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Chapter 26-Legality with a Broken Heart

October 2010

“Ally,” Patrick said coming through the door calling my name, “Are you home, baby?”

“I’m in here,” I replied from the dining room and he came around the corner smiling before giving me a kiss.

“How was practice?”

“Q is kicking our asses.”

“Have you talked to Erica about what she wants to do for her birthday,” I asked and he shook his head no getting a bottle of water from the refrigerator and sitting down at the table across from me.

“I kind of wanted to give her a birthday party, I tried to talk to Jon about it but he just changed the subject.”

“Maybe he’s planning on doing something himself, I’ll talk to him later.”

“Do you think she’d like a big party?”

“She’s your sister, why are you asking me,” I said laughing and Pat rolled his eyes.

“She’s your best friend too,” he laughed before placing his hand on my stomach, “How’s my baby doing?”

“I read in the book today that Baby Kaner weighs half an ounce and is two inches long.”

Patrick laughed and took the book from my hands before he gave me a kiss, “I think we need to go shopping for Erica’s birthday present, what do you say?”

“I need new clothes, my jeans are starting to get tight!”

“Alright, I’ll buy you and my sister something,” he laughed standing up, “I’m going to change out of this monkey suit.”

“It looks good on you though,” I pouted.

“I’m not going shopping in a suit,” Patrick argued and I stuck out my bottom lip.

“You don’t love me anymore,” I said faking as if I was crying and I heard him sigh before he knelt down in front of me, “Baby, you know that’s not true.”

“Then why won’t you wear your suit?”

“How about I just wear the dress pants and the shirt,” he tried to reason with me and it worked.

“Can you wear the black hat too,” I asked looking up at him with a normal voice.

“You tricked me,” he smirked in defeat.

“Oh Patrick, you’re too easy to fool.”

“You’re going to pay for that,” he said picking me up over his shoulder and carrying me down the hall to our bedroom.

“I thought you wanted to go shopping for Erica’s gift,” I said as Patrick ran his hands under my shirt.

“We have a whole week to shop,” he mumbled against my lips and I gave into him. I fumbled with the buttons on his shirt and he pushed my hands away before he unbuttoned the first three buttons and threw it over his head. He leaned down and kissed my lips before he let them travel to my neck. I moaned as he hit the sensitive spot on my neck.

My cell phone ringing cause Patrick to groan, “Let it go to voicemail,” I said as he pulled the sweatpants I was wearing off.

“Do you enjoy wearing my clothes,” he asked.

“Hey, mine don’t fit anymore and yours are comfy.”

My phone rang again and this time I groaned, “I think you better answer that,” Patrick said rolling on his side to hand me my cell phone that was on the nightstand.

“Hello,” I said pressing the green talk button.

“Ally,” Jon’s voice said on the other end, “Do you have a second?”

“Yeah sure, what’s wrong?”

Patrick gave me a questioning look and I mouthed “Tazer” and he gave a small smile.

“Can you meet me in half an hour, it’s important!”

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine,” and I could hear the lie in his voice but I let it go.

“I’ll meet you at the Dunkin’ Donuts down the street from mine and Pat’s apartment.”

“I’ll be right there!”

“Something’s not right,” I said to Patrick when I hung up the phone, “Jon seems down about something.”

“He hasn’t been himself and I know my sister isn’t acting right either, I swear to God if he broke her heart, I’ll kill him.”

“Calm down, I’ll be back.”

I stood up from the bed and got dressed. I gave Pat a quick kiss and grabbed my jacket before I headed down the street.

Jon was there before me and I ordered a hot chocolate and sat down at the table with him. He gave me a small smile and I immediately knew that something was wrong.

“Jon, what’s wrong?”

“I don’t know what I did to her.”

“To who?”

“Erica, come on Ally don’t act like you don’t know!”

“I don’t know anything,” I said questioningly.

“She fucking cheated,” he said and I was still dumbfounded.

“Who cheated?”

“Erica, she cheated on me at her friend’s party in Buffalo. She got drunk and fucking slept with her ex-boyfriend.”


“Just please don’t say anything to Kaner, I don’t want him mad at her before her birthday.”

“Jon, he has a right to know. He thinks it’s you that hurt her.”

“I would never hurt her, God you know that.”

“I don’t know what to say, Jon. I wish I could say something to make it better but I can’t.”

“I was going to ask her to marry me over Thanksgiving, I had the perfect plan. A carriage ride through Millennium Park then I was going to take her ice skating before dinner then when everyone was together I was going to ask her.”

“Jon,” I said going to the chair next to him and giving him a hug, “I’m here for you if you want to talk, I promise I won’t say anything to Patrick.”

“Thank you,” he said forcing a smile, “I’m sorry for making you come out here.”

“It’s okay, I’ll tell Pat you wanted to meet and talk about Erica’s gift.”

“Thank you!”

“Oh my God, it’s Jonathan Toews,” we heard three voices say at the counter.

“That’s our queue to leave,” he said smiling and we waved to the three teenage girls that were drooling over him.

“It’s the same way with Pat but sometimes the girls get bitchy towards me.”

“Trust me, I remember the cup party,” he laughed as we got to the front door of mine and Pat’s apartment building.

“Want to come up for dinner?”

“Why not, I am kind of hungry.”

“I just got off the phone with Murphy’s Bleachers and booked it for Erica’s birthday party.”

“That’s great,” Jon said faking a smile.

“Tazer, what the fuck is your problem?”

“Nothing is wrong, why the fuck does everyone keep asking me that?”

“Dude, snap the fuck out of it, seriously, what’s your problem?”

“Do you really want to know what my problem is,” Jon asked and Patrick nodded his head, “Your sister and I broke up! Did she tell you that?”

“I fucking told you that I would fucking kick your ass if you fucking hurt my sister.”

“I didn’t fucking hurt her,” Jon argued, “She fucking got drunk at her friend’s party back in Buffalo and fucking cheated on me, there are you happy that you’re fucking sister stooped to the level of a whore.”

“Don’t call her a whore, I swear to God, I will kick your ass,” Pat said sitting down and I sat next to him trying to calm him down.

“I didn’t fucking call her a whore, I loved her Kaner, I fucking loved her and you know that. I was going to ask her to marry me on Thanksgiving. I had the ring for the longest time and I talked to your dad about it when he was here last season on the dad’s trip.”

“I don’t know what to say,” Patrick said shrugging my hand away and I sighed in defeat before I stood up and walked into our bedroom slamming the door.

I didn’t know what to think as I got dressed for Erica’s birthday party a week later. Patrick had invited Jon but I knew that Jon wasn’t going to come. Patrick and I didn’t tell Erica we knew everything, we were going to let her tell us on her terms.

Erica laughed at Jordan who was attempting to break dance in the middle of the floor.

“She looks happy,” Pat said taking a sip of his drink.

“I was like that too when I left you but I was hiding behind the pain.”

“Do you think Jon will forgive her?”

“Eventually but right now he has to get over the hurt and the shock. He has to learn to trust her again.”

“I’m sorry that I ever put you through that,” Patrick said wrapping his arm around my waist and kissing my temple.

“You didn’t cheat on me, you were put in the situation but you realized what you were doing and stopped it before anything could happen. I’m sorry for never believing you.”

“We’re good now though, right,” he said smiling as he placed his hand on my stomach, “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“I don’t fucking believe it,” Patrick said looking towards the door. I turned around and I saw Jon walk over to Duncan and Brent who were both chasing Jordan around trying to get him to calm down.

“He’s here to make people believe they’re still together, don’t worry he won’t go over to her. He’ll just watch her.”

I couldn’t believe that this as happening to two people who were perfect just like Pat and I were. I was destined to get Erica and Jon back together. I don’t care if it took six months or a year, he wouldn’t be with anybody but her, I’d make sure of it.

Patrick and I worked our own relationship out, we just had to repair theirs. It wasn’t our place but he hated seeing his sister hurt and we both hated seeing our best friends miserable. Getting their lives back together when ours were just beginning with our baby on the way was going to be difficult but we were bound to do it, we just hoped it didn’t break us.

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Slight Delay

I got off of work late today so the chapter will be up on Sat 12/18 sometime. I promise! The update is almost finished.

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I got good news

I'm working on an update and it will be up later tonight!! I know it's been highly requested and since I'm finally done with school for the semester, I am picking up writing this story faithfully again. There's not much left to write, however I have more and more ideas and will continue with a sequel called "Stuck Like Glue"

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Chapter 25-Bundles of Joy and Bundles of Hurt

Four months later

The past four months for Pat and I have been crazy. Between winning the Cup, half of his teammates being traded, and his day with the cup, we didn’t find time to rest. It was now the middle of September and we were back in Chicago for training camp and the season.

Adam leaving Chicago was not only bittersweet to the team, it was bittersweet to the Kane family as well. Leah was in a city that she wasn’t familiar with and at five months pregnant, she had a lot to adjust to.

“Babe, are you okay?” I nodded as Pat soothed my back and put a cold rag on the back of my neck.

“I’m fine, it’s just the flu. Erica just got over it so I probably got it from her.”

“Are you sure that you will be okay here by yourself while Jon and I are at practice?”

“Pat, I’m fine, go before you’re late.”

Pressing a kiss to my forehead, he stood up from the floor and picked me up carrying me to our bed, “I can call Q-stache and tell him that you’re sick and I’m sure he’ll understand I can’t come to practice today.”

“If you don’t go to practice, sick or not, I’ll kick your ass.” Pat laughed and I pulled the covers up to my neck.

“If you feel better, want to go to lunch or something after practice?”

“I’d kill for a deep dish pizza from Edwardo’s over in Hyde Park right now.”

“Pizza it is, I’ll call you after practice. I love you,” Pat said giving me a kiss.

“I love you too, have fun.”

Pat gave me a quick smile and tossed my cell phone to me from the dresser before he shut the door. My phone rang and it was Alyssa calling. I haven’t seen her all summer and I wanted someone to come and keep me company so I answered the call.

“ALLY,” she screamed and I laughed.

“Hey Alyssa, how’s Jordan and Brent?”

“They’re doing great, how are you?”

“Sick in bed craving deep dish pizza from Edwardo’s.”

“I remember when I was pregnant with Jordan, their pepperoni and mushroom deep dish was dinner for me every single night.”

As soon as I heard the word ‘pregnant,’ I began to feel nauseous again, “Alyssa, can you do me a favor while the guys are at practice?”

“Yes ma’am, Jordan and I were going to come see you anyways. What’s the favor?”

