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Chapter 22-Love is all fun and games until someone gets pregnant

“Tony, stop spying on them,” Cheryl scolded as Tony stood in front of the kitchen window watching Ally and Pat.

“Look Cheryl,” he said pointing out the window.

“How long have they been out there like that?”

“For about fifteen minutes,” Tony said as Pat gave Ally another kiss.

“He really loves her Tony.”

“I know,” he said smiling, “Every five seconds, he’s rubbing her back and giving her a kiss. It’s kind of pathetic if you ask me.”

Cheryl laughed at this and patted him on his back, “It only took you two years to see that he’s actually good for our daughter.”

“I was stubborn, she’s my only baby girl.”

“I know but you had to know the day would come when she would fall in love.”

“I thought it would be countless times but one guy for two years, that’s pretty impressive.”

“According to Donna, he’s never been in a relationship before either.”

“Do you think they’re going to be engaged again anytime soon?”

“Ally told me she gave him the ring back because they both came to the conclusion that they were too young to be married.”

“What the hell just happened out there,” Tony asked as the water splashed on the window.

“I think he either threw her in the pool or she went in and he dove in,” Cheryl said laughing as Pat hit Ally with a noodle.

Normal POV

“PAT,” I screamed as I was in midair heading into the pool, “You are a bastard and I am going to kill you.”

“Hey, I told you what would happen if you threatened to cut the mullet off again,” he said laughing and I spit water in his face.

“I swear to God I am cutting it off, it’s so gross.”

“You don’t seem to mind it when you’re holding onto it for dear life.”

“I also like when I can run my hands through it.”

“This is nice,” Pat said pulling me towards him, “Just the two of us in Florida with no distractions.”

“I don’t want to go back to Chicago or Buffalo after being here for a week.”

“The good news is we go back to Buffalo for a few days, go to Vegas for the NHL awards, and then we come back down to Florida for Disney World.”

“This is really the summer I hoped for.”

“It’s all I ever dreamed of and the best part about it is, I’m not alone and have someone to share it with.”

I smiled and so did Pat as he pulled me closer and wrapped his arms around me.

“I wish my dad will just take a picture of us already, he’s been standing in the window for the past twenty minutes.”

Pat turned around and waved to my dad who smiled and waved back.

“Want to go out to dinner with your parents tonight?”

“You’re being serious,” I asked raising an eyebrow.

“Hey, we might as well. I mean your dad and I get along now, your mom and grandma love me, and well I haven’t met your grandfather yet.”

“Okay,” I said smiling when my dad came outside.

“Hey kids, play nice now. We don’t want anyone getting injured with the noodles.”

Pat laughed, “Hey Tony, she started it.”

I smacked his chest and smacked him in the head with the noodle and he pushed my head under the water and we splashed my dad.

“Sorry dad,” I said pushing Pat who slipped and fell backwards in the pool and I laughed.

“Ha ha, real funny,” he said climbing out of the pool and put me on his shoulders before he flipped me back into the pool.

“Not funny Billy Ray,” I replied and he grabbed the water gun and started squirting me.

“That’s it,” he said swimming towards me and I ran as fast as I could in the water up the steps and out of the gate towards the beach. I was halfway down the beach when I was tackled to the grown and Pat sat on me holding me down.

“RAPE,” I screamed and Pat was trying to shut me up.

“Shut up before people really think I’m raping you.”

“I’ll shut up on one condition.”

“…and what might that be?”

“You kiss me,” I whispered and Pat smiled before he leaned in closer and I sat up. Our lips met in the middle and I felt the fireworks going off around us.

I felt as if we were the only two people in the world and suddenly I moaned as Pat’s hands roamed up my sides.

“I love you,” he said before his tongue started battling with my own.

“You know there’s a pier over there where no one would be able to see us.”

“Are you trying to seduce me on the beach,” Pat whispered.

“Is it working,” I asked as I licked his neck and he moaned.

“Ally,” he gasped picking me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist.

“The pier is right over there,” I whispered against his lips and before I knew it we were near the abandoned boat that has been washed up since I was a kid.

“How did you find this place,” he asked when I threw my bikini top over my head.

“I used to come out here to think when I was a kid and visited down here.”

“What could you have possibly needed to think about when you were nine or ten?”

“You,” I said kissing him again and I felt my back touch the sand and he laid a trail of kisses down my jaw and then my neck and before I knew it my back arched off the ground as he gently kissed my breasts.

“I thought about you all of the time,” he said as I slid his swimming trunks down his legs, “I couldn’t wait to hold you.”

He kissed my lips, “or touch you,” he whispered kissing my neck.

“I hated it when you left to go play hockey when you were fourteen,” I admitted, “It broke my heart.”

“I’ve broken your heart a lot but as God as my witness those days are over,” he said slowly entering me and I screamed in pleasure.

I’ve always fantasized about having sex on the beach for some reason and I knew when I ran down to the beach that this was going to be the day I did. Pat and I haven’t had sex since they won the cup since he’d pass out when we got home from the club or I’d be sleeping when he stumbled through the door.

“I’m never getting drunk again,” he said pulling on his swim trunks, “That was the best sex we’ve had in a long time.”

“If you wouldn’t pass out when you’d get home from the bar we’d have sex as much as we used to.”

“Come on let’s head back before your dad sends the cadaver dogs.”

“Hey,” I said smacking his chest and he put me on his back and piggy backed me the whole way up the beach back to my parent’s house.

“Where’d you two wonder off to,” my mom asked.

“We went for a walk and talked about what we are doing tonight,” I lied and Pat squeezed my hand.

“We want to take you guys out to dinner,” Pat said, “It’ll be on me.”

“Nonsense, it’ll be on me,” my dad offered.

“Don’t even bother arguing, let him pay for it,” I whispered and Pat laughed.

“Stop telling the family secrets, Alexandra,” my dad said.

“Your real name is Alexandra,” Pat asked.

“No, it’s Ally,” I growled, “My dad likes to think my real name is Alexandra.”

“Oh,” Pat laughed, “I was like who the hell is Alexandra?”

“Alright guys go get showered and changed then we will go. I’ll call up your grandparents and tell them where to meet us.

Dinner went off without a hitch, my grandfather loved Pat. Then again my grandfather has always been a diehard hockey fan. I grew up hearing stories about Gordie Howe, Bobby Orr, Maurice Richard, and Michel Briere.

Once my grandfather saw who my boyfriend was he was star struck because he loved Pat as a junior hockey player for the USA and he followed his career to the Blackhawks.

“You mean for two years he had no idea who your boyfriend was,” Pat asked.

“Hey he was in early stages of dementia and was recently put on medicine,” I said and Pat laughed.

“Oh,” he replied, “I was kind of shocked.”

“I’m starting to miss everybody back home.”

“Me too.”

“Want to go back home tomorrow?”

“What about your dad,” Pat asked, “Is he okay?”

“He finishes rehab tomorrow,” I said, “Once he’s done we’ll head back to Buffalo.”

“Okay,” he said smiling.

When dinner was over we went home and packed to head back to Buffalo. My mom was sad to see us go but Pat and I knew we were both going to be spending a lot of time in Florida now. We told them we would come down to visit them again in a few weeks when we went to Disney World.

Our flight arrived at Greater Buffalo International airport at five o’clock. Adam and Leah were there to pick us up.

“Ally,” Leah said hugging me crying, “I missed you.”

“I missed you too, why are you crying?”

“I’m just so happy to see you, it’s been what three weeks now?”

“It has been a long time, how’s the baby doing?”

“Both me and the baby are fine, we’ll be able to find out in two months what the sex is.”

“I hope it’s a girl,” I said and Adam rolled his eyes.

“How was Florida,” Adam asked.

“Florida was pretty great, we got a natural tan unlike you Mr. Fake Bake,” Pat said to Adam who flipped him off.

“Ally, Donna wants to take all of the Kane girls out today to spend time with them since we haven’t all been together in a while.”

“I love the sound of that,” I said as we climbed in the car.

“BEER,” Adam screamed walking into the house, “Where’s the beer?”

“It’s in the cooler by the door,” Pat Sr. said, “Why?”

“I can’t take her hormones anymore,” Adam said cracking the can open and chugging it down, “One minute she’s nice, one minute she’s crying, one minute she’s horny, one minute she hates me. I CANNOT wait until she spits that kid out. I’m going to need a whole fucking case of this shit.”

“I was through it four times, it’s all worth it in the end though when your baby smiles at you.”

“I mean I love her but these hormones and these cravings are terrible. Last night she had me driving all around Buffalo trying to find a Starbucks that was open twenty-four hours.”

“They aren’t open twenty-four hours though,” Jon said.

“That is why she slapped me across the face and told me I was a bad husband.”

“Are you serious,” Pat asked.

“How was Florida,” Donna asked me as I sat down at the dining room table with her, Erica, Jackie, Jessica, and Leah.

“It was really nice, scary at first though because of the whole situation with my dad having his heart attack but it worked out for the better because he finally likes Pat.”

“It took him long enough,” Leah said, “Do we have any ice cream?”

“No, but we can get some at the mall,” Jackie said.

“I want pizza,” Leah said again and Erica laughed.

“Is that all you think about is food?”

“Hey! I’m pregnant which means I’m eating for two.”

“What are we going to do at the mall,” Jessica asked.

“Let’s get our nails done first,” Donna began, “Then we’ll go get some dinner and we’ll go see a movie.”

“What movie,” Leah asked, “How about Toy Story 3?”

“I want to see Get him to the Greek,” Jackie whined.

“Toy Story 3 looks really good though,” Leah cried and I buried my face in Erica’s arm laughing.

“Her hormones SUCK,” Jackie said and Donna laughed.

“Who here votes Toy Story 3,” I asked causing Leah, Donna, Erica, and I to raise our hands.

“Looks like you two lost,” Erica said to her sisters.

“Just because you two date NHL hockey players and you’re married to one doesn’t give you the rights to be the bitches of the century,” Jessica said.

“Yes it does,” Erica, Leah, and I said in unison and Donna laughed.

“Alright ladies, come on let’s go say goodbye to the boys before we go.”

We headed out back and Leah sat on Adam’s lap and I saw him roll his eyes and I couldn’t help but laugh. Her hormones were getting the best of him and they either needed to have sex soon or she needed to be put on some bitch pills.

“Pat, we’re leaving I’ll call you.”

“Alright, see you later baby,” he replied giving me a kiss.

“Buy me something nice at the mall,” Jon said winking at Erica.

“I’m flat ass broke right now and you want me to buy you something.”

Jon reached into his pocket and pulled out his credit card, “You’re not broke anymore.”

“I’m not using your credit card,” Erica said, “I always feel like I’m using you.”

“I know you’re not using me just take it or else I’ll be mad if you don’t.”

“Fine,” Erica said giving him a kiss, “Thank you, I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“Here Ally,” Pat said reaching into his pocket and handing me his credit card.

“He does it so you do it,” I said laughing, “You spoil me enough, I have my own money that I took out the bank when we were in Florida. I’ll buy you something.”

“Come on babe, take it.”

“No, please baby let me spend my own money,” I whispered, “I’ll buy another sexy outfit.”

“Okay,” he said putting the credit card back in his wallet, “Can you get a nurse outfit or a cowgirl?”

“We’ll see,” I laughed and I gave him a quick kiss before I got in the car.

“Adam, I want you right now,” Leah whispered to Adam who just sat there.

“We’ll play later but right now you’re going out with your family.”

“What’s wrong? You don’t love me anymore,” she cried.

“I love you to death, you know that but I don’t think your family would appreciate it if you didn’t go with them.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too,” Adam said kissing her.

“Ally, please go get her before I leave without her,” Donna said from the driver’s seat.

“Leah,” I said walking over to where Adam was sitting with her on his lap, “Come on Donna is going to leave without you.”

“Are you going to arrest her if she doesn’t cooperate,” Adam asked and Pat started choking on the beer he had in his mouth.

“What the hell did you just say?”

“You heard me, Ally,” Adam said smirking.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” I said looking at Pat who sat there not saying a word.

“I think you do,” Adam provoked.

“Whatever what I do is none of your business.”

