Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Chapter 5-Stalkerazzi

Pat’s Flashback

“What are you doing out here by yourself,” I asked Ally as she sat on the swing in our backyard that we were getting rid of since no one ever played on it anymore.

“Just out here thinking about senior year,” she smiled and I felt my heart beat faster.

“I wouldn’t know, I’ve never had a senior year,” I smiled and she frowned.

“What’s it like being a hockey player and always on the road,” she asked.

“It’s tough definitely being away from everyone but I get through it because I love doing what I do,” I replied and she smiled.

“I wish I could do that,” she replied, “Everything would be so much easier that way.”

“It’s not easy, Ally,” I sighed, “I would love to live the life of a normal kid, but I chose how I live and I regret it sometimes.”

“Don’t ever regret it,” she said, “You are great at what you do and you deserve whatever comes your way.”

“You know this is a big upgrade from us fighting all of the time,” I smiled and she laughed.

“Yeah it is but get your ass to work and push me on here,” she smiled motioning to the swing.

“I knew this whole being nice thing wouldn’t last,” I laughed pushing the swing.

“That’s right you’re my bitch,” she laughed and I rolled my eyes, “Push me higher or I’ll bitch slap you.”

“You know what,” I said halting the swing and wrapping my arm around her waist. It felt right to me and I felt her shudder under me. I wanted so bad to kiss her but Erica came out the house and started laughing as he started wrestling around.

“Pat,” Ally’s voice said snapping me out of my trance, “Get your ass up we’re going to be late.”

“I’m coming,” I replied to her causing her to roll her eyes, “You look great by the way.”

“Thanks,” she smiled at me and I couldn’t help but want to get down on one knee right there and ask her to be mine forever but it was one thing at a time and I wasn’t willing to jeopardize my relationship by rushing things with Ally.

Normal POV…

Patrick was staring off into space when I told him to start getting dressed. We were meeting Erica, Jessica, Jackie, Jon, Brent, and Ally at the mall. I think it turned into the triple date thing with Jessica and Jackie being the fourth wheels but I couldn’t really be sure.

My phone was ringing and I checked the caller id and sure enough it was Erica calling.

“Where are you guys,” she asked, “Jon and I have been here with Jess and Jackie for at least twenty minutes.”

“I just got done getting dressed and Patrick spaced off somewhere and we are heading out now.”

“Oh…okay,” she replied, “Jackie and Jess went to get something to eat and Ally and Brent haven’t showed up yet.”

“Alright, Pat and I will call you when we get there,” I replied shutting my phone.

“Let me guess that was my sister asking where we were, her and Jon are shopping while the other two are eating and neither Seabs nor Ally are there yet,” he said and my jaw dropped because he knew the whole conversation that went on.

“How the hell did you know that,” I asked.

“Wild guess,” he said smiling, “Come on let’s get going.”

I grabbed my purse and headed for the door with Pat behind me.


Jon and Erica walked around the mall while waiting for Ally and Pat to get there as well as Brent and his girlfriend, Ally. Neither of them noticed Adam Burish, Kris Versteeg, and Patrick Sharp sitting on a bench acting like they were reading newspapers.

“Don’t be a fool, wrap your tool,” Sharpie said disguising his voice causing Jon to turn around and just look but the guys were too quick and had newspapers in front of them so he wouldn’t know who they were.

Jon and Erica continued to walk on when two condoms landed in front of Jon. Erica laughed and Jon rolled his eyes before he walked over to the three guys on the bench and ripped the papers out of their hands.

“Really,” Jon asked, “You three assholes had nothing better to do than come here and follow us and jab me.”

“We weren’t following or jabbing you,” Burish said.

“We happened to see you two walking around all smitten with each other and went into the drugstore here and bought condoms to throw at you,” Versteeg said.

“I’m the one that said ‘Don’t be a fool, wrap your tool,’” Sharpie spoke up.

Erica laughed and Jon rolled his eyes, “You are seriously a douche bag,” Jon said, “I can’t believe you three did that.”

“Well it was nice seeing you guys again but Pat and Ally are here and we have to go meet them. Have fun stalking random people,” Erica said leading Jon away from them to the nearest store which happened to be a jewelry store.

“OH MY GOD,” Erica said looking into the case at the shining bracelet with the heart dangling from it, “That’s gorgeous.”

“Yeah it is,” Jon smiled, “Why don’t you buy it?”

“I can’t afford it and I can’t ask my brother to buy it for me because I don’t want him to feel like I’m using him,”

“I’ll throw him a few hints at Christmas,” Jon smiled and they left the store with him making a mental note to buy her the bracelet.

Normal POV

Pat and I were walking around the mall with Jackie and Jessica. So far the girls and I had bought purses at the Chanel store thanks to Patrick. Erica chose a Coach purse and Pat told her she was crazy. Brent and Ally never showed up because of what Brent called, “the whoopee pie.”

“I’m hungry,” Erica and Jon both said.

