Monday, April 19, 2010

Chapter 10-With Love from the Road

“FUCK INSOMNIA TO HELL,” I screamed sitting up in bed. Patrick is on the longest road trip of the season leaving me bored and lonely. The only thing taking away the loneliness at night, Pat’s pillow that smells like him.

“What’s wrong,” James asked barging into the room, “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” I smiled, “Sorry for waking you up, I can’t sleep.”

“Neither can I,” he replied, “Are you hungry?”

“I kind of am actually, how about you,” I replied.

“Yeah, I’m starving actually. Leah’s up too and she was talking about going to get something to eat, do you want to go?”

“Yeah, let me get dressed.”

I threw on one of Pat’s hoodies and a pair of jeans. My recently dyed brown hair was up in a messy bun. Pat hadn’t saw my hair yet since he was on the road and I was looking forward to him seeing it. Erica and Leah had helped me dye it before Erica went back home to Buffalo.

Leah stayed behind with James. Leah, although she denied it wanted to get closer to Adam. Adam never left her side since the whole incident with Jason last month. Leah had enrolled at the University of Chicago and I started the cyber schooling that Pat had set up for me. I was loving being home schooled, I had straight A’s in all of my classes so far and my “workouts” with Pat in the mornings counted as my gym grade. It was more like an A for having sex.

“Where are we going to eat,” Leah asked when I got into the driver’s seat since neither she nor James knew how to get around Chicago.

“You guys sure as hell didn’t waste any time getting in the car,” I joked.

“We’re Kanes,” James joked, “What did you expect?”

I laughed and pulled into the only thing that I knew of that was open all night in Chicago, a Denny’s.

“Well, I already know what I want,” James said, “I hear a grand slam calling my name.”

“I want eggs and bacon,” I said.

“I’ll take a Moons over my Hammy,” Leah said when we sat in the booth. My phone rang and Pat’s number flashed across the screen.

“Go talk to lover boy, I’ll order for you,” James said.

“Thanks,” I smiled walking outside and answering the call.

“Hey baby,” Pat said greeting me.

“Hey what are you doing?”

“Just sitting in the hotel room with Jon bored out of our minds, how about you?”

“At Denny’s with James and Leah,” I replied.

“They need to go home already,” Pat joked, “I love my cousins to death but we need our space.”

“Leah’s been through a lot and even though James is younger than she is, he wants to protect his sister.”

“I miss you,” Pat said, “I don’t ever want to be away from you for this long ever again.”

“I miss you too,” I said sitting down on the bench out front, “When do you come home?”

“Next week sometime,” he replied, “Jon wants to know if Erica went home yet.”

“Yeah she left yesterday,” I replied, “She helped me dye my hair then I drove her to the airport.”

“You dyed your hair,” he questioned.

“Yeah, I’m not going to tell you what color either,” I teased.

“I’ll have Erica tell me,” Pat joked.

“She swore to secrecy so hahahaha,” I replied.

“You’re such a bitch but I love you,” he said.

“I love you too,” I replied, “I really wish you were here.”

“Me too,” he sighed, “This is what sucks about being on the road.”

“I’m learning to deal with it though,” I said, “I mean if I’m going to be with you, I’m with your job too.”

“I never thought of it like that,” he said, “Well, Jon and I think we are going to catch a movie. I’ll give you a call later.”

“Okay I love you.”

“I love you too,” he said and I heard the phone beep meaning he ended the call.

I walked back into the Denny’s and saw my food waiting for me, “Wow was I out there that long?”

“About fifteen minutes,” James said.

“Leah, are you up to going to Canada,” I asked sitting down in my chair.

“You two are not going anywhere,” James said, “Not while that asshole is lurking around.”

“Do you seriously think Adam and Pat would let anything happen to us,” Leah said, “James, I understand you’re scared, I am too but they will protect us.”

“I’ll fly out with you guys and then fly back,” James said, “It’ll make me feel better.”

“Fine but don’t say a word to Pat,” I cracked, “I want to surprise him.”

“Deal,” James said as we finished up eating.

Leah, James, and I got home and booked a redeye flight to Vancouver.

“Okay the flight is booked but how do we find out where they are staying,” Leah asked.

“I’ll text Pat,” James said.

“I swear to God if you tell him James, I will castrate you while you are sleeping,” I threatened.

“I won’t tell him, I’ll call him right in front of you guys,” James said dialing Pat’s number, “What is the name of the hotel you guys are at in Vancouver?”

“Fairmont…Waterfront,” James mouthed and I wrote it down getting on the computer to get the address.

“900 Canada Place Way Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada,” I said, “One room is open for Leah and I.”

I booked the room and thanked James who nodded and ended the call with Pat.

“Thank you,” I said.

“No problem,” he said as I grabbed my bags and headed to the car with James and Leah

We boarded the plane and after the long five hour plane ride, we arrived in Vancouver at around nine in the morning Chicago time which meant it was around seven in Vancouver.

“I’m going to go check us in,” I said as Leah and James sat down and waited in the lobby.

“Did you find out what room Pat was in,” Leah asked her brother.

“722,” James said.

“Thank you,” I said kissing his cheek, “I owe you one.”

“Yeah you do,” he joked giving me a hug, “I came all the way to Canada so you could see my cousin, you better owe me one.”

“I’ll talk Pat into buying you a car,” I lied.

“You better,” he said smiling and Leah rolled her eyes, “So, Leah there’s Adam going down the hall towards the gift shop, are you going to say hi to your lover boy?”

“Bite me James,” she said flipping off her brother.

“That my dear sister is called incest and is frowned up in our society but I’m pretty sure Adam wouldn’t mind,” James teased his sister.

“Shut up,” Leah growled, “I hate you.”

“Are you just going to stand here or are you going to see Adam,” James asked.

“So long sucker,” Leah smirked and took off down the hall.

“We’re all checked in,” I said walking up to James who was standing at the end of the hall watching his sister chase Adam.

“Pshhh Adam Burish,” Leah whispered ducking behind a statue. Adam turned around and stopped like he was hearing things when he saw no one there.

“I’m losing it,” he said to himself.

“I know you hear me talking to you Burish,” Leah said and I pulled James to the side and we peeked around the corner so Adam wouldn’t see us.

“What the hell,” he said stopping again, “I know I heard that.”

James looked at me and we both laughed, “Burdaddy,” Leah whispered.
He just kept walking down the hall shaking his head when she ran after him and jumped on him causing him to fall to the ground.

“What the fuck,” he said and Leah giggled, “Leah, what the hell are you doing here?”

“Surprise,” she giggled and he pulled her to him giving her a hug, “Ally missed Pat and came here to surprise him.”

“So you decided to come with her,” Adam said helping Leah up off of the floor.

“Erica went back to Buffalo and James wouldn’t let us come by ourselves, so the three of us are here.”

“I’m so glad you’re here,” Adam said smiling, “I was going to give you a call today to see how you were.”

“Aw, that’s so sweet,” Leah smiled.

“Hey, I was just heading to get something to eat, are you hungry,” he asked.

“James, Ally, and I had a late breakfast last night so no but I’ll come with you to get something,” Leah replied.

“You will,” Adam asked surprised.

“Yes,” Leah smiled.

“Well it looks like your sister has her mind off of things for a while,” I said to James who nodded his head in agreement.

“I just don’t want her to get hurt again,” he admitted.

“I love that you’re only trying to protect her but you have to realize that she is an adult and can make her own decisions,” Leah said, “Trust me on this one, Adam won’t hurt her. You saw how protective of her after the whole Jason ordeal.”

“I know,” James sighed, “Give me the room key, I’m tired.”

I handed him the spare room key and he thanked me, “Are you going to see Pat,” he asked.

“Yep,” I said, “Can you take my bags up to the room?”