“LEAH, LET’S GO,” Erica said pulling her off of Adam.

“Did your mom send you over here to teach me a lesson,” Adam asked Leah and Jon started coughing.

“What,” Erica asked.

“Are you going to spank me with your ruler?”

“ALRIGHT THAT’S ENOUGH, LEAH LET’S GO BEFORE I KILL YOUR HUSBAND,” Erica said and we headed for the car, “Leah remind us not to tell you anything ever again.”

“I want to stay with Adam,” she said.

“I’ll buy you ice cream,” I said.

“I love ice cream,” Leah said opening the car door, “But I still want to stay with Adam.”

“I’ll buy you pizza,” Erica said.

“OOLLL OKAY,” Leah shrieked closing the car door.

“FINALLY,” Donna said, “It only took you three hours.”

We shopped around the mall and I ended up buying three sexy outfits for Pat. I caved in to buying a nurse, cowgirl, and French maid outfit.

Erica bought the same French maid outfit for Jon. Donna couldn’t help but laugh and when we went to dinner we all laughed at telling the stories about the after parties after the boys won the cup.

“You know, Ally almost fought a girl,” Erica said and Donna laughed.

“Wow it’s eleven o’clock already,” Donna said, “We better head home.”

“I’m sure the guys are drunk,” Leah said, “They had enough beer to give the army.”

When we got home the guys had a fire going in the backyard and were laughing when we came outside.

“We’re home,” Donna said as we walked through the gate.

“OH MY GOD,” I screamed dropping my bags and running over to Pat, “YOU GOT RID OF THE MULLET!”

“Adam shaved it for me while you were gone, I wanted to surprise you.”

“I love you, the hair, and Adam I especially love you for talking him into cutting it off,” I said running my hands through Pat’s hair.

“Thanks,” Adam said laughing as Leah sat down on his lap.

“Did you have fun at the mall, babe?”

“Yeah I did,” she said giving him a kiss.

“That’s good,” Adam said.

I gave Pat a kiss and took my bags up to my room. I heard the door close behind me and I looked up in the mirror and saw Pat standing there.

“Hey,” he said sitting down on the bed.

“Hi,” I said smiling.

“What’d you buy?”

“Just some clothes for Florida and a few other things.”

“Oh yeah, like what,” he smirked.

“You let me worry about that,” I said and he laughed.

“I bought you something while you were gone.”

“I told you to stop spoiling me.”

“Remember how I said a few weeks ago that I wanted privacy when we are here in Buffalo.”

“Yeah, why?”

Pat pulled something out of his back pocket and handed it to me, “Patrick what is this,” I asked staring at white papers that were folded up like a letter.

“We’re moving into our new house when we come back from Disney World.”

“WHAT,” I gasped unfolding the mortgage papers that he gave to me, “Pat, I don’t know what to say.”

“Just say you’ll move in with me in Buffalo.”

“I mean I already live with you in Chicago but yes, I’ll move in with you in Buffalo.”

He smiled and gave me a hug and a kiss, “Come on let’s go enjoy the bonfire.”

We walked into the backyard and sat down with everyone. Jackie, Jessica, Erica, Leah, and I made s’mores while the guys talked about football and the upcoming season.

I was grateful to be surrounded by the people I loved and I couldn’t help but smile knowing that

Leah’s POV

Adam was taking me out to dinner tonight, I don’t know how he has been putting up lately. My pregnancy hormones have been getting the best of me but yet he has been putting up with it.

He was taking me to a restaurant that Pat suggested in Buffalo. I’ve never been there before since I was in Sweden for so long. We were staying with Donna and my uncle at the house that has been home to me since the whole ordeal with Jason.

“You look gorgeous, babe,” Adam said as we walked to the car.

“Thanks,” I said smiling, “So do you.”

I was wearing a black maternity dress that I had bought at the mall last night when Donna took the girls and I out. I had outgrown all of my clothes now and I was only two months pregnant. I wore my hair down and straightened with gold hoop earrings and black peep toed high heels.

Adam looked as hot as always in a black sports jacket with a black shirt underneath that was unbuttoned at the top with black dress pants. His hair was gelled back and he wore a smile.

“Are you ready to go,” he asked as we climbed into Pat’s SUV that he let us borrow for the night.

“Yep,” I said taking his arm and he lead me towards the car, “Where are we going?”

“Some place called the Friar’s Table.”

“I heard that place is really good, they call it like the best steakhouse in western New York.”

“I know which is why we are going there.”

We got to the restaurant and were seated right away since Adam had made a reservation.

“Look at that douchebag loud mouthing his girlfriend in a public place,” Adam said nodding towards the table where a guy and his girlfriend were arguing, “I hate assholes like that.”

“Jason did that to me all of the time,” I said looking at the menu.

“You don’t deserve that, no one does especially you.”

“Adam, what if we have a daughter and she goes through what I went through. I won’t be able to live with myself if I can’t protect her,” I cried.

“Babe,” Adam said taking my hand, “Listen to me, as long as I’m around nothing and no one is going to hurt you or our baby. I will fight my hardest to keep both of you safe. I love you and our baby more than life itself. Leah, you will never go through that again, I promise and if we have a daughter and that happens to her…the boy won’t live to see daylight because I will kill him with my bare hands. I love you, Leah. The day you walked into my life I became a better man and I would rather die than have my daughter be with a low life scumbag who will hurt her.”

Adam wrapped his arms around me and promised me that everything was going to be okay. Deep down I knew that as long as he was around nothing was going to hurt me and our baby without Adam hurting that person or something in return.

I guess what they say is true and that love is all fun and games until someone gets pregnant, I just hope Pat and Ally wait to have kids because pregnancy sure tests your relationship but they were going to be okay because they had overcame everything.

They’re going to Disney World in a few days and Pat has told us his surprise for Ally. I just pray to God she agrees because if she doesn’t Pat is going to be upset but I’m sure she will because they belong together and so do Adam and I.

Oh, how I love being bipolar while pregnant.

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Chapter 21-If you're not the one then why does my hand fit yours this way

“So, you know what I’ve been thinking,” Pat said as he walked into our living room in Chicago while I was watching for Jon on Fuse. He was presenting at the Much Music Awards.

“You were thinking,” I scoffed, “With which head?”

“Ha ha if I was thinking with the head down South you’d be undressed right now.”

I rolled my eyes and he chuckled sitting down on the couch next to me, “Seriously, I have been thinking though and we need a night to ourselves. I’ve been out partying and you’ve been here home by yourself that I feel like I have been neglecting you which is why once Jon comes on, you are going to get dressed and we are going out to dinner.”

“Isn’t it a little late to be going out to dinner?”

“Not really, we both haven’t eaten anything all day, I’m starving, and we need to spend time together so I want to take you out.”

“Okay,” I said smiling, “Where are we going?”

“Nowhere special just somewhere we can be alone without distractions.”

“Alright, I’ll go get dressed.”

I didn’t bother getting dressed up but I wanted to be dressy while I was being casual. I put on a denim mini-skirt with black leggings underneath and a red tank top with a white tank top underneath that was slightly longer so you could see the lace on the bottom. I put on white Nike tennis shoes and straightened my hair putting my new side bangs back into a small bump.

“I love how you still look hot no matter what you wear,” Pat said smiling when I sat back down on the couch.

“Do everyone in Chicago a favor when we go out and wear a hat because that mullet is terrible.”

“I’m keeping it, it won the cup for us and I was on fire in the playoffs.”

“I’m going to cut it off when you go to sleep. I swear I am.” I had it all planned out in my head, one night while he’s sleeping, that mullet is coming off.

“I’ll be sure to sleep with one eye open then,” he joked and shut the TV off before he headed down the hall to our room so he could change.

He came out 10 minutes later wearing long denim jean shorts, a black polo shirt that showed off his toned body, black tennis shoes like the ones I had on, and a backwards black baseball hat.

“You tell me I look hot then you come out looking like that,” I said with my eyebrow raised, “Not very fair.”

“What’s fair is foul and foul is fair.”

“What the hell does that mean?”

“I don’t know, I read it in high school, I think its Shakespeare or some shit like that.”

“Romeo, Romeo where art thou Romeo,” I said holding my hand to my chest and Pat rolled his eyes.

“Let’s go, you crazy bitch.”

“Yet I fuck so good I’m on top of it,” I said and Pat laughed as we left the house.

We took the elevator to the garage and I handed Pat my keys so he could drive my car.

“You barely let me drive this thing, why the sudden change of heart?”

“You’d look hot driving it so here’s the keys have fun.”

Pat opened my door and gave me a kiss on my lips before he walked around to the driver’s side.

“Safety first Patrick,” I said, “Rule number one when we drive this car, you always wear your seatbelt.”

“Yes mom,” he replied pulling his down to the buckle.

He started the car and we tore out of the garage heading to God knows where. We arrived in front of one of my favorite places in Chicago, Blackbird Restaurant.

“We haven’t been here in a while.”

“I know, that’s why I said dress casual. I wanted to bring you here,” Pat said and we both got out of the car.

We were seated in a booth in the back of the restaurant and Pat smiled at me when we sat down.

“I pray to God the waitress doesn’t try to flirt with you because I am not in the mood.”

“You’re worried about a waitress flirting with me and I’m worried about a waiter flirting with you.”

“Speak of the devil,” I groaned when our waiter walked over.

“Good evening, I’m Andrew and I’ll be your waiter this evening. May I start you two off with something to drink?”

“I’ll have a Bud Light,” Pat said. I could kill him right now for being twenty-one. My gut told me I was going to need alcohol in order to get through tonight.

“…and for you sweet thing,” Andrew flirted and I saw Pat tense up.

“I’ll have an iced tea.”

Andrew wrote down our drinks and walked away and I reached across the table taking Pat’s hand in mine.

“Calm down,” I said and he nodded his head, “He might just be trying to be friendly.”

“Ally, did you see him,” Pat asked, “He’s built better than I am and looks a hell of a lot better than I do. I think he’s flirting.”

“No one looks better than you,” I said squeezing his hand, “I am one hundred percent sure of that.”

Andrew came back over and set our drinks down in front of us, “Are you two ready to order?”

“I want the parmesan crusted dumpling with the asparagus,” Pat said handing Andrew his menu.

“I’ll have the same.”

“Anything for you, sweet cheeks,” he said smirking and I saw Pat’s face go blood red.

“Oh shit,” I said to myself when Pat finally spoke up for me.

“You know I really don’t appreciate you flirting with my fiancée in front of me,” Pat said and Andrew didn’t know what to say.

“Oh cut the bullshit Kane. The whole city of Chicago knows damn well she left your cheating ass for six months and that she WAS your fiancée and now she is just your girlfriend because she refuses to marry your sorry ass.”

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me, the internet talks and some fans dig deep. I think she can do much better than a cocky, arrogant, Stanley Cup winning jackass who goes out and parties every night while she’s at home worrying about who you’re going to fuck next.”

“You don’t know anything about me or our relationship,” Pat said standing up and I quickly stood up pushing him back down.

“I’m a waiter not a taxi driver,” Andrew smirked and I saw Pat clench his fist at his side.

“Baby, he’s not worth it,” I whispered to Pat, “Calm down.”

“Yeah Kane listen to your girl, you don’t any other time,” Andrew sarcastically said and I turned around and slapped him.

“Don’t talk to my boyfriend that way and you’re right I did leave him for six months and it was the biggest mistake of my life,” I said when the manager came over.

“What’s going on here,” he asked.

“We were trying to have a nice, quiet dinner and Andrew here decided to bring up our personal life,” Pat said and the manager looked at Andrew who was glaring at Pat.

“Andrew, clock out and go home your shift is over for tonight,” Ron said, “Mr. Kane, I’m so sorry for any trouble he may have given you and I can assure you that he will be taken care of tomorrow morning. Please stay and have dinner on us.”

“That’s not necessary,” Pat insisted, “We’ll just leave.”

“Please stay,” Ron replied, “I’ll take care of the two of you myself.”

“Let’s just stay, Pat,” I said as he nodded his head and sat back down in the booth. I sat next to him and held his hand as he sat there staring at the table, “Are you okay,” I asked.