“Alright, let’s go eat,” Patrick said as they left the mall and headed to the Olive Garden down the street.

“Can we go too,” Sharpie asked walking over to the group with Burish and Versteeg.

“No,” Jon said bluntly clearly not wanting to deal with the three pranksters.

“Sure you can go with us,” Patrick said smiling at Jon who growled and grabbed Erica’s hand and headed towards his car.

“Those two are going to date,” Jessica said, “Look at how cute they are together.”

“Yeah yeah real cute,” Sharpie said, “Let’s eat.”

They arrived at the Olive Garden and were seated in the back so no one would see them there. Ally sat next to Pat who was seated next to Jessica and Jackie while Jon sat next to Erica with Burish, Versteeg, and Sharpie across from them.

“You know hearing you say the Italian names of the dinners makes me want to skip dinner and take you back to the hotel,” Pat whispered in Ally’s ear and she felt herself blush.

“Alright Kaner, hand check,” Sharpie yelled clearly knowing what Pat was doing under the table and Jon laughed as Kaner kicked Sharpie.

“Asshole,” Pat said flipping him off and the whole table laughed.

“Don’t try jacking your girlfriend off the table,” Burish said.

“Alright guys that’s enough food is here,” Jon said as the waiter sat the food down on the table.

They ate and when they left Jon drove Erica back to the hotel. He walked her to the door along the way making small talk.

“I really had a great time today,” Jon said as Erica opened the door to her room.

“Same here,” she smiled.

“I’d like to do it again sometimes you know just the two of us alone,” Jon spoke up, “I really like you.”

“I really like you too,” Erica smiled leaning up to kiss his cheek.

“Would you be mad if I kissed you,” Jon asked and Erica shook her head no and he gave her a kiss on her lips slipping the bracelet box into her purse.

“I’ll see you later,” Jon smiled walking off and Erica shut the door behind her throwing her purse on the bed seeing the box slide out of it.

“Oh my God,” she said opening the box and seeing the bracelet that she saw earlier at the mall with Jon in it. There was a note attached to the top:

Dear Erica,

You didn’t have to ask Pat for the bracelet because I got it for you. You deserved it because it’s gorgeous like you are.

Love, Jon.

Erica smiled and put the bracelet on. Meanwhile Patrick was planning on making his and Ally’s first time special by planning the perfect night before their relationship fell through the cracks right before their eyes.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Chapter 4-If You Can, So Can I

Donna, Patrick Sr., Jackie, and Jessica stood there staring at their son and brother and me not knowing what to say.

“I told you so,” would be too much of a stab for us, so they went with the next best thing.

“Ally,” Donna said holding her arms out to hug me, “It’s about damn time you got together with Patrick.”

“I’m the youngest one here with no experience in relationships but even I knew you two were in love with each other,” Jackie said smiling.

“So, you guys aren’t mad like Erika,” Pat questioned scratching his head.

“No,” Pat Sr. replied, “Why would we be mad? You two are adults here.”

“Erika is just angry that you guys kept it from her,” Jessica spoke to her brother, “I’m sure she will understand that you didn’t want the ‘I told you so’ line flying around.”

“So neither one of you are mad,” I asked repeating Pat’s question just to make sure they weren’t joking with us

“Nope,” Jackie said smiling.

“At least I know my son is with a girl who truly loves him and is not just with a girl who loves him for being an NHL player and his money,” Donna said.

“Thanks guys, it means a lot,” Pat said putting his arm around me.

“Since it’s still a little bit early, do you guys want to leave and go to another restaurant, somewhere quiet,” I asked.

“Yeah because clearly the guys in the corner are drunk and loud,” Jessica said pointing to Burish, Sharpie, and the boys.

“Ignore them, they’re harmless,” Pat smiled, “They’re my teammates.”

“I feel sorry for you then bro,” Jackie laughed and Pat hugged her.

“I really missed all of you guys,” he said hugging everyone in his family including his dad.

“We’ve missed you too,” Donna said hugging her son.

“I think we need to go find Erica,” Pat Sr. said to his family.

“She’s fine,” Pat reassured his father, “Jon followed her out the door and he’ll make sure she’s safe.”

“You mean Jon as in Jonathan Toews,” Jackie asked.

“Duh,” Pat said sarcastically to his sister, “Who else would it be, Jonny Appleseed?”

“Real funny smart ass,” Jackie said to her brother.

“JACQUELINE WATCH YOUR MOUTH,” Donna warned her youngest daughter.

Jackie just rolled her eyes apologizing, “You do realize Erica has a crush on him,” she asked Pat.

“Oh crap I forgot,” Pat laughed, “Oh well pay back’s a bitch.”

“Hey Erica, wait up,” Jon yelled running up to the blonde who was walking into the Starbuck’s near the hotel.

“I’m sorry who are you,” Erica asked dumbfounded not recognizing who Jon was at first.

“I’m Jon, one of your brother’s teammates,” Jon said sticking out his hand.