“No problem,” he said and we both headed off towards the elevator. He pressed floor three and I pressed seven. James got off first and I got off last.

I scanned the halls for the room number and when I got there, I knocked on the door.

“Who is it,” Jon asked.

“Room service,” I said disguising my voice.

“We didn’t order room service,” I heard Pat say.

“I swear to God if Sharpie and Bur ordered room service in our name again I will kick their asses,” Jon said and I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Loosen up man,” Pat said, “If they did, we say it’s the wrong room and sent it to them.”

“Good idea,” Jon laughed.

Had I have been the fire department and there was a fire in the hotel, these two jackasses would be dead. I knocked again and I heard them walking towards the door, “Just a minute,” Pat said, “We’re sorry but we didn’t order room service.”

He didn’t notice it was me at first since my hair was brown, “It’s me you dumbass,” I said jumping into his arms.

“Ally,” he whispered as I wrapped my legs around his waist, “Baby, I’m so glad you’re here.”

“I missed you too much so I took the credit card you gave me and booked the first flight out to Vancouver,” I said as he gave me a kiss.

“I’ll let you two talk while I go see Erica, she is here, isn’t she,” John asked.

“No, she went back home to Buffalo, she had to go back to school,” I said.

“Oh,” Jon said clearly upset.

“Sorry Jon,” I said giving him a hug.

“No problem,” he said hugging me back, “I’ll just give her a call.”

Jon walked out of the room and Pat pushed me against the wall claiming my lips with his own, “Oh God I missed you,” he said kissing my neck.

“I missed you too,” I said gasping as he lifted my shirt over my head.

Two hours later Pat and I lay in his bed tangled up in each other, “Are you tired of me yet,” he asked.

“Not a chance,” I smiled and he kissed my forehead.

“Ally, can we talk there is something that I need to tell you,” he said.

“Why do I have a bad feeling about this,” I said.

“Do you know how you thought we were pregnant,” Pat said.

“Can we not talk about this,” I said turning on my side facing away from him.

“We knew we’d have to talk about it sometime,” Pat said, “I know we talked about it but I have done some thinking lately and I kind of wish you were.”

I turned around and looked at his face to see if he was joking but the look in his eyes showed that he was serious.

“Pat, you already said we were too young,” I said.

“Well, I’ve done some thinking and we can make it work,” he said, “We’re financially stable and we’d be able to afford the expenses needed.”

“Have you lost your mind,” I asked smiling.

“No but I almost lost you,” he said, “I’d rather lose my mind than lose you.”

“Are you saying you want a baby,” I asked.

“Yeah when we are married,” he said, “I plan on marrying you Ally, I just won’t propose to you now because we are too young but when the time is right I will.”

I smiled and kissed his lips, “I’m tired,” I said yawning.

“Me too,” he smiled, “We’ll take a nap then we’ll go sightseeing or something before the game.”

“Okay,” I replied, “I love you.”

“I love you too,” he said smiling giving me a kiss, “Sweet dreams baby.”

“You too,” I smiled nuzzling my head into his chest.

“I already got my dream,” he said not knowing I heard him as I drifted off to sleep. One thing I was certain of, Pat and I were finally going to be okay and both Adam and LC were more than just friends, I was almost sure of it.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Chapter 9-You mess with her, you mess with me

Back in Chicago…

“Come on babe, wake up,” Pat said shaking me.

“FIVE MORE MINUTES,” I grumbled turning over, snuggling back into the sheets.

“If you don’t get up then we are not having sex for a month,” Pat threatened.

“Suit yourself,” I said not even caring. I was tired so why the hell was he waking me up now.

“Come on stop being so stubborn and wake up.”

“Why the hell are you waking me up at seven in the morning?”

“You get to go tour the school you are graduating from,” Pat said smiling when I turned to face him.

“Like I care what the school is like,” I said turning back over and he pulled me over and lay down on top of me before kissing my lips.

“I care about your education baby,” he said, “My sister is going with you while Jon and I go to the arena to go over stuff of tonight’s opening ceremony.”

“I hate you so much right now,” I said claiming his lips with my own. I pulled his shirt over his head and ran my hands down his chest.

“I wish we could baby but I got to get going,” he said sitting up, grabbing his shirt off the floor and putting it back on, “But I am late meeting with Jon. I’ll call you later and see how you liked the school.”

“You tease.”

Pat laughed it off, “We’ll finish later, I promise. I love you.”

“I love you too,” I said as he gave me another kiss.

“Behave yourself today with my sister,” he said walking out of the door.

My phone rang and I grabbed it off of the nightstand, it was Erica.

“Are you ready yet?”

“Not yet you whore, I just woke up,” I snapped.

“I’m just asking bitch geeze,” she laughed, “I’m coming up so buzz me in.”

Some of the guys had helped Pat move into the apartment in Chicago last week. I was still in Buffalo with the Kane’s and Adam, Jon, and Pat had left early to have the apartment ready for when I got there so that all I had to do was move my clothes in.

“Alright,” I said pressing the button by the door to let her in. I unlocked the chains and the deadbolt on the door and got in the shower.

“Ally, I’m here,” she said coming into the bathroom and sitting down on the toilet.

“Alright,” I said grabbing the towel off the rack and wrapping it around myself, “Pat just left to meet Jon.”

“Yeah, he was twenty minutes late trying to wake your ass up,” she joked.

“I hate getting up in the morning, you know that,” I said, “The only good thing about this whole cyber school thing is waking up on my own time and doing my work when I want.”

“That’s true,” Erica said, “Are you nervous about going to tour the school today?”

“Not at all, it has to be the same as our high school except they don’t know your Pat’s sister and that I’m his girlfriend and you’re dating John.”

“I would love to run into puck bunnies who are drooling over Jon and Pat so that we can rub it in their faces that we have them and they never will,” Erica smiled.

“Ohhhh me too,” I said smiling, “That’d be classic, ‘OH MY GOD YOU’RE LYING AND IF YOU ARE YOU’RE A WHORE AND SOMEDAY HE’LL BE MINE NOT YOURS!’”

“So true,” Erica laughed, “I am actually kind of excited to go raise hell.”

“Me too,” I too laughed.

“We’re evil.”

“It’s all Pat’s fault.”

“Come on get dressed,” Erica said, “Dress nice, I did.”

I grabbed a pair of dark jeans and one of my white button down blouses and a pair of ballet flats.

“You look cute,” Erica said when we left the house. We walked down the hall and down the stairs of the apartment building to the garage level.

“Thanks,” I said as she climbed into the driver’s seat of the car that Pat had left me to drive.

“Do you know where you are going,” I asked.

“It’s in Jon’s GPS, he put it in there this morning after he picked me up at the hotel.”

“Okay,” I said putting my seatbelt on and she backed out of the parking space and I told her the code to open the door of the garage.

We arrived at North Side College Prep High School and immediately saw what we were joking about. Two girls wore Jon and Pat’s t-shirts cut on the side tied so that they fit their bodies with the necks cut out and black spaghetti strap shirts underneath.

“Puck bunnies at the five o’clock,” Erica said pointing as she pulled into the parking spot.

“I know, I can’t wait to hear their conversations at lunchtime and their groans after school,” I smirked and she smiled knowing full well what I was thinking. I pulled out my phone dialing Pat’s number.

“Hey babe,” he said answering the phone, “What’s up?”

“Erica and I need you and Jon to do us a favor.”

“What’s that?”

“We spotted puck bunnies wearing cutoffs with yours and Jon’s number on it so you guys need to pick us up after school. Donna already said she’ll pick the car up here for us and drive it back to the apartment,” I said.

“Consider it done,” Pat said.

“Thanks,” I said.

“Anything for you babe,” he replied, “Well, hey I hate to cut this short but we’re about to hit the ice. I’ll see you after school.”

“Alright love you,” I said.

