Friday, April 9, 2010

Chapter 8-Sweet Home Chicago

Erica Kane sat at the dining room table in her family’s house eating breakfast. No one was up yet so she took it upon herself to make herself something to eat.

“Good morning,” Jon’s voice said snapping her eyes away from food causing her to suck in a deep breath.

John stood there shirtless in a pair of jersey shorts and his hair was disheveled from sleeping.

“Hey,” she smiled taking a bite of the omelet she made for herself.

“What are you doing up early,” Jon asked.

“I’m usually up all of the time early,” Erica replied, “It beats the mad dash to the bathroom.”

“Smart way to think,” Jon laughed sitting down in the chair next to her. Erica was sitting on the corner and Jon sat down in the chair closest to her on the right.

“Want some,” Erica offered, “It’s big enough for the both of us.”

“Yeah sure,” he smiled as she stood up to walk into the kitchen to get a fork for John.

“Oh, I almost forgot,” she said sitting down handing the fork to Jon before she pushed the plate towards him, “I just wanted to say thank you for the bracelet but you didn’t have to buy me that. I don’t have anything to give back to you, why would you do that?”

Jon sighed setting the fork down on a plate, “I don’t what to say about why I did it. You know what I’m not even going to lie to you and tell you that I don’t know why I did it when I do know why I did it.”

“I didn’t ask my brother for it because I didn’t want him to feel obligated to buy it for me and you shouldn’t have felt obligated either so why did you do it?”

“Love makes a man do crazy things,” Jon mumbled looking down at the plate in front of him.

Erica felt her heart skip a beat and put her hand over his. Jon looked up and met her eyes, “I’m actually kind of glad you forgot to thank me. I would have felt like an idiot saying love to someone I barely knew,” Jon said.

Erica smiled and so did John, “I’m glad you are my brother’s best friend, he has had some real ugly friends but you are the cutest,” she smiled.

Jon laughed nervously, “Thanks…I guess.”

Erica laughed and Jon leaned forward and tucked her blonde hair that was falling out of her ponytail behind her ear. He felt her shudder from his touch and leaned forward pressing his forehead to hers.

“I want to kiss you so bad right now,” Jon admitted.

“Well, there’s nothing stopping you,” Erica replied and their lips connected. Sparks shot through both of them with neither one of them noticing Jessica and Jackie standing outside the door eavesdropping on their conversation.

“Erica and Jon sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G,” Jessica and Jackie sang coming through the door.

Jon quickly pulled away and blushed with embarrassment while Erica glared at her sister.

“Really Jess,” Erica asked, “How old are you?”

“I knew you two were dating,” Jackie said, “Jon, so much for lying to us.”

“Who died and made you two brats my boss,” Jon joked.

“Wow! Tazer got jokes,” Jess said.

“Who would have thought Captain Serious could be romantic too,” Jackie said.


Jon laughed and stood up from the table, “Well I’m going to go take a shower see you guys later.”

“I could kill you two bitches right now,” Erica said when Jon was out of the room, “You always got your nose in someone else’s business.”

“What did we do,” Jackie asked when Erica barged out of the room.

“You’re too young to know,” Jess said to her thirteen year old sister.

Patrick and Ally had both fallen asleep in his room talking about the way they both handled things. Donna and Pat Sr. had come home with the girls the night before. They needed to check on things before they returned to Chicago for opening night and to help Ally and Pat pack the things they needed to because they were both taking some stuff to Chicago. Ally would tour the high school she would graduate from although she was going to be cyber schooled.

“Should we wake them up,” Donna asked her husband.

“No, they look adorable,” Pat Sr. said to his wife as they watched the sight before them. Pat had his arm around Ally’s waist and she was pressed tightly against him.

“I’m glad to see they’re together again,” Donna said, “They got into a huge fight which reminds me that we need to talk about that with them.”

“Let them sleep,” Pat Sr. said shutting the door behind them, “They’ve been through a lot this past week. Leave them sleep.”

Pat woke up the next morning and found the bed empty next to him. He heard the shower on in his bathroom and smiled. Throwing the covers off of his shirtless body clad in nothing but a pair of pajama pants he crawled out of bed and walked into the bathroom.

He took his pants off and quietly opened the shower curtain. He smiled seeing Ally with her face towards the spray rinsing the front of her hair. He got in behind her and kissed her neck.

“I want you,” he whispered running his lips across the back of her neck.

“Wh-wh-what if they hear us,” Ally stuttered as Pat ran his hands over her breasts.

“I locked the bathroom door and if I kiss you when you want to scream they won’t hear us,” Pat said seductively as she turned around and claimed his lips in passionate kiss.

Pat lifted her up and sat her down on the rail in the shower and began kissing every inch of her body.

“Oh God,” she moaned when he entered her.

Pat began his pace when a knock interrupted the pleasure land that they were both currently in.

“Patrick, open up I need to clean the bathroom,” Donna’s voice said causing her son to curse.