“Can you stop at a drug store or something and buy me every pregnancy test you can find?”

“Holy shit, Ally! Are you serious?”

“I’ve been sick for the past two weeks and it’s only getting worse and I’m craving everything in sight and when you mentioned your cravings when you were pregnant with Jordan, a light bulb went off in my head.”

“Holy shit, I’m on my way.”

I hung up and texted Erica who was in class.

Come over after class


Alyssa is coming over with Jordan and I may have to go to the doctor’s

Are you okay?

I might be…

Might be what?


OMG! Does my brother know?

Not yet and please don’t say anything to Jon

I won’t, I’ll be over as soon as I can

The buzzer to mine and Pat’s condo went off and I looked on the security camera to see that it was Jordan and Alyssa. I climbed out of bed and walked down the hall to the living room. I laughed when I noticed that Jordan was still carrying ‘Duncan’ the dog around. He was just like his father, they both were really close with Duncan.

I buzzed them into the building and five minutes later, the doorbell rang. Jordan came running into my arms as soon as he saw me.

“Aunt Ally, I miss you.”

“I missed you too, baby doll,” I replied giving him a kiss on the cheek before I gave Alyssa a hug.

She handed me a bag and I walked into the bathroom with her while Jordan sat on the couch and watched the Stanley Cup champions DVD so he could see Brent and Duncan in order to keep him occupied.

I peed in a cup and sat it on the counter, I dipped the tip of all of the pregnancy tests into it before I dumped it down the toilet. I set the alarm on my cell phone for three minutes from the current time and when it went off, I made Alyssa read the results.

“If this kid is anything like his daddy, we’re in for heartbreak,” she joked and I started crying.

“I’m pregnant,” I sobbed and she hugged me.

“Congratulations sweetheart, you are.”

“Pat is going to leave me.”

“No he isn’t, he wants kids. Ally, how many times have you guys talked about having kids?”

“We talk about kids a lot.”

“See, he wants to be a dad. He sees Brent with Jordan and Fraz and Carly announced they were having a baby before Bowman went apeshit on the trades.”

I couldn’t help but laugh and she hugged me reassuringly.

“What was your OB-GYN’s name?”

“Dr. Sodini on West Wilson Avenue.”

“Do you have her number,” I asked and Alyssa nodded her head as she pulled her cell phone out of her pocket and went through her contacts for her number.

I dialed it and scheduled an appointment for noon, it was nine in the morning now. I took a shower while Alyssa made Jordan breakfast.

Erica came home from class and we all climbed in the car and went to the doctor’s office. Dr. Sodini did blood work and the test came back positive.

“Congratulations Miss Jordan, you are two months along.”


“I take that this was unplanned?”

“Yeah it was, my fiancé and I have talked about kids but we agreed to wait until we were both ready but hey there’s nothing we can do now. This baby will have a lot of people who will love it just as much as we will.”

“I’m going to give you a prescription for prenatal vitamins and have you schedule an appointment for next month. Take it easy for the next few days and once again Congratulations.”

“Thanks,” I replied smiling.

I walked into the waiting room where Erica was sitting next to Carmen.

“Well,” Carmen asked.

“I’m two months along.”

“I’M GOING TO BE AN AUNT,” Erica shrieked.

“Yes you are,” I replied smiling, “We have to get back home before practice ends so Pat doesn’t suspect anything.”

“Congratulations Ally,” Carmen said hugging me and smiling.

“Thanks Car, I thought it would have been you and Troy that had the baby first.”

“Hey Frazzle Dazzle and Carli beat us to it.”

We all laughed and Carmen dropped me off at mine and Pat’s house before she drove Erica over to her and Jon’s where Ally was with Jordan waiting for Brent to meet them there.

“Hey babe, where were you,” Pat asked me as I opened the door.

“Carmen and Erica drove me to the doctor’s office over in Hyde Park, sorry I completely forgot to call or leave you a note.”

“It’s fine, don’t worry about it. Is everything okay?”

“Pat, we need to talk!”

We sat down on the couch and I saw the panic in Pat’s eyes, the last time I told him we needed to talk, I left him for five months.

“What’s wrong baby,” he asked.

“Remember how we talked about having kids then we both agreed that we would wait a while before we had kids running around here.”


“Pat, there’s no easy way to say this but…”


I put my head down and slowly nodded my head in fear that he may just get up and walk out of the door without ever returning but I was proven wrong when he picked me up and spun me around.

“I take it you’re happy.”

“Why wouldn’t I be happy?”

“Because of what happened before.”

Pat sighed before he sat me back down on my feet and lifted my face so that I would look at him, “Ally, I told you back then that if that ever happened again I’d be here for you. I know we agreed to wait but I’m so happy right now. I mean Leah’s having fraternal twins and Bur is thrilled but come on now I’m going to have my own child.”

“So you’re not mad.”

“Not at all, God baby, I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“How far along are you?”

“Two months.”

“Two months,” Pat said looking like he was concentrating on something, “So we conceived at Bur’s cabin.”

“Yeah I guess so.”

“Oh my God! My mom and sisters are going to be ecstatic!”

“Erica knows, we just have to tell everyone else.”

“God, I’m so happy right now,” Pat said hugging me, “I know we agreed to wait but this is…wow.”

I smiled and we both sat there just talking about names and how we were both going to start house hunting soon since we obviously couldn’t raise a baby in a two bedroom condo.

Pat was excited to start the life of the white picket fence and kids running around. He was also ecstatic that he could have a son who could play in the NHL or a daughter who could play in either a women’s league or could play for the USA women’s hockey team.

He wanted to get married as soon as the baby was born and I was okay with that. Everything seemed to be falling into place for us and I couldn’t be happier after everything that Patrick and I went through.

Jon’s POV

I stood there as Erica admitted that she cheated and I didn’t know what to say. Two and a half years were gone down the drain. I planned on asking her to marry me on Thanksgiving when her family came to town but the plans were quickly thrown at the window.

I felt as if someone took a sledgehammer to my chest and hit me with it repeatedly. I loved her so much and she threw everything we had away. I trusted her with everything I had and now I don’t know what to think about her anymore.

“Jonny, will you please say something,” she pleaded and I didn’t want to listen to a word she said.

“What do you want me to say, Erica? You cheated on me and threw away my trust.”

“It wasn’t supposed to happen, I got drunk when I went to my friend’s party in Buffalo last weekend.”

“I thought you were different and that you would never break my heart but I guess I was wrong.”

“Jonny, please don’t do this,” she cried.

“I can’t be with you anymore, Erica. It just won’t be the same anymore.”

“I love you, Jonny.”

“Don’t call me that.”

I was beyond angry right now and I could have killed the scumbag she slept with if he was in front of me right now. Kaner always said he’d kill me if I’d hurt her but right now she killed me because she hurt me.

“I can’t believe I was going to give you this,” I said setting the ring box down in front of her and walked out of the house without saying a word.

I needed time to think about forgiving her and what I wanted. I knew this was the end of us and I tried to convince myself that if we were meant to be together, we’d be together again one day but that is hard to do when the best part of your life threw everything you had away in the trash and put your heart in a blender.

Getting over this won’t be easy but I’ll be able to do it, I’m stronger than this…I think.

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Chapter 24-Welcome Home

“Do your parents know we’re engaged again,” I asked Pat as we drove back to our apartment from the airport.

“Yep, they knew that I was going to propose before we left. I talked to them about everything then I talked to your parents.”

“You’re sneaky!”

Pat smirked as we pulled up in front of his parent’s house.

“I sort of kind of promised them we’d spend the night here tonight.”

“Is Leah here too?”

“Yeah she and Leah are here and Jon came to spend the night here before him and Erica head to Winnipeg later on this week for his day with the cup.”

“When’s yours?”

“I don’t know yet but I’m sure it’s going to be one big party for us.”

“There ain’t no party like a P.Kane party!”

“Because P.Kane parties don’t stop.”

“You’re a lame ass,” I laughed while slapping his shoulder.

“But you love me anyway,” he said giving me a kiss as we walked through the door.

“Patrick,” Donna said walking over to hug her son, “We miss you around here.”

“We live ten minutes away, mom,” he replied rolling his eyes.

“I know but I’m not used to my little boy being away all of this time,” Donna sniffled and Pat Sr. laughed.

“Ally, you’re glowing,” he said.

“Pat and I have some news for you guys.”

“Are you pregnant,” Donna asked excitedly.

“God no, Pat and I made the decision that we aren’t going to have kids until we get married which will be soon.”

“OH MY GOD, YOU’RE ENGAGED AGAIN,” Donna shouted hugging me and Pat.

“When did this happen,” Pat Sr. asked.

“Last night,” I said and Pat smiled kissing my temple.

“I’m really happy for you guys, you really deserve to be happy after everything that has happened to you within the last three years.”

“PATRICK,” Jackie shouted running down the steps and tackling Pat.

“Jackie, I can’t breathe,” he said laughing and hugging his sister.

“I missed you,” she replied kissing his cheek.

“I miss you too, Jax.”

“Ally,” Erica said coming through the door followed by Jon, “I didn’t know you guys were coming home.”

“Our week in Disney is over, Pat and I are engaged again, and we plan to get married in July of 2012.”

“You guys have the date set and everything this time,” Jon said smiling, “Wow! You guys are serious about getting married this time.”

“We’re older now and we’ll be ready to make such a big commitment in two years so we set the date.”

“I’m happy for you, really, I am,” Jon said shaking Pat’s hand and hugging me.

“Where’s Leah and Adam,” Pat asked.

“They went to the hospital since Leah has been throwing up all day and they just want to make sure everything is okay but I think it’s just morning sickness,” Donna said, “But I’d rather be safe than sorry.”

“Where’s Jessica?”

“She went with them.”

“Oh okay,” Pat said before we headed upstairs to his old room to put our bags in there.

“Are you guys still spending the night here,” Jackie asked leaning in the doorway.

“Yup,” I said opening my suitcase and tossing her the Mickey Mouse hoodie that Pat and I bought her.

“Wow, you guys actually got me the hoodie I asked for.”

“You can say thank you, you brat,” Pat said smiling.

“Thanks,” Jackie said giving both of us a hug, “I love it.”

She walked out and closed the door behind her leaving Pat and I to ourselves. We both flopped down on the bed and curled up in each other’s arms to take a nap. We were almost asleep when the door flew open and Adam jumped on us.

“WAKE UP, SNOWFLAKES,” Adam said and Pat punched him in the stomach.

