanted to get married as soon as the baby was born and I was okay with that. Everything seemed to be falling into place for us and I couldn’t be happier after everything that Patrick and I went through.

Jon’s POV

I stood there as Erica admitted that she cheated and I didn’t know what to say. Two and a half years were gone down the drain. I planned on asking her to marry me on Thanksgiving when her family came to town but the plans were quickly thrown at the window.

I felt as if someone took a sledgehammer to my chest and hit me with it repeatedly. I loved her so much and she threw everything we had away. I trusted her with everything I had and now I don’t know what to think about her anymore.

“Jonny, will you please say something,” she pleaded and I didn’t want to listen to a word she said.

“What do you want me to say, Erica? You cheated on me and threw away my trust.”

“It wasn’t supposed to happen, I got drunk when I went to my friend’s party in Buffalo last weekend.”

“I thought you were different and that you would never break my heart but I guess I was wrong.”

“Jonny, please don’t do this,” she cried.

“I can’t be with you anymore, Erica. It just won’t be the same anymore.”

“I love you, Jonny.”

“Don’t call me that.”

I was beyond angry right now and I could have killed the scumbag she slept with if he was in front of me right now. Kaner always said he’d kill me if I’d hurt her but right now she killed me because she hurt me.

“I can’t believe I was going to give you this,” I said setting the ring box down in front of her and walked out of the house without saying a word.

I needed time to think about forgiving her and what I wanted. I knew this was the end of us and I tried to convince myself that if we were meant to be together, we’d be together again one day but that is hard to do when the best part of your life threw everything you had away in the trash and put your heart in a blender.

Getting over this won’t be easy but I’ll be able to do it, I’m stronger than this…I think.


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