Sunday, June 6, 2010

Chapter 16-Christmas with the Kanes

Awkward. That was the only word I could say about the dinner tonight at the house. It was Christmas Eve and everyone was silent unlike all of the other years with everyone talking about the holiday and what they hoped they got, instead I just pushed the food around my plate and watched as Erica did the same thing across the table from me.

“Are you okay,” Pat whispered and I shook my head yes and he squeezed my hand giving me a smile.

“I got twenty bucks on Ally,” Adam whispered to Pat who kicked him under the table.

Erica and I both looked at each other at the same time and both started crying, “I’m sorry,” she said coming around the table giving me a hug.

“I’m sorry too,” I replied as we both hugged each other crying.

“Oh come on please give me some girl on girl action here,” Adam begged, “I want to see a damn cat fight and not a hug fest although a kiss would be hot.”

“ADAM,” Leah scolded smacking him on the back of the head.

“What,” he said innocently, “I’m a man it’s only natural I want to see stuff like that.”

“What did I tell you about saying stuff like that,” Leah said causing Adam to apologize thus causing Pat Sr. to make a whipping noise.

“I’m sorry,” he replied laughing.

“That’s not necessary, I thought you were over acting this way.”

“I hope she slaps him across the face,” Jon said to Pat who didn’t respond.

“Apologize to him,” I ordered Pat, “You were the one that started it so you need to apologize to him.”

“I’m not apologizing to him,” he replied stubbornly.

“You either do it or so help me God I will take this engagement ring off and move back to Florida with my parents,” I threatened and he glared at me, “Yeah that’s what I thought.”

“Jon, I’m really sorry man,” Pat said to Tazer who was sitting across the table staring at his phone.

“It’s no problem,” Jon replied standing up to shake his hand, “I see where you’re coming from, you were hurt that I lied to you, I’m sorry too.”

“Who the hell is that at the door this time of night,” Donna asked, “It’s almost nine.”

“I’ll get it,” Jackie said pushing her chair back from the table.

“Make sure you look out of the peephole,” Pat Sr. said, “We don’t need a Christmas robbery.”

“Who is it,” Jackie asked before she opened the door.

“Sharpie Clause,” the person said on the other side of the door.

“If that is Sharpie so help me God I will throw him in the fireplace,” Jon said causing us to laugh.

“HO HO HO,” the person said coming into the dining room where we were, “Hey there pretty young lady what do you want for Christmas?”

“Patrick Sharp,” I replied.

“Well young lady, come right here and sit on Sharpie Clause’s lap,” he said pulling me into his lap and I pulled the beard down and slapped him playfully across the face.

“In your dreams Sharpie,” I said and he took his outfit off.

“What the hell are you doing here,” Jon asked.

“I needed some ho ho hoes, so anyone want to help me out,” Sharpie joked.

“Answer the question Sharpie.”

“I overheard you guys were coming here for Christmas, my flight back home was delayed and I figured you guys were in the area so I’d pay you a visit.”

“Please have a seat,” Donna said, “There is plenty of food for everybody. Are you hungry?”

“Yes ma’am,” he said making a plate.

“I was about to say if he was staying, I was going to stay at the Holiday Inn down the street,” Jon joked and Erica playfully smacked his chest causing him to crack a smile.

After Sharpie finished eating he had to leave in order to go catch his plane back to Winnipeg. Donna, the girls, and myself did the dishes while Pat, Jon, and Pat Sr. went into the living room to watch the Jeff Dunham Christmas special that was on Comedy Central.

Leah and Adam went to the bar down the street and would be back before closing time.

When we were done cleaning the house it was almost midnight. We all went upstairs and got ready for bed. Donna, Erica, and I weren’t tired but Jessica and Jackie were so they both went to sleep.

I walked downstairs and sat down on the floor in front of Pat who pulled me into his chest and wrapped his arms around me.