“Hey Adam,” I said giving him a hug, “Surprisingly, I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you too, it’s not the same without you.”

“So you’re really going to play for the Stars,” Pat said and Adam nodded his head.

“This really sucks that I won’t get to see you or Leah hardly at all,” I said and Adam sat down on the chair in Pat’s room.

“We’ll make it work, I’ll bring her to Chicago when we’re there on road trips and you guys can come see her when the Hawks are in Texas then we’ll split the summers here between Buffalo and Madison. It’ll work out, no matter what team I’m on, I’m still a part of this family and you’re friend.”

“Stop making her cry, Adam,” Leah scolded coming into the room, “ALLY! YOU’RE ENGAGED AGAIN AND GETTING MARRIED IN 2012.”

“Yup,” I said flashing my ring and she shrieked hugging me and falling on top of me.

“Ool that’s hot,” Adam said and Pat threw a pillow at him, “What I’m a guy, I’m allowed to have thoughts about my wife with another woman.”

“ADAM,” Leah shouted and I laughed.

“Just don’t think about my woman that way,” Pat said giving me a kiss.

“How about we have guys night tonight since the bitches are going to be working on wedding shit?”

“Sounds good to me,” Adam bumping knuckles with Pat causing Leah and I to roll our eyes.

“Men,” Leah said smirking and rolling her eyes.

“PATRICK, ALLY, ADAM, LEAH, DINNER,” Jessica shouted up the stairs.

“Hitler is waiting,” Adam joked and we all laughed.

Dinner went by without a hitch and all of the guys went out leaving Donna, Jackie, Jessica, Leah, Erica, and me by ourselves.

“Chick flicks or scary movies,” Donna asked.

“Scary movies, we’re all in love here except those two,” Leah said pointing to Jackie and Jessica.


“Jess, I’m right here no need to shout,” Donna scolded her daughter.

“Saw, The Ring, Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, or Friday the 13th,” Erica asked going through the DVDs on the bottom of the TV stand.

“How about none of those,” Jackie said with an attitude.

“How about you shut up before I make you sleep outside,” Leah said and Jackie huffed causing Erica and I to laugh.

“Did dad go with them,” Jackie asked Donna.

“Nope, he’s downstairs watching soccer.”

“Lucky him.”

Erica put in Saw and it wasn’t long before we were screaming and burying our faces behind pillows. Leah sat there laughing and eating the popcorn while we watched the movie.

“That guy just got his head chopped off and you’re laughing,” Erica asked.

“It’s so fake, it’s funny,” Leah said between giggles and a mouthful of popcorn.

“Can I have some of that,” Jessica asked and Leah gave her a handful.

“Guys, did you hear that,” Jackie asked and we shushed her, “OH MY GOD, MOM!”

Three Jigsaw masks came around the corner from the kitchen and we all screamed. Leah stood up and walked towards the three figures wearing the masks.

“Just because I’m pregnant doesn’t mean I am afraid of anything, bring it on motherfuckers,” she said throwing the bowl at one of the figures and it cursed.

“JESUS CHRIST LEAH, IT’S US PLAYING A JOKE, ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME,” Pat asked taking the mask and hood off.

“PATRICK TIMOTHY KANE, I AM GOING TO KILL YOU,” I said punching him in the arm.


“That was for scaring us and being an asshole.”

“Babe, you have one hell of an arm on you,” Adam said wrapping his arms around her.

“You’re sleeping on the couch tonight!”

“It was all Pat’s idea, he suggested we scare you.”

“Would you jump off of a bridge if Pat told you to?”

“I wouldn’t be stupid enough to jump off of a bridge.”

“Are you mad, babe,” Jon asked Erica who had yet to say anything.

“I’m not mad, just disappointed. I’m just surprised you went along with something my brother told you to do.”

“I’m sorry,” Jon said giving her a kiss, “Really I am.”

“It’s okay, don’t worry about it,” Erica replied hugging him and giving him a kiss.

“Clean up the popcorn and make some more and the guys can join us watching the movie since we need some shoulders to bury our faces in,” Donna said as Pat and I volunteered to make new popcorn while Erica cleaned the mess in the living room.

“You know you look hot when you’re scared,” Pat said coming up behind me and wrapping his arms around my waist.

“You look sexy in all black,” I replied giving him a kiss and we started making out.

“Seriously guys, you’re going to fuck on the counter while we’re in the next room,” Erica said coming in the kitchen causing Pat and I to break apart. She rolled her eyes and turned on her heel walking back into the living room.

“We were just making out, what’s got her so pissed off,” Pat asked before our lips were joined again but this time we accidentally knocked Jon’s hoodie onto the floor and a black velvet box fell out of the pocket when I bent down to pick it up.

“Oh my God, Pat,” I said opening the box and there sat a vintage looking princess cut engagement ring. It was slightly bigger than mine and I didn’t care at all. My ring was my ring and Pat bought it for me and that’s why I didn’t envy this ring.

“HOLY SHIT,” Pat said taking the box from my hands.

“Do you think he’s going to ask Erica to marry him?”

“I don’t know, I mean he’s twenty-two and she’s twenty.”

“It’s a situation like ours, I’m sure Jon just bought it and is going to put it away until he’s ready to give it to her.”

“Hey guys, did I leave my jacket in here,” Jon asked coming into the kitchen and Pat quickly shutting the box and handing it to me behind his back and I slid it back into Jon’s pocket.

“Here you go,” I said taking it off of the chair and handing it to Jon.

“Thanks,” he said sighing in relief, “I thought I lost it and I can’t afford to lose it.”

“I’m sure you can’t,” I replied and Jon just smiled not catching on to what I said and walked into the living room.

“I can’t believe he’s going to ask my baby sister to marry him.”

“Hey you don’t know for sure if he is yet, just calm down,” I said rubbing Pat’s back and he turned to me giving me a kiss.

“We should go watch the movie before they think we’re screwing each other in here.”

“Good idea.” Pat took my hand and we walked into the living room sitting down on the couch. I soon fell asleep on Pat’s shoulder and when I woke up the next morning I was in Pat’s bed with his arm around me.

I woke up to Erica knocking on the door telling us that Donna made breakfast and that it was waiting for us downstairs.

During breakfast Erica received from her friend, Julie. I’ve hated Julie since junior high and she hated me too. She especially hates me now that I am engaged to Patrick and I could care less.

“Donovan,” Erica asked, “Really? Didn’t he get the message to leave me alone when Ally broke his nose.”

“Who’s Donovan,” Jon whispered.

“Erica’s ex-boyfriend that cheated on her with the bitch she’s talking to,” I said, “I beat Julie’s ass and broke her jaw and I broke Donovan’s nose when we found them screwing each other.”

“I was going to kick his ass myself but Ally got to him before I did,” Pat said, “He was the biggest piece of shit that walked the face of the Earth and I’ll kill him if he ever steps foot into this house again.”

“You won’t have to worry about killing him because I’ll do it my damn self if he comes into this house while I’m here,” Jon said.

“HE’S WHAT,” Erica asked, “No, I got a boyfriend. I’ve been with him for two years. He’s one of Pat’s friends. Yes he’s a hockey player and no you can’t sleep with him too you slut. I don’t have time for this, leave me alone and do me a favor and don’t ever call my house again.”

“Fucking bitch, I told you I didn’t like her,” I said as Erica sat down.

“Jon, you might want to be on the defensive when that doorbell rings in about ten minutes.”

“Why does Captain Serious have to be on the defensive,” Adam asked coming around the corner with Leah.

“Donovan, her ex-douche bag boyfriend decided that he wants to visit and is on his way over here.”

“I’ll help the boys kick his ass,” Adam said cracking his knuckles.

“I remember he was Jason’s protégé,” Leah shivered, “He was there one night when he beat me.”

“Leah,” Erica said hugging her cousin, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“You weren’t with him then, Ally had just kicked his ass and I knew she’d kill him if I told you.”

“I hate the kid already and I never even met him,” Adam said when the doorbell rang.

Jon went upstairs to use the bathroom when Donovan showed up.

“Let him in,” Pat said to me as he and Adam both took a seat on the couch pretending they were watching TV.

I opened the door and Donovan walked in, “Hey Ally, you’re looking just as slutty as ever.”

“Aw Donovan don’t talk when you have a dick in your mouth,” I spat back and Adam chuckled next to Pat who elbowed him to shut up.

“Hey Pat, congrats on the cup man, can me and a couple of my buddies get into your cup party here for free?”

“How about you’re not invited and I don’t like you,” Pat fired back and Adam high fived him.

“Well, well, well if it isn’t Adam Burish, the man who married the biggest whore in Buffalo.”

“I didn’t know he married your mom, I thought he was married to me,” Leah said coming out of the dining room to sit on Adam’s lap.

“I suggest you not fuck with anyone in this family while I’m here today because I will kick your ass kid,” Adam said and Donovan rolled his eyes as Erica came into view.

“Guys can you let us talk in private,” she asked as everyone reluctantly nodded their heads.

“Call me if you need help throwing his ass out of here,” Adam said to Erica who nodded her head.

Jon’s POV

I was so pissed that Erica would let that douche bag in this house while I was here. I was her boyfriend for God’s sake. I deserved to be down there with her talking to him but I sat on the top of the stairs out of view watching them like a hawk in the mirror.

I felt my blood boil as the douche bag leaned over and kiss her. I flew up off of the steps and walked into her room slamming the door behind me.

“WHAT THE FUCK,” I shouted throwing the TV remote at the wall.

Did I not mean anything to her? I bought her a ring for God’s sake and she let him kiss her. I wasn’t going to give her the ring, it was going to be locked up in the safe at my parent’s house in Winnipeg for when I was ready but I gave her a promise ring on my birthday.

She hurt me by kissing him back, I loved her with all of my heart and thought that our two years together meant something to her but that blew up in my face when she kissed that jackass.

“Jon,” she said coming into the room shutting the door behind her, “Can we talk?”

“There’s nothing to talk about,” I said packing my suitcase.

“Where are you going,” she asked.

“Home to Winnipeg, that’s where I’m going.”

“I thought we weren’t leaving until Thursday.”

“I’m going home a few days early, is that okay with you?”

“Jon, what’s wrong,” she said coming over to me and turning my face to meet hers.

“I saw you kiss him, Erica.”

“I didn’t kiss him, Jonny, he kissed me.”

“Do you expect me to believe that? You didn’t exactly pull away from him.”