“Oh my God, you’re Jonathan Toews,” Erica said smacking her forehead with her hand, “I’m so mad at my brother right now I forgot who you were for a second.”

“It’s okay,” Jon smiled and Erica felt her heart flutter in her chest.

“Which one of the two backstabbers sent you to find me,” she asked.

“Neither of them, I figured you may need someone to talk to so I followed you out of the restaurant,” Jon said honestly, “Were you aware you walked ten blocks?”

“Actually I didn’t,” Erica laughed, “You ran that whole way?”

“Almost got hit by a car twice,” Jon smiled, “But I caught up to you, didn’t I?”

Erica smiled and just shook her head, “You’re an idiot just like my brother.”

Jon laughed and pulled his ringing phone out of his pocket, “Hello,” he answered signaling for Erica to hold on while he took the call outside.

Erica watched him from inside the coffee shop. She ordered her drink and sat down at a table by the window watching him talk. He turned and smiled and mouthed, “Patrick.”

She rolled her eyes and took a drink of her white chocolate mocha frappucino. Erica pulled her phone out to text her sisters where she was so that her parents didn’t worry.

“I’m sorry about that he wanted to make sure I found you and that you were okay,” Jon said walking over to her, “Hold on one more minute I’m going to go get some tea.”

Erica laughed at how cute he was. Tea of all things for a hockey player, she always thought hockey players were supposed to be tough but she knew her brother was a softie and from the looks of it Jon was too. Maybe that’s why he and Patrick got along so well and quickly became best friends.

Jon walked back over to the table with a venti hot tea in his hand and sat down.

“What else did my brother say,” Erica asked.

“He wanted to know if we wanted to meet up with the rest of your family for dinner later at another restaurant other than the one we were at,” Jon said.

“Oh,” Erica smiled, “I guess we should go, I mean I need to face them eventually.”

Jon just smiled and took a swig of his drink, “How does Patrick know Ally anyways?”

“She’s been my best friend since kindergarten,” Erica said, “I knew Pat had a crush on her and I knew she had a crush on Pat, so I can’t really see why I am mad. I think it’s just the whole fact that they lied to me and said they weren’t together when they were.”

“They haven’t been together that long from what he has told me,” John replied sticking up for his best friend, “I guess he told her how he felt the day he left to come here and they have been talking on the phone every night. They haven’t had any time alone since she has got here because he’s been at practice leaving her with the other Ally who is Brent Seabrook’s girlfriend.

“Oh,” Erica frowned suddenly feeling bad for snapping the way she did.

“Your brother really loves her,” Jon said, “I can see it in his eyes that he really cares about her. I haven’t felt that way with anyone since I was sixteen but my relationship didn’t work out since I hardly ever got to see my girlfriend since I was in tournaments and everything. It’s hard being in a relationship when you’re a professional athlete, but I have to give major props to your brother for trying.”

“You’re right,” Erica smiled, “I feel so bad for yelling at them the way that I did.”

“Well I guess we should get going then,” Jon said standing up, “Oh and by the way please take my number in case you ever need someone other than your brother and sisters to talk to.”

“Okay,” Erica smiled punching the number in her phone then sending Jon a text so he had hers.

Patrick, myself, and his family sat at the restaurant waiting for Jon and Erica to arrive.

“Are you sure Jon said he would talk her into coming,” Pat Sr. asked.

“Yes dad,” Pat answered his father, “He said he’d sit her down and talk to her.”

“Here they are now,” Donna said as Jon walked through the door with Erica.

“They look so cute together,” Jessica said to her family.

“Just leave it go Jess,” Pat warned his sister, “Not tonight.”

“Fine,” Jessica whined, “But we will work on getting them together sometime soon.”

“Okay but just not tonight,” Pat said again smiling at his sister.

“Sorry we kept you guys waiting we were talking and time slipped away from us,” Jon said pulling the chair out from the table motioning for Erica to sit.

“…and they thought chivalry was dead,” Jessica whispered to her mother and Pat kicked her under the table sending her look that gave her a warning not to start causing Jess and I to laugh.

“Pat, Ally,” Erica began, “I owe you both an apology, after talking to Jonathan I see why you two kept it from me. You’ve only been together for three days since you’ve talked on the phone a lot and I overreacted.”

I smiled giving her a hug, “We didn’t want you to be mad at us, we just wanted you to be happy for us. You have to understand why we didn’t tell anyone. We didn’t want the ‘I told you so’ line flying around.”

“I’m sorry Erica,” Patrick said standing up and going over to his sister, “I love you and I hate it when you’re mad at me.”

“I love you too Patty cake and I don’t like being mad at you,” Erica replied giving him a kiss on the cheek and a hug.

“I miss you,” Pat told her honestly and she smiled.

“I miss you too,” Erica said smiling, “However I don’t miss you chasing all of the guys away.”

Jon laughed and Pat smiled knowing that Erica liked him. Jon’s the only one Patrick would ever approve of for his sister since he knew him well enough to know that he would never hurt a woman no matter how hard he tried and wouldn’t just use her for sex.