“Yeah,” he replied attempting a smile and I knew he was lying, “Let’s just enjoy dinner.”

Ron brought out our food and neither one of us spoke a word while we ate. The silence was kind of nice but I knew deep down that we both needed to go somewhere and talk other than our house.

“Are you ready,” Pat asked when I took a drink of my iced tea and I nodded my head yes before I slid out of the booth and he followed suit. I grabbed his hand and squeezed it and he looked at me with pain in his eyes.

“Want me to drive,” I asked when we got outside and Pat shook his head no. He opened my door and I quickly got in the car. He slammed my door behind me and got in without even buckling his seatbelt. I didn’t even argue with him to put it on, arguing was the last thing we needed to do right now. Pat sped through the streets of Chicago and drove to the opposite side of the river to the wharf where people parked to see the city at night. We were the only ones there and I was grateful for that, even though my windows were tinted, people knew what my car looked like and would know it was us.

“Pat, what’s wrong,” I asked and he turned the car off slamming his fist on the steering wheel.

“I’m sick and tired of people telling me that I am not good enough for you,” he said, “Ally, maybe we shouldn’t be together everyone seems to think that.”

“Don’t talk like that, Pat I love you so much and I thought you knew that. Why are you letting people bring you down? Patrick, we are going to deal with people who disagree with our relationship for the rest of our lives.”

Pat put his head back on the headrest and closed his eyes. I saw the tear slide down his cheek and I felt the lump in my throat.

I leaned over the seat and pressed my lips to his cheek, “Don’t cry, baby, please.”

“Ally, why do you stay with me after everything I put you through when I clearly don’t deserve you?”

“For two and a half years we have been through everything under sun, Pat: A pregnancy scare, an engagement, a break-up, the Olympics, and a Stanley Cup trophy. What are you so afraid of?”

“There are plenty of guys out that are a hell of a lot better for you than I am. You don’t deserve me and I sure as hell don’t deserve you. I keep messing up our relationship. I’m worried that I am going to screw up really bad and lose you forever. I will never be able to live with myself if that happens. Why are you even with me? I’m a professional athlete who’s on the road half of the year, why do you put up with that?”

“I’m with you because I love you more than life itself and you being on the road all of the time doesn’t bother me because I know it’s me you’re coming home to. Some athletes don’t even have families to come home to or just families to support them but you have me, Jon, your sisters, and your parents. Pat, I’ve known you since I was five years old and when I hit the age where I knew what love was, I knew it was you I loved then and it sure as hell is you I love now.”

Pat sat there and I felt the tears falling from my eyes, I went to get out of the car just so I could clear my head and get some fresh air when I felt his hand grab my wrist.

“Where are you going,” he asked.

“I need air,” I said opening the door and he nodded his head as I climbed out of the car and shut the door behind me. I slid down the side of the car and sat down on the ground crying. Pat must have heard me because before I could lie on the ground in a ball, I felt two strong arms around me and my back was against the car. I was now standing and Pat was in front of me holding my hands.

“Why do you always talk about us breaking up,” I asked and Pat shrugged his shoulders, “You have to have a reason why.”

“I’m afraid of being in love,” he finally admitted, “You and I never had a serious relationship before we got together. We’re each other’s first loves and it scares me knowing we are one step away from marriage and I love you more than anything in this whole world.”

“It scares the hell out of me knowing that I love you as much as I do. I went on dates with guys before we got together but how did they work out? I dumped them after a week because they weren’t you and just wanted one thing from me. You, you were different. You knew how I wanted to be treated and you knew you wanted to be with me for something much more than sex. I was there for you before you were Patrick Kane, NHL superstar and Stanley Cup champion and I am going to be there for you after your career ends and the kids of the children who worship the ground you walk on won’t know who you are but will hear the stories about the man who scored the game winning goal in the 2010 Stanley Cup Finals and ended Chicago’s forty-nine year Stanley Cup drought. I love you Pat and I want to spend the rest of my life with you and it scares me knowing that I am twenty years old and I want to take the next step in my relationship.”

“You want to get married?”

“I want to be engaged again,” I said, “I want a long engagement so we have more time to plan the wedding of our dreams.”

“We’ll be engaged again soon, I promise,” Pat said leaning against the car next to me and I stood in front of him with my fingers through his belt loops looking into his eyes.

“I love you and don’t you ever forget it,” I said looking straight into those blue eyes that I loved so much.

“I love you too,” he said leaning down to give me a kiss and I put my arms around him and he held me in his arms. I never wanted to let go but we had to go home sometime.

“Come on, let’s go home,” I said and he gave me another kiss. The whole way home he held my hand as if his life depended on it and right now both of lives revolved around our relationship.

Jon’s POV

“Erica,” I called from the door of my house setting my bag against the wall. I didn’t get an answer and I went into the kitchen and noticed a note on the counter.


I went to the park with Ally, Alyssa, and Jordan. I’ll be home later.

Love, Erica

I grabbed a drink out of the refrigerator and sat down at the counter going through the mail. Nothing but a couple of bills that I paid monthly and an information packet from the University of Chicago addressed to Erica. I smiled to myself just knowing that she wanted to transfer to a university here so she could be with me.

I haven’t seen her a lot lately since I was busy ever since we won the cup. I know Pat spent time with Ally two nights ago thanks to his phone call at two o’clock in the morning telling me what had happened at the restaurant.

I knew just what I was going to do for Erica, I was going to cook her dinner. I’m not the best cook in the world but I’m pretty sure my mom left one of her cookbooks here.

I grabbed my car keys and went down the street to the liquor store so I could buy a bottle of wine. I knew Erica wasn’t old enough to drink but hey a little wine never hurt anyone.

I came home and looked in the closet that was in the hallway and sure enough there was my mom’s cookbook. It was an Italian cooking cookbook and I knew enough about Italy to know that it was the romance capital of the world so I looked through the book and found a recipe for chicken parmesan that I knew Erica would love.

I did my best to follow the directions and by the time Erica got home, I had our entire dinner set up. I didn’t bother changing my clothes and was grateful that I didn’t get any grease or sauce on my dress clothes. What other guy would cook their girlfriend dinner in navy blue dress slacks and a light blue button down shirt? The only thing I had to do was unbutton a few buttons on my shirt and roll up my sleeves and I looked like I was a chef on one of those cooking shows.

“Welcome home baby,” I said giving her a kiss when she came into the house before I handed her a glass of wine.

“I missed you,” she said hugging me.

“I missed you too,” I replied kissing her forehead.

“Something smells good, what take-out did you get?”

“I didn’t order take-out.”

“Well, I know you didn’t cook, so who did?”

“I have a surprise for you,” I said taking her hand as we walked towards the dining room that overlooked the Chicago skyline.

“Wow Jonny, you really went all out,” she said looking at the table that had two candles lit and the wine in the center of the table.

“I just wanted to do something special that didn’t require us going out and being bombarded by fans, I wanted us to be alone.”

“Jonny,” she smiled before she wrapped her arms around me and I gave her a kiss.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“How were the music awards,” she asked when we sat down to eat.

“They were pretty cool, I think I went deaf for the girls screaming over Justin Bieber. What’s he got that I don’t have,” I said laughing.

“Jonny, he didn’t even go through puberty yet and I’m pretty sure he’s still a virgin,” Erica replied with a serious look on her face and I couldn’t stop laughing, “What did I say? I’m being serious and he doesn’t have a Stanley Cup or an MVP trophy either, does he?”

“You left out a beautiful and intelligent girlfriend,” I said and she smiled giving me a kiss.

“You’re such a sweet talker.”

“Hey, I was only telling the truth.”

“Did you see the information packet that came for me from the University of Chicago,” she asked and I lied and said no.

“No, but really, UC?”

“I’ve been doing some thinking lately and I really do miss when you’re not around and seeing you once a month and sometimes more during the hockey season isn’t enough. If we’re going to work, I need to be here full time.”

I sat there staring at her in a trance just smiling when suddenly my cell phone rang.

“Who is it,” she said as I pulled my phone out of my pocket.

“Seabs,” I said pressing the talk button, “What’s up, bro?”

“Can you guys do Alyssa and I a HUGE favor?”

“It depends on what it is.”

“Come on man, we’re desperate right now.”

“Alright, whatever it is, Erica and I will do it,” I said.

“Can you watch Jordan for us? I had plans for us to go out but our babysitter got sick and can’t watch him.”

“What about Duncan, why can’t he do it?”

“He is going out with Kelly tonight.”

“What about Kaner and Ally or Adam and Leah?”

“They’re going to the club tonight with Sharpie, Courtney, Kris and Brittany and Adam is in Wisconsin with Leah for Nikki’s hockey tournament.”

“Do you mind watching Jordan,” I asked Erica who shook her head no, “Are you sure? I feel bad because it was just supposed to be us tonight.”

“I’m fine watching him, we’ll take him to Chuck E. Cheese or something,” Erica said, “It’ll be fun, he’s actually not bad when they’re not around.”

“Alright Brent, we’ll do it.”

“Thank you so much, I really owe you one.”

“You have Erica to thank for talking me into it, just drop him off here and we’ll take him to Chuck E. Cheese or something.”

“I’ll give you my credit card, go out on me.”

“It’s cool, I got it.”

“Well, it is my son so I’ll pay for it.”

“Brent, shut up before I change my mind.”

“Okay, I’m hanging up,” Brent said slamming the phone shut and I laughed.

“What’s so funny,” Erica asked.

“Brent is beyond excited we’re watching Jordan. I promise we’ll do this another time but hey dinner was good, right and we at least had an hour or two alone.”

“We’re going to be together all of the time if I get accepted here so we have a lot to look forward to,” Erica said as we both started cleaning up the table. When we were finished doing the dishes, I wanted to be comfortable chasing a kid around the Chuck E. Cheese so I wore my black Nike Shox tennis shoes with a pair of black basketball shorts, and a white cut off t-shirt. I grabbed my Cubs hat and headed into the living room where Erica was sitting on the couch with Jordan on her lap.

“When the hell did he get here?”

“They dropped him off like five minutes ago,” Erica said smiling as Jordan pulled his transformers toys out of his little backpack.

“Uncle Jonny wanna play,” he asked and I smiled before I sat down on the floor and played with him for a little bit. Just the smile on his face when I said I’d play with him made me forget about all the havoc he caused and made me even more excited to be a dad one day.

“Jordan, want me and Uncle Jonny to take you to Chuck E. Cheese?”

“YAY CHUCK E,” he screamed jumping up and I groaned.

“Geeze Erica, thanks for ruining the silence.”

“Oh shut up Jonny, he’ll be fine once he eats and plays a little bit.”

“Alright, let’s go,” I said grabbing my car keys, “Did they leave his car seat?”

“Yeah, it’s by the door,” she said pointing towards it.

She picked Jordan up and we headed for the elevator, Jordan was clapping his hands the whole time.

“Ready to go bud,” I asked him as I picked him up and buckled him in the car seat.

“Yep,” he said smiling and I shut the door before I climbed in.

“So much for, ‘He’s a holy terror’ and ‘I can’t watch him,’” Erica said making fun of me and I laughed.

“What can I say? I have a soft spot for kids.”

“We’re here Jordan,” Erica said when we pulled into parking lot.

“CHUCK E, CHUCK E, CHUCK E,” he chanted.

“Come on bud,” I said undoing his seatbelt and he hopped out of the car and grabbed Erica’s hand. I locked the car and he grabbed my hand and we headed into Chuck E. Cheese.

Jordan didn’t know which way to go, he saw the ball pit then he saw skee ball and the kid was also caught between dinner and the dancing characters on stage.

“He doesn’t know what to choose,” Erica whispered and I laughed as Jordan stood there holding my hand and scratching his head.

“What’s wrong buddy,” I said crouching down to his level.

“Too big,” he said and I laughed.

“Well, are you hungry?”


“Want pizza first?”

“YAY PIZZA,” he shouted jumping in my arms and Erica laughed.

We ordered pizza and while Jordan ate Erica and I talked about why she chose the University of Chicago out of the blue.

“Why did you pick UC all of the sudden?”