“I slapped him, and Ally punched him in the face and re-broke his nose. I’d never cheat on you let alone think about kissing my douche bag ex-boyfriend. I love you, Jonny.”

“I love you too, Erica but I need time to think.”

I didn’t bother to look at her face, I know I hurt her. I felt like that asshole that just left and I promised I’d never hurt her but I broke that promise.

“Jonny,” she said reaching out and I pulled away zipping my suitcase and walking out of the house without saying goodbye to the Kane family or Erica.

I saw her through the rearview mirror of my rental car sitting on the porch just staring after my car. I tried to forget the image as I got onto the highway heading towards the airport.

“DAMN IT,” I cursed pulling over on the side of the road. Quickly doing a U-turn I sped off towards the house.

Erica had her back to me as I put the car in park in the middle of the street and ran behind her pulling her to me kissing her.

“Jonny,” she cried.

“I’m sorry,” I said placing a kiss on her lips.

“I love you and only you.”

I gave her another kiss and I felt the ring box in my pocket but I couldn’t bring myself to ask her to marry me but I knew deep in my heart that she was going to live in Chicago with me this season and that she will be mine forever because no one and nothing is going to come between us. So much for a welcome home for Pat and Ally, they can’t escape drama no matter how hard they try.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Chapter 23-When You Wish Upon a Star

“Come on Ally, we’re going to be late if you don’t hurry your ass up,” Pat shouted at me from downstairs.

“I need to put these boxes away.”

“We can do it when we get home, we got to go. The plane doesn’t wait for us.”

“I’m coming,” I said sliding the boxes in the closet before I grabbed my tank tops and shorts out of my drawer and threw them in my suitcase. My carry-on was already packed with my toiletries.

“Finally,” Pat said looking at his watch, “Our plane leaves in an hour and a half and we have to go through security.”

“What are you so worked up about?”

“I want to make it to Disney in time to see the fireworks.”

“We have the whole week to see fireworks, what’s so special about tonight?”

“I haven’t saw fireworks in a while and I want to see them, okay.”

“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, why?”

“You’re acting weird, are you sick?”

“I’m fine, I promise,” Pat said kissing me quickly changing the subject to our new place, “How do you like the new house so far?”

“I love it, I can’t wait for us to come home so I can finish decorating it. I love our fireplace in the living room. We have to go through our laptops and find pictures of us somewhere. I have to call Carmen and see if she still has that picture of us that’s in my locket.”

“That sounds great,” he said locking the door behind him, “What kind of games do you want in the game room?”

“I really want a Wii and we’ll get a pool table.”

“Really, you want a pool table?”

“Yeah, sure, why not? You suck at it might as well improve your game over the summer so you can beat the guys.”

Pat laughed as we drove down the freeway, “What do you really want to see the most in Disney World?”

“I really want to see Cinderella’s castle and I’m thinking we go to Universal Studios.”

“Sounds good,” he said smiling.

“Don’t forget we promised my parents we’d go visit them for a few days when we’re there.”

“Your dad is taking me golfing.”


Pat laughed at my reaction as we pulled into the airport, “He said he’d take me golfing so we could get to know each other.”

“I’m going to have a talk with him before you go, I don’t want him murdering you.”

Pat smiled and leaned over the console to give me a kiss at the red light, “He won’t murder me, I promise and besides the only way I’m leaving you is if someone kills me.”

I smiled and gave him a kiss, “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

We pulled into the airport and got our bags out of the trunk and walked towards the doors. We had barely made our plane due to the excessively long lines at the airport.

“I told you we were going to be late,” Pat said as we buckled our seatbelts on the airplane.

“Oh shut up, we made it didn’t we.”

“If you wouldn’t have took five hours in the bathroom fixing your hair we would have been here early.”

“Oh we’re going to start fighting now on the way to the happiest place on earth, you’re such a fucking scrooge.”

“I’m a fucking scrooge, you hog the mirror.”

“UGH! Don’t talk to me right now, I hate you,” I said putting my headphones in my ears and turning up the volume on my iPhone. Pat tried to take my hand and I pulled away and he sighed before he pulled his laptop out and started playing a game.

Once we were up in the air, I took my seatbelt off and walked to the bathroom to call Erica to see if she knew anything about why Pat was acting the way he is.

I didn’t even get to the door of the bathroom when Pat grabbed me and push me in the bathroom. His lips crashed down on mine and before I could push him away my shirt was over my head and he was kissing the top of my breasts.

“Stop it, I’m mad at you,” I moaned and he laughed as his lips crashed down on mine again and his hands roamed my back.

“I’m going to have you screaming my name by the time the plane lands.”

“We can’t do this here,” I whispered, “People will hear us.”

“Not if you keep quiet,” he said kissing me again. This time my hands fell down to his jeans and I quickly unbuttoned and unzipped them. He stepped out of them and I pulled his shirt over his head.

Pat leaned down and kissed my neck as he reached behind my back and undid my bra.

“This isn’t fair,” he said smirking, “You still have pants on.”

“Take them off then,” I moaned and he pulled away and undid the button with his hands before he crouched down and unzipped my pants using his teeth.

Pat smirked before he slid my pants and my jeans down my legs. I shrieked when his tongue ran over my most sensitive area. I moaned as his tongue worked between my legs. I threw my head back in pleasure and picked my shirt up off the sink holding it up to my mouth so I could scream.

I heard Pat laugh and he stood up before he took his boxers off and entered me. I moaned as he picked up his pace and our bodies rocked together. When we were on the verge of climaxing, I put my lips against his neck and bit down.

“I’m sorry,” he said hugging me when we were done, “I just want us to have a good time and I want everything to be perfect.”

“It’s okay,” I said giving him a kiss, “I understand completely but I just didn’t want us to fight.”

“Let’s not fight this whole vacation, this vacation is all about us: No fans, no media, no friends, no family, just me and you.”

“We’re still going to visit my parents though,” I said.

“For one day, other than that it’s OUR vacation,” he said emphasizing our.

“Come on let’s go back out there before they send the air marshals in to remove us from the plane,” I said and he laughed. It was funny trying to get dressed in an airplane bathroom.

“I’ve changed in locker rooms as big as this before,” Pat said pulling his shirt over his head before he reached down and pulled on his boxers and his jeans.

“A little help here,” I said and he smirked before he reached down to grab my bra and pulled it over my head followed by my shirt.

“Can we go again?”

“Our hotel room is going to be so lonely without us.”

“Good point,” he said smiling before he handed me my jeans.

I finished getting dressed and he walked out of the bathroom first and I came out five minutes later so no one got suspicious. I sat down next to Pat and he put his arm around my shoulders and I put my head on his chest before I pulled out my phone and clicked the picture open that Leah sent me.

“Aw Pat look,” I said showing him my phone, “Leah and Adam had their first ultrasound today.”

“I see the baby, it looks like Adam with that big ass nose.”

“You’re an asshole,” I said laughing as I texted her back.

“When we get to Disney World, can we take a nap? I’m tired.”

“Sure, I said smiling but I thought you wanted to see fireworks.”

“Like you said we have all week to see fireworks so let’s just go to bed when we get there and then we’ll get up early, have breakfast, and go see the park.”

“Sounds good.”

The pilot came on the intercom and told us to fasten our seatbelts because we would be landing in Orlando soon.

When we arrived in Orlando, the excessive heat felt really good. It was hot back in Buffalo but just in the late 70s and down here in Florida it was almost 90.

“It’s hot as hell down here,” I said fanning myself and pulling my sunglasses down off my head as we waited for our rental car.

“There’s our car,” Pat said pointing to the champagne colored BMW that pulled up in front of the airport.

“It better be a convertible.”

“She’s spoiled,” Pat said to the driver who handed him the keys.

“Fuck off asshole,” I spat back flipping him off.

“We already did on the plane,” Pat smirked opening the trunk and we threw our bags in before we climbed into the car, “I got a surprise for you.”


Pat pressed a button and the roof came down on the car and I smiled, “See I knew you always wanted a convertible.”

“Can I please trade my car in for one when we go back home?”

“We’ll see, you would look hot driving a convertible.”

“They make mine in convertibles and we can just upgrade.”

“Okay,” Pat said smiling and we pulled into the hotel in downtown Disney.

“OH MY GOD,” I shrieked pulling my phone out of my pocket and zoomed in on Cinderella’s castle.

“Want me to take a picture with it behind you,” Pat asked.

“No, come here we’ll get the picture together with it behind us,” I said and he came over and put his cheek against mine and I snapped the picture.

I yawned and Pat laughed, “You’re really tired, aren’t you?”

“Yes, can we please check in and go to sleep?”

We checked in and as soon as we got upstairs, I stripped out of clothes and lay in bed. Pat stripped down to his boxers and lied down next to me.

“Goodnight,” he said giving me a kiss.

“Goodnight, I love you.”

“I love you too.”

We both woke up the next day and went to the parade in Disney World before we took off to eat and to ride.

“I really want to ride the teacups,” Pat said and I laughed, “What? I’m being serious.”

“Do you want a pair of Mickey ears too?”

“I kind of do actually.”

I busted out laughing, “You’re such a kid.”

“Come on you cannot stand there and tell me that you don’t want to ride the teacups and you don’t want a pair of Mickey ears.”

“I never denied it,” I said smirking and he laughed.

“SEE, I knew you wanted a pair just as much as I did and you want to ride the teacups.”

Pat took my hand and we headed off towards the gift shop where we could buy our Mickey Mouse ears. I settled on the pink tattoo printed ones and Pat settled for the plain black ones.

“Wait until your sisters and the guys see these pictures, you are going to be made fun of so bad.”

“Oh shut up, everyone gets them when they come here. I swore to myself that I wasn’t leaving here without a pair.”

“You’re such a kid at heart, but little kids don’t beat up taxi drivers.”

Pat laughed and I smiled at him as he pulled me to him, wrapping his arms around my waist, “Take it back,” he whispered.

“Nope,” I said smirking taking his hat off of his head and putting it on mine as we stood against the wall in Disney World.

“Don’t make me chase you.”

“You can’t chase me without knocking over a little kid, so I advise you not to.”

Pat rolled his eyes and grabbed his hat off of my head and gave me a kiss before he released me from his arms and took my hand heading towards the direction of the teacups ride.

We waited in line and when we got in the teacups, spinning around and around we could not help but smile like two little kids. The fireworks and the parade at night were definitely my favorite thing about the whole day. I looked around Pat and myself and there were couples kissing and children clapping and waving to their favorite Disney characters.