“Love you too,” he said hanging up the phone.

“Well,” Erica said.

“Jon and Pat will be here after school to pick us up.”

“You’re evil,” she laughed.

“I know,” I smirked as we got out of the car and walked into the high school getting looks from the two plastic spastics that had on the Blackhawks t-shirts.

Erica and I walked into the office of the high school to check in and get the principal who was going to show us around.

“Hi I’m Ally Jordan and this is my best friend Erica Kane, her parents called and set up a tour of the school for today,” I said to the small grey haired secretary that was behind the desk.

“Ah yes the sister and girlfriend of Patrick Kane, are you girls going to the game tonight,” she asked.

Erica and I both smiled, “Yes we are and I am moving here so that is why I am touring the school since I am going to be cyber schooled,” I replied.

“I see,” she smiled, “You two can have a seat and I will tell Dr. Roberts that you are here.”

Dr. Erin Roberts was the dean of the school. The school was a prep academy and they had to wear uniforms but since it was opening day for the Hawks, the entire school got to dress in Hawks gear and colors.

“Miss Jordan, Miss Kane,” the tall brunette woman said coming through the door, “I’m Dr. Roberts, the dean of North Side College Prep, it’s a pleasure to meet you both.”

“Thank you,” I replied shaking her hand, “I’m Ally and this is Erica.”

“Pleasure to meet you,” she said again smiling, “Don’t worry your secret is safe with me.”

Both Erica and I smiled politely at her and followed her around the school. I was pretty impressed with the school and I would have to kill Pat later for picking such a prestigious school.

“Well, I hope you two enjoyed yourselves today,” Dr. Roberts said to us when we left the last classroom.

“We did, this school looks very good,” Erica said.

“We’re the best high school in Chicago,” Dr. Roberts said proudly, “Feel free to come back whenever you want and if you ladies are hungry please by all means feel free to get something to eat in the cafeteria.”

“Thank you,” I said shaking her hand, “It was a pleasure to meet you.”

“You too,” she said, “Bye now.”
“Well Skipper and Barbie are going to the cafeteria, should we follow them,” Erica asked.

“Did you even have to ask,” I said.

“I hope Kaner has his first NHL goal tonight. He’s super hot,” Puck bunny number one said.

“Tazer should totally like have a hat trick tonight, I would totally freak out,” Puck bunny number two replied to bunny number one.”

“I swear if I ever got to go on a date with Kaner I would totally crap my pants,” bunny number one said.

“Tazer is like totally hot and like I will marry him and have his babies one day,” bunny number two said.

“I noticed you two were talking about Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews, are you ladies going to the game tonight,” I asked.

“God no, I wish,” bunny number two said, “Daddy couldn’t get tickets and I was totally pissed because I always get what I want but I am not going to the game tonight. It makes me sad. Are you guys going?”

“Yeah Pat and Jon got us tickets since I am Pat’s girlfriend and that is his sister who is also Jon’s girlfriend,” I said setting the record straight.

“Yeah right and I am marrying Prince William and she is marrying Prince Harry,” bunny number one said sarcastically, “Do you really expect us to believe they would date tramps like you?”

“Are you calling us tramps,” Erica asked, “I’ve been around my brother long enough to know he doesn’t date puck whores like the two of you.”

“You calling Kaner your brother is so funny, you look nothing like him,” bunny number one said.

“Fine believe what you want, you’ll see in about fifteen whether we’re telling the truth or not,” I said as Erica and I walked outside the school and waited for Pat and Jon to pick us up. The final school bell rang and Erica and I stood outside of the school waiting for Jon and Pat to pick us up. My car was long gone since Donna picked it up early.

Jon’s black SUV pulled up in front of the school and both he and Pat got out and leaned against the car with their arms crossed smiling at us. Skipper and Barbie shrieked when they came out of the school causing both Pat and Jon to laugh.

“Hey babe,” Pat said giving me a kiss, “How’d you like this place?”

“I loved it however Skipper and Barbie over there told us we were lying and that we didn’t know you guys which caused us to get even with them and that is why they are glaring at us right now.”

“You’re evil,” he grinned before he waved to the slut twins.

Jon gave Erica a kiss and bunny number two shot her a look that could have killed her if looks could kill.

Jon also waved to the two and we got into the car leaving the school in an uproar.

“Didn’t I tell you to behave yourself today,” Pat said smiling, “Was that too much to ask?”

“Hey you know me babe, I love messing with puck bunnies,” I said and he gave me a kiss.

Later on that night…

The game was over and Pat scored his first NHL goal. I was ecstatic for him, he was so happy. We were meeting the team afterwards at a club that management had rented out and we were going to the opening party for the team.

Pat left me to go see his family and I stood behind talking to Alyssa.

“Hey where’s Ally’s party at,” Pat asked his sister.

“Don’t end a sentence with a preposition Patrick,” Erica joked.

“Alright fine, where’s Ally’s birthday party at bitch,” he fired back causing Erica to laugh.

“I hate you,” she replied.

“Where’s the party,” Pat asked again.

“Jon said that your parents booked Club 720 over on North Wells Street,” Erica replied.

“Alright, I’ll meet you guys there,” Pat said walking off.

Ally’s POV

“Here put this on,” Pat said handing me a blindfold as we left the arena.


“Just put it on,” he said.

“Fine,” I huffed and put the cover over my eyes.

“Where are we going,” I asked seeing nothing but darkness.

“Curiosity killed the cat,” Pat said, “Stop asking so many questions, you’ll see.”

“I swear to God if you threw me a birthday party for my birthday this weekend I will cut your balls off in your sleep,” I threatened.

“Sure you will,” he laughed.

“I mean it no parties,” I said.

“We’re here,” he said as the car stopped.

“Great now I can take this stupid thing off of my face,” I said reaching for the blindfold and his hands grabbed mine.

“Not so fast, leave that on,” he said, “You’re not taking it off until I tell you to take it off.”

“Kinky,” I joked.

“You wish,” he replied laughing, “Hold on, I’ll come around to your side and help you walk.”

I heard his door shut and a few seconds later, mine opened, “Take my hand,” he said.

I grabbed his hand and he walked next to me arm around my waist guiding me while I walked, “Alright one more minute and you can take it off.”

“Come on Pat, I hate this thing,” I whined.

“Take it off on the count of three,” he began, “One, two…three.”

I pulled the blindfold off and looked up when everyone jumped out and screamed surprise. I couldn’t help but to start crying and slap Pat’s arm before I wrapped my arms around him in a hug.

“You did this for me,” I said.

“My parents and sisters helped but yeah I did it,” he smiled, “Happy birthday baby.”

“I love you,” I said giving him a kiss and everyone clapped.

I noticed that the whole entire Kane family was there as well as the entire team.

“Happy birthday Ally,” Donna said coming over to me.

“Thank you,” I said giving her a hug.

“Anytime,” she smiled, “You know you’re like a daughter to me.”

I gave her a smile and another hug before I hugged Pat Sr. and the girls. I enjoyed the party for a little bit dancing and getting to know everyone from the team.

“Hey, I got you something,” Pat said handing me a present, “Here open it.”

I pulled the wrapping paper off of the box and sat it on the table that I was currently sitting at with Erica, Jessica, Alyssa, and Jackie.

“What is this,” I asked.

“Open the tissue paper and see,” Pat smiled before he rolled his eyes at his sisters causing them to laugh.

“OH MY GOD,” I said pulling the plane tickets out of the box, “Pat, are you serious?”

“Well, I already know your parents but they don’t know that I am your boyfriend so when the team and I go on our road trip to Florida, you and Erica are coming down to see us and I am going to introduce myself to your parents as your boyfriend.”

“I love you,” I said wrapping my arms around him giving him a kiss, “Thank you so much.”

“I love you too,” he smiled letting me go, “You owe me a dance.”