“I realized that Jessica is a year away from graduating and she has been looking at colleges here and Pat’s here with Ally and I know you hate traveling back and forth so I decided to go to school here. My parents are okay with it and they know I’d be living with you so I think I’m definitely going to move here.”

“Whoopsy,” Jordan suddenly said and we looked over and saw he had sauce all over his hands, face, and clothes.

“Did your mommy pack you a change of clothes,” Erica asked and Jordan shook his head yes.

“I bet they’re in that bag in the car, I’ll go get them.”

“Give me your keys, I’ll get them,” Erica said as I reached into my pocket and handed them to her.

I watched as Erica picked Jordan up from the booster seat and carried him outside. They came back in and Jordan was making faces and Erica was laughing. I smiled to myself as I watched her interact with Jordan. She would be a great mother to our kids but she’s only twenty so kids will wait a few years for us.

“Wow, you’re clean,” I said as Jordan jumped in my lap, “Nice shirt.”

“My daddy bought it for me.”

“Of course he did,” Erica laughed as Jordan showed off his little Duncan Keith t-shirt.

“BALLS,” Jordan shouted jumping out of my lap and towards the ball pit.

“Let’s go watch him,” I said as Erica and I walked over and stood there still talking and watching Jordan.


Jordan ran through the tunnel and slid down the sliding board and Erica picked him up and swung him around. I laughed at the sight before me because the thoughts of us having kids came back again.

“What do you want to do now,” I asked Jordan who took off towards the people who were playing skee ball.

“Uncle Jonny, help me please,” he said and I stuck in a token and showed him how to throw the balls.

“Good job bud.” He sucked but I was more than happy to help him, Erica was right he wasn’t bad around us, I guess it’s the whole kids act worse around their parents thing.

“I’m tired,” Jordan said and I picked him up.

“Want to go home with us and take a nap until your mommy and daddy pick you up?”

He nodded his head yes and I carried him to the car and he was asleep by time we got home.

My phone rang again and it was Brent telling me that he and Alyssa just had what he called “the most amazing sex” they’ve ever had and that he needed us to keep Jordan for the night.

I put Jordan in the spare bedroom and left the door open before I walked across the hall to mine and Erica’s room. Erica was already changed and lying in bed when I walked in and took my shorts and shirt off before I climbed in bed next to her.

“I told you he wasn’t bad without them around,” Erica said smiling.

“He’s such a cute kid but he is so bad when they are around.”

“He loves us, but he especially loves you. He was all ‘Uncle Jonny this’ and ‘Uncle Jonny that’ when I had him outside.”

“What can I say? I have a way with kids.”

“Whatever,” Erica said rolling her eyes, “I’m tired, goodnight, I love you, and I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Night, I love you,” I said giving her a kiss turning the light off and getting myself comfortable with my arms around her.

I had just fallen asleep when I felt someone nudging me, I groaned and when I rolled over I saw Jordan standing there.

“What’s wrong buddy,” I said sitting up.

“I had a bad dream,” Jordan said clinging to his stuffed dog. I think it’s name is Duncan but I don’t know.

“Want to sleep with me and Aunt Erica?”

“Yes,” he said and I picked him up placing him in between Erica and myself.

“What’s wrong,” Erica said rubbing her eyes.

“Jordan had a bad dream and he is going to sleep with us.”

“You okay sweetie,” she said kissing Jordan’s forehead and he nodded his head yes and clung to her.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know what else to do.”

“It’s okay, don’t worry about it. Just get some sleep.”

I gave her another kiss and we both headed off to sleep content with how we felt about our relationship and each other and above all I was grateful she was finally going to move in with me.

Normal POV

Pat and I were laughing at Kris as he sat there attempting to rap “Not Afraid” by Eminem in the club. Brittany was embarrassed and so was Sharpie because Courtney was there but it was pretty funny.

It’s how Kris was, you either take it or leave it. Sharpie and Courtney were getting closer and I was glad Sharpie finally found a woman he liked.

“Ally, what’s wrong,” Pat said looking at me as I sat there stunned at what my mom had just told me over the phone.

“NOOOO,” I said crying and Pat grabbed the phone.

“Guys, we got to go,” Pat said, “We’ll tell you guys at another time but we got a plane to catch.”

“Ally, are you okay,” Brittany asked.

“I’ll be fine,” I said crying, “I’ll see you all this week.”

“He’s going to be okay,” Pat said squeezing my hand as we drove through the streets of Chicago so we could go pack our bags and book our plane.

“The next flight leaves at one o’clock, it’s now eleven fifteen,” I said looking at the clock, “Hurry up and pack.”

We packed in record time and before we knew it we were flying through the streets of Chicago yet again into the direction of the airport.

Once we were through security and on the plane, I called my mom and told her we were on our way. Once we were up in the air, I sat there crying and Pat lifted the arm rest and put his arm around me.

“What happened,” he asked.

“My dad, he had a heart attack and they don’t know how bad it is. He is having emergency bypass surgery right now.”

“He’s going to be okay, I promise.”

“Pat, if something happens to him I am going to feel like shit because I haven’t talked to him in two years.”

“Really,” Pat asked, “I didn’t know that. I hope I’m not the reason why.”

“You’re not the whole reason, I just decided not to talk to him because he didn’t accept my relationship with you. I love you and I don’t care what no one thinks.”

“I don’t want you losing your family over me,” Pat said, “I love you and I am going to work damn hard to get them to accept me.”

“I’m not worried about that right now, I’m worried about my dad.”

I cried myself to sleep in Pat’s arms and when I woke up the Florida sunshine was poking through the window of the plane.

“Please fasten your seatbelts, we will be landing shortly,” the voice on the intercom said.

“How long was I out,” I asked Pat who shrugged his shoulders.

“We flew out of Chicago at a quarter after one in the morning and it’s like eight am now so about seven hours or so.”

“Wow! Did my mom call?”

“She did call, your dad is out of surgery and is in a regular room sitting up in bed since he spent the night in the ICU.”

I couldn’t help but cry, my dad was going to be okay but I still needed to repair my relationship with him. I hope he didn’t hold it against Pat. We got off of the plane and my grandmother picked us up.

“Ally, my darling,” my grandma Ella said hugging me, “Wow! Look at you, you’re beautiful.”

“I missed you Gram,” I said hugging her and not wanting to let go.

“I missed you too sweetheart, you met that NHL boy and thought you were too good for us. Speaking of which, that must be him over there signing autographs for those kids.”

“Pat,” I said waving him over and he smiled finishing the autograph he was signing before he walked over.

“Oh my, is that Donna and Pat’s son?”

“Yep,” I said smiling, “He grew up nicely, didn’t he?”

“He’s adorable.”

“Thanks grandma,” I said hugging her again, “God, it really has been too long.”

“Two years too long, how’s gramps doing?”

“He’s still as stubborn as ever,” she said smiling, “He’s at home trying to get the guest rooms together for you.”

“Aw gram you guys didn’t have to do that.”

“It’s okay, he’s been dying to meet Patrick anyways.”

“Mrs. Jordan,” Pat said hugging her when he came over, “How have you been?”

“Patrick, look at you. You’re so grown up and handsome.”

“Thank you,” he said wrapping his arm around my waist.

“I’ve never saw my granddaughter happier, you really make her happy.”

Pat smiled and kissed my forehead, “So, I make your happy and you talk to your grandma about me.”

“All of the time,” I said and he laughed as we got into the car and headed to the hospital.

“Are you ready,” Pat asked me as we stood in front of my dad’s room. I was holding a balloon and a stuffed animal.

“I’m as ready as I’ll ever be,” I said as Pat pushed the door open and I walked in first.

“Ally,” my dad said and I kneeled down on the floor crying as he put his arms around me.

“Daddy,” I cried and he rubbed my back.

“I’ve missed you,” he said, “By the way, Pat, I’m really sorry for what I said about you. I was wrong and as much as I hate to admit it my daughter was right about you. You are something special and my thoughts and actions were just me afraid of losing my only baby girl because I realized she didn’t need me anymore.”

My mom walked in and was in tears at the sight before her, “Thank you Mr. Jordan,” Pat said walking over to shake his hand.

“Please call me Tony,” he said, “Welcome to the family.”

I sat there crying and Pat had his arms around me and we talked like nothing ever happened between us. Pat agreed to stay until my dad was released from the hospital which would take a week and a half. I was really certain everything was going to work out. My dad and Pat were getting along, we were spending time with my family, and then we were flying to Buffalo before we went to Disney World and I just hoped our two lives became one when we are in Orlando.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Chapter 20-Lord Stanley, Puck Bunnies, and Pregnancy

Pat’s POV

When I woke up in the morning, I noticed the clothes on the floor and the handcuffs on the nightstand. I smirked to myself at the thought of what happened between Ally and me the night before. I don’t know what got into her and quite frankly I wasn’t complaining, but what the hell was I thinking telling her the connection wasn’t there between us anymore? We had one hell of a connection between us, I always felt the sparks between us when she kissed me.

“Pat,” she said standing in the doorway wearing my Hawks sweatpants and one of my t-shirts. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail and was every which way.

“Good morning baby.”

She walked over to me and kneeled down to give me a kiss, “Did you sleep well?”

“I slept really well. Last night was amazing.”

“Tell me about it,” she said smiling, “I don’t know what got into me. I guess I was caught in the moment yesterday helping Erica pick out a present for Jon that I wanted to do something special for you.”

“I told you that you can still grab onto my hair.”

“I still hate it and I’m cutting mine today to get even with you.”

“I love your hair long though.”

“I love your hair long too but that didn’t stop you from getting it cut to look like Billy Ray Cyrus.”

“Hey that’s not funny,” I said smiling, “Listen, I’m really sorry about what I said yesterday afternoon. We have one hell of a connection and I was an idiot for even bringing it up.”

“Don’t worry about it, I forgot about it. So should you, I love you now come on and get something to eat I made your favorite.”

“Ham and cheese omelet?”

“Yeah now come on get dressed before it gets cold,” she said smiling.

“Maybe I don’t want to get dressed and I want to stay naked all day long.”

“As much as I would love that we can’t do that incase half of your team drops in unexpectedly like they always do.”

“Alright fine,” I said sighing in defeat and she laughed.

I climbed out of bed and looked for my boxers on the floor.

“Like what you see,” I said over my shoulder and she laughed and smacked my bare ass.

“I’ve seen better,” she joked while smirking and I rolled my eyes before helping her up off of the floor and we both walked out into the kitchen. I sat down at the counter and she placed the plate in front of me.

“Where’s yours,” I asked.

“I ate while making yours.”

“Oh, what do you want to do later?”

“How about we go see a movie or we can go out to dinner. I can cook you dinner if you’d like and we can watch a movie here.”

“How about we stay in tonight, you don’t cook a thing, we order take-out, and eat while watching a movie?”

“Sounds good,” she said smiling at me and I leaned over the island and gave her a kiss.

“You look good in my clothes by the way.”

“I wish I could say the same for you.”

I couldn’t help but laugh, this is how it was supposed to be. The two of us making sarcastic comments while being totally in love at the same time, it just felt right. It was like we were teenagers all over again.

I remember when I was thirteen and she was lying in the grass outside in the backyard and I sat next to her and without even realizing it held her hand. We both got into a fist fight when I did that and she kicked my ass but looking back on it now, look at how far we’ve come.

“What are you laughing at,” she asked me raising an eyebrow.

“Remember when we were thirteen and you were in the backyard and I held your hand so you sat on me and kept hitting me?”

“Oh my God,” she said laughing, “I completely forgot about that. How would the guys like hearing that you got your ass kicked by a girl?”

“You wouldn’t dare.”

“No, I wouldn’t.”

“Want me to go with you when you get your hair cut?”

“Erica is supposed to go but I know Jon’s parents are coming so I highly doubt she can go now. Are you sure you want to go?”

“I don’t have anything better to do and besides I don’t want you going too crazy with your hair.”

“You’re one to talk Billy Ray.”

“You’re going to pay for that,” I said standing up and she took off down the hall with me running after her.

“Catch me if you can Patty Cake,” she said running into the living room and back out through the game room.

