Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Chapter 9-You mess with her, you mess with me

Back in Chicago…

“Come on babe, wake up,” Pat said shaking me.

“FIVE MORE MINUTES,” I grumbled turning over, snuggling back into the sheets.

“If you don’t get up then we are not having sex for a month,” Pat threatened.

“Suit yourself,” I said not even caring. I was tired so why the hell was he waking me up now.

“Come on stop being so stubborn and wake up.”

“Why the hell are you waking me up at seven in the morning?”

“You get to go tour the school you are graduating from,” Pat said smiling when I turned to face him.

“Like I care what the school is like,” I said turning back over and he pulled me over and lay down on top of me before kissing my lips.

“I care about your education baby,” he said, “My sister is going with you while Jon and I go to the arena to go over stuff of tonight’s opening ceremony.”

“I hate you so much right now,” I said claiming his lips with my own. I pulled his shirt over his head and ran my hands down his chest.

“I wish we could baby but I got to get going,” he said sitting up, grabbing his shirt off the floor and putting it back on, “But I am late meeting with Jon. I’ll call you later and see how you liked the school.”

“You tease.”

Pat laughed it off, “We’ll finish later, I promise. I love you.”

“I love you too,” I said as he gave me another kiss.

“Behave yourself today with my sister,” he said walking out of the door.

My phone rang and I grabbed it off of the nightstand, it was Erica.

“Are you ready yet?”

“Not yet you whore, I just woke up,” I snapped.

“I’m just asking bitch geeze,” she laughed, “I’m coming up so buzz me in.”

Some of the guys had helped Pat move into the apartment in Chicago last week. I was still in Buffalo with the Kane’s and Adam, Jon, and Pat had left early to have the apartment ready for when I got there so that all I had to do was move my clothes in.

“Alright,” I said pressing the button by the door to let her in. I unlocked the chains and the deadbolt on the door and got in the shower.

“Ally, I’m here,” she said coming into the bathroom and sitting down on the toilet.

“Alright,” I said grabbing the towel off the rack and wrapping it around myself, “Pat just left to meet Jon.”

“Yeah, he was twenty minutes late trying to wake your ass up,” she joked.

“I hate getting up in the morning, you know that,” I said, “The only good thing about this whole cyber school thing is waking up on my own time and doing my work when I want.”

“That’s true,” Erica said, “Are you nervous about going to tour the school today?”

“Not at all, it has to be the same as our high school except they don’t know your Pat’s sister and that I’m his girlfriend and you’re dating John.”

“I would love to run into puck bunnies who are drooling over Jon and Pat so that we can rub it in their faces that we have them and they never will,” Erica smiled.

“Ohhhh me too,” I said smiling, “That’d be classic, ‘OH MY GOD YOU’RE LYING AND IF YOU ARE YOU’RE A WHORE AND SOMEDAY HE’LL BE MINE NOT YOURS!’”

“So true,” Erica laughed, “I am actually kind of excited to go raise hell.”

“Me too,” I too laughed.

“We’re evil.”

“It’s all Pat’s fault.”

“Come on get dressed,” Erica said, “Dress nice, I did.”

I grabbed a pair of dark jeans and one of my white button down blouses and a pair of ballet flats.

“You look cute,” Erica said when we left the house. We walked down the hall and down the stairs of the apartment building to the garage level.

“Thanks,” I said as she climbed into the driver’s seat of the car that Pat had left me to drive.

“Do you know where you are going,” I asked.

“It’s in Jon’s GPS, he put it in there this morning after he picked me up at the hotel.”

“Okay,” I said putting my seatbelt on and she backed out of the parking space and I told her the code to open the door of the garage.

We arrived at North Side College Prep High School and immediately saw what we were joking about. Two girls wore Jon and Pat’s t-shirts cut on the side tied so that they fit their bodies with the necks cut out and black spaghetti strap shirts underneath.

“Puck bunnies at the five o’clock,” Erica said pointing as she pulled into the parking spot.