I smiled taking his hand as he lead me out to the dance floor where the DJ was playing the song that Pat and I had first danced to before I left, Back at One by Brian McKnight.

“I can’t thank you enough for the party,” I said smiling, “You really went all out to make this special and I can’t thank you enough.”

“Hey, you’re only eighteen once,” he said smiling.


“JAMES,” Pat yelled to his cousin, “LET’S GO!"

“I’ll round up the guys,” I said and Pat nodded as he grabbed James and they rushed to Leah’s side.

“Happy birthday Ally,” Adam said smiling.

“Thanks but there is no time for that, Leah’s ex-boyfriend Jason showed up,” I began and Adam ran off following Pat out of the door.

“Troy, outside they need your help,” I said to Troy Brouwer the man who like Adam wasn’t afraid to kick some ass on the team.

Troy nodded and walked calmly out of the door rolling up his sleeves, I grabbed Erica and we both walked outside grabbing Jon along the way.

When we got outside the scene before us was like a wrestling battle royal. Pat and Adam were holding Jason as James and Troy took turns beating the crap out of him. Leah grabbed onto Jon who held her shaking body. Erica and I both rubbed her back soothingly.

“My turn,” Adam said to Troy who switched places with him, “You low life bastard, that will teach you never to lay your hands on a woman again,” he said kicking him in the stomach, “Especially an amazing girl like LC.”

“You messed with the wrong sister and girl this time buddy,” James said punching him square in the nose causing blood to squirt everywhere, “I never liked your ass and I am going to make you wish you were never born.”

One last punch to the stomach from Adam and both Pat and Troy threw him to the ground before Adam leaned down, “Show your face around here again and I will kill you with my bare hands you low life bastard.”

Jason lay in the ally of the nightclub in a puddle of blood. The bouncers wouldn’t tell the police because they kicked his ass long before the boys did. Jason wouldn’t press charges if he knew what was good for him because he didn’t want killed.

“Take Leah back to the hotel,” Pat said to Erica, “The party is almost over anyways.”

“I’ll drive them,” Adam volunteered.

Pat grabbed me and hugged me, “Are you okay,” he asked kissing my forehead.

“I’m fine,” I said smiling, “You know seeing you all worked up like that turned me on.”

“Oh really,” he asked raising his eyebrows before he smiled, “Then let’s get you out of here and go christen our new bed.”

I nodded my head smiling and walked towards the door of the club so I could say goodbye to everyone.

Back at the hotel…

Adam carried Leah to her room with Erica in front of them to open the door. Leah had her own room, thankfully she could cry to herself.

Erica opened the door, “I’m going to go change my clothes, can you stay with her,” she asked Adam who nodded his head.

Erica walked out of the door shutting it behind her. Adam sat down on the bed next to LC, “Are you okay,” he asked.

“How did he find me,” she asked sobbing.

“I don’t know but I promise as long as I am around he won’t hurt you,” Adam said pulling her to him rubbing her back soothingly and kissing her forehead. Leah soon fell asleep all cried out over everything that happened.

Erica came back in and saw her cousin in Adam’s arms, “Is she asleep,” she asked.

“Yeah she’s been out for about ten minutes,” Adam said, “You can go back to your room I’m going to stay with her.”

“You don’t have to stay if you don’t to,” Erica said.

“No, I want to,” Adam said, “Go ahead and get some sleep. I’m going to be here in case she wakes up.”

There was two things Adam Burish was sure about, 1) You messed with Leah Kane you messed with him, and 2) He was head over heels in love with her and nothing and no one was going to stop him from being with her.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Chapter 8-Sweet Home Chicago

Erica Kane sat at the dining room table in her family’s house eating breakfast. No one was up yet so she took it upon herself to make herself something to eat.

“Good morning,” Jon’s voice said snapping her eyes away from food causing her to suck in a deep breath.

John stood there shirtless in a pair of jersey shorts and his hair was disheveled from sleeping.

“Hey,” she smiled taking a bite of the omelet she made for herself.

“What are you doing up early,” Jon asked.

“I’m usually up all of the time early,” Erica replied, “It beats the mad dash to the bathroom.”

“Smart way to think,” Jon laughed sitting down in the chair next to her. Erica was sitting on the corner and Jon sat down in the chair closest to her on the right.

“Want some,” Erica offered, “It’s big enough for the both of us.”

“Yeah sure,” he smiled as she stood up to walk into the kitchen to get a fork for John.

“Oh, I almost forgot,” she said sitting down handing the fork to Jon before she pushed the plate towards him, “I just wanted to say thank you for the bracelet but you didn’t have to buy me that. I don’t have anything to give back to you, why would you do that?”

Jon sighed setting the fork down on a plate, “I don’t what to say about why I did it. You know what I’m not even going to lie to you and tell you that I don’t know why I did it when I do know why I did it.”

“I didn’t ask my brother for it because I didn’t want him to feel obligated to buy it for me and you shouldn’t have felt obligated either so why did you do it?”

“Love makes a man do crazy things,” Jon mumbled looking down at the plate in front of him.

Erica felt her heart skip a beat and put her hand over his. Jon looked up and met her eyes, “I’m actually kind of glad you forgot to thank me. I would have felt like an idiot saying love to someone I barely knew,” Jon said.

Erica smiled and so did John, “I’m glad you are my brother’s best friend, he has had some real ugly friends but you are the cutest,” she smiled.

Jon laughed nervously, “Thanks…I guess.”

Erica laughed and Jon leaned forward and tucked her blonde hair that was falling out of her ponytail behind her ear. He felt her shudder from his touch and leaned forward pressing his forehead to hers.

“I want to kiss you so bad right now,” Jon admitted.

“Well, there’s nothing stopping you,” Erica replied and their lips connected. Sparks shot through both of them with neither one of them noticing Jessica and Jackie standing outside the door eavesdropping on their conversation.

“Erica and Jon sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G,” Jessica and Jackie sang coming through the door.

Jon quickly pulled away and blushed with embarrassment while Erica glared at her sister.

“Really Jess,” Erica asked, “How old are you?”

“I knew you two were dating,” Jackie said, “Jon, so much for lying to us.”

“Who died and made you two brats my boss,” Jon joked.

“Wow! Tazer got jokes,” Jess said.

“Who would have thought Captain Serious could be romantic too,” Jackie said.


Jon laughed and stood up from the table, “Well I’m going to go take a shower see you guys later.”

“I could kill you two bitches right now,” Erica said when Jon was out of the room, “You always got your nose in someone else’s business.”

“What did we do,” Jackie asked when Erica barged out of the room.

“You’re too young to know,” Jess said to her thirteen year old sister.

Patrick and Ally had both fallen asleep in his room talking about the way they both handled things. Donna and Pat Sr. had come home with the girls the night before. They needed to check on things before they returned to Chicago for opening night and to help Ally and Pat pack the things they needed to because they were both taking some stuff to Chicago. Ally would tour the high school she would graduate from although she was going to be cyber schooled.

“Should we wake them up,” Donna asked her husband.

“No, they look adorable,” Pat Sr. said to his wife as they watched the sight before them. Pat had his arm around Ally’s waist and she was pressed tightly against him.

“I’m glad to see they’re together again,” Donna said, “They got into a huge fight which reminds me that we need to talk about that with them.”

“Let them sleep,” Pat Sr. said shutting the door behind them, “They’ve been through a lot this past week. Leave them sleep.”

Pat woke up the next morning and found the bed empty next to him. He heard the shower on in his bathroom and smiled. Throwing the covers off of his shirtless body clad in nothing but a pair of pajama pants he crawled out of bed and walked into the bathroom.

He took his pants off and quietly opened the shower curtain. He smiled seeing Ally with her face towards the spray rinsing the front of her hair. He got in behind her and kissed her neck.