I remembered an episode of Full House where Danny proposed to Vicky through fireworks and I really wanted Pat to propose while we were here but a nagging part of me told me that this was the end of our relationship. I thought back to our talk a couple of weeks ago when he told me that coming down here to Orlando would make us two different people and we were never going to be the same.

Lately Pat and I were inseparable and it felt like everything was back to the way it was before. Even though we’ve been back together for five months and were almost together four years, things were uneasy for me hearing those words in my head.

“What are you thinking about,” Pat asked smiling down at me as we watched the fireworks shaped like Mickey ears go off.

“Nothing,” I lied, “Just thinking about how amazing it is that I’m here with you watching this and about how we’ve managed to last together almost four years.”

“I love you,” he said squeezing my hand before giving me a kiss, “Always have and I always will.”

“I love you too,” I said and he let my hand go and wrapped his arm around my waist and kissed my forehead. Any doubt I had of him leaving me flew out the window and my mind was finally at ease as the fireworks ended and we headed back to the hotel hand in hand.

“Come on babe, get some sleep, we’re going to visit your parents tomorrow,” Pat said stripping out of his sweatshirt.

“Tomorrow,” I questioned coming out of the bathroom, “I thought you said we were going on later on in the week.”

“Well your dad called me earlier and it’s supposed to rain the day we were supposed to go and it’s going to be a little bit cooler tomorrow so we’re going then while we’re out your mom is taking you wedding dress shopping.


“She thinks we’re still engaged and she said we need to start planning the wedding since we’ve been engaged for three years. You never did tell her we broke up, did you?”

“Why would I, so my dad could have told me that you were no good and that he was right. There was no way in hell I was doing that.”

“You need to wear a ring then,” Pat said.

“I still wear that one you gave me at the airport,” I replied flashing him my hand, “We’ll just say I lost the one you gave me and I wanted something smaller when we replaced it.”

“I was trying to think of a lie we could tell and you told one off the top of your head, I don’t know whether to be impressed or scared.”

“Fuck you,” I spat flipping him off.

“I really want to babe but I’m exhausted and besides we can rock each other’s worlds tomorrow when we get back,” Pat smiled wiggling his eyebrows.

“You’re such a horn dog.”

“I don’t hear you complaining, it’s more like begging me for more, ‘OH PATRICK DON’T STOP,’ ‘RIGHT THERE PATRICK THAT FEELS GOOD.”

I picked up the nearest object which was my flip flop and threw it at his head and he ducked laughing as I walked into the bathroom and slammed the door.

I came out after I showered and climbed in bed next to Pat who was already asleep or so I thought.

I pulled the covers down and turned on my side when I felt him turn over and wrap his arms around me.

“I’m sorry,” he said kissing my shoulder, “I didn’t mean to make you mad.”

“You didn’t make me mad and if you think you did then you obviously didn’t hear me laughing my ass off in the bathroom.”

He turned me around so he could give me a kiss and before I knew it we were making out and our hands were roaming each other’s bodies.

“I really want to have sex right now but we got to get up early tomorrow and I can’t be out of it when golfing with your dad,” Pat whispered against my lips before he kissed me again.

“I got a surprise for you anyways so tomorrow’s good, it gives me more time to plan it,” I said pulling away and I saw him smirk in the dark.

“I love your surprises, is it another outfit? God, I loved that police officer outfit.”

“I’m not saying a word,” I said giving him another kiss before he gave me a hug and held me in his arms.

“I love you,” he said rubbing his hands up and down my back.

“I love you too,” I said kissing his chest before I let his heartbeat become my lullaby as I drifted off to sleep.

I drove the rental car to my parent’s house in south Florida. We pulled into the driveway and I used my key to let us in.

“Mom, dad,” I called out, “We’re here.”

“Ally, sweetie,” my mom said stepping out of the kitchen, “Long time no see.”

“We just saw you guys two weeks ago,” I replied laughing as she hugged me and Pat.

“Your father is upstairs getting dressed to head out with Pat and then you and I are going wedding dress shopping.”

I groaned and Pat laughed as my mom took my hand dragged me outside to the backyard with Pat following close behind.

“Patrick, my boy,” my dad said hugging him when he came outside, “Ready to hit the course.”

“I’ve been ready since last spring when Ally and I went to Pebble Beach.”

“Seriously, you guys went to Pebble Beach,” my dad asked, “Wow, I have been dying to go there but it’s so expensive.”

“I’d love to take you there one day,” Pat offered and my dad’s eyes went wide.

“That’s a very generous offer but I can’t accept that, I don’t want you spending all of your money.”

“Tony, you sound like Ally. She says that to me all of the time when I do something nice for her.”

My dad laughed and Pat stood up giving me a kiss goodbye as he and my dad headed for the door and were off for the rest of the day.

“Sweetheart, are you ready to go?”

“Mom, I can’t go.”

“Why not?”

“I don’t have a wedding to plan or an engagement ring.”

“What are you talking about? You and Patrick have been engaged for three years.”

“No we have not,” I said sighing, now was the time to tell her everything, “I called off the engagement back in August.”

“Why,” my mom asked sitting down next to me and taking my hand.

“Pat was arrested and I stuck by him when that happened but shortly after that incriminating pictures of him cheating surfaced on the internet and I broke up with him for five months and stayed with Aunt Kate in Jacksonville.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I didn’t want dad saying ‘I told you so’ I know he hated Pat. I heard him talking to you about it when we came to visit the first time. That’s why Pat and I left.”

“Honey,” my mom said rubbing my arm, “You could have told me and I wouldn’t have told your father, when did you and Patrick get back together?”

“In February when he was in Vancouver for the Olympics, when I went back to Buffalo to watch the house for the Kanes, he sent me flowers on Valentine’s Day with an apology letter attached that had a plane ticket and tickets to the gold medal game in it. He was miserable and so was I, after getting things cleared up about the pictures and several of his teammates confirming that he didn’t cheat, I flew to Vancouver for the game and we got back together after we talked when they lost.”

“No wedding dress then,” my mom asked.

“Not right now but I promise as soon as he proposes again, I’ll fly down with Donna and the girls and we’ll look,” I said smiling and my mom hugged me. Little did I know Patrick was planning to propose on our last night in Orlando.

I was sad when Patrick and I walked around Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Tonight was our last night in Orlando before we would return to Buffalo. Over the last week, Pat and I have gotten closer than ever and Pat was right that we wouldn’t be the same when we left Orlando because this vacation brought us closer than before.

Watching the fireworks on a hill that overlooked the park was beautiful, I sat between Pat’s legs as he had his arms around my waist and I sat against his chest. There were several other people around us and I smiled at how quiet everything was.

I sat there in awe as a firework went off that looked like a diamond ring then a heart went off with the initials, AJ in the center.

“Oh my God, Pat, did you see that one,” I asked, “I loved the diamond ring then the heart with AJ in it, I get it now, someone is asking someone else with the initials AJ to marry them.”

Pat sat there not saying anything, as I suddenly felt him slide the ring that he had bought me after they won the cup off of my left ring finger and he quickly replaced it with something else. I looked down at my hand and noticed my engagement ring from before.

I felt the tears well up in my eyes as Pat picked me up and sat me down next to him before he knelt down in front of me on one knee.

“Pat,” I barely managed to get out when he took my hand in his.

“Ally, I love you so much. When we first planned to come to Disney World, I had this all planned out and set in stone. We’ve been through so much and we never stopped loving each other. You’ve been there for me when the world shut me out and before I was Patrick Kane, Stanley Cup Champion, and I want you to be there for me when no one knows who the hell I am, what I’m trying to ask is, Ally, will you marry me?”

“Yes,” I choked out and he stood up pulling me with him as the fireworks continued to go off around us. We stood there on the hill wrapped up in each other’s arms and kissing each other every five seconds.

“Come on, let’s get out of here,” he said and I nodded my head as we walked off towards the hotel.

“Where are we going,” I asked as Pat pressed a different button on the hotel elevator, “Our room is on the third floor, not the tenth.”

“You’ll see where we’re going in a minute,” Pat replied holding my hand as the elevator doors dinged and we stepped out into the hall and Pat led me away.

“This is the suites floor, what the hell are we doing here?”

“Close your eyes,” Pat said and I looked at him suspiciously, “Please Ally just close your eyes.”

“Okay.” I didn’t even bother questioning him, I trusted him with my life. I heard Pat fiddle with a door on a room and he pulled me in a room shutting the door behind him.

“Can I open my eyes,” I asked.

“Not yet, hold on,” Pat said walking away and I leaned against the door with my eyes still closed.

“Pat,” I whined.

“Go ahead, open them.” I gasped as I saw the heart shaped bed with the peach rose petal trail that went from the door to the bed and the champagne in the bucket next to the bed with the candles lit on the night stand.


“Shh,” he said wrapping his arms around me, “Don’t cry.”

“I’m crying because I’m happy, I love you.”

“I love you too,” he replied giving me a kiss, “What do you think of our room for our last night in Florida.”

“I love it, I definitely didn’t expect you to propose with the fireworks and I definitely didn’t expect this room.”

“There’s a jacuzzi bathtub in the bathroom big enough for the both of us, what do you say we go celebrate in there for a little while?”

“What are we waiting here for then,” I asked and he smiled as we both headed into the bathroom.

As soon as we were both out of our clothes we climbed into the bathtub. Pat had his back against the wall and I sat down in front of him between his legs and leaned back against him as he kissed my neck running his hands up and down my sides.

“Pat,” I moaned when I felt his fingers trace my most sensitive area.

“I want to make love to you every night for the rest of my life,” he whispered in my ear before he bit my ear lobe.

I turned around in the tub so that I was straddling him, I reached into the water and pushed him into me as I rocked my hips back and forth enjoying the feeling as we both moaned that we were now one.

I’ve never been happier in my life, Pat was the one for me and I was more ready now than ever to be married to him. He’s changed my life a lot and I know I changed his a lot. He was my everything, my world revolved around him.

Patrick was right, this vacation changed us into two completely different people. We were no longer just boyfriend and girlfriend, we were now engaged and he could call me his fiancée and I can call him my fiancé also.

We grew up a lot on this vacation because we were in the happiest place on earth both physically in Florida and emotionally in each other. I guess everything comes true when you wish upon a star like Disney always tells you to do and I was thanking my lucky stars because my wish of being with Patrick came true.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Chapter 22-Love is all fun and games until someone gets pregnant

“Tony, stop spying on them,” Cheryl scolded as Tony stood in front of the kitchen window watching Ally and Pat.