“I know, I can’t wait to hear their conversations at lunchtime and their groans after school,” I smirked and she smiled knowing full well what I was thinking. I pulled out my phone dialing Pat’s number.

“Hey babe,” he said answering the phone, “What’s up?”

“Erica and I need you and Jon to do us a favor.”

“What’s that?”

“We spotted puck bunnies wearing cutoffs with yours and Jon’s number on it so you guys need to pick us up after school. Donna already said she’ll pick the car up here for us and drive it back to the apartment,” I said.

“Consider it done,” Pat said.

“Thanks,” I said.

“Anything for you babe,” he replied, “Well, hey I hate to cut this short but we’re about to hit the ice. I’ll see you after school.”

“Alright love you,” I said.

“Love you too,” he said hanging up the phone.

“Well,” Erica said.

“Jon and Pat will be here after school to pick us up.”

“You’re evil,” she laughed.

“I know,” I smirked as we got out of the car and walked into the high school getting looks from the two plastic spastics that had on the Blackhawks t-shirts.

Erica and I walked into the office of the high school to check in and get the principal who was going to show us around.

“Hi I’m Ally Jordan and this is my best friend Erica Kane, her parents called and set up a tour of the school for today,” I said to the small grey haired secretary that was behind the desk.

“Ah yes the sister and girlfriend of Patrick Kane, are you girls going to the game tonight,” she asked.

Erica and I both smiled, “Yes we are and I am moving here so that is why I am touring the school since I am going to be cyber schooled,” I replied.

“I see,” she smiled, “You two can have a seat and I will tell Dr. Roberts that you are here.”

Dr. Erin Roberts was the dean of the school. The school was a prep academy and they had to wear uniforms but since it was opening day for the Hawks, the entire school got to dress in Hawks gear and colors.

“Miss Jordan, Miss Kane,” the tall brunette woman said coming through the door, “I’m Dr. Roberts, the dean of North Side College Prep, it’s a pleasure to meet you both.”

“Thank you,” I replied shaking her hand, “I’m Ally and this is Erica.”

“Pleasure to meet you,” she said again smiling, “Don’t worry your secret is safe with me.”

Both Erica and I smiled politely at her and followed her around the school. I was pretty impressed with the school and I would have to kill Pat later for picking such a prestigious school.

“Well, I hope you two enjoyed yourselves today,” Dr. Roberts said to us when we left the last classroom.

“We did, this school looks very good,” Erica said.

“We’re the best high school in Chicago,” Dr. Roberts said proudly, “Feel free to come back whenever you want and if you ladies are hungry please by all means feel free to get something to eat in the cafeteria.”

“Thank you,” I said shaking her hand, “It was a pleasure to meet you.”

“You too,” she said, “Bye now.”
“Well Skipper and Barbie are going to the cafeteria, should we follow them,” Erica asked.

“Did you even have to ask,” I said.

“I hope Kaner has his first NHL goal tonight. He’s super hot,” Puck bunny number one said.

“Tazer should totally like have a hat trick tonight, I would totally freak out,” Puck bunny number two replied to bunny number one.”

“I swear if I ever got to go on a date with Kaner I would totally crap my pants,” bunny number one said.

“Tazer is like totally hot and like I will marry him and have his babies one day,” bunny number two said.

“I noticed you two were talking about Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews, are you ladies going to the game tonight,” I asked.

“God no, I wish,” bunny number two said, “Daddy couldn’t get tickets and I was totally pissed because I always get what I want but I am not going to the game tonight. It makes me sad. Are you guys going?”

“Yeah Pat and Jon got us tickets since I am Pat’s girlfriend and that is his sister who is also Jon’s girlfriend,” I said setting the record straight.

“Yeah right and I am marrying Prince William and she is marrying Prince Harry,” bunny number one said sarcastically, “Do you really expect us to believe they would date tramps like you?”

“Are you calling us tramps,” Erica asked, “I’ve been around my brother long enough to know he doesn’t date puck whores like the two of you.”

“You calling Kaner your brother is so funny, you look nothing like him,” bunny number one said.