“You haven’t called me that in years,” I yelled smiling.

She tripped and before she could fall I grabbed her and held her against my chest with her back to me and my arms around her waist. I inhaled her scent and she was wearing that damn body spray I loved so much.

I felt her relax in my arms and I kissed her below her ear before I turned her around and took her face in my hands and kissed her lips.

“You know you calling me Patty Cake made me think of draft day when you called me that and I kissed your cheek,” I said and she smiled before she kissed me again.

“I love you so much, Pat.”

“I love you too,” I said kissing her forehead before I wrapped my arms around her shoulders and hugged her to me.

Jon’s POV

My mom had just called me and told me they were on their way to my house from the airport. I shuffled around my rooms struggling to get dressed. Erica was nowhere to be found and I assumed she was at Pat’s house with Ally or something like that.

My nose lead me to the kitchen where Erica was standing at the stove cooking something. She was dressed in the button down that I had on last night and I immediately sucked my breath in at the sight of her in my shirt. I could definitely get used to this, I wish she’d move in with me already but she doesn’t want to leave her family in Buffalo. Maybe I’ll take her to Winnipeg for the summer, I would love for her to see the city that I grew up in.

“Good morning babe,” I said wrapping my arms around her waist and kissing her cheek.

“Hey,” she smiled giving me a kiss.

“You might want to go get dressed, my parents are on their way over here from the airport.”

“Wow, they’re here early.”

“You knew they were coming?”

“I called them last week and asked them if they wanted to come out here for your birthday.”

“My birthday was yesterday so what are they doing here?”

“Your mom had to work yesterday so she said she’d come in and spend the weekend here with us.”

“What would you say to going to Winnipeg with me for the summer?”

“Like the whole entire summer?”

“Yeah like from after playoffs are over until you have to go back to classes up in Buffalo.”

“I’d love to go to Canada with you.”

“Really,” I asked smiling at how fast she answered that question.

“Yes really,” she said when there was a knock at the door.

“Ah shit those are my parents,” I said and she took off running down the hall. Walking through the dining room to get to my front door I noticed the bra that she had on last night.

“ERICA,” I yelled and she turned around.


“Get rid of this,” I said tossing the black lace object at her and she walked into the room and shut the door behind her.

That’s all I needed was my mom to find out about my sex life, talk about embarrassing.

A month and a half later

I watched with the rest of Chicago and the families of the team as game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals went into overtime. The boys were so close to winning but Philly had to tie it with a few minutes remaining in the third period.

As overtime began, the Hawks came out firing. All of the sudden I see Pat skating down the ice and jumping up and down like a mad man.

“OH MY GOD DID HE SCORE,” I asked Donna who shrugged her shoulders.

The Wachovia Center in Philadelphia was stunned and in complete silence right now. I looked up at the video board and saw the puck fly out of the net on the glove side of Michael Leighton.

“OH MY GOD THEY WON,” Erica shouted jumping up and hugging me. The families section went crazy.

The rest of the guys cleared the bench and jumped on poor Nemo who needed to breath. I pulled my camera out of my purse and watched as the guys shook hands with the Flyers and Gary Bettman stepped out onto the ice amidst a sea of boos.

He announced that Jon was the MVP with twenty-nine points in the playoffs. Up next was the presentation of the Stanley Cup. Erica, Andrée, and Bryan had tears in their eyes as he lifted it into the air and was screaming at the top of his lungs.

“OH MY GOD! DID THEY WIN,” Leah shouted running down the steps.

“Pat scored,” I said proudly, “They won.”

“Fuck me pissing fifty million times during this pregnancy,” she said as Adam skated out of the runway and over to his team.

“Are you telling him tonight,” Donna asked.

“Yep,” Leah said smiling and I screamed as Pat lifted the cup up into the air.

Jordan was jumping up and down on the seat next to Alyssa when she looked over and gave me a thumbs up.

All of us headed down to the ice so we can share the moment with the team. Pat skated over to me as soon as he saw me and picked me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist and gave him a kiss. His playoff beard was gross but I was sure that was being shaved off tonight and it made me happy.

Donna, Jackie, Jessica, Erica, and Pat Sr. all hugged Pat when he set me down on my feet. Jon skated over to Erica and gave her a kiss before hugging his mom, dad, and brother.

“You won baby,” I said to Pat who screamed and picked me up again.

“Where’s Adam,” Leah asked Pat who pointed towards Robert, Karen, and Nikki.

“LEAH,” Adam shouted rushing over to his wife.

“YOU WON BABY,” Leah shouted and Adam picked her up, “I have something to tell you.”

“What is it,” he asked.

“I’m pregnant,” she said and his smile got even bigger as he spun her around while hugging her.

“How long have you known?”

“A month and a half,” Leah replied, “I wanted to wait until you guys won so I could tell you.”

“BABY WE’RE HAVING A BABY,” he yelled causing Robert, Karen, and Nikki to jump for joy.

“I take it she told him,” Sharpie said skating over to us.

“Yup,” I replied, “Congratulations Sharpie.”

“Thanks hon,” he replied giving me a hug.

“DADDY,” Jordan screamed running down the red carpet and Brent skated over to him so he didn’t slip on the ice. Brent picked Jordan up in his arms and put him on his hip as he gave Alyssa a one armed hug.

“That’s definitely picture worthy,” Donna said.

“Team picture, gotta go,” Pat said as they all skated to the center of the ice and took a picture.

I snapped one too and put my now dead camera in my purse. I could use my phone since the camera decided to be a piece of shit.

A reporter from Chicago came over to Pat and us after the arena cleared out and everyone was still on the ice.

“Patrick, do you care to introduce us to your family,” she asked.

“This is Erica, my oldest sister and Tazer’s girlfriend, she’s 21.”

“I’m 20.”

“Oh she’s 20, I’m 21 and this is my beautiful fiancée Ally. My sister Jackie, the athlete of the family, that’s Jessica, and you guys of course know my mom Donna and my dad Pat.”

“Ally and Erica you two are definitely probably the most hated girls in Chicago right now being in a relationship with the Batman and Robin of this team, how does that make you feel?”

“I wouldn’t say we’re the most hated girls in Chicago but the feelings we have right now after they have just ended a 41 year drought makes us so proud of them and we couldn’t have asked for a better brother, best friend, or boyfriend,” Erica replied.

“Very well, well Patrick congratulations and we’ll see you back in Chicago.”

After we flew back to Chicago from Philadelphia we couldn’t help but party. Pat was drunk and Jon drank so much champagne he was feeling no pain.

We watched from inside Chicago O’Hare as the guys got off the plane and Jon lead the pack with the cup up in the air.

“I pray to God he shaves when we get home,” Erica said and I laughed.

“Pat said he’s keeping the mullet and I hate it which is why my hair is cut as short as it is,” I replied running my hands through my newly trimmed bob.

When I got my hair cut back in Chicago after Pat got the mullet, I kept the length because he begged me to but before the boys got back to Chicago I rushed to the same salon and got side bangs with a shoulder length bob.

“Does he know you got your hair cut,” Donna asked.

“Nope and he’s probably running on such an adrenaline rush that he won’t even notice.”

“What the fuck were you thinking,” he whispered to me as he walked over towards us.

“I wanted it cut short for a while now,” I replied and he rolled his eyes giving me a kiss and wrapping his arm around my waist as we headed towards the sea of reporters.

“Here wear this,” he said handing me a ring.


“They think we’re engaged and you need a ring so wear this.”

“Where’d you get this?”

“Don’t worry about it just wear it,” he replied and I slipped it on my ring finger.

I knew it was real but I just didn’t know where he got it from and how he got it so fast. It wasn’t an engagement ring, I was sure of it. Just something small that he bought for me and I couldn’t help but smile as we walked hand in hand through the airport.

I felt the glares from the female fans outside and I turned around and looked at Erica who was laughing at me because she knew was getting glared at too. I was used to it but she wasn’t since she was barely in Chicago.

Later that night we all ended up at this bar called “Tavern” in downtown Chicago. Everyone was there, Carmen and Leah left early because Leah got sick and Carmen wasn’t comfortable being there so she volunteered to take Leah home.

Pat and Jon stood up on a platform in the middle of the bar and started dancing. They pulled Erica and me on the platform with them and we were grinding to “Bedrock” by Young Money.

“You know this is my favorite song,” Pat said holding his hand out for me to take, “So, it’s only fair I dance to it with my favorite girl.”

“Do you always sweet talk your way into grinding with girls like this,” I asked.

“Just the really cute ones I’ve known since I was five,” he replied as we started making out while dancing to the song. I felt his hands go up the back of my shirt and I smirked against his lips.

“Not here,” I whispered but his lips never left mine and his hands fell to my ass.

“Get a room you two,” Sharpie yelled and I flipped him off.

“I’m not done with you, we’ll finish this later.”

“Not if you continue to drink like a fish,” I said smiling and hopped off the platform with Erica as the song ended.

We walked over to the bar and sat down. Adam came over and bought me a drink since I obviously wasn’t old enough to get it myself. Erica wouldn’t drink and just drank coke while we were sitting there laughing at the girls throwing themselves at Pat and Jon but they got rejected every time.

“Well, well, well if it isn’t the two biggest whores in Chicago,” a voice said behind us and I turned around to see two girls dressed like sluts standing there.

“Oh you’re right, Erica meet the two biggest whores in Chicago,” I said smirking and pointing at the two girls in front of me, “Meet bitch number one and bitch number two.”

“You know they can do so much better than the two of you,” the blonde slut said, “You do know they cheat on you when they’re on the road, right?”

“I’ve known Pat since I was five years old and we’ve been together for three years. I know him better than both of you sluts so if you’re going to stand here and talk about my best friend and myself, I suggest you back off before I kick both of your anorexic asses to the street corners you two whores came from.”

“Whatever,” the brunette said rolling her eyes before she approached Erica and got in her face, “You think you’re little miss perfect because you’re with Tazer. He doesn’t love you, he’s just using you because he feels sorry for your ass because you can’t get a real boyfriend.”

I couldn’t take it anymore, I stood up from my bar stool with my fists clenched and was in the girl’s face ready to fight. I saw Sharpie look in my direction from the corner of my eye, I saw Troy nudge Kris who took a drink of his beer and sat down on the platform watching me.

“I got twenty on Ally,” Kris said to Troy who rolled his eyes.

“What? She looks like she can kick her ass.”

I saw Sharpie say something to Pat who tapped Jon on the shoulder, “You might want to go get your girl,” he said to Pat who looked at Ally in a brunette’s face.

“She must have said something to really piss her off,” Pat said tapping Jon on the shoulder, “Jon, come on we have to go get our girls before we’re bribing cops with Stanley Cup photo ops tonight.”

I saw Jon and Pat walking towards us and I was grateful because if they hadn’t came over to us when they did I’m pretty sure I would have been front page news tomorrow morning.

“What are you going to do about it, whore,” the blonde asked Erica who sat there as Jon came over.

“Excuse me ladies, what seems to be the problem,” he asked.

“Oh nothing, we were just talking,” the brunette said getting close to Jon and I saw Erica shift on the stool uncomfortably. Jon stepped away from the girl and wrapped his arm around Erica’s waist.

“No you weren’t,” he said, “I really don’t appreciate you talking to my girlfriend that way.”

“My fiancée only gets in people’s faces when she needs to and by the looks of it, you two must have really pissed her off. Do us all a favor and get away from both Erica and Ally before we have you thrown out,” Pat said to the girls who huffed and walked away.

“Toodaloo you motherfucking skanks,” I waved and they kept on walking.

“You okay, baby,” Jon asked Erica wrapping his arms around her and she pushed him away.

“I really need to go home,” she said and I volunteered to take her back to my house where Carmen was with Leah.

“We’re going to head out,” I said to Pat, “Please don’t overdo it and have me bailing your ass out of jail again for assaulting a taxi driver.”

“What did they say to you,” he asked me about the girls.

“We’ll talk about it at home,” I said giving him a kiss, “See you later.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Jon went to give Erica a kiss and she turned her face. He sighed before he gave her a kiss on the cheek and I stood up and gave him a quick peck on the cheek.