“Look Cheryl,” he said pointing out the window.

“How long have they been out there like that?”

“For about fifteen minutes,” Tony said as Pat gave Ally another kiss.

“He really loves her Tony.”

“I know,” he said smiling, “Every five seconds, he’s rubbing her back and giving her a kiss. It’s kind of pathetic if you ask me.”

Cheryl laughed at this and patted him on his back, “It only took you two years to see that he’s actually good for our daughter.”

“I was stubborn, she’s my only baby girl.”

“I know but you had to know the day would come when she would fall in love.”

“I thought it would be countless times but one guy for two years, that’s pretty impressive.”

“According to Donna, he’s never been in a relationship before either.”

“Do you think they’re going to be engaged again anytime soon?”

“Ally told me she gave him the ring back because they both came to the conclusion that they were too young to be married.”

“What the hell just happened out there,” Tony asked as the water splashed on the window.

“I think he either threw her in the pool or she went in and he dove in,” Cheryl said laughing as Pat hit Ally with a noodle.

Normal POV

“PAT,” I screamed as I was in midair heading into the pool, “You are a bastard and I am going to kill you.”

“Hey, I told you what would happen if you threatened to cut the mullet off again,” he said laughing and I spit water in his face.

“I swear to God I am cutting it off, it’s so gross.”

“You don’t seem to mind it when you’re holding onto it for dear life.”

“I also like when I can run my hands through it.”

“This is nice,” Pat said pulling me towards him, “Just the two of us in Florida with no distractions.”

“I don’t want to go back to Chicago or Buffalo after being here for a week.”

“The good news is we go back to Buffalo for a few days, go to Vegas for the NHL awards, and then we come back down to Florida for Disney World.”

“This is really the summer I hoped for.”

“It’s all I ever dreamed of and the best part about it is, I’m not alone and have someone to share it with.”

I smiled and so did Pat as he pulled me closer and wrapped his arms around me.

“I wish my dad will just take a picture of us already, he’s been standing in the window for the past twenty minutes.”

Pat turned around and waved to my dad who smiled and waved back.

“Want to go out to dinner with your parents tonight?”

“You’re being serious,” I asked raising an eyebrow.

“Hey, we might as well. I mean your dad and I get along now, your mom and grandma love me, and well I haven’t met your grandfather yet.”

“Okay,” I said smiling when my dad came outside.

“Hey kids, play nice now. We don’t want anyone getting injured with the noodles.”

Pat laughed, “Hey Tony, she started it.”

I smacked his chest and smacked him in the head with the noodle and he pushed my head under the water and we splashed my dad.

“Sorry dad,” I said pushing Pat who slipped and fell backwards in the pool and I laughed.

“Ha ha, real funny,” he said climbing out of the pool and put me on his shoulders before he flipped me back into the pool.

“Not funny Billy Ray,” I replied and he grabbed the water gun and started squirting me.

“That’s it,” he said swimming towards me and I ran as fast as I could in the water up the steps and out of the gate towards the beach. I was halfway down the beach when I was tackled to the grown and Pat sat on me holding me down.

“RAPE,” I screamed and Pat was trying to shut me up.

“Shut up before people really think I’m raping you.”

“I’ll shut up on one condition.”

“…and what might that be?”

“You kiss me,” I whispered and Pat smiled before he leaned in closer and I sat up. Our lips met in the middle and I felt the fireworks going off around us.

I felt as if we were the only two people in the world and suddenly I moaned as Pat’s hands roamed up my sides.

“I love you,” he said before his tongue started battling with my own.

“You know there’s a pier over there where no one would be able to see us.”

“Are you trying to seduce me on the beach,” Pat whispered.

“Is it working,” I asked as I licked his neck and he moaned.

“Ally,” he gasped picking me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist.

“The pier is right over there,” I whispered against his lips and before I knew it we were near the abandoned boat that has been washed up since I was a kid.

“How did you find this place,” he asked when I threw my bikini top over my head.

“I used to come out here to think when I was a kid and visited down here.”

“What could you have possibly needed to think about when you were nine or ten?”

“You,” I said kissing him again and I felt my back touch the sand and he laid a trail of kisses down my jaw and then my neck and before I knew it my back arched off the ground as he gently kissed my breasts.

“I thought about you all of the time,” he said as I slid his swimming trunks down his legs, “I couldn’t wait to hold you.”

He kissed my lips, “or touch you,” he whispered kissing my neck.

“I hated it when you left to go play hockey when you were fourteen,” I admitted, “It broke my heart.”

“I’ve broken your heart a lot but as God as my witness those days are over,” he said slowly entering me and I screamed in pleasure.

I’ve always fantasized about having sex on the beach for some reason and I knew when I ran down to the beach that this was going to be the day I did. Pat and I haven’t had sex since they won the cup since he’d pass out when we got home from the club or I’d be sleeping when he stumbled through the door.

“I’m never getting drunk again,” he said pulling on his swim trunks, “That was the best sex we’ve had in a long time.”

“If you wouldn’t pass out when you’d get home from the bar we’d have sex as much as we used to.”

“Come on let’s head back before your dad sends the cadaver dogs.”

“Hey,” I said smacking his chest and he put me on his back and piggy backed me the whole way up the beach back to my parent’s house.

“Where’d you two wonder off to,” my mom asked.

“We went for a walk and talked about what we are doing tonight,” I lied and Pat squeezed my hand.

“We want to take you guys out to dinner,” Pat said, “It’ll be on me.”

“Nonsense, it’ll be on me,” my dad offered.

“Don’t even bother arguing, let him pay for it,” I whispered and Pat laughed.

“Stop telling the family secrets, Alexandra,” my dad said.

“Your real name is Alexandra,” Pat asked.

“No, it’s Ally,” I growled, “My dad likes to think my real name is Alexandra.”

“Oh,” Pat laughed, “I was like who the hell is Alexandra?”

“Alright guys go get showered and changed then we will go. I’ll call up your grandparents and tell them where to meet us.

Dinner went off without a hitch, my grandfather loved Pat. Then again my grandfather has always been a diehard hockey fan. I grew up hearing stories about Gordie Howe, Bobby Orr, Maurice Richard, and Michel Briere.

Once my grandfather saw who my boyfriend was he was star struck because he loved Pat as a junior hockey player for the USA and he followed his career to the Blackhawks.

“You mean for two years he had no idea who your boyfriend was,” Pat asked.

“Hey he was in early stages of dementia and was recently put on medicine,” I said and Pat laughed.

“Oh,” he replied, “I was kind of shocked.”

“I’m starting to miss everybody back home.”

“Me too.”

“Want to go back home tomorrow?”

“What about your dad,” Pat asked, “Is he okay?”

“He finishes rehab tomorrow,” I said, “Once he’s done we’ll head back to Buffalo.”

“Okay,” he said smiling.

When dinner was over we went home and packed to head back to Buffalo. My mom was sad to see us go but Pat and I knew we were both going to be spending a lot of time in Florida now. We told them we would come down to visit them again in a few weeks when we went to Disney World.

Our flight arrived at Greater Buffalo International airport at five o’clock. Adam and Leah were there to pick us up.

“Ally,” Leah said hugging me crying, “I missed you.”

“I missed you too, why are you crying?”

“I’m just so happy to see you, it’s been what three weeks now?”

“It has been a long time, how’s the baby doing?”

“Both me and the baby are fine, we’ll be able to find out in two months what the sex is.”

“I hope it’s a girl,” I said and Adam rolled his eyes.

“How was Florida,” Adam asked.

“Florida was pretty great, we got a natural tan unlike you Mr. Fake Bake,” Pat said to Adam who flipped him off.

“Ally, Donna wants to take all of the Kane girls out today to spend time with them since we haven’t all been together in a while.”

“I love the sound of that,” I said as we climbed in the car.

“BEER,” Adam screamed walking into the house, “Where’s the beer?”

“It’s in the cooler by the door,” Pat Sr. said, “Why?”

“I can’t take her hormones anymore,” Adam said cracking the can open and chugging it down, “One minute she’s nice, one minute she’s crying, one minute she’s horny, one minute she hates me. I CANNOT wait until she spits that kid out. I’m going to need a whole fucking case of this shit.”

“I was through it four times, it’s all worth it in the end though when your baby smiles at you.”

“I mean I love her but these hormones and these cravings are terrible. Last night she had me driving all around Buffalo trying to find a Starbucks that was open twenty-four hours.”

“They aren’t open twenty-four hours though,” Jon said.

“That is why she slapped me across the face and told me I was a bad husband.”

“Are you serious,” Pat asked.

“How was Florida,” Donna asked me as I sat down at the dining room table with her, Erica, Jackie, Jessica, and Leah.

“It was really nice, scary at first though because of the whole situation with my dad having his heart attack but it worked out for the better because he finally likes Pat.”

“It took him long enough,” Leah said, “Do we have any ice cream?”

“No, but we can get some at the mall,” Jackie said.

“I want pizza,” Leah said again and Erica laughed.

“Is that all you think about is food?”

“Hey! I’m pregnant which means I’m eating for two.”

“What are we going to do at the mall,” Jessica asked.

“Let’s get our nails done first,” Donna began, “Then we’ll go get some dinner and we’ll go see a movie.”

“What movie,” Leah asked, “How about Toy Story 3?”

“I want to see Get him to the Greek,” Jackie whined.

“Toy Story 3 looks really good though,” Leah cried and I buried my face in Erica’s arm laughing.

“Her hormones SUCK,” Jackie said and Donna laughed.

“Who here votes Toy Story 3,” I asked causing Leah, Donna, Erica, and I to raise our hands.

“Looks like you two lost,” Erica said to her sisters.

“Just because you two date NHL hockey players and you’re married to one doesn’t give you the rights to be the bitches of the century,” Jessica said.

“Yes it does,” Erica, Leah, and I said in unison and Donna laughed.

“Alright ladies, come on let’s go say goodbye to the boys before we go.”

We headed out back and Leah sat on Adam’s lap and I saw him roll his eyes and I couldn’t help but laugh. Her hormones were getting the best of him and they either needed to have sex soon or she needed to be put on some bitch pills.

“Pat, we’re leaving I’ll call you.”

“Alright, see you later baby,” he replied giving me a kiss.

“Buy me something nice at the mall,” Jon said winking at Erica.

“I’m flat ass broke right now and you want me to buy you something.”

Jon reached into his pocket and pulled out his credit card, “You’re not broke anymore.”