“Fine believe what you want, you’ll see in about fifteen whether we’re telling the truth or not,” I said as Erica and I walked outside the school and waited for Pat and Jon to pick us up. The final school bell rang and Erica and I stood outside of the school waiting for Jon and Pat to pick us up. My car was long gone since Donna picked it up early.

Jon’s black SUV pulled up in front of the school and both he and Pat got out and leaned against the car with their arms crossed smiling at us. Skipper and Barbie shrieked when they came out of the school causing both Pat and Jon to laugh.

“Hey babe,” Pat said giving me a kiss, “How’d you like this place?”

“I loved it however Skipper and Barbie over there told us we were lying and that we didn’t know you guys which caused us to get even with them and that is why they are glaring at us right now.”

“You’re evil,” he grinned before he waved to the slut twins.

Jon gave Erica a kiss and bunny number two shot her a look that could have killed her if looks could kill.

Jon also waved to the two and we got into the car leaving the school in an uproar.

“Didn’t I tell you to behave yourself today,” Pat said smiling, “Was that too much to ask?”

“Hey you know me babe, I love messing with puck bunnies,” I said and he gave me a kiss.

Later on that night…

The game was over and Pat scored his first NHL goal. I was ecstatic for him, he was so happy. We were meeting the team afterwards at a club that management had rented out and we were going to the opening party for the team.

Pat left me to go see his family and I stood behind talking to Alyssa.

“Hey where’s Ally’s party at,” Pat asked his sister.

“Don’t end a sentence with a preposition Patrick,” Erica joked.

“Alright fine, where’s Ally’s birthday party at bitch,” he fired back causing Erica to laugh.

“I hate you,” she replied.

“Where’s the party,” Pat asked again.

“Jon said that your parents booked Club 720 over on North Wells Street,” Erica replied.

“Alright, I’ll meet you guys there,” Pat said walking off.

Ally’s POV

“Here put this on,” Pat said handing me a blindfold as we left the arena.


“Just put it on,” he said.

“Fine,” I huffed and put the cover over my eyes.

“Where are we going,” I asked seeing nothing but darkness.

“Curiosity killed the cat,” Pat said, “Stop asking so many questions, you’ll see.”

“I swear to God if you threw me a birthday party for my birthday this weekend I will cut your balls off in your sleep,” I threatened.

“Sure you will,” he laughed.

“I mean it no parties,” I said.

“We’re here,” he said as the car stopped.

“Great now I can take this stupid thing off of my face,” I said reaching for the blindfold and his hands grabbed mine.

“Not so fast, leave that on,” he said, “You’re not taking it off until I tell you to take it off.”

“Kinky,” I joked.

“You wish,” he replied laughing, “Hold on, I’ll come around to your side and help you walk.”

I heard his door shut and a few seconds later, mine opened, “Take my hand,” he said.

I grabbed his hand and he walked next to me arm around my waist guiding me while I walked, “Alright one more minute and you can take it off.”

“Come on Pat, I hate this thing,” I whined.

“Take it off on the count of three,” he began, “One, two…three.”

I pulled the blindfold off and looked up when everyone jumped out and screamed surprise. I couldn’t help but to start crying and slap Pat’s arm before I wrapped my arms around him in a hug.

“You did this for me,” I said.

“My parents and sisters helped but yeah I did it,” he smiled, “Happy birthday baby.”

“I love you,” I said giving him a kiss and everyone clapped.

I noticed that the whole entire Kane family was there as well as the entire team.

“Happy birthday Ally,” Donna said coming over to me.

“Thank you,” I said giving her a hug.

“Anytime,” she smiled, “You know you’re like a daughter to me.”

I gave her a smile and another hug before I hugged Pat Sr. and the girls. I enjoyed the party for a little bit dancing and getting to know everyone from the team.

“Hey, I got you something,” Pat said handing me a present, “Here open it.”

I pulled the wrapping paper off of the box and sat it on the table that I was currently sitting at with Erica, Jessica, Alyssa, and Jackie.

“What is this,” I asked.

“Open the tissue paper and see,” Pat smiled before he rolled his eyes at his sisters causing them to laugh.