Dinner went well for us and afterwards we all headed back to the hotel. It turns out that the Kane’s were in the same hotel that we were staying in.

“Good night,” everyone told each other as we all went to our different floors.

“Jon go ahead up,” Patrick said to his friend, “We’ll be up in a minute.”

“Alright, I’ll leave the door unlocked,” he said before turning to Erica, “It was nice talking to you.”

“You too,” she smiled, “Thanks for everything.”

“No problem and just remember if you need me, I’m just a phone call or text way,” he replied as the elevator doors shut.

“So, you and Jon huh,” Pat asked his sister.

“There is nothing go on between us,” she defended.

“So, why do you have his number then,” I asked.

“He told me that if I ever needed anything to call him,” Erica said, “We aren’t going to be dating each other.”

“I already know you have a crush on him,” Pat smiled cheekily at his sister.

“Ally, I’m going to kill you,” she threatened.

“You won’t,” I replied and she smiled.

“Well, I guess we’re even,” Erica said to Pat.


“I guess if you can date my best friend then so can I,” she smirked.

“What are you talking about,” Pat asked.

“If you can date Ally who is my best friend then I am going to ask Jon out.”

Oh Lord, can tonight get anymore weirder? First, Verbeauty sings Fergie without a monitor, Sharpie is pulling the pedophile card thinking Erica, Jess, and Jackie are hot, and my best friend is not dating my boyfriend’s best friend. There is one thing that I am certain of dating Patrick, my life has officially become a circus.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Chapter 3-Sing Us A Song Verbeauty Man

Patrick’s POV…

Ally was currently asleep with her head on my chest when I heard a phone ringing. Both she and Jon had fallen asleep during a movie we were watching. Out of instinct I reached down and grabbed the ringing phone. I assumed it was mine not realizing that both Ally and I had the same phone at the time and answered it.

“Hello,” I said answering the phone.

“Who the hell is this,” the voice of my oldest sister asked through the phone.

OH SHIT! I answered Ally’s phone not mine, ‘Come on Pat think of a lie, think of a lie,’ I thought to myself.

“This isn’t Ally’s phone, it’s mine. You must have dialed my number and thought it was her you were calling.”

“I’m pretty sure I called Ally’s phone,” Erica said sounding furious, “What the hell are you doing answering her phone.”

“Umm…why the hell would I answer Ally’s phone. I’m in Chicago and she’s in Buffalo. I’ve been here for two months and haven’t saw her since then,” I lied.

“Whatever,” Erica huffed, “How’s training so far?”

“It’s going really well,” I said when Ally stirred and gave me a kiss on my cheek causing me to smile down at her.

“Who is it,” she whispered.

“It’s Erica,” I whispered back and her face went white when she realized it was her phone.

“Oh shit,” she whisper yelled and I smiled.

“Mom and dad said we are going to come visit you within the next week or so because opening night is right around the corner.”

“I’m looking forward to it,” I said, “I miss you guys.”

“We miss you too,” Erica said and I smiled, “Ally is coming too, maybe you two will finally get together while we are there.”

“Yeah I doubt that,” I smiled while lying to my sister, “I don’t think she feels the same way about me.”
Ally laughed and I gave her a kiss.

“You’ll be amazed at what you don’t know Patrick,” Erica replied and I smiled.

“I have to get going because Jon wants to go downstairs to the gym to work on his leg strength or some shit like that. I’ll call you guys later on tonight. Tell Jackie and Jess that I miss them and I will call them later on. I love you.”

“I love you too Pat,” she said, “I’ll talk to you later. Bye.”

“Bye,” I said ending the call and handing Ally her phone.

“Do you think she figured it out yet,” Ally asked.

“Not a chance,” I said, “You know how she is with numbers she knows. She never programs them into her phone which is why she only has like thirty some contacts in her phone.”

“True,” Ally said smiling, “So, what are we doing today?”

“Today,” I asked, “It’s five o’clock sweetie.”

“Oh damn,” she said standing up and stretching, “Should we wake Jon up?”

“Yeah that’d be a good idea,” I said.

Before I could say anything Ally was jumping up and down on Jon’s bed and I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Hey Kaner, seriously man, control your girl,” he said half awake.

“You got to get up man,” I said, “We’re meeting the guys at that new karaoke restaurant that Verbeauty talked us into going to.”

“Ah damn it,” Jon said sitting up, “Where’s my shirt?”

“How the hell do you fall asleep with a shirt on and wake up without one,” Ally asked and I laughed.

“Shut up,” Jon smiled picking the t-shirt up off of the floor.

“Guys I’m going to use the bathroom to get changed, make sure you two get ready,” Ally replied walking into the bathroom.

“Five bucks says Verbeauty sings Fergie,” Jon laughed and I smiled.

“Glamorous or London Bridge,” I asked and John laughed.
“I could bet my entire NHL career on Glamorous,” Jon laughed.