“I’m not using your credit card,” Erica said, “I always feel like I’m using you.”

“I know you’re not using me just take it or else I’ll be mad if you don’t.”

“Fine,” Erica said giving him a kiss, “Thank you, I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“Here Ally,” Pat said reaching into his pocket and handing me his credit card.

“He does it so you do it,” I said laughing, “You spoil me enough, I have my own money that I took out the bank when we were in Florida. I’ll buy you something.”

“Come on babe, take it.”

“No, please baby let me spend my own money,” I whispered, “I’ll buy another sexy outfit.”

“Okay,” he said putting the credit card back in his wallet, “Can you get a nurse outfit or a cowgirl?”

“We’ll see,” I laughed and I gave him a quick kiss before I got in the car.

“Adam, I want you right now,” Leah whispered to Adam who just sat there.

“We’ll play later but right now you’re going out with your family.”

“What’s wrong? You don’t love me anymore,” she cried.

“I love you to death, you know that but I don’t think your family would appreciate it if you didn’t go with them.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too,” Adam said kissing her.

“Ally, please go get her before I leave without her,” Donna said from the driver’s seat.

“Leah,” I said walking over to where Adam was sitting with her on his lap, “Come on Donna is going to leave without you.”

“Are you going to arrest her if she doesn’t cooperate,” Adam asked and Pat started choking on the beer he had in his mouth.

“What the hell did you just say?”

“You heard me, Ally,” Adam said smirking.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” I said looking at Pat who sat there not saying a word.

“I think you do,” Adam provoked.

“Whatever what I do is none of your business.”

“LEAH, LET’S GO,” Erica said pulling her off of Adam.

“Did your mom send you over here to teach me a lesson,” Adam asked Leah and Jon started coughing.

“What,” Erica asked.

“Are you going to spank me with your ruler?”

“ALRIGHT THAT’S ENOUGH, LEAH LET’S GO BEFORE I KILL YOUR HUSBAND,” Erica said and we headed for the car, “Leah remind us not to tell you anything ever again.”

“I want to stay with Adam,” she said.

“I’ll buy you ice cream,” I said.

“I love ice cream,” Leah said opening the car door, “But I still want to stay with Adam.”

“I’ll buy you pizza,” Erica said.

“OOLLL OKAY,” Leah shrieked closing the car door.

“FINALLY,” Donna said, “It only took you three hours.”

We shopped around the mall and I ended up buying three sexy outfits for Pat. I caved in to buying a nurse, cowgirl, and French maid outfit.

Erica bought the same French maid outfit for Jon. Donna couldn’t help but laugh and when we went to dinner we all laughed at telling the stories about the after parties after the boys won the cup.

“You know, Ally almost fought a girl,” Erica said and Donna laughed.

“Wow it’s eleven o’clock already,” Donna said, “We better head home.”

“I’m sure the guys are drunk,” Leah said, “They had enough beer to give the army.”

When we got home the guys had a fire going in the backyard and were laughing when we came outside.

“We’re home,” Donna said as we walked through the gate.

“OH MY GOD,” I screamed dropping my bags and running over to Pat, “YOU GOT RID OF THE MULLET!”

“Adam shaved it for me while you were gone, I wanted to surprise you.”

“I love you, the hair, and Adam I especially love you for talking him into cutting it off,” I said running my hands through Pat’s hair.

“Thanks,” Adam said laughing as Leah sat down on his lap.

“Did you have fun at the mall, babe?”

“Yeah I did,” she said giving him a kiss.

“That’s good,” Adam said.

I gave Pat a kiss and took my bags up to my room. I heard the door close behind me and I looked up in the mirror and saw Pat standing there.

“Hey,” he said sitting down on the bed.

“Hi,” I said smiling.

“What’d you buy?”

“Just some clothes for Florida and a few other things.”

“Oh yeah, like what,” he smirked.

“You let me worry about that,” I said and he laughed.

“I bought you something while you were gone.”

“I told you to stop spoiling me.”

“Remember how I said a few weeks ago that I wanted privacy when we are here in Buffalo.”

“Yeah, why?”

Pat pulled something out of his back pocket and handed it to me, “Patrick what is this,” I asked staring at white papers that were folded up like a letter.

“We’re moving into our new house when we come back from Disney World.”

“WHAT,” I gasped unfolding the mortgage papers that he gave to me, “Pat, I don’t know what to say.”

“Just say you’ll move in with me in Buffalo.”

“I mean I already live with you in Chicago but yes, I’ll move in with you in Buffalo.”

He smiled and gave me a hug and a kiss, “Come on let’s go enjoy the bonfire.”

We walked into the backyard and sat down with everyone. Jackie, Jessica, Erica, Leah, and I made s’mores while the guys talked about football and the upcoming season.

I was grateful to be surrounded by the people I loved and I couldn’t help but smile knowing that

Leah’s POV

Adam was taking me out to dinner tonight, I don’t know how he has been putting up lately. My pregnancy hormones have been getting the best of me but yet he has been putting up with it.

He was taking me to a restaurant that Pat suggested in Buffalo. I’ve never been there before since I was in Sweden for so long. We were staying with Donna and my uncle at the house that has been home to me since the whole ordeal with Jason.

“You look gorgeous, babe,” Adam said as we walked to the car.

“Thanks,” I said smiling, “So do you.”

I was wearing a black maternity dress that I had bought at the mall last night when Donna took the girls and I out. I had outgrown all of my clothes now and I was only two months pregnant. I wore my hair down and straightened with gold hoop earrings and black peep toed high heels.

Adam looked as hot as always in a black sports jacket with a black shirt underneath that was unbuttoned at the top with black dress pants. His hair was gelled back and he wore a smile.

“Are you ready to go,” he asked as we climbed into Pat’s SUV that he let us borrow for the night.

“Yep,” I said taking his arm and he lead me towards the car, “Where are we going?”

“Some place called the Friar’s Table.”

“I heard that place is really good, they call it like the best steakhouse in western New York.”

“I know which is why we are going there.”

We got to the restaurant and were seated right away since Adam had made a reservation.

“Look at that douchebag loud mouthing his girlfriend in a public place,” Adam said nodding towards the table where a guy and his girlfriend were arguing, “I hate assholes like that.”

“Jason did that to me all of the time,” I said looking at the menu.

“You don’t deserve that, no one does especially you.”

“Adam, what if we have a daughter and she goes through what I went through. I won’t be able to live with myself if I can’t protect her,” I cried.

“Babe,” Adam said taking my hand, “Listen to me, as long as I’m around nothing and no one is going to hurt you or our baby. I will fight my hardest to keep both of you safe. I love you and our baby more than life itself. Leah, you will never go through that again, I promise and if we have a daughter and that happens to her…the boy won’t live to see daylight because I will kill him with my bare hands. I love you, Leah. The day you walked into my life I became a better man and I would rather die than have my daughter be with a low life scumbag who will hurt her.”

Adam wrapped his arms around me and promised me that everything was going to be okay. Deep down I knew that as long as he was around nothing was going to hurt me and our baby without Adam hurting that person or something in return.

I guess what they say is true and that love is all fun and games until someone gets pregnant, I just hope Pat and Ally wait to have kids because pregnancy sure tests your relationship but they were going to be okay because they had overcame everything.

They’re going to Disney World in a few days and Pat has told us his surprise for Ally. I just pray to God she agrees because if she doesn’t Pat is going to be upset but I’m sure she will because they belong together and so do Adam and I.

Oh, how I love being bipolar while pregnant.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Chapter 21-If you're not the one then why does my hand fit yours this way

“So, you know what I’ve been thinking,” Pat said as he walked into our living room in Chicago while I was watching for Jon on Fuse. He was presenting at the Much Music Awards.

“You were thinking,” I scoffed, “With which head?”

“Ha ha if I was thinking with the head down South you’d be undressed right now.”

I rolled my eyes and he chuckled sitting down on the couch next to me, “Seriously, I have been thinking though and we need a night to ourselves. I’ve been out partying and you’ve been here home by yourself that I feel like I have been neglecting you which is why once Jon comes on, you are going to get dressed and we are going out to dinner.”

“Isn’t it a little late to be going out to dinner?”

“Not really, we both haven’t eaten anything all day, I’m starving, and we need to spend time together so I want to take you out.”

“Okay,” I said smiling, “Where are we going?”

“Nowhere special just somewhere we can be alone without distractions.”

“Alright, I’ll go get dressed.”

I didn’t bother getting dressed up but I wanted to be dressy while I was being casual. I put on a denim mini-skirt with black leggings underneath and a red tank top with a white tank top underneath that was slightly longer so you could see the lace on the bottom. I put on white Nike tennis shoes and straightened my hair putting my new side bangs back into a small bump.

“I love how you still look hot no matter what you wear,” Pat said smiling when I sat back down on the couch.

“Do everyone in Chicago a favor when we go out and wear a hat because that mullet is terrible.”

“I’m keeping it, it won the cup for us and I was on fire in the playoffs.”

“I’m going to cut it off when you go to sleep. I swear I am.” I had it all planned out in my head, one night while he’s sleeping, that mullet is coming off.

“I’ll be sure to sleep with one eye open then,” he joked and shut the TV off before he headed down the hall to our room so he could change.

He came out 10 minutes later wearing long denim jean shorts, a black polo shirt that showed off his toned body, black tennis shoes like the ones I had on, and a backwards black baseball hat.

“You tell me I look hot then you come out looking like that,” I said with my eyebrow raised, “Not very fair.”

“What’s fair is foul and foul is fair.”

“What the hell does that mean?”

“I don’t know, I read it in high school, I think its Shakespeare or some shit like that.”

“Romeo, Romeo where art thou Romeo,” I said holding my hand to my chest and Pat rolled his eyes.

“Let’s go, you crazy bitch.”

“Yet I fuck so good I’m on top of it,” I said and Pat laughed as we left the house.

We took the elevator to the garage and I handed Pat my keys so he could drive my car.

“You barely let me drive this thing, why the sudden change of heart?”

“You’d look hot driving it so here’s the keys have fun.”

Pat opened my door and gave me a kiss on my lips before he walked around to the driver’s side.

“Safety first Patrick,” I said, “Rule number one when we drive this car, you always wear your seatbelt.”

“Yes mom,” he replied pulling his down to the buckle.

He started the car and we tore out of the garage heading to God knows where. We arrived in front of one of my favorite places in Chicago, Blackbird Restaurant.

“We haven’t been here in a while.”