“OH MY GOD,” I said pulling the plane tickets out of the box, “Pat, are you serious?”

“Well, I already know your parents but they don’t know that I am your boyfriend so when the team and I go on our road trip to Florida, you and Erica are coming down to see us and I am going to introduce myself to your parents as your boyfriend.”

“I love you,” I said wrapping my arms around him giving him a kiss, “Thank you so much.”

“I love you too,” he smiled letting me go, “You owe me a dance.”

I smiled taking his hand as he lead me out to the dance floor where the DJ was playing the song that Pat and I had first danced to before I left, Back at One by Brian McKnight.

“I can’t thank you enough for the party,” I said smiling, “You really went all out to make this special and I can’t thank you enough.”

“Hey, you’re only eighteen once,” he said smiling.


“JAMES,” Pat yelled to his cousin, “LET’S GO!"

“I’ll round up the guys,” I said and Pat nodded as he grabbed James and they rushed to Leah’s side.

“Happy birthday Ally,” Adam said smiling.

“Thanks but there is no time for that, Leah’s ex-boyfriend Jason showed up,” I began and Adam ran off following Pat out of the door.

“Troy, outside they need your help,” I said to Troy Brouwer the man who like Adam wasn’t afraid to kick some ass on the team.

Troy nodded and walked calmly out of the door rolling up his sleeves, I grabbed Erica and we both walked outside grabbing Jon along the way.

When we got outside the scene before us was like a wrestling battle royal. Pat and Adam were holding Jason as James and Troy took turns beating the crap out of him. Leah grabbed onto Jon who held her shaking body. Erica and I both rubbed her back soothingly.

“My turn,” Adam said to Troy who switched places with him, “You low life bastard, that will teach you never to lay your hands on a woman again,” he said kicking him in the stomach, “Especially an amazing girl like LC.”

“You messed with the wrong sister and girl this time buddy,” James said punching him square in the nose causing blood to squirt everywhere, “I never liked your ass and I am going to make you wish you were never born.”

One last punch to the stomach from Adam and both Pat and Troy threw him to the ground before Adam leaned down, “Show your face around here again and I will kill you with my bare hands you low life bastard.”

Jason lay in the ally of the nightclub in a puddle of blood. The bouncers wouldn’t tell the police because they kicked his ass long before the boys did. Jason wouldn’t press charges if he knew what was good for him because he didn’t want killed.

“Take Leah back to the hotel,” Pat said to Erica, “The party is almost over anyways.”

“I’ll drive them,” Adam volunteered.

Pat grabbed me and hugged me, “Are you okay,” he asked kissing my forehead.

“I’m fine,” I said smiling, “You know seeing you all worked up like that turned me on.”

“Oh really,” he asked raising his eyebrows before he smiled, “Then let’s get you out of here and go christen our new bed.”

I nodded my head smiling and walked towards the door of the club so I could say goodbye to everyone.

Back at the hotel…

Adam carried Leah to her room with Erica in front of them to open the door. Leah had her own room, thankfully she could cry to herself.

Erica opened the door, “I’m going to go change my clothes, can you stay with her,” she asked Adam who nodded his head.

Erica walked out of the door shutting it behind her. Adam sat down on the bed next to LC, “Are you okay,” he asked.

“How did he find me,” she asked sobbing.

“I don’t know but I promise as long as I am around he won’t hurt you,” Adam said pulling her to him rubbing her back soothingly and kissing her forehead. Leah soon fell asleep all cried out over everything that happened.

Erica came back in and saw her cousin in Adam’s arms, “Is she asleep,” she asked.

“Yeah she’s been out for about ten minutes,” Adam said, “You can go back to your room I’m going to stay with her.”

“You don’t have to stay if you don’t to,” Erica said.

“No, I want to,” Adam said, “Go ahead and get some sleep. I’m going to be here in case she wakes up.”

There was two things Adam Burish was sure about, 1) You messed with Leah Kane you messed with him, and 2) He was head over heels in love with her and nothing and no one was going to stop him from being with her.


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