“I want you,” he whispered running his lips across the back of her neck.

“Wh-wh-what if they hear us,” Ally stuttered as Pat ran his hands over her breasts.

“I locked the bathroom door and if I kiss you when you want to scream they won’t hear us,” Pat said seductively as she turned around and claimed his lips in passionate kiss.

Pat lifted her up and sat her down on the rail in the shower and began kissing every inch of her body.

“Oh God,” she moaned when he entered her.

Pat began his pace when a knock interrupted the pleasure land that they were both currently in.

“Patrick, open up I need to clean the bathroom,” Donna’s voice said causing her son to curse.

“FUCK,” he groaned.

“PAT,” Donna’s voice said again, “LET ME IN!”

“I’m in the shower ma,” Pat said, “Give me a second.”

“What about me,” Ally asked, “She don’t know we’re doing it and I’m not in the mood for a sex talk today.”

Pat laughed, “Neither am I,” he said, “Hold on mom, let me grab a towel.”

Pat grabbed a towel for the both of them. Ally wrapped herself up into the towel and Pat wrapped the towel around his waist.

“What about your mom,” she asked.

“Follow my lead,” Pat said, “Hey mom, hand me the pants by the door and turn your head.”

“How’s that going to work,” Ally asked.

“When she turns her back, you go out the door to your room the coast is clear,” Pat said giving her a kiss, “I’ll be down there in a second.”

“Okay,” Ally smiled as Pat told his mom he was about to come out of the bathroom. Donna turned her head and Ally took off out of the door to her room.

In Chicago two days later…

Ally, Pat, Jon, Erica, Brent Seabrook and his girlfriend Alyssa also known as Ally, Adam Burish, and LC were heading out to dinner.

It was a triple date with two third wheels. Adam and LC weren’t together but everyone knew that, “The Big Burdaddy,” as he liked to be called was plotting a seduction of LC.

“Ally,” Alyssa greeted her newfound best friend, “You’re back.”

“Yeah I’m back,” Ally smiled, “How are you?”

“I’m good,” Alyssa said, “No, I’m great actually. Brent proposed.”

“Congratulations,” Ally said giving Alyssa a hug, “Pat gave me a promise ring.”

“Aw, that’s great,” Alyssa smiled, “Brent told me why you left last week. I would have done the same thing.”

“I’m over it now we both were in the wrong and we realized that,” Ally said, “We promised not to believe something someone says about either one of us without talking about it.”

“Brent and I had problems at first just like you and Pat are having,” Alyssa replied, “We both realized that people will try to bring you down but you got to talk to each other before you fight.”

“Where is Brent,” Ally asked.

“He’s in the bathroom, where’s Pat?”

“Bathroom,” Ally said and both of the girls laughed.

“Ah men, you can’t live with them and you can’t live without them,” Alyssa joked.

“Did you know that Pat’s sister, Erica and Jon are dating?”

“No, that’s great,” Alyssa replied, “They’re such a perfect match and Pat doesn’t have to worry about his sister getting hurt because Jon is such a gentleman.”

“I know,” Ally smiled, “He is such a goodhearted guy.”

“What’s up twitches,” Adam Burish said walking through the door, “Where’s that hot piece of ass that Pat calls a cousin at?”

“Uh…that hot piece of ass’ name is Leah and if you keep acting the way you are acting you are going to get an ass kicking from her,” Ally spat back.

“I love challenges,” Adam smiled.

“I hate douche bags,” Leah said walking up behind him and over to the girls, “I’m not your challenge, this isn’t a carnival you won’t win the prize by not giving up.”

“Feisty, I like it,” Adam smirked.

“Watch it Bur,” Jon said walking in hand in hand with Erica, “I think my girl and her cousin can take you.”

“He got a Kane, why can’t I,” Adam pouted.

“He treats me like a woman unlike you who act like a pig,” Erica fired back smirking.

“That’ll teach you not to mess with my sister and my cousin,” Pat said walking out of the bathroom with Brent behind him.

“Burke party of eight,” the hostess called out, “Right this way.”

They sat down to eat dinner and talked all night, even Adam was acting like a human being and not a horny hyena.

“That dinner was great,” Brent said as the waiter brought the check, “Guys, we’re paying for the ladies.”

“I left my wallet at home,” Adam lied.

“Cheap ass bastard,” LC mumbled.

“Nice try Bur,” Jon said pulling out his wallet, “Pay up.”

“Well where are we going now,” Jon asked, “Are we taking these ladies out on the town?”

“They deserve it before the season starts since we’ll be busy,” Brent said.

“I call a dance with sweet cheeks,” Adam said wrapping his arm around LC’s waist.

“Dance with yourself,” LC said ripping herself out of his arms, “I don’t dance with pigs. You’re so pathetic, I can’t believe you don’t give up after I told you no. You are such a…”

LC was cut off by Adam’s lips on hers. As much as she fought, she had to admit that she liked it.

“WHAT THE HELL,” Pat asked stunned by what just happened.


“Let’s ditch them,” Pat whispered to Ally who nodded her head.

One thing was for sure, things were going to get interesting. Oh sweet home Chicago.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Chapter 7-Need You Now

“Ally, it’s Erica please pick up the phone and tell me where you are.”

“Ally, it’s Donna please tell me where you are and what my son did to you.”

“Ally, it’s Pat look we really need to talk. Please call me.”

I sighed throwing the phone across the room causing it to shatter against the wall.

I didn’t want to talk to anyone. I just wanted to shut them out and never talk to them again but I couldn’t do that to the Kane family. They didn’t do anything, it was Pat that did it.

I swear to God if I had Pat here right now he’d be a dead man. I have no choice but to let the Kane family know I’m back in Buffalo since I have lived with them from the time I was ten years old when my dad got promoted to Florida for a job. I didn’t want to go so the Kane’s took me under their wing and took care of me.

I heard the door open and I immediately started to panic thinking it was Pat and I dove behind the couch.

“Yeah mom, I’ll call you if I hear from her. Alright love you too bye,” Erica’s voice said and I heard her cell phone slam shut and she walked up the stairs to her room. I grabbed my purse and my keys and quietly slipped out of the door bumping into someone in the process.

“I’m so sorry,” Jon said to me and I smiled, “Ally, what the hell are you doing here?”

“I live here, duh,” I replied sarcastically and he laughed.

“Does Erica know you’re here?”

“No and we’re not going to tell her, are we,” I asked and he frowned.

“She’s going to figure out you’re here.”

“So, let her,” I said, “It’s her brother that pisses me off right now.”

“He still cares about you,” Jon confirmed my suspicions, “He really misses you and is sorry for what he said to you.”

“I don’t care if he’s sorry or not. He can shove his sorry right up his ass.”

The truth is, I was lying. I missed Pat more and more every day, I know he didn’t mean what he said but it still hurt. I guess people really do say off the wall things when they’re angry. I wasn’t pregnant, it was just the flu. Pat and I hit it lucky using no protection and I wasn’t on birth control pills either, all of the risks added up for me to get pregnant.

“Are you really pregnant,” Jon asked me.

“No,” I replied, “It was just a false alarm and really the flu.”

“Well that’s a good thing, right?”

“I guess it is but you don’t see Pat here, do you?”

“I’m pretty sure if he knew you were here he’d come back,” Jon said rubbing my back.

“I’m not ready to see him. The truth is, I know he didn’t mean what he said but it still hurt me and I’m not ready to forgive him yet.”

“I understand,” Jon said hugging me, “I’ll let you make your great escape and I’m going to go inside before Erica sees you.”

“Thanks Jon,” I smiled kissing his cheek and getting in the car.

“Anytime Ally,” he smiled back walking into the house.


Jon forwarded the picture of Ally to Pat. Pat smiled when he got the picture and ran his thumb over his screen.