“Don’t worry about it Jon,” I whispered, “She’ll be okay.”

“What did they say to her?”

“This is not the place to discuss it because you’ll go find them and you may want me to kick those two’s asses,” I said and she nodded his head.

When we were leaving the bar, my boss at the fashion agency I was currently working for was coming in.

“Where are you going,” Courtney asked me.

“We have to head out before I kick those two bitches in the corner’s asses,” I replied as the girls were staring at me, “TAKE A FUCKING PICTURE IT’LL LAST LONGER YOU WHORES!!”

“I came down here like you told me but since you’re leaving I’ll go too since I don’t know anyone.”

“Just a second,” I said turning to where Sharpie was, “HEY SHARPIE, COME HERE!!”

“Holy shit that’s Patrick Sharp,” she said and I smiled when he came over.

“What’s up doll face,” he asked, “Are you okay? Want an escort out?”

“We’re fine, this is my boss Courtney from down at the fashion agency,” I said introducing her to him, “Courtney this is Patrick and Patrick this is Courtney.”

“Nice to meet you,” she said smiling as he shook her hand and I saw her blush.

“Can you do me a favor and keep her company? I invited her down here but I didn’t intend to leave this early and do me another favor and watch those two sluts around Jon and Pat. If they pull any funny business, I want security over here immediately tossing them out.”

“You got it boss,” he said smiling, “So Courtney, where are you from?”

Courtney mouthed a thank you and I walked out of the bar with my arm around Erica.

“You okay sweetie,” I said when we got into the car.

“Do you really think Jon cheats on me,” she said crying.

“My God no,” I said hugging her, “He loves you so much, he’d never cheat on you. Pat doesn’t cheat on me either. I know this for sure because Sharpie watches them for us. Sharpie is the only one I trust besides Troy and Adam.”

“What about Kris,” she asked.

“He’s a lovable pig like Piglet from Winnie the Pooh,” I said and she laughed as we pulled into the garage of mine and Pat’s apartment building.

“What are you guys doing home so early,” Leah asked when we walked through the door.

“We got into a fight with two puck bunnies and we came home before I kicked their asses. The boys are still there but don’t worry Sharpie is watching them for us.”

I saw Brent walk out of the kitchen, “When the hell did you leave the bar?”

“The babysitter called us and told us Jordan was sick so Alyssa and I left shortly after we got there. You would have known that haven’t you been dry-humping Kaner on the dance floor.”

“Where’s Alyssa,” I asked.

“I’m right here,” she said coming out of the bathroom with Jordan sleeping on her shoulder.

“Is he okay,” I asked.

“He’s fine just a stomach ache, no fever though so that’s good,” she replied and I rubbed Jordan’s back. He reached his arms out for me and I took him from her and sat down on the couch with him.

“Erica, are you okay,” Alyssa asked Erica who shook her head no.

“Ally, do you mind if I go lay down in the empty bedroom,” she asked.

“Not at all, go right ahead,” I said and she walked down the hall shutting the door behind her.

“What the hell happened,” Carmen asked.

“Two whores came over to us and told us that Jon and Pat can do much better than us and that they cheat on us every chance they get and that Jon is only with Erica because she can’t get no other boyfriend.”

“Wow what fucking bitches,” Leah said, “Where’s Adam?”

“He was talking to Troy when I left the bar. He was keeping to himself in the corner just drinking. Are you feeling any better?”

“A little bit,” she said smiling, “Thanks for asking, these hormones are kicking my ass.”

“It’ll pass soon,” I said like I knew, “Just think you have your first ultra sound appointment next week. I know Adam is looking forward to it.”

“ERICA,” Jon shouted running through the door with Pat following behind him.

“God damn Jon slow down,” Brent said and Jon ran through the house.

“Where is she,” he asked.

“She’s in the room across the hall from mine and Pat’s,” I said and he knocked on the door.

“Erica, it’s me let me in.”

“Go away.”

“Not until you talk to me.”

“I don’t have anything to say to you.”

“Baby, please let me in.”


“Adam, hold Jordan,” I said handing the sleeping toddler over to Adam who sat down next to Leah and gave her a kiss.

“How was the party,” she asked.

“It was fun but I couldn’t have fun knowing you were sick.”

“The party don’t start until I walk in,” Kris sang coming though the door.

“CAN IT VERBEAUTY WE HAVE NEIGHBORS,” I said and he smirked taking a seat next to Carmen when Troy came through the door and picked Carmen up setting her down on his lap.

“Where’s Sharpie,” Adam asked.

“He’s still at the bar with that Courtney chick, she’s smokin’ hot,” Kris whistled.

“She’s my boss at the fashion agency and has the hots for him so I took it upon myself to hook them up,” I said going over to Jon.

“Come on Erica open this door or I’m knocking it down,” Jon threatened.

“You knock any door down in my house and your MVP trophy winning ass is going to pay for it,” I threatened as I knocked on the door, “Erica, please open the door.”

“I’m not opening it if he’s there,” she said.

Pat slammed his fist down on the counter and rolled his eyes before he walked over to the door and beat on it.

“I swear to God Erica if you don’t open this door I am going to poke something in the lock hole and open it myself. You have until the count of five.”

“She’s not a kid Kaner,” Kris said laughing.


“I’d gladly fuck your sisters or Ally but you not so much,” Kris joked and everyone laughed.

Erica opened the door and Jon pushed his way in shutting the door behind him.

“What happened at the bar,” Pat asked as Jordan came running down the hall and tugged on his shorts.

“Uncle Patwick, up,” he said holding out his arms.

“What’s up little Seabs,” Pat said smiling ruffling his hair and I smiled. Pat was so good with kids and Jordan loved him to death. I definitely couldn’t wait to have kids with Pat but I was twenty years old and wasn’t ready to have them yet.

“Can we party here,” Kris asked.

“JESUS GOD KRIS GO HOME,” I said and he laughed before saying goodbye to everyone and heading out the door.

“We’re going to head out too,” Adam said with Leah behind him, “See you guys at the parade tomorrow.”

“Bye Adam, Leah make sure you call me if you need anything,” I said and she hugged me before they walked out the door.

“Come on little man,” Brent said holding his arms out for Jordan who snuggled closer to Pat.


“I’ll give you ice cream.”


“Uncle Duncan will let you ride with him on the bus in the parade tomorrow.”

“YAY UNCLE DUNCAN,” Jordan screamed launching himself into Brent’s arms.

“Oh great I have two of them who are crazy about Duncan,” Alyssa said, “Just my luck.”

Brent rolled his eyes and laughed as they left the house. Last to leave was Troy and Carmen.

“Can you please tell me what happened,” Pat said when the door shut.

“We were sitting at the bar, Adam had bought me a drink. Erica and I were talking and those two girls walked over to us and called us whores. They told us you guys could do better than us and that you guys cheat on us. The brunette chick got in Erica’s face and said that Jon only dates her because she can’t get anyone else.”

Pat was beyond pissed and quite frankly I didn’t blame him, I’d be pissed too if someone ruined my reputation, wait the fans do that every day on those stupid online boards.

“You know that isn’t true,” Pat said.

“I know, Pat, I know.”

“I love you too much.”

“I love you too.”

“I wish it was the middle of July so we can go to Disney World.”

“Me too, I can’t wait for the summer.”

“I’m tired, how about you?”

“It’s been another long day and it’s going to be even longer tomorrow with the parade,” I said, “Come on let’s go to bed.”

“After you,” he said following me down the hall before he pushed me up against the wall and gave me a kiss.

“What the hell has gotten into you?”

“I wanted you to know how much I love you and how happy I am that you are here with me today.”

“Are you drunk?”

“A little bit,” he smiled.

“Sleep, now,” I said and he flopped down on the bed.

“How am I supposed to get undressed?”

“You’re a big boy, you figure that out yourself.”

“Can you do it for me,” he asked and I knew what he was getting at.

“Nope,” I said taking my clothes off not caring if I was naked in front of him. It’s not like he hasn’t seen anything before so I pulled my spaghetti strap t-shirt over my head and my shorts on.

“That’s not very fair you get undressed in front of me and I can’t do anything.”

“You’re drunk and I’m not having sex with you while you’re drunk. We’ll have our fun tomorrow if you’re not drunk.”

“Promise,” he said.

“I promise, now get some sleep,” I said giving him a kiss.

“I love you.”

“I love you too, Pat. Good night.”

“Night,” he said kissing my forehead. Both of us fell asleep not even thinking about what was going on in the room across the hall from them.

“Erica please talk to me,” Jon said as Erica laid on the bed with her back towards him.

“What’s there to say Jon?”

“What happened at the bar?”

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

“GOD DAMN IT ERICA,” Jon shouted.

“WHAT JON,” she said sitting up, “Do you want to know what they said. They said I’m a whore and that you cheat on me every chance you get and the only reason you’re with me is because I can’t get anyone else.”

Jon sighed and pulled her to him, “That’s not true.”

“How do I know that?”

“I’ve never been in a serious relationship before, I’ve had girls I’ve dated but you, you’re different. I can be myself around you and not have to worry about saying the wrong thing. I also know that you aren’t using me for fame and that you really and truly love me for who I am.”

“So the only reason you’re with me is because I’m not using you,” she said crying.

“I’m with you because you make me feel complete. Erica, I was lonely for so long. I hated not having someone there to tell me great game or that I will do better the next game when I have a bad one. Erica, you’re my life now. For so long hockey took up my life but the day you walked into that locker room my life changed. I love you more than anything in this world. I love everything about you: your laugh, your eyes, and the way you smile when Kris tells a dumb joke. I love you much more than life. I’d give up my career for you.”

“I love you so much Jonny.”

“I love you too more than you could ever know. Those other girls can’t compare to you. I put up with girls like that on an everyday basis and why would I want them when I have the most beautiful girl in the world. I don’t notice them when I’m not with you and I don’t notice them when I’m with you.”

Erica couldn’t help but cry as she clung to Jon and he held her in his arms. Erica almost cried herself to sleep but Jon made sure she was awake before he asked her the one question he had been dying to ask her all day.

“Move in with me?”


“I know I asked you before but I really want you to consider it.”

“I can’t just leave Buffalo.”

“You have to leave sometime,” Jon said, “Please just think about it.”

“I will,” she replied giving him a kiss.

“I’m tired,” Jon said, “Come on let’s go home. We have to wake up early tomorrow for the parade.”

Erica stood up from the bed and Jon wrapped his arm around her waist and they left the house to go back to Jon’s.

“Goodnight baby,” Jon said kissing her again.

“Goodnight Jonny,” she replied as he turned off the lamp.

Erica fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillows while Jon laid in bed with his arms around her thinking about how he could convince her to move to Chicago. He had the perfect plan, he just needed Pat’s help. One thing is for sure this summer was going to be a crazy ride but he then again so was his life.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Chapter 19-Romantic Dates and Mulletmania

Chapter 19-Romantic Dates and Mulletmania

It was now the middle of April and the playoffs were moving along nicely for the Hawks. After Pat and the boys beat the Predators they had a break in between rounds while they waited for the Canucks to wrap up their series against the Kings, I helped Erica plan a get together for Jon's birthday. Nothing big just us and some people we were close too from the team.

She invited Jon's parents but Andrée had to wait and see if she could get off work to come to Chicago for Jon's birthday.

"Pat," I called out from the bathroom.

"What's up babe," he asked standing in the doorway.

"What did you get Jon for his birthday?"

"SHIT," he replied, "I completely forgot about that."

"Not only is he your best friend but he's Erica's boyfriend, how could you forget?"

"I guess with the playoffs and us getting back together, I forgot!"

"Do you have any idea what you would want to get him?"

"," Pat laughed scratching the back of his neck.

"Get dressed, we'll go to the mall and see if we can find something for Jon."

"I love it when you're bossy," Pat said smiling and I turned back to the mirror to finish straightening my hair.

I smiled when I felt his arms around me and his lips on my bare shoulder.

"In case I haven't told you lately enough, I love you."

I smiled at our reflection in the mirror, "I love you too."

"I'm sorry I've been so busy lately.”

"I understand completely, it was like this last year. We have all summer to look forward too."