“Without the prompter,” I joked.

“Oh yeah, you haven’t seen anything yet,” Jon smiled, “You have no idea what he does.”

I laughed when Ally came out of the bathroom dressed and ready to go.

Normal POV...

I was nervous being the only girl going out with the guys. I haven’t really met anyone but Jon, Kris Versteeg, and Patrick Sharp. Patrick Sharp definitely gets on Jon’s nerves and I had to laugh at Jon’s whining and yelling at Sharpie as the guys called him.

“I hope jeans and dressy shirt are okay,” I said coming out of the bathroom where the boys were dressed in jeans. John had on a blue polo shirt and Patrick had on a plain white button down shirt..

“Jeans are fine,” Pat smiled standing up and giving me hug and a kiss causing Jon to make gagging noises.

“Shut the hell up Tazer,” Patrick laughed flipping off his roommate and newfound best friend.

“We better get going before Kris flips his shit if he doesn’t have a seat right in front of the stage,” Jon spoke up and we followed him out of the room. Pat took my hand and we walked to the elevator.

When we got to the restaurant, we saw Kris, Adam, Patrick, Craig, Nikolai, and Brent waiting for us.

“Just you six tonight,” Pat asked.

“Yeah, the others are too tired to come out or some shit like that,” Sharpie joked and everyone laughed.

“I guess that’s what you get when you’re old,” Versteeg joked.

“Hey Nik,” Sharpie said to the Russian goaltender, “You shouldn’t drink tonight or you’ll have to take a cabbyboulin home.”

“Ha ha real funny,” Nik fired back as we walked to the table in the front of the room.

“Why do we have to sit in the front when everyone knows who we are,” Adam Burish asked.

“I like being the center of attention,” Kris Versteeg joked.
“We already knew that Verbeauty,” Sharpie fired back and I laughed.

Throughout the night the boys were throwing down beers and shots of alcohol while Jon, Patrick, and I stayed Sober. Although Jon could drink in Canada, he could not drink in the United States yet and neither were Patrick and I.

“What do you say we go for a walk,” Pat whispered in my ear.

“That sounds good,” I whispered back and he stood up taking my hand and lead me out of the restaurant. There was a secluded park next door to the restaurant and I sat down in front of a tree, Patrick followed suit and sat next to me.

“It’s gorgeous out here in Chicago,” I said looking at the skyline that was above our heads.

“It’s not as beautiful as you are though,” Patrick said looking at me smiling and I smiled back.

“Why didn’t you say anything sooner,” I asked as he took my hand is his, “It sure would have beat us being separated most of the time.”

“I don’t know,” he replied honestly, “I was scared I guess.”

“Scared of what,” I asked.

“Being in love,” he admitted, “I was never home, I left home at fourteen to go live in Michigan with Pat Verbeek and when I came home you weren’t the same little girl I left and I realized that I loved you then.”

I smiled and gave him a kiss, “I thought you were gross back when and then you came home from Detroit and weren’t the same little boy you were when you left.”

Pat smiled and pushed me back gently on the grass and started kissing me. Things started to get heated and the next thing I know his shirt is unbuttoned and his hands are underneath mine caressing my stomach.

“OW OW OW,” someone yelled and I looked up to see Sharpie standing over us, “Atta boy Kaner get yourself some ass in the park.”

“Bite me Sharpie,” Patrick snapped quickly getting up and helping me up off of the ground. Patrick fixed his shirt and took my hand in his and we walked back into the restaurant just in time to see Kris singing Glamorous by Fergie without the help of the prompter.

“Pay up Kaner,” Jon joked and I laughed. The boys had informed me of their bet on the way to the restaurant and Jon was right, Verbeauty was singing Glamorous.

When Kris was done everyone applauded and cheered and the boys were high-fiving each other like they had just scored a goal.

Karaoke night was over and the DJ started playing dance music on and I was laughing at Sharpie dancing like a drunken clown in the middle of the dance floor.

“Want to dance,” Pat asked.

“Sure, why not,” I said and we went to dance.

The next thing we knew both Bur and Sharpie were standing next to the DJ, “This next song goes out to our boy Kaner and his girl Ally,” Bur said.

“They almost boned each other right in the park next door,” Sharpie slurred into the microphone.

“That’s enough,” Bur laughed, “Enjoy this song.”

The next thing we know Hotline by Pretty Ricky came on causing both Pat and I to look at each other.

“We don’t have to dance to this if you don’t feel comfortable,” Patrick said.

“It’s fine, I like this song,” I smiled and started dancing. I turned around wrapping Pat’s arms around my waist and we were grinding to the music unaware that Jonathan was trying to get our attention with Sharpie mocking him behind his back.

“SHARPIE KNOCK IT THE FUCK OFF,” Jon snapped causing the guys to cheer as Pat and I turned around into the direction he was pointing and froze in the spot we were in. There stood Erica, Patrick Sr., and Donna along with Jackie and Jessica.

“Care to explain what the fuck is going on here,” Erica asked.