“She looks beautiful,” Pat texted Jon and set the phone on his bed.

“She misses you too although she won’t admit it,” Jon replied.

“I really want to see her,” Pat responded.

“Come visit her,” Jon typed back.

“I can’t, I have to play in the final preseason game tomorrow. You’re scratched that’s why you got to take my sister back to Buffalo.”

“Come on man just do it if you don’t want to lose probably the best thing that ever happened to you,” Jon told his best friend.

“Alright, I’ll see what I can do,” Pat typed back before grabbing his bag and heading out of the arena.

I sighed opening the door to the house. Why the hell was I hiding from Erica, she never did anything to me.

“Hey girl,” Pat’s cousin Leah or LC said when I walked into the house.

“Hey LC,” I said giving her a hug, “Long time no see.”

“Yeah, I’ve been busy in Los Angeles and Italy with Stefano and Domenico,” LC said.

“Who,” I asked.

“Oh you know them better as Dolce and Gabbana,” LC smiled and my mouth fell wide open.

“Please tell me you get free purses,” I begged.

“I brought you all one,” LC said, “I’ll let you pick first since I heard what happened with Pat.”

“Thanks,” I smiled as we walked to one of the guest rooms that she was staying in. Jon had one and she had the other.

“That boy toy of Erica’s is hot,” she stated and I laughed, “He seems like such a sweetheart.”

“He’s such a gentleman and treats her like she is the only girl in the world,” I gushed, “I’m glad she met him.”

“Is he older than her?”

“Like a year and a half older…I think,” I said grabbing the blue and pink snakeskin Dolce and Gabbana bag, “This is cute, I’m taking this one.”

“I knew you’d pick that one,” LC smiled, “You’ve always loved animal print clothing.”

“We’re back,” Erica said walking into the room, “Ally, you’re here.”

“Yeah I’m here,” I said as she hugged me.

“Are you pregnant,” she asked.

“No, it was just the flu. I’m better now,” I smiled and she hugged me again.

“Hey guys,” Jon said, “We brought pizza home if either of you are hungry.”

“Thanks Jon,” I smiled.

“No problem,” he said smiling back.

“LC, this is my uhmmm,” Erica said not knowing what to call Jon.

Jon laughed sticking his hand out to LC, “I’m her boyfriend,” he said proudly.

I smiled as did Erica as LC introduced herself, “I’m Leah or LC, Pat and Erica’s cousin.”

“It’s nice to meet another member of the family,” Jon smiled, “I would love to stay and chat but I’m starving.”

“Me too,” I said standing up off of the bed and flaunting my new Dolce and Gabbana handbag to Erica who shrieked causing Jon to roll his eyes and walk out of the room.

“Where the hell did you get that,” she asked.

“I gave it to her,” LC said, “Here pick one.”

Erica grabbed the black leather bag with the huge DG on the front, “This is hot,” Erica said modeling the bag in the mirror.

“I’m going to stuff my face,” I said standing up followed by the girls. We heard the front door lock clicking and I felt dizzy knowing that Pat’s car was in the driveway.

HOLY SHIT!! PAT WAS HERE!! I ran outside and flopped down on the swing that was now hidden behind the tree. He wouldn’t see me out here I was sure of it. Before I knew it I was being swung back and forth. I knew that cologne anywhere…Pat. I shut my eyes and tried to stop the tears that were threatening to fall from my eyes. I felt the swing stop and his arms wrap around my waist and his lips press into my shoulder.

I got chills when his lips touched my skin but I worked my way out of his arms and before I knew it my hand connected with his face.

“I deserved that,” he said as I started walking towards the house. I felt him grab my wrist and before I knew it his lips were on my own.

“Don’t fucking touch me,” I said pulling away, “You lost that right when you said I was using you.”

“Just hear me out, please,” he pleaded.

“I’ve heard it all before,” I said, “You’re sorry, you’ll never do it again. You were angry and didn’t mean what you said. You didn’t even give me the opportunity to explain you went along with what Sharpie and Adam said without asking me first. I’m not pregnant, I had the flu.”

“I really am sorry,” Pat said, “Please Ally just listen to me.”

“You got five minutes,” I said crossing my arms.

“I don’t know where to begin here,” he said taking his hat off and running his hands through his hair.

“You can start with you didn’t even give me a chance to explain myself, you just went along with what Adam and Sharpie told you,” I began for him.

“Speaking of Adam he’s here with me.”

In the house…

“Lord, what the hell is in the water here in Buffalo,” Adam said looking at LC, “Are you a Kane?”

“I’m Pat Sr.’s niece,” she said and Adam fanned himself.

“Heaven must be missing an angel right now because you are here with me,” he smirked, “I’m Adam and you are?”

“Leah Kane but I go by LC for short,” she said sticking out her hand, “You must be ‘The Ladies Man,’ Adam Burish.”

“That I am but I can be whatever you want me to be baby,” he smirked cockily.

“Oh please,” LC scoffed, “Your gorgeous blue eyes, that sex hair, and those cheesy pick-up line won’t woo me over.”

“Why not,” Adam asked defeated.

“I’ve heard it all before and I won’t fall for players like you,” Leah spat back and Adam sighed in defeat. These Kane women were warriors and didn’t fall for players, he would just have to work harder to get Leah. Something about her drew him in and he was damn focused on getting her. Nothing was stopping Adam Burish from getting what he wanted.

Back Outside…

“I was scared,” Pat began, “I’ll eighteen for God’s sake. I wasn’t ready to be a dad and I know you weren’t ready to be a mom. I love you Ally, way more than you could ever imagine. We are two teenagers who are madly in love with each other and we have done things that some young couples have done. We had sex without protection, we’re moving in together if we are still together when I leave here. Wait…you know what, I am not leaving here without you. I’m nothing without you. You’re everything to me and Ally I’m on my knees right now begging you to forgive me. What I said and what I did to you was totally wrong. I love you so much, you’re everything to me.”

I looked away from those piercing blue eyes to the grass that was turning brown because the summer was fading into fall.

“Please say something Ally,” Pat asked.

“I don’t know what to say,” I replied honestly.

“Say you love me,” he said standing up pressing his forehead to mine and cupping my cheek in his hand, “All you have to do is say you love me.”

“I love you,” I said quietly.

“What,” he asked.

“I LOVE YOU,” I yelled and he smiled before pressing his lips to mine.

“Oh my God,” Adam said fake crying from the porch, “That was beautiful.”

“GO TO HELL Bur,” Pat yelled.

“You are so mean and have no respect for my feelings,” Adam fake cried again.

“Go in the house,” I ordered, “NOW!”

“Alright, I’m sorry I’m going back in,” he smiled and walked in the house.

Pat laughed and I rolled my eyes at Adam. Pat wrapped his arms around my waist and put his chin on top of my head.

“Baby, I am so sorry,” he began again rubbing my back, “I will never ever do something like that again.”

“Can we not talk about it anymore,” I asked, “We’re happy again, let’s not ruin that.”

“You’re right,” he said pulling away before he dug into his pocket and pulled out the silver band.

“Pat, what the hell is that,” I asked.

“It’s not an engagement ring because we are too young to get married but this is a promise ring from the bottom of my heart. I promise not to hurt you anymore and I promise I’ll be there for you all the time through good times and bad. I also promise that I will love you forever,” he said putting the band on my finger.

I gave him a kiss and I couldn’t help but cry when I looked at the engraving that was on it.

“It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.”

“I love you Patrick Timothy Kane.”

“I love you too Ally Lynn Jordan,” he replied giving me a kiss.

It was then that Pat and I realized we needed each other a lot more than we ever would have imagined and we were nothing without each other.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Chapter 6-When it All, It All Falls Down

Ally smiled as she read the note that Pat left on his bed with his credit card.