"Let's go on vacation," Pat said catching me off guard.

"That was random."

"I'm being serious, any place you've been dying to go to?"

"France," I blurted out as an image of him and I kissing in front of the Eiffel Tower appeared in my mind.

"France it is, there's just one problem neither one of us speak French."

"Jon does, maybe him and Erica can go with us."

“I just want it to be us.”

“Okay we can go somewhere where we don’t have to say weird words in order just to get a hamburger,” I said smiling.

“What about Disney World?”

“I’ve always wanted to go there but what about my parents being in Florida?”

“I said Disney World not Parents R Us.”

“Very funny,” I said, “Disney World is really far from my parent’s house anyways so we can go and have fun.”

“Alright, I’ll book it later,” he said smiling, “We need to hurry up though, Erica texted me and she wants to have a party for Jon later. They’re meeting us at the mall with everybody and we’re going to go from there.”

“Who’s everybody?”

“Troy, Carmen, Brent, Alyssa, the spawn of Satan, Steeger, Sharpie, Jon, Erica, Adam, and Leah.”

“His name is Jordan,” I said laughing, “And he’s a very lovable little boy.”

“He’s a holy terror.”

“Imagine what people will say about our kids.”

“Our kids will have mirrors jealous of them,” Pat said cracking a huge smile.

“You have things all planned out, don’t you?”

“I want a kid by the time I am twenty-four,” he admitted.

“When exactly were you planning on telling me this?”

“I don’t know, I thought that it would just happen if it was meant to be. We don’t use condoms anymore since you’re on the pill. The only time we used a condom was when we first started having sex and when you were in Vancouver because you stopped taking your pills when we weren’t together. I’m sorry for even bringing it up, it’s just that I’ve been think a lot about us lately and I know we said that we would take things slow but I really want us to be engaged again. You’re twenty now and I’m twenty-one and it’s just we’re old enough to finally be married and I would love it if we were. We rushed into the engagement the first time because I wanted to show you that I was committed to our relationship and it was an upgrade from a shiny silver band with words written on it. Okay that sounds like I put a ring on your finger just so I knew you wouldn’t leave me but I did it because I love you and I imagine myself with you for the rest of my life. Ally, please let’s be us again. I know we’re older now but ever since we’ve gotten back together I feel as if our connection isn’t there anymore and it hurts me because I feel like me always being on the road and you working on your degree with the Art Institute of Chicago pushes us further and further apart. Ally, if I ever lost you again it would seriously kill me. I can’t picture my life without you in it. I want the house with the white picket fence and the kids running around when I come home from practice or from being on the road and they run to me and hug me before you kiss me and say that you’ve missed me. I love you so much I would die for you if it ever came down to it. Us going away this summer will give us the opportunity to finally sit back and get our relationship back together the way it was before everything happened.”

I was stunned by his words, who was this guy and what has he done with my Patrick.

“Please say something,” he said as I just stood there staring at him through the mirror.

“I don’t know what you want me to say. Do you honestly feel as if we’re not connected anymore?”

“I just feel like we’re two different people and we need to figure out who we are before we rush into things like we did the first time. Do I want to break up with you? No, but I do want more time together so we can get back to the way we were.”

“I love you, Pat and I miss you like crazy when you are on the road. It makes me sick at how in love Erica and Jon are because we used to be just them. I fucking love you Patrick,” I said slamming my fist down on the counter and he pulled me around so I was facing him. I couldn’t help but let the tears fall from my eyes because his words cut me like a knife. I did this to Pat by leaving him for six months.

“I didn’t want to make you cry, God that’s the last thing I wanted to do.”

He rubbed my back and held me in his arms as I held onto him the same way he held on to me when the whole taxi ordeal happened in Buffalo. I held onto him as if my life depended on it.

“Pat, I want kids with you and I want to marry you. I want the white picket fence with the kids running to you but right now we need to focus on being young. I’m going to take my classes online so that we can spend more time together. The playoffs are the easiest time for me when you are on the road because I know I will see you again in four days. This summer will be our summer, I can guarantee that.”

“When we go to Disney World, I can promise you that we are going to come back different people. We will be different people and we will walk through the Florida airport the same way we did when I left you in Buffalo when we first got together. In love with no one telling us we’re wrong.”

“I want kids Pat, I really do but look at what happened the last time I thought I was pregnant.”

“We’re a hell of a lot more mature than we were back then,” he replied, “Ally let’s just forget this conversation ever happened and enjoy today. I never should have brought it up, I’m sorry. I love you baby I really do, it’s just I guess Leah telling me she was pregnant got me thinking a lot.”

“I love you too Pat,” I said pulling my head out of his chest before giving him a kiss.

“Can I please see you smile?”

I couldn’t help but laugh at how cute this sounded. He was tired of making me cry, I knew it. He would stop at anything to make me smile. The little things he did for me day after day since I returned to Chicago after Vancouver made me feel as if I was the only girl in the world.

The little notes, flowers, and romantic dinners had me knowing that Pat completely changed for the better and I felt as if I was holding him back.

“There’s my girl,” he said smiling when I laughed and I nuzzled my face back into his chest and his grip on me tightened, “Come on, lets go get some lunch before we meet everyone. I don’t care if we’re late, we deserve to just have some time to ourselves.”

We broke apart and couldn’t help it as our lips connected. With everything that we just admitted to each other, I felt the sparks and the butterflies like I did back at Buffalo International when he kissed me for the first time.

“That was wow,” Pat said trying to catch his breath when we broke apart, “It felt just like the first time all over again.”

“I know, it gave me the butterflies and now my lips are tingly.”

He smiled and kissed me again before he wrapped me up in his arms for a hug.

“I love you.”

“I love you too,” I replied, “Now where are you taking me for lunch?”

“That’s a secret.”

“Mhm…I’m sure it is. It’s Olive Garden or bust.”

“One Sixtyblue good,” he asked.

“That’s too expensive.”

“Oh shut up and go get dressed.”

I slid the sundress over my head and grabbed my jean jacket out of the closet. I slipped into my black wedged shoes that made me Pat’s height and headed out of the room into the living room where he was waiting by the door.

He grabbed my hand and we headed to the garage, driving to the restaurant in silence. Neither one of us not saying a word was comforting to me, it was a good silence as Pat reached over the consol of the car and grabbed my hand. I smiled down at our interlocked fingers as he just continued driving with his eyes fixed on the road. The slightest little things he did made me smile and I loved him for that.

After being seated at a table where we wouldn’t be bothered, Pat reached across the table and grabbed my hand again. I smiled at him causing him to smile back.

“Did I ever tell you how beautiful you are?”

I couldn’t help but blush and I heard him laugh, “It’s funny to think that we’ve been together for two years and I still have that effect on you,” he said smiling.

“I blush because I love you,” I replied, “I love you more than anything in this world and don’t you forget it.”

“I love you too, you complete me Ally. You’ve changed my life more than you could ever know.”

“You’ve changed my life too and so did your family. I would be living in Florida right now with my parents and not with you. It sucks just even thinking about it.”

“I don’t want to think about us not being together at all,” he replied rubbing his thumb over my hand.

We ate and when we left, we walked hand in hand to the old familiar route to Millennium Park.

“Why are we here,” I asked when Pat pulled his iPhone out of his pocket and pressed the play button and “Back at One” by Brian McKnight began playing.

“Dance with me,” he asked extending his hand towards mine.

“Pat, it’s daylight have you lost your mind?”

“No just my heart, so Ally may I have this dance?”

I took his hand and he pulled me close to him and we danced under the same tree we danced under the night he took me out on a date for the first time.

“I love you.”

“I love you too,” he said giving me a kiss, “Wow we’ve been saying that all morning.”

I couldn’t help but laugh as we headed back towards the car so we could get to the mall without everyone questioning us where we were. We agreed our conversation would stay between us and us only because it was personal and no one deserved to know.”

“Where are we meeting them?”

“I think Erica said that she was taking Jon to get his haircut because he wanted to get it all cut off before playoffs.”

“This is her now,” I said pulling my phone out of my pocket.

Meet me in that lingerie store when you get here but please don’t tell my brother

I’m not saying a word, why?

You’ll see when you get here but please don’t tell Pat

“Jon wants you to meet him in the barber shop or something like that and I am meeting Erica so we can go get his present,” I lied.

“Alright, I was thinking about getting my hair cut again anyways.”

“Aw Pat I love the curls, don’t get it cut short again.”

“The curls will still be here it just needs cut, it looks really bad.”

“I like it though.”

We pulled into the mall and we gave each other a kiss before we went our separate ways so we could meet up with Jon and Erica.

“Why are we here,” I asked Erica as we walked into the adult costume store.

“I want to do something special for Jon and I need you to help me. Maybe you can even get something for my brother.”

“That sounds like a really good idea.” We walked into the store and walked up and down the aisles but neither one of us saw anything that caught our eyes.


Erica held up the pink and black plaid school girl outfit and I smirked.

“That is hot,” I said smirking at the outfit I had my eyes on, “What about this one for Pat?”

“A cop,” she asked.

“He did get arrested and I can buy handcuffs here to restrain him to the headboard while I tease him.”

“That’s hot! Do you think Jon will like this one?”

“If he doesn’t take him to the hospital and tell him to return his penis.”

Erica laughed as we both headed to the register to pay for our outfits. The woman that rang us out looked at us like we were strippers because we’re so young.

“I’m surprised she didn’t card us,” Erica joked and we saw Alyssa and Brent coming towards us with Jordan.

“AUNT ALLY,” Jordan yelled jumping out of Brent’s arms and into mine.

“Hey sweetie,” I replied kissing his cheek, “How’s my favorite Seabrook boy doing?”

“Ha ha real funny Ally,” Brent joked and I laughed, “I swear this kid isn’t mine and is Sharpie’s the way he acts.”

“Pat called him the spawn of Satan earlier.”

“That is mean, my baby is not the devil,” Alyssa said as Jordan reached for her and she put him in his stroller.

“Where’s Adam and Leah,” Erica asked.

“Adam is with the guys at the barber shop and Leah is having lunch with Carmen,” Brent replied, “Speaking of the guys in the barber shop, I am going to head down there and see what’s going on. I’ll see you guys later.”

“Bye Brent!”

“They are all up to no good,” Alyssa replied, “Kris is with them and so is Sharpie so that barber shop is pure hell right now.”

We walked into the food court and saw Leah talking to Carmen, “Wow that’s a change.”

“What’s a change,” Alyssa asked.

“Carmen is talking to Leah, she hates her.”

“I was worried about her coming today,” Erica said, “She hates all of us and I don’t know why.”

“Hey girls,” Carmen said first and all three of us looked at each other in shock.

“Uh hi Carmen,” I replied smiling, “How are you?”

“I’m good, how about yourself?”

“I’m doing good just waiting for these playoffs to get over with so I can spend time with Troy.”

“I know how that is,” I replied as we sat down.

It turned into girl talk and a game of “Never Have I Ever.”

“So, Ally,” Alyssa said and I immediately felt uncomfortable going first.


“Have you ever given Pat a blow job?”


“Well have you,” she asked.

“No,” I replied.

“You’ve been together two years and you’ve never given him a blow job.”

“No, our sex life is great.”

“They go at it like rabbits,” Erica said laughing.

“Oh, you’re one to talk when you and Jon have fucked each other’s brains out every night since you got here from Buffalo,” I snapped and everyone laughed.

Our game ended and soon we were engaged in a full conversation with Carmen when Alyssa asked the one question that I’ve been dying to get off my chest with Carmen since we sat down.

“So Carmen,” Alyssa began, “I have to ask you a question and please don’t get mad at me for how I’m saying this.”

“Go ahead,” she smiled, “I’m not easily offended.”

“Why do you mistreat us?”

Carmen put her head down before looking up and giving us all a smile, “I really don’t have a reason to hate you guys. It’s just I thought when you guys came to Chicago with the guys you were just with them for the money. Clearly, I can see here that it isn’t the case. Erica is Pat’s sister and is dating Jon and Ally has known Pat since she was five years old. Adam rescued Leah from a crazed psycho ex and you’ve known Brent since his junior days that I guess I kind of needed to get my facts straight before I assumed things about you, I’m sorry.”