“Language Erica,” Donna scolded.

“It’s nice to see that I am being lied to by my brother and my best friend,” Erica said turning around to walk out of the restaurant.

“Erica, let us explain,” Pat tried to reason with her.

“I will not let you two explain anything, you both lied to me,” Erica said with her voice cracking, “Pat you lied this morning when you said I called your phone instead of Ally’s and Ally you lied and said you were going to visit your grandma. I don’t know what hurts worse my brother lying to me or my best friend.”

“I’m sorry,” I said.

“Whatever,” Erica said walking out of the restaurant.

Patrick wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me to him kissing my forehead, “Mom, dad, Jackie, Jess meet my girlfriend Ally. I’m sure you guys already know her.”

“Dude, your sisters are fucking hot,” Sharpie slurred staring at Jessica and Jackie, “and that one that left is a real fire cracker, Sharpie likey.”

“Not now Sharpie,” Patrick said turning his attention to his parents who were still shocked.

Great, this is not how I wanted our relationship to come out. Things were off to a great start with Pat’s family.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Chapter 2-Chicago Bound

Patrick has been gone for about a month and I miss him more and more each day. We’ve been calling each other throughout that time. It’s so hard not to tell Erica who is calling and texting me constantly. I really wish I could tell her about Pat and I but it would just result in an, “I knew you two would get together,” and why didn’t you tell me but I couldn’t help it, Patrick was my everything, we never spent any time together physically but we’ve known each other long enough to know what we felt about each other.

“Hey sweetie,” Pat said answering the phone, “What are you doing?”

“I’m just sitting here talking to you,” I smiled while lying because I was packing my suitcase to go surprise him in Chicago. He didn’t know I was doing it. I lied and told Erica that was going to visit my grandparents in Florida.

“Has my sister figured us out yet,” Pat asked.

“Nope, she keeps wondering who is calling and texting me but I haven’t told her yet,” I replied.

“Good, keep it that way,” Pat laughed, “God, I miss you.”

“I miss you too.”

“I can’t wait for you guys to come for opening night so I can see you,” Pat said.

“ALLY,” Erica’s voice called coming up the steps.

“Oh shit, Erica’s here, I got to go. I’ll call you later,” I replied, “I love you.”

“I’ll be waiting for you to call me,” he replied, “I love you too.”


“What time is your plane,” Erica asked barging in my room.

“It’s at eight, why,” I asked.

“I was wondering if you wanted me to drive you to the airport,” Erica said.

“My mom and dad are taking me since I have to stop somewhere on the way and get a swimsuit for down in Florida.”

“I’ll take you,” Erica said, “You know how I love picking out bathing suits.”

“My mom said she’d take me,” I lied.

“Ally, what’s going on,” Erica asked suspiciously, “You’re acting weird.”

“I’m just really tired, that’s all.” I replied.

“Are you lying to me,” she asked.

“No, I just hate having to get up early and I’m miserable.”

“Oh okay,” Erica said smiling, “I’m going to call you later my brother is supposed to call and let my mom know when opening night is so we can make the arrangements to go to Chicago. Are you still coming with us?”

“Yeah I’m still coming,” I said, “You know me I can’t wait to see Patrick make an ass outta himself.”

“WOW,” Erica said laughing as she hugged me and opened the door, “I’ll see you later.”

“Alright later,” I said zipping my suitcase and setting it in the corner by the door before I crawled into bed dialing Pat’s cell number.

“Hello,” a strange male voice answered.

“Oh I must have dialed the wrong number,” I said quickly, “I’m sorry I meant to call my boyfriend’s phone.”

“Is this Ally,” the person asked.

“Yeah,” I replied.

“I’m Jon, Pat’s roommate,” he said, “Pat talks about you all the time.”

“Aw I hope it’s all good things,” I joked.

“They are, don’t worry. I would go get him for you if he wasn’t knocked out cold in bed. Want me to wake him for you?”

“No, that’s okay,” I laughed, “But you can do me a favor though.”

“Sure, what is it,” Jon asked.

“I’m coming to visit him in the morning and I kind of want it to be a surprise,” I began, “I know what hotel you guys are in already but could you help me surprise him.”

“Yeah sure,” Jon replied, “Do you have any ideas?”

“I’m not sure what to do,” I sighed.

“How about we do something with his breakfast or something in the morning? He usually gets up at around eleven when we are off.”

“Okay that sounds good, how about you give me your number and I will call you so I can hide under the room service cart,” I said.

“That sounds good,” Jon laughed as he rattled off his number and I wrote it down and sat it on my night stand.

“My plane leaves at eight here, so I should be there by ten thirty.”

“Alright sounds good see you then,” Jon said, “It was nice talking to you, have a safe trip here.”

“Thanks and you too, bye now,” I said hanging up the phone.

The Next Day…

I woke up and got ready to head to the airport flying on cloud nine the whole time. I couldn’t wait to see Patrick. It had been almost two months since I saw him and I missed him. I wished I could have yelled for the cab driver to go faster so that I could get to the hotel and see Pat but I had to sit in traffic.