Dear Ally,

I’m sorry that I couldn’t spend time with you today. Training camp is going to get really hectic but I promise you that I won’t forget you and that I do love you. Here, take my credit card and go shopping and to the nail/hair salon with my sister or whatever it is you chicks do. Make sure you buy a dress and get your hair done because I have a surprise planned for us. I’ll be home later!

Love, Pat

Ally slipped the credit card in her wallet and headed for the door and down the hall to the room that Erica was sharing with Jackie and Jessica.

“Hey Ally,” Erica smiled opening up the door, “What’s up?”

“Not much, I thought I’d just come down and see if you wanted to go shopping today,” Ally said, “Pat and Jon are at practice all day and Pat left me his credit card to do what I want.”

“That sounds good,” Erica said, “Just let me see if Jackie and Jess want to go they are downstairs raiding the vending machines.”

Ally laughed as Erica dialed her sisters and they said that they didn’t want to go shopping because they were waiting for Jon to get back so they could bug him about Erica.

“I love my sisters but they seriously stick their noses in everyone’s business but their own,” Erica said to Ally when they walked down to the elevator.

“I seriously want to know what Pat’s surprise is,” Ally hinted to Erica to see if she knew anything.

“I have no idea what it is,” Erica swore, “My brother doesn’t tell me anything in case you don’t remember.”

Ally scoffed and Erica laughed, “Calm down I was only kidding.”

“I know,” Ally said smiling as they walked into the dress shop down the street from the hotel.

“This one’s cute,” Erica said holding up the pink and black strapless dress.

“I like that one but if he is planning dinner at some fancy restaurant I don’t want to stand out in shockingly bright colors.”

“True,” Erica said hanging the dress back on the rack, “How about this one?”

Ally smiled at the dress that Erica had in her hands. It was a black halter dress with a white skirt.

“That’s perfect, I love it,” Ally said snatching the dress out of Erica’s hands heading for the dressing room.

“Erica,” Ally called out from the dressing room, “Can you help me zip this?”

“Yeah sure,” Erica replied standing up from the chair and walking over to the fitting room where Ally was. She zipped up the dress and Ally stepped in front of the mirrors and admired her reflection.

“I really love this,” Ally said turning around to see the back of the dress, “It screams I can be fancy without over doing it.”

“I really think Pat is going to love that dress,” Erica reassured her best friend, “He’ll be dying to get it off of you by the end of the night.”

Ally blushed and Erica sighed while rolling her eyes, “Tell me you guys have had sex.”

“Uh…actually we haven’t,” Ally admitted.

“You’ve been together for a little bit over a month and haven’t done it yet,” Erica said.

“I wanted to wait but I really love Pat and a month sounds too soon to me.”

“I know a month is too soon,” Erica said, “I guess you’ll know when the time is right.”

“I know,” Ally smiled telling her to unzip the dress so she could pay for it and they could finish doing what they had to do.

They didn’t even realize how much time they had spent at the beauty salon until Pat called Ally asking where she was.

“Erica and I are finishing up at the nail salon and then we will be back,” Ally replied, “Should I just get dressed in the bathroom here and meet you in the lobby of the hotel?”

Pat replied yes and she hung up the phone and told Erica the plan.

The hairdresser curled Ally’s hair and put a small poof in the front to make it look classy. Erica did her make-up and smiled at Ally’s reflection in the full length mirror that was in the bathroom.

“You look absolutely gorgeous,” Erica smiled as they walked out of the bathroom and paid at the front desk of the salon before leaving. They got to the front of the hotel and Ally handed Erica her bags and they both walked into the lobby both going in different directions.

Ally smiled seeing Pat standing there in an all black suit with a white tie and one of his hands in his pockets holding a single red rose. Pat smiled when he looked up and saw her walking towards him.

“You look so beautiful,” he said giving her a kiss before he wrapped his arms around her giving her a hug, “I got this for you.”

Ally took the rose and sniffed it before telling Pat thank you and giving him another kiss.

“Where are we going,” she asked.

“You’ll see,” Pat said holding his arm out and she wrapped her arm around his and they walked out of the hotel, “Close your eyes.”

Ally did as she was told and when Pat told her to open them there was a white stretch Range Rover limo in front of them.

“Pat you didn’t,” Ally said in shock and awe.

“I did,” he smiled as the driver opened the door, “Ladies first.”

Ally took Pat’s hand that he held out for her, so that he could help her in the limo.

“I don’t know what to say,” Ally smiled.

“You don’t need to say anything,” Pat said, “Just you being with me is the only statement I need.”

“I love you,” Ally said giving him a kiss before putting her head on his shoulder and entwining their fingers together.

“I love you too,” Pat replied kissing her forehead, “I promise that no matter what obstacles come our way I’ll be there for you.”

Ally smiled which caused Pat to smile, “So, where are we going,” she asked.

“Dinner in that park next to the restaurant we went to with Kris and the guys on our first date,” Pat said as the limo pulled up in front of the park.

Ally was amazed at the Christmas lights that were in the tree that overlooked the Chicago skyline.

“Wow,” she said as Pat pulled her chair out for her and she sat down.

“I knew you were going to say that,” he smiled, “I thought it’d be a little bit more private here than some big fancy restaurant.”

“It really is, wow this is amazing.”

“It took Jon and me almost a week to plan this.”

“Jon helped you do this,” Ally asked.

“Yup,” Pat replied proudly, “He’s kind of a romantic guy at heart.”

“Erica is lucky I guess but I wouldn’t trade you in for ten of Jon,” Erica said taking Pat’s hand from across the table.

“Do me a favor before we eat,” Pat asked.

“Sure, anything,” Ally smiled.

“Dance with me,” he said standing up and extending his hand towards her.

“Are you crazy,” she asked.

“Nope, I’m just a man who’s in love,” Pat smiled and Ally felt a blush creep into her cheeks and her heart flutter.

She took Pat’s waiting hand and he let go for a second kneeling down under the table and pressing play on the CD player that was under the table.

Back at One by Brian McKnight began playing and both Pat and Ally began swaying back and forth to the music pressed as close together as they could get.

Pat whispered soft things in Ally’s ear and she couldn’t help but smile at how genuine he was.

“I love you,” Pat said to her again when the song was over and they were finished dancing.

“I love you too,” Ally said as he hugged her and it felt like forever before they let go and both of them were perfectly alright with that. They were two people in love and nothing or no one could tear them apart, so they thought.

“Are you hungry,” Pat asked.

“Not anymore,” Ally admitted.

“Are you sick,” Pat asked, “I can take you home.”

“I don’t want to ruin our date though,” Ally lied.

“You won’t,” Pat said, “It’s my job to take care of you and that is what I am going to do.”

“Are you sure you’re not mad,” Ally asked.

“Not one bit,” Pat said leading her back to the limo.

Ally smiled inside knowing that she wasn’t sick at all but was in fact ready to make love to Pat for the first time. After tonight she knew all she needed to know and any doubts she had about Pat were thrown out the window. He loved her and she loved him. Nothing and no one could tear them part.

They pulled back up in front of the hotel and went to their room, “Do you want to lie down,” Pat asked.

“I could lie down or I could…,” Ally paused.

“Or you could what,” Pat questioned.

“Make love to you,” Ally whispered.

“Are you sure,” Pat asked.

“I’ve never been more sure about anything,” Ally said standing up and kissing him.

Pat kissed her back and wrapped his arms around her unzipping her dress letting his hands touch the bare skin on her back.

“If you want to stop just let me know,” Pat whispered as he picked her up and laid her down gently on the bed.

He took his own jacket off and threw it to the corner of the room. Ally slipped her dress off and helped Pat remove his shirt and tie as well as his pants.

Both clad in nothing but their undergarments they continued doing what they were doing. Pat slipped the bra straps down Ally’s shoulders while kissing her neck. She threw her head back in pure ecstasy feeling his lips on her skin. He gripped her hips as she pressed them into his ever growing bulge in his pants and he groaned feeling her against him.