“Aw would you look at that,” I heard Donna whisper to Pat Sr., “Who would have thought last Christmas they’d be engaged this year?”

Erica sat next to Jon who put his arm around her and she put her head on his shoulder. We finished the show before all of us went to sleep excited for what the morning had in store for us.

When we all woke up, the boys were bitching about how early we got them up but we didn’t care we just wanted presents. Erica opened hers first and opened diamond earrings from Jon and a purse that she saw online she wanted. Erica had gotten Jon custom golf clubs that Pat Sr. helped her design as well as custom Cubs jersey. Pat Sr. got Donna a new purse as well and clothes that she hinted she wanted in a catalog. I got Pat a new watch that he had his eyes on in Chicago that I bought with my college fund money that my mom said she’d replace without my dad knowing. Pat handed me a box that had Tiffany’s written on it and I looked at him questiongly.

“Tiffany’s,” I said looking at the box, “Pat, what did I tell you about spoiling me?”

“Just open it,” he said smiling.

I took the lid off of the box and gasped at the gold locket on the gold chain that sat in the box with the word love on the front.

“Pat, it’s gorgeous,” I said tearing up while taking it out of the box.

“Open it,” he said.

I opened the locket and in the left side there was a picture of Patrick and me when we were kids. It was the picture from the summer he put red ink all over my Barbie and hung her from a tree and told me that he killed Barbie and I broke his nose when I punched him in the face and on the right side there was a picture of us at Brent and Alyssa’s engagement party sitting in a booth lost in our own little world.

“Oh my God,” I said smiling yet tearing up, “I hated you for doing that to my Barbie.”

“What do you think about the picture of us at the party?”

“Who took that,” I asked.

“I’m pretty sure Carmen did,” Pat replied, “Troy’s the one that gave me the picture.”

“I love this picture,” I said shutting the locket and showing it to Donna who asked what it was.

“Oh Patrick that is gorgeous,” Donna complimented her son.

“Thanks mom,” he said smiling.

“Thank you so much,” I said giving him a kiss and putting it in the box.

“You’re not putting it on,” Pat asked.

“I was going to put it on after I took a shower but if you want me to put it on now, I will,” I said and he took the box out of my hand while I lifted my hair so he could fasten the chain around my neck.

Jackie and Jessica did nothing but bitch because they didn’t get what they wanted, “SHUT THE FUCK UP,” Pat snapped, “You two ungrateful bitches.”

“MOM, PAT’S YELLING AT US,” Jackie screamed to Donna who rolled her eyes.

“Well you two are acting ungrateful right now,” Donna told her daughters, “Some kids don’t get anything for Christmas and you two are bitching that you didn’t like what you got. SUCK IT UP.”

I had to giggle at Pat as he stuck his tongue out at his sisters, “Real mature Kaner,” Jon said laughing.

“My turn,” Adam said grabbing the boxes off of the floor. Leah had gotten him an Xbox that he begged her for in the store and in return he handed her two sets of keys.

“What are these,” Leah asked.

“The first set of keys is to your new Mercedes Benz,” Adam said smiling.

“Which reminds me,” Pat said pulling something out of his pajama pants pocket.

“What is that,” I asked.

“You also got a Mercedes but it’s an SLR McLaren,” he said handing me the keys.

“Where is it?”

“In our garage in Chicago,” he replied.

“OH MY GOD,” I said giving him a hug, “I love you.”

“I love you too,” he said smiling.

“You couldn’t let me have my moment, you had to make it about you as always,” Adam joked and Pat rolled his eyes laughing.

“I’m sorry but I would have forgot completely had you have not mentioned something,” Pat said.

“What are the second set of keys for,” Leah asked.

“Our new house,” Adam said smiling.

“Wow,” Donna said.

“I bought us a house in Chicago,” Adam said, “I know Pat and Ally want their space at their apartment so I took it upon myself to buy the house for us. All of your stuff is moved in.”