“FUCK,” he groaned.

“PAT,” Donna’s voice said again, “LET ME IN!”

“I’m in the shower ma,” Pat said, “Give me a second.”

“What about me,” Ally asked, “She don’t know we’re doing it and I’m not in the mood for a sex talk today.”

Pat laughed, “Neither am I,” he said, “Hold on mom, let me grab a towel.”

Pat grabbed a towel for the both of them. Ally wrapped herself up into the towel and Pat wrapped the towel around his waist.

“What about your mom,” she asked.

“Follow my lead,” Pat said, “Hey mom, hand me the pants by the door and turn your head.”

“How’s that going to work,” Ally asked.

“When she turns her back, you go out the door to your room the coast is clear,” Pat said giving her a kiss, “I’ll be down there in a second.”

“Okay,” Ally smiled as Pat told his mom he was about to come out of the bathroom. Donna turned her head and Ally took off out of the door to her room.

In Chicago two days later…

Ally, Pat, Jon, Erica, Brent Seabrook and his girlfriend Alyssa also known as Ally, Adam Burish, and LC were heading out to dinner.

It was a triple date with two third wheels. Adam and LC weren’t together but everyone knew that, “The Big Burdaddy,” as he liked to be called was plotting a seduction of LC.

“Ally,” Alyssa greeted her newfound best friend, “You’re back.”

“Yeah I’m back,” Ally smiled, “How are you?”

“I’m good,” Alyssa said, “No, I’m great actually. Brent proposed.”

“Congratulations,” Ally said giving Alyssa a hug, “Pat gave me a promise ring.”

“Aw, that’s great,” Alyssa smiled, “Brent told me why you left last week. I would have done the same thing.”

“I’m over it now we both were in the wrong and we realized that,” Ally said, “We promised not to believe something someone says about either one of us without talking about it.”

“Brent and I had problems at first just like you and Pat are having,” Alyssa replied, “We both realized that people will try to bring you down but you got to talk to each other before you fight.”

“Where is Brent,” Ally asked.

“He’s in the bathroom, where’s Pat?”

“Bathroom,” Ally said and both of the girls laughed.

“Ah men, you can’t live with them and you can’t live without them,” Alyssa joked.

“Did you know that Pat’s sister, Erica and Jon are dating?”

“No, that’s great,” Alyssa replied, “They’re such a perfect match and Pat doesn’t have to worry about his sister getting hurt because Jon is such a gentleman.”

“I know,” Ally smiled, “He is such a goodhearted guy.”

“What’s up twitches,” Adam Burish said walking through the door, “Where’s that hot piece of ass that Pat calls a cousin at?”

“Uh…that hot piece of ass’ name is Leah and if you keep acting the way you are acting you are going to get an ass kicking from her,” Ally spat back.

“I love challenges,” Adam smiled.

“I hate douche bags,” Leah said walking up behind him and over to the girls, “I’m not your challenge, this isn’t a carnival you won’t win the prize by not giving up.”

“Feisty, I like it,” Adam smirked.

“Watch it Bur,” Jon said walking in hand in hand with Erica, “I think my girl and her cousin can take you.”

“He got a Kane, why can’t I,” Adam pouted.

“He treats me like a woman unlike you who act like a pig,” Erica fired back smirking.

“That’ll teach you not to mess with my sister and my cousin,” Pat said walking out of the bathroom with Brent behind him.

“Burke party of eight,” the hostess called out, “Right this way.”

They sat down to eat dinner and talked all night, even Adam was acting like a human being and not a horny hyena.

“That dinner was great,” Brent said as the waiter brought the check, “Guys, we’re paying for the ladies.”

“I left my wallet at home,” Adam lied.

“Cheap ass bastard,” LC mumbled.

“Nice try Bur,” Jon said pulling out his wallet, “Pay up.”

“Well where are we going now,” Jon asked, “Are we taking these ladies out on the town?”

“They deserve it before the season starts since we’ll be busy,” Brent said.

“I call a dance with sweet cheeks,” Adam said wrapping his arm around LC’s waist.

“Dance with yourself,” LC said ripping herself out of his arms, “I don’t dance with pigs. You’re so pathetic, I can’t believe you don’t give up after I told you no. You are such a…”

LC was cut off by Adam’s lips on hers. As much as she fought, she had to admit that she liked it.

“WHAT THE HELL,” Pat asked stunned by what just happened.


“Let’s ditch them,” Pat whispered to Ally who nodded her head.

One thing was for sure, things were going to get interesting. Oh sweet home Chicago.


  1. Haha omg I loved it!!!!! Lc and bur are heating it up!!! I wonder where this new romance is headed. Loved the update. Hope there is more soon!!

  2. haha that was great. the shower part where she ran, was awesome. love how they didnt get caught, and adam hitting on leah and lc during dinner was great. trouble is coming between lc and adam thats for sure