With one swift motion he pulled her panties down her legs before removing his own boxers.

“Are you sure,” he asked again and Ally shook her head yes and Pat entered her. She shuddered in pain and Pat rubber her back soothingly, “It’ll be okay, I’ll go slow.”

Pat gave her a kiss and started thrusting slowly before picking up a pace that he knew Ally would be comfortable with.

Both of them screamed each other’s name. It just wasn’t lust that was built between them for so long, no way. Tonight it was all about being in love for the very first time and making love.

Erica and Jon were standing in front of the door when they heard the screams coming out of the room.

“I don’t think we want to go in there,” Jon said making a gross face.

“I agree,” Erica said and they walked in the direction of Erica’s room.

Two weeks later…

The regular season for the Blackhawks was almost near and the Kane family along with Ally remained in Chicago. Ally and Pat spent time together almost every day since that day two weeks ago when they made love to each other for the first time.

No one knew about that night except themselves along with Erica and Jon. They didn’t know Erica and Jon knew, so they kept it to themselves. Ally began to feel sick and under the weather.

“Are you pregnant,” Erica asked her brother’s girlfriend knowing what had happened between her brother and her best friend.

“No,” Ally said, “I’m pretty sure I’m not…I think.”

“What do you mean, you think?”

“Remember Pat’s surprise a couple of weeks ago,” Ally asked.

“Yeah! What about it?”

“That night we went to the park that we went to on our first date and he had a romantic dinner planned. We danced before we ate and I lied and said I was sick so I could come back and have sex with him and one thing lead to another, we did it. I am due for my period and I haven’t gotten it yet and OH MY GOD I MIGHT BE PREGNANT,” Ally shouted not knowing Patrick Sharp and Adam Burish were walking by the room.

“You need to take a test,” Erica told her best friend who nodded her head in agreement.

“DUDE, Kaner’s girl is pregnant,” Burish said to his teammate.

“What,” Sharpie asked, “You mean he’s knocking the boots with that chick that’s like his hot sister’s best friend.”

“Yeah, you didn’t just hear her voice say she was pregnant when we walked past his room,” Adam said.

“Nope,” Sharpie said, “I got an idea let’s stick balloons in his locker and surprise him.”

“Good idea,” Burish said and they continued walking.

Pat arrived at the United Center with Jon for the final pre-season game of the season and saw the balloons sitting in his locker.

“What the hell is this,” Pat asked kicking the blue balloon that was sitting on the floor.

“It looks like baby shower bomb exploded in here,” John said looking at the pink and blue balloons.

“It must be some kind of rookie prank,” Pat laughed sitting down and unpacking his bag.

“Congratulations daddy,” Sharpie and Burish announced coming into the room.

“What are you talking about,” Pat asked shocked.

“Your girlfriend is pregnant,” Burish said to Pat who was sat there in complete silence.

“She’s not pregnant,” Pat said.

“We heard it from her own mouth when we were walking past your room yesterday,” Sharpie said, “She’s pregnant. We’re sorry, we thought you knew.”

Pat looked as white as a ghost and put his head in his hands. A baby? No way! He was too young to be a father.

“Nice going assholes,” Jon said, “You upset him.”

“Hey we thought he knew,” Sharpie and Adam said leaving the room.

“Are you okay man,” Jon asked Pat.

“Why didn’t she tell me,” Pat said, “If she is I would have at least thought I would have been the first to know.”

“I don’t know man,” Jon said honestly, “I think you need to talk to her.”

“You’re right,” Pat said standing up and leaving the room walking towards the family lounge where Ally was with his family.

“Hey Pat,” Ally said, “Shouldn’t you be getting dressed?”

“We need to talk,” Pat said leading her back towards the direction of the locker room. Pat poked his head in and saw no one was in there so they had privacy.

“What do we need to talk about,” Ally asked slightly frowning.

“When exactly were you going to tell me that you were pregnant,” Pat asked.

“WHAT,” Ally asked.

“Don’t lie to me either Ally,” Pat said, “Pat and Adam heard you say you were the other day, now are you or what?”

“Maybe,” Ally admitted.

“You can’t be fucking serious,” Pat said kicking his hockey bag, “GOD DAMN IT ALLY WE ARE TOO YOUNG TO BE PARENTS.”

“Don’t freaking scream at me,” Ally said, “It’s not my fault that I might be pregnant you are just as guilty. We both played a role in making this baby.”

“I knew I shouldn’t have gotten into a relationship entering the NHL, I knew something like this would happen and someone would try to tie me down but I never thought it’d be someone I gave my whole heart to,” Pat said, “You’re lying Ally, if you can’t handle me following my dreams then maybe we shouldn’t be together.”

“You’re an asshole,” Ally cried, “I hate you and I wish I never would have met you.”

“You weren’t saying that when you were screaming my name,” Pat said out of anger not meaning a word he was saying when Ally slapped him with all she had. Neither one of them noticed some of the team were in the locker room and heard everything.

Mumbling went on around the room when Ally walked out slamming the door behind her. Pat kicked his bag again and threw everything out of his locker that Sharpie and Bur had put in there.

“You were wrong man,” Jon said to his best friend, “That was low what you said to her.”

Pat frowned at his best friend and walked out of the locker room also slamming the door behind him.

“What the hell just happened,” Sharpie asked.

“I think Pat got his balls handed to him on a platter, that’s what happened,” Adam Burish replied.

Erica knocked on the door and Adam stood up to answer it not knowing it was her, “Why hello gorgeous,” he said.

“Oh please shut up,” she said, “Is Jon here?”

“Yeah he’s here,” Adam said, “Hey Jon, Pat’s sexy ass sister is here to see you.”

“That’s enough Bur,” Jon said walking past him and in the hall.

“What the hell happened with my brother and Ally?”

Jon told her the story about what happened and she stood there not knowing what to say.

“Hey baby there’s something wrong with my cell phone,” Adam Burish said tapping the phone off of his hand, “It doesn’t have your number in it.”

“If I give you my number will you leave me alone,” Erica asked.

“Sure thing sweet thing,” he smirked and Erica smiled nudging Jon who had no idea what’s going on.

“My number is 716-382-5968,” Erica said and Adam walked into the room announcing that he got “Kaner’s fine ass sister’s number.”

“What number did you just give him because that sure as hell isn’t your number,” Jon asked.

“You’ll see just wait for it,” Erica said when the door swung open.

“HEY THAT WASN’T FUNNY,” Adam Burish said, “You told me your number was 716-fuck-you.”

“Exactly,” Erica smiled and Jon laughed.

“You are one mean woman,” Adam Burish said as Patrick Sharp pushed him out of the way.

“Let me try this,” Sharpie said, “Are you a Pokemon?”

“What,” Erica asked confused.

“You must be a Pokemon because I like to Pikachu,” Sharpie said taking her hand and kissing it.

“That was the lamest thing that I have ever heard,” Erica said rolling her eyes.

“Gentleman all you have to do is this,” Jon said turning to Erica, “Would you like to go out sometime?”

“Sure thing,” Erica said giving him a kiss on the cheek before walking off, “See you later boys.”

“The kid’s got game,” Sharpie whispered to Burish who stood their dumbfounded that she was the only woman who didn’t fall for his tricks.

Ally stood outside the hotel with her luggage packed waiting for a cab to leave Chicago. The cab pulled up in front of the hotel and she climbed in.

“Where to,” the driver asked.

“Chicago O’Hare,” she replied.

“Can I help you miss,” the lady behind the desk asked Ally.

“I’ll take one ticket for the next flight to Buffalo, New York,” Ally said handing the lady her money. If Pat wanted to walk out on her, then she was going home and staying there until he decided to be a man.