“Wow,” Leah said, “Adam, thank you so much. I love you.”

“I love you too,” he said giving her a kiss.

“We better start dinner,” Donna said, “Jackie and Jessica you’re helping and no whining. The girls don’t live in this house anymore so we aren’t making them cook.”

“We’ll help you,” Leah said.

“No you will not,” Donna said, “Go have some fun with your boyfriends.”

“My parents need picked up at the airport,” Jon said, “Erica we can go get breakfast after we pick them up.”

“Sounds good,” she replied, “Help me carry these upstairs.”

“Sure thing.”

Later on everyone settled down to eat dinner. Brian, AndrĂ©e, and David finally arrived and everyone got to know each other. Leah’s parents Robert and Karen came too with James. Dinner was over without a hitch but Adam called for everyone’s attention and we couldn’t help but wonder just why he decided to tap on a glass like we were at a wedding, wait was wedding the magic word here?

“Jon, Erica is even more pretty and wonderful than you described,” Mrs. Toews told her son.

“MOM,” Jon said turning red, “Stop it you’re embarrassing me.”

Everyone laughed when Adam cleared his throat so he could begin what he called our attention for.

“Guys I just wanted to talk about something here before we all excused ourselves,” Adam began, “As you all know, Leah and I have only been together for two and a half months and I love her more than anything in this world. I know everything about her and heard what she went through with Jason and it makes me feel as if I need to protect her. I just wanted to ask her one thing.”

“Oh shit, he’s going to ask her to marry him,” I heard Pat whisper to Jon and he nodded his head in agreement.

“Leah Christine Kane,” Adam began again, “I love you more than anything in this world and I know that it has only been two months, but will you please do me the honor of becoming Mrs. Adam Burish?”

I looked down at my ring and smiled remembering the situation between Pat and myself a few short weeks ago. Pat put his hand on mine and gave it a squeeze before giving me a smile.

“Yes,” Leah choked out. Everyone clapped, Leah finally found what she was looking for in a man after all these years and after everything that happened with Jason, she deserved Adam and he deserved her.

Soon dinner was cleaned up and the house was back to normal, the Toews family went to their hotel and Jon stayed behind so he could spend time with Erica before the boys had to leave shortly after the New Year.

“Meet me downstairs at midnight,” Pat whispered to me.

“Why,” I asked.

“Don’t ask questions, just do it,” he said and I didn’t argue and I went upstairs to my own room.

“Are you awake,” I said as Erica picked up her phone.

“Ally, I am in the next room,” she said laughing, “Why did you call me?”

“I didn’t know if you and Jon were rocking each other’s worlds or not so I decided to call,” I replied.

“Very funny, what’s up?”

“Pat told me to meet him downstairs at midnight but I don’t know why, do you?”

“Yeah I do, he has some kind of surprise planned for you guys since he feels bad for not getting you enough for Christmas so he asked my mom to set up something downstairs.”

“Oh,” I replied.

“Just wear that new lingerie I got you for Christmas,” Erica said.

“God no Erica, it’s too revealing.”

“You and my brother go at it like rabbits and you are worried about lingerie being too revealing,” Erica said laughing, “Just wear it, you more than likely won’t be in it long anyways.”

“SHUT UP,” I snapped and she laughed.

“Please just wear it.”


“Goodnight Ally.”

“‘Night Erica.”

“I love you like a fat kid loves cake.”

“I love you like Sean Avery loves women’s clothes.”

“Hahahaha Goodnight goofball,” she replied laughing.

“Night,” I replied hanging up the phone.

I pulled the black lace out of the box and held it up. It was black mesh material trimmed in pink lace with pink bows between the breasts. It was a short nightgown looking thing that was spaghetti straps and it looked like it would stop at mid-thigh.

“I guess it’s worth a shot,” I said to myself as I walked into the bathroom to take a shower because I still had one hour until I went downstairs with Pat.