Forty minutes later, I arrived at the hotel and pulled out my phone dialing Jon’s number.

“The food just got here,” he said answering the phone, “Where are you?”

“I’m in front of the hotel but you might want to come meet me in the lobby since the people at the desk will think I’m a fan trying to get you guys.”

“Alright, I’ll be down in like two minutes.”

I stood in the lobby waiting for Jon to come and get me, my heart started beating faster knowing that Pat was just upstairs.

“Hey are you Ally,” he asked coming over to me.

“Yeah it’s nice to meet you, you must be Jon,” I said shaking his hand.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” he smiled, “I’ll take your bag for you, follow me this way.”

We got on the elevator and he pressed floor number five and we got to know each other in the elevator. I think this is the guy Erica said she had a crush on, I’m not sure. I’ll have to ask her without letting her know where I am.

“Here we are,” he said opening the door and making sure Pat was still asleep, “He’s still asleep.”

“Alright good,” I replied walking into the room and crawling under the room service cart that was draped in a table cloth, “Wake him up.”

“Hey Kaner,” Jon said patting his teammate on the back, “Time to wake up your breakfast is here.”

“Five more minutes,” Pat groaned and I held in my laughter.

“Come on I got a special order just for you,” Jon said turning to me and smiling when he saw my head peek out from underneath the tablecloth.

“What’d you get to eat,” Pat said walking towards the table and lifting the covers off of the plates.

“Just some eggs, toast, you know what you eat every morning,” Jon smiled and waved his hand under the tablecloth.

“I’m going to go downstairs to Starbucks and get some coffee or something, do you want anything,” he asked Pat.

“No, I’m good,” he said eating a piece of bacon, “Why the hell is the cart moving on its own?”

Jon just shrugged it off and walked out the door. Pat lifted the table cloth and I screamed, “Surprise.”

“OH MY GOD,” he said smiling when I crawled out and stood up. He put his arms around me and gave me a hug before he kissed me.

“Are you surprised,” I asked.

“What are you doing here,” he asked smiling, “How the hell did you get here?”

“Your family thinks I’m in Florida visiting my grandparents and last night when you called me I was packing, then when I called back Jon answered and helped me surprise you.”

“I’m so glad you’re here,” he said hugging me again, “Damn, I missed you.”

“I missed you too,” I said giving him a kiss.

Pat smiled and hugged me again, “I guess this means I’m taking you on a date tonight.”

“Yup,” I said smiling and he smiled back at me with those blue eyes, “By the way your sister has a crush on Jon.”

“Oh God, my worst nightmare come true,” he laughed, “I still can’t believe you’re here.”

“Well believe it because here I am,” I smiled again.

“What do you think of moving here after we reveal that we’re dating to everyone,” he asked.

“I’d love to,” I said giving him a kiss.

The smile on Pat’s face was enough for me to fall even deeper in love with him. He really loved me but the only question is, how the hell would we tell our families?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Chapter 1-Draft Day and Goodbyes

It’s June 23, 2007 and I am sitting here at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio with my best friend, Erica and her family. Tonight her older brother Patrick is being drafted by an NHL team. Pat is expected to go first overall and right now Dale Tallon, the general manager of the Chicago Blackhawks is standing at the podium about to announce the first pick of the day.

“With the first pick in the 2007 NHL Draft, the Chicago Blackhawks select Patrick Kane, forward, London Knights,” the gray haired man with the glasses announced.

Patrick stood up and hugged Pat and Donna before hugging Erica, Jess, Jackie, and lastly me.

“Congratulations Patty cake,” I said using the nickname that I have called him since I was six, “You deserve it.”

“Thanks Ally,” he said kissing my cheek.

“What the hell is up with my brother,” Erica asked while we were taking pictures of Patrick putting on his Blackhawks jersey and draft day hat.

“He’s happy that he’s finally going to be living out his dream,” I replied not knowing what she meant.

“I meant why did he kiss your cheek,” Erica replied, “He never did that before.”

“I guess he’s just caught up in the moment,” I said blowing off the thought that maybe the boy I’ve had the secret crush on for fifteen years would actually feel the same way about me.

The media surrounding Patrick after the draft was over was insane. Reporters from TSN, ESPN, Versus, and every media outlet worldwide wanted to talk to him. After we were finally able to leave we all went out to a nice dinner to celebrate his accomplishment.

We went to Martini Modern Italian, a quiet little five star restaurant. Pat and Donna wanted to give their son the best meal possible and that is just what we got. I sat in between Patrick and Erica.

“You’re awfully quiet tonight,” Pat said smiling at me, “That’s a big improvement from the girl who never shuts her mouth.”

“You sound so much more intelligent with your mouth shut,” I fired back smirking causing everyone to laugh.

“And so their battles begin again,” Donna laughed as did everyone else that was at our table.