“WOW,” I mouthed to Alyssa who nodded as Erica nudged me.

“I was actually kind of nervous to come today because I didn’t know how you guys would act,” Carmen smiled weakly.

We all soon forgot about why we hated Carmen in the first place and she actually turned out to be really sweet. Sharpie was right, she would come around and sure enough after two years…she did. Oh Sharpie, why is he always right? We dare not tell him that, it’ll just inflate his ego even more.

That night at Jon’s house, I couldn’t figure out why Pat wouldn’t take his hat off of his head.

You know why his hat is on his head, right?

Sharpie, why the hell are you texting me when I am sitting two feet in front of you?

Dramatic effect, I guess LOL!

Seriously, please don’t ever say LOL! again, it’s creepy coming from you

He has a mullet

Yeah right

I’m dead serious

Send me a picture then

I gasped as I looked at the picture of Pat’s hair on my phone, oh he was so dead. I stood up to walk into the kitchen when I suddenly turned around and ripped Pat’s hat off his head.

“OH MY GOD,” I gasped smacking him upside his head.



“SHARPIE I AM GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU!” Sharpie laughed at Pat’s rant but I was beyond furious.

“Patrick, if I wanted to date trailer park trash I would have dated that Bozo from Philadelphia.”

“Hartnell,” Sharpie said.

“Shut up,” Pat snapped and Sharpie threw his hands up in defeat.

“It’s the playoffs, Ally,’ Jon tried to reason with me, “Everyone does crazy stuff during playoffs.”

“Shut up Jon, I wasn’t talking to you,” I snapped and his jaw dropped at how I was talking to him.

Pat grabbed the front of my dress and pulled my face down towards him, “Don’t worry baby you can still grab onto it,” he whispered smirking, “Want to test drive it later?”

“I’ll think about it but I’m sorry I don’t sleep with rednecks,” I whispered walking away.

“She hates your mullet and I hate these things,” Erica said pulling at Jon’s sideburns.

Leah pulled Erica and me into the kitchen, “What’s wrong LC,” Erica asked.

“I’m pregnant,” she blurted out and we hugged her before we were screaming and jumping up and down.

Jordan came waddling into the kitchen and we immediately stopped in case someone put him up to this.

“Does Adam know,” I asked.

“Nope, I just found out this morning. I’m telling him when playoffs are over.”

“Why when playoffs are over,” Erica asked.

“I don’t want him off of his game.”

“Good idea,” I said as Jordan walked out of the kitchen and we heard Adam yelling at him.

“GIVE ME BACK MY FIVE BUCKS YOU LITTLE BASTARD,” Adam yelled running passed us into the hallway.

“NO,” Jordan shouted and Adam cornered him taking his stuffed dog that he named ‘Duncan’ after Duncan Keith.

“Give me back my five bucks or the doggy here gets it,” Adam threatened grabbing the scissors out of the drawer and Jordan bursts into tears.


“Alyssa, he took my five bucks and won’t give it back so doggy Duncs here is his collateral to pay off his debt.”

“Give my son back his dog or I will use those scissors to cut your balls off,” Alyssa threatened and Adam sat the scissors back in the drawer as Jordan punched him in the nuts.

“You little motherfucker,” he grunted as he collected himself and took off after Jordan again.

“DADDYYYYYYYYY,” Jordan yelled jumping into Brent’s lap.

“Is Uncle Adam being mean to my little man,” Brent asked and Jordan nodded his head before he curled up in Brent’s arms and started sucking his thumb.

“Ally, you owe me a karaoke night!”

“I know Steeger, you free tomorrow night?”

“You know it. So how about Blue Frog?”

“Blue Frog it is,” I replied smiling.

Jon opened his gifts and was amazed that everyone actually took the time out of their busy schedules to make his birthday perfect.

Pat and I had settled on getting him iPod speakers since he always complained that the built in speakers on his iTouch weren’t loud enough. Alyssa and Brent got him a couple of shirts from some store he liked at the mall. Steeger and Sharpie got him booze, of course they buy him booze. Booze keeps those two functioning. Adam and Leah got him a gift card to his favorite restaurant in Chicago. Troy and Carmen also got him a gift card to the restaurant. I can’t remember the name of it, I don’t think I was ever there so I don’t know what it’s called.

“Are you ready to go,” Pat asked and I nodded my head. We said goodbye to Erica and Jon before everyone else and headed home.

It was a long day and all I wanted to do was go to sleep. I wasn’t going to get much sleep tonight when I put my outfit on that I had bought with Erica.

When Alyssa and Brent got home, they were immediately fighting over Jordan once again.

“You baby him too much,” Brent told Alyssa.

“Baby him, I’m his mother, that’s my job.”

“He’s the way he is because you let him get away with misbehaving.”

“I’m not spanking our son.”

“I didn’t tell you to spank him but he needs to be told no and yelled at when he’s wrong.”

“It’s the terrible twos, it’ll all be over soon.”

“I’m not sure I can take it much longer.”

“Then leave,” Alyssa snapped.

“I’m not leaving my son.”

“What about me?”

“Or you.”

“DADDY,” Jordan screamed from his stroller and Brent went over and unfastened him. Picking him up out of the stroller, Brent removed his shoes and lied down on the couch with his son on his chest. Jordan and Brent were soon fast asleep and Alyssa had no choice but to smile at the site before her. Brent was sleeping with his mouth open with his left arm around Jordan who had his head on his father’s shoulders and they were both snoring.

It amazed Alyssa at how much Jordan looked like Brent with his smile and his hair. Alyssa pulled her iPhone out of her purse and took a picture of them laying there. The camera noise on Alyssa’s phone woke up Brent.

“Babe,” he said sitting up and gently placing Jordan down on the couch.

“I’m sorry.”

“What are you sorry for,” Brent asked.

“I didn’t mean to snap earlier.”

“I’m sorry too, I overreacted.”

“It’s just I baby him because I was babied when I was his age and in my eyes he can do no wrong.”

“I know, babe, I know,” Brent said giving her a hug, “Well it looks like he’s going to be knocked out for the rest of the night, what do you say we go spend some alone time together?”

“I am not that kind of girl Mr. Seabrook.”

“You ain’t a saint either, remember our son was conceived out of wedlock,” Brent smirked.

“Shut up,” Alyssa said smacking his chest picking the sleeping toddler up from the couch and walking him up the stairs to his room.

Turning the baby monitor on in case Jordan woke up, Alyssa walked out of the room and into the room she shared with Brent. Brent was already out of his shirt and pants and was left in nothing but his boxers.

“You got started without me,” Alyssa said crawling on top of him kissing his lips. Brent immediately pulled her shirt over her head and flipped her over so that he was on top of her. He began placing a trail of kisses over her collarbone and neck when Jordan started screaming.


“Just leave him, he’ll be okay,” Brent said attacking Alyssa’s lips when Jordan started screaming.


“Our kid has terrible timing,” Brent said standing up, “I’ll go get him.”


“Alright bud, what’s wrong,” Alyssa heard Brent say over the baby monitor.

“I has bad dream,” Jordan replied to Brent.

“You know Daddy wouldn’t let anything happen to his little man, want to sleep with me and mommy tonight?”


“Someone had a bad dream,” Brent said walking through the door with Jordan who had his head on Brent’s shoulder.

“Tomorrow night, we find a babysitter,” Alyssa replied and Brent laughed as they kissed each other goodnight and turned off the lights.

Jon was video chatting with his brother on Skype talking about David’s summer hockey tournament when Erica walked into dining room dressed in her school girl outfit. Jon looked up and swallowed the lump that gathered in his throat.

“WOW SHE LOOKS HOT,” he thought to himself.

“Hey David, I have to go get ready for practice tomorrow. I’ll call you back on here tomorrow night.”

“Alright later bro,” David replied as Jon turned the laptop off and set it on the china cabinet.

“What the hell are you wearing?”

“You like what you see Toews,” Erica said walking over to Jon and pushing him back in the chair. She climbed over him and was straddling his waist.

“Is this my present?”

“I didn’t know what else to get you so I thought I’d do this for you.”

“Best gift ever,” Jon replied picking her up and setting her on the dining room table. Erica’s lips never left Jon’s as she unbuttoned the white button down shirt he was wearing exposing his chest and stomach. Reaching down to undo his pants, she ran her hand over his abs and he moaned against her lips.

Erica pulled away and pushed him back down into the chair before she reached behind her and grabbed the wooden pointer stick pushing it to his chest.

“Detention for you today Mr. Toews,” she said still sitting on the table.

“What’s my punishment,” he asked huskily with his eyebrow raised.

“You got to make nice with the teacher.”

“How do I do that?”

“Why don’t you come over here and figure that out for yourself.”

Jon smirked and stood up so that he was between Erica’s legs as he undid the clasp on the back of the pink school girl shirt. Erica grabbed the piece of cake that was on the plate behind her and smeared it on Jon’s chest.

“How am I supposed to get that off?”

Erica smirked and ran her tongue up his abs and to his chest. Jon groaned with pleasure as she sucked the icing off of his toned chest.

“You get it off like that Mr. Toews, you get an F on that lesson.”

“I love you,” he said pushing her back onto the table before he crawled

“I love you too,” Erica replied as Jon entered her slowly never missing a stroke.

“JON,” Erica screamed as her back collapsed on the cold table and he placed a kiss on her lips.

“Best birthday present ever. Now let’s get some sleep before my parent’s find us on the table in the morning.”

Pat was talking to Jackie on the phone when I walked into the bedroom dressed as the police woman.

“That’s hot.”

“You’ve been a bad boy Patrick Kane,” I said crawling on top of him with the two pairs of handcuffs.

“Jackie, I love you and I’ll talk to you tomorrow,” Pat quickly said to his sister and he powered off his phone.

He grabbed me and pulled me on top of him. He went to kiss me when I pulled away smirking and handcuffed both of his wrists to the headboards.

“How am I supposed to enjoy this while I’m restrained?”

“Don’t worry baby, you’ll have your chance to speak in court,” I said ripping his shirt open.

“What am I being charged with officer,” he smirked.

“Selling your body for twenty cents,” I replied pulling the two chocolate dimes out of my chest and placing them on his. I straddled his waist as I leaned down to give him a kiss before I trailed my lips along his chest taking the dimes in my mouth as he groaned in pleasure.

“Let me out of these things,” he said tugging at the handcuffs as I slid his pants zipper down with my teeth.

“Didn’t you know resisting arrest is a crime?”

“Please Ally, I can’t take it anymore.”

I slid his pants off of his body and threw them to the floor. I ran my hands over the bulge in his boxers and he hissed in pain. Slowly sliding his boxers off of his legs I thought back to my conversation with Alyssa and the girls earlier, so I just did it. I leaned my head down to his crotch and took him in my mouth. Pat moaned in pleasure as I licked my way up and down his shaft before taking him into my mouth completely.


“You like that,” I said stroking him with my hand and he begged me for more.

I took him into my mouth until I felt about to let loose and I stood up taking the handcuffs off so he could have his fun. As soon as he was free he ripped me out of my outfit and didn’t waste any time thrusting himself inside of me. I grabbed onto the back of his hair and he smirked against my lips.

“OH GOD PAT,” I screamed as he pumped in and out, “DON’T STOP!”

“Don’t ever tease me again,” he groaned as I screamed his name before he collapsed on top of me.


“What a way to end a great day. I told you that you could still grab onto my hair.”

“I still hate it though.”

“You hate my hair and I love you.”

“I love you too so since you can change your hair then so can I, tomorrow Erica is taking me to get it cut.”

“I love your long hair though,” he pouted.

“You should have thought about that before you went and got the ugly ass mullet.”

“Are you calling me ugly?”

“Hell no,” I replied, “Not you just the hair.”

“I’m tired.”

“Me too.”

“Come on baby, let’s get some sleep,” he said, “We’ve had a long day.”

I lay in bed that night thinking about two things: 1) Was I ready for a kid? and 2) How long will it take Pat to propose to me because I am finally ready to be Mrs. Patrick Kane.