I slid into the black mesh material before pulling my hair back into a ponytail. I sprayed myself with my body spray and grabbed my black silk robe that Erica bought with it before I headed out of the room and down through the kitchen to the game room where Pat was.

When I got downstairs I was amazed at what Donna had helped him do. The fireplace was lit and there were candles on the mantle as well as the tables. The futon that was there was covered in rose petals and on the table next to it sat a plate of strawberries, a container of whipped cream, and a bucket of ice with a bottle of what I guessed was champagne sitting in it.

“Well, what do you think,” Pat asked coming up behind me.

“I can’t believe you did this,” I replied, “You got me plenty for Christmas, really this wasn’t necessary.”

“You deserve it so I did it for you,” he said smiling.

“Pat, I don’t know what to say. You give me everything in the world and I don’t have anything to give back to you.”

“Enough of that,” he said giving me a kiss, “As long as I can do this for you I am going to, so get used to it. You being with me is enough, how many times have I told you that?”

“I know,” I replied.

“Strawberry with whipped cream,” he offered picking the plate up off of the table.

“I’m still full from dinner,” I said smiling.

“Suit yourself,” he said as he dipped a strawberry in whipped cream and took a bite of it.

God, just watching him eat the strawberry turned me on and I wanted him so bad right now.

“How can you eat when we just ate half of Buffalo’s food,” I asked laughing and he smiled.

“I’m a hockey player, my appetite is hard to please,” he said, “Speaking of which I wonder how you would taste with whipped cream.”

“Don’t you dare,” I said as he smeared the whipped cream on my neck.

“I am going to kill you,” I said grabbing a napkin to wipe it off.

“Who said you could wipe it off,” he asked as he leaned in and licked the whipped cream off of my neck causing me to moan, “Do you like that?”

“Mhm,” I moaned as he reached down and undid the tie on my robe sliding it off of my shoulders. I looked up at him and he smirked.

“Nice outfit,” he said as he kissed me and I kissed him back with everything I had before he picked me up and placed me on the futon. I grabbed the hem of the shirt he was wearing and threw it to the corner as he ran his hands over my breasts.

“I want you,” I whispered and he stood up removing his pants in one swift motion with his boxers.

“Then I’m all yours,” he replied as he crawled on top of me and slid the material over my head.

He kissed my body everywhere, he knew it like the back of his hand. I was about to turn the tables when there was a knock at the door.

“What the fuck,” he mumbled, “Just ignore it, they’ll go away.”

“PAT,” Jackie’s voice screamed, “OPEN UP I NEED YOUR HELP WITH SOMETHING!”

“Now you see why I love having our own house in Chicago,” Pat said smiling, “I’ll be back in one minute.”

He pulled his boxers on and walked up the steps opening the door, “WHAT,” he snapped at Jackie.

“Can you help me with something on this algebra worksheet my teacher gave me for homework?”

“Jackie, it is almost one o’clock in the morning and you are worried about homework.”

“I want to get it done,” she whined.

“No, you just want to be a nosey little brat and get in mine and Ally’s business. Go upstairs to bed, I will see you in the morning.”

“Pat,” I heard her voice whine as he slammed the door in her face and locked it.

“Now where were we,” he asked smirking and I stood up and slid his boxers down his legs before he backed me back towards the futon.

“I love you,” I said as he slid the condom on his hardness and entered me causing me to moan in ecstasy.

Both of us were content with how things were between us in our lives. We were in love and we were getting married but we were about to see just how complicated life can get when you’re in love. No one dies a virgin because in the end life screws us all and we were about to see just how life can really screw us.


  1. awwwww i love it!!! jackie is so fucking annoying knocking, when pat and ally were fucking, wtf? ungrateful bitch is right! Leah and Burish are so cute together. finally they are together :)

  2. jackie jealous much? lol. i wasnt expecting bruish to propose to her, that was cute. Im happy for them too :)