“I swear you two are going to get married one day,” Pat said and we both made gagging noises. Erica just tapped my arm under the table because she knew I had a crush on Pat.

I never told Pat that I liked him, he was always away with his junior team and Team USA’s junior team that I never got a chance to be alone with him over the breaks he had when he came home because he was hanging out with his friends that he had here and I was always with Erica and Jessica going shopping and either to the nail or hair salon.

“In his dreams,” I joked because in my dreams we were together and he loved me.

“I prefer non-bleached blondes,” he said smirking and I smacked him upside his head.

“You keep talking like that you will start your rookie season on injured reserve,” I said sticking my tongue out at him.

“Grow up Alloser,” Patrick said rolling his eyes.

“I hate you,” I lied but he didn’t know that and Erica laughed.

“The feeling’s mutual,” he joked back and I didn’t know if he was serious or not.

I could feel my heart breaking in my chest when he said those words. I didn’t know whether he meant them or not. He and I always argued like any girl’s best friend would with her brother but it was different for me.

Patrick and I didn’t see very much of each other throughout the summer since he was so busy flying back and forth to Chicago to meet with team doctors for his physicals and meetings with the team and his agent for a contract deal that would have him playing in the NHL right away.

“Make sure you behave yourself and call us when you get there,” Donna said hugging Patrick goodbye as we all stood in the airport watching as Patrick was off to leave us for the NHL season. He was signed two months ago to a three year NHL contract and would be gone six to nine months depending on how well his season went.

“Hey girls, Ally included,” Patrick said picking up his bad, “When I come home shopping spree on me for all of you.”

Erica, Jess, and Jackie squealed and I smiled, “What’s wrong,” he asked.

“I’m trying to figure out how to spend all of your money,” I lied.

“Hey guys do you mind if I talk to Ally alone,” he asked and everyone shook their heads no and I followed him to a secluded part of the airport where we wouldn’t be interrupted.

“What do you want to talk to me about,” I asked as we both leaned against a wall.

“I know now is not the time to tell you with me leaving and all,” Pat began.

“Don’t even worry about apologizing for all of our fights over the years,” I smiled, “It’s kind of fun fighting with you.”

“Well I guess our fun we have fighting with each other is our way of convincing ourselves that we aren’t in love with each other,” he stammered and I felt my cheeks get hot as he took a step forward and grabbed my chin so that I was looking at him.

“Of course we love each other you’re my best friend’s brother,” I said pretending not to know what he was getting at.

“Don’t play dumb Ally,” he smiled. “You’re a beautiful and intelligent girl who I have had a crush on since I was six years old.”

I turned my face sideways and I heard him chuckle and step forward, “Erica told me how you felt a long time ago but she made me promise that I wouldn’t say a word to you about it that is why I always picked a fight with you so I would keep myself from kissing you.”

“Well, what’s stopping you now,” I asked. Oh yeah, I was bold.

“I don’t want to kiss you and leave knowing that I left you behind it would kill me every day not being able to kiss you,” he admitted.

“Well I don’t care about you leaving, I care about you,” I said taking his hand in mine and intertwining our fingers.

“I meant every word I said,” he said looking into my eyes, “I love you.”

“I love you too,” I smiled and he put his forehead against mine.

“Aw screw this,” he said capturing my lips with his own and I smiled into the kiss and I immediately felt him smile back.

Fireworks went off in my head and the whole world didn’t seem to matter. I was quickly brought back down to Earth when I heard his plane being called.

“Flight 1088 to Chicago is now boarding,” the voice on the PA said.

“Well that’s me,” he said sighing, “Be by your phone tonight because I’m going to call you.”

“Alright,” I smiled and he gave me another kiss.

“When I come back home I will take you out on a date,” he said, “No wait, I have a better idea. Once I get settled in with the team and I get some free time I’ll bring you out to Chicago.”

“Sounds good,” I smiled as he took my hand and we began walking back towards the terminal where we left his family.

We let our hands drop to our sides so they wouldn’t suspect anything because the “I Told You Sos,” would be flying around.

Pat hugged everyone goodbye once again and when he got to me he whispered something in my ear.

“Make sure you’re by your phone tonight, I love you.”

“You too,” I smiled as he pulled away and gave his ticket to the stewardess at the gate. He waved goodbye to everyone and winked at me and I did all I could not to cry. I hated saying goodbye but this time me saying goodbye was just the beginning of something great. One thing I was certain about I was in love with Patrick Kane and he was in love with me.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Welcome to My World

Hello world, my name is Ally Jordan. I was born and raised in Buffalo, New York. I've known Erica Kane since I was in kindergarten. Her brother is NHL player and Chicago Blackhawks phenom, Patrick Kane. Patrick and I have always had our share of fights growing up. He had his dream and I was just a girl with "cooties" when we were five years old. It is now thirteen years later and he is leaving to follow his dream in the NHL, so why am I so heartbroken that he won't be there every day? Am I crazy or just falling in love and is this really just another crush?