“I know, that’s why I said dress casual. I wanted to bring you here,” Pat said and we both got out of the car.

We were seated in a booth in the back of the restaurant and Pat smiled at me when we sat down.

“I pray to God the waitress doesn’t try to flirt with you because I am not in the mood.”

“You’re worried about a waitress flirting with me and I’m worried about a waiter flirting with you.”

“Speak of the devil,” I groaned when our waiter walked over.

“Good evening, I’m Andrew and I’ll be your waiter this evening. May I start you two off with something to drink?”

“I’ll have a Bud Light,” Pat said. I could kill him right now for being twenty-one. My gut told me I was going to need alcohol in order to get through tonight.

“…and for you sweet thing,” Andrew flirted and I saw Pat tense up.

“I’ll have an iced tea.”

Andrew wrote down our drinks and walked away and I reached across the table taking Pat’s hand in mine.

“Calm down,” I said and he nodded his head, “He might just be trying to be friendly.”

“Ally, did you see him,” Pat asked, “He’s built better than I am and looks a hell of a lot better than I do. I think he’s flirting.”

“No one looks better than you,” I said squeezing his hand, “I am one hundred percent sure of that.”

Andrew came back over and set our drinks down in front of us, “Are you two ready to order?”

“I want the parmesan crusted dumpling with the asparagus,” Pat said handing Andrew his menu.

“I’ll have the same.”

“Anything for you, sweet cheeks,” he said smirking and I saw Pat’s face go blood red.

“Oh shit,” I said to myself when Pat finally spoke up for me.

“You know I really don’t appreciate you flirting with my fiancée in front of me,” Pat said and Andrew didn’t know what to say.

“Oh cut the bullshit Kane. The whole city of Chicago knows damn well she left your cheating ass for six months and that she WAS your fiancée and now she is just your girlfriend because she refuses to marry your sorry ass.”

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me, the internet talks and some fans dig deep. I think she can do much better than a cocky, arrogant, Stanley Cup winning jackass who goes out and parties every night while she’s at home worrying about who you’re going to fuck next.”

“You don’t know anything about me or our relationship,” Pat said standing up and I quickly stood up pushing him back down.

“I’m a waiter not a taxi driver,” Andrew smirked and I saw Pat clench his fist at his side.

“Baby, he’s not worth it,” I whispered to Pat, “Calm down.”

“Yeah Kane listen to your girl, you don’t any other time,” Andrew sarcastically said and I turned around and slapped him.

“Don’t talk to my boyfriend that way and you’re right I did leave him for six months and it was the biggest mistake of my life,” I said when the manager came over.

“What’s going on here,” he asked.

“We were trying to have a nice, quiet dinner and Andrew here decided to bring up our personal life,” Pat said and the manager looked at Andrew who was glaring at Pat.

“Andrew, clock out and go home your shift is over for tonight,” Ron said, “Mr. Kane, I’m so sorry for any trouble he may have given you and I can assure you that he will be taken care of tomorrow morning. Please stay and have dinner on us.”

“That’s not necessary,” Pat insisted, “We’ll just leave.”

“Please stay,” Ron replied, “I’ll take care of the two of you myself.”

“Let’s just stay, Pat,” I said as he nodded his head and sat back down in the booth. I sat next to him and held his hand as he sat there staring at the table, “Are you okay,” I asked.

“Yeah,” he replied attempting a smile and I knew he was lying, “Let’s just enjoy dinner.”

Ron brought out our food and neither one of us spoke a word while we ate. The silence was kind of nice but I knew deep down that we both needed to go somewhere and talk other than our house.

“Are you ready,” Pat asked when I took a drink of my iced tea and I nodded my head yes before I slid out of the booth and he followed suit. I grabbed his hand and squeezed it and he looked at me with pain in his eyes.

“Want me to drive,” I asked when we got outside and Pat shook his head no. He opened my door and I quickly got in the car. He slammed my door behind me and got in without even buckling his seatbelt. I didn’t even argue with him to put it on, arguing was the last thing we needed to do right now. Pat sped through the streets of Chicago and drove to the opposite side of the river to the wharf where people parked to see the city at night. We were the only ones there and I was grateful for that, even though my windows were tinted, people knew what my car looked like and would know it was us.

“Pat, what’s wrong,” I asked and he turned the car off slamming his fist on the steering wheel.

“I’m sick and tired of people telling me that I am not good enough for you,” he said, “Ally, maybe we shouldn’t be together everyone seems to think that.”

“Don’t talk like that, Pat I love you so much and I thought you knew that. Why are you letting people bring you down? Patrick, we are going to deal with people who disagree with our relationship for the rest of our lives.”

Pat put his head back on the headrest and closed his eyes. I saw the tear slide down his cheek and I felt the lump in my throat.

I leaned over the seat and pressed my lips to his cheek, “Don’t cry, baby, please.”

“Ally, why do you stay with me after everything I put you through when I clearly don’t deserve you?”

“For two and a half years we have been through everything under sun, Pat: A pregnancy scare, an engagement, a break-up, the Olympics, and a Stanley Cup trophy. What are you so afraid of?”

“There are plenty of guys out that are a hell of a lot better for you than I am. You don’t deserve me and I sure as hell don’t deserve you. I keep messing up our relationship. I’m worried that I am going to screw up really bad and lose you forever. I will never be able to live with myself if that happens. Why are you even with me? I’m a professional athlete who’s on the road half of the year, why do you put up with that?”

“I’m with you because I love you more than life itself and you being on the road all of the time doesn’t bother me because I know it’s me you’re coming home to. Some athletes don’t even have families to come home to or just families to support them but you have me, Jon, your sisters, and your parents. Pat, I’ve known you since I was five years old and when I hit the age where I knew what love was, I knew it was you I loved then and it sure as hell is you I love now.”

Pat sat there and I felt the tears falling from my eyes, I went to get out of the car just so I could clear my head and get some fresh air when I felt his hand grab my wrist.

“Where are you going,” he asked.

“I need air,” I said opening the door and he nodded his head as I climbed out of the car and shut the door behind me. I slid down the side of the car and sat down on the ground crying. Pat must have heard me because before I could lie on the ground in a ball, I felt two strong arms around me and my back was against the car. I was now standing and Pat was in front of me holding my hands.

“Why do you always talk about us breaking up,” I asked and Pat shrugged his shoulders, “You have to have a reason why.”

“I’m afraid of being in love,” he finally admitted, “You and I never had a serious relationship before we got together. We’re each other’s first loves and it scares me knowing we are one step away from marriage and I love you more than anything in this whole world.”

“It scares the hell out of me knowing that I love you as much as I do. I went on dates with guys before we got together but how did they work out? I dumped them after a week because they weren’t you and just wanted one thing from me. You, you were different. You knew how I wanted to be treated and you knew you wanted to be with me for something much more than sex. I was there for you before you were Patrick Kane, NHL superstar and Stanley Cup champion and I am going to be there for you after your career ends and the kids of the children who worship the ground you walk on won’t know who you are but will hear the stories about the man who scored the game winning goal in the 2010 Stanley Cup Finals and ended Chicago’s forty-nine year Stanley Cup drought. I love you Pat and I want to spend the rest of my life with you and it scares me knowing that I am twenty years old and I want to take the next step in my relationship.”

“You want to get married?”

“I want to be engaged again,” I said, “I want a long engagement so we have more time to plan the wedding of our dreams.”

“We’ll be engaged again soon, I promise,” Pat said leaning against the car next to me and I stood in front of him with my fingers through his belt loops looking into his eyes.

“I love you and don’t you ever forget it,” I said looking straight into those blue eyes that I loved so much.

“I love you too,” he said leaning down to give me a kiss and I put my arms around him and he held me in his arms. I never wanted to let go but we had to go home sometime.

“Come on, let’s go home,” I said and he gave me another kiss. The whole way home he held my hand as if his life depended on it and right now both of lives revolved around our relationship.

Jon’s POV

“Erica,” I called from the door of my house setting my bag against the wall. I didn’t get an answer and I went into the kitchen and noticed a note on the counter.


I went to the park with Ally, Alyssa, and Jordan. I’ll be home later.

Love, Erica

I grabbed a drink out of the refrigerator and sat down at the counter going through the mail. Nothing but a couple of bills that I paid monthly and an information packet from the University of Chicago addressed to Erica. I smiled to myself just knowing that she wanted to transfer to a university here so she could be with me.

I haven’t seen her a lot lately since I was busy ever since we won the cup. I know Pat spent time with Ally two nights ago thanks to his phone call at two o’clock in the morning telling me what had happened at the restaurant.

I knew just what I was going to do for Erica, I was going to cook her dinner. I’m not the best cook in the world but I’m pretty sure my mom left one of her cookbooks here.

I grabbed my car keys and went down the street to the liquor store so I could buy a bottle of wine. I knew Erica wasn’t old enough to drink but hey a little wine never hurt anyone.

I came home and looked in the closet that was in the hallway and sure enough there was my mom’s cookbook. It was an Italian cooking cookbook and I knew enough about Italy to know that it was the romance capital of the world so I looked through the book and found a recipe for chicken parmesan that I knew Erica would love.

I did my best to follow the directions and by the time Erica got home, I had our entire dinner set up. I didn’t bother changing my clothes and was grateful that I didn’t get any grease or sauce on my dress clothes. What other guy would cook their girlfriend dinner in navy blue dress slacks and a light blue button down shirt? The only thing I had to do was unbutton a few buttons on my shirt and roll up my sleeves and I looked like I was a chef on one of those cooking shows.

“Welcome home baby,” I said giving her a kiss when she came into the house before I handed her a glass of wine.

“I missed you,” she said hugging me.

“I missed you too,” I replied kissing her forehead.

“Something smells good, what take-out did you get?”

“I didn’t order take-out.”

“Well, I know you didn’t cook, so who did?”

“I have a surprise for you,” I said taking her hand as we walked towards the dining room that overlooked the Chicago skyline.

“Wow Jonny, you really went all out,” she said looking at the table that had two candles lit and the wine in the center of the table.

“I just wanted to do something special that didn’t require us going out and being bombarded by fans, I wanted us to be alone.”

“Jonny,” she smiled before she wrapped her arms around me and I gave her a kiss.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“How were the music awards,” she asked when we sat down to eat.

“They were pretty cool, I think I went deaf for the girls screaming over Justin Bieber. What’s he got that I don’t have,” I said laughing.

“Jonny, he didn’t even go through puberty yet and I’m pretty sure he’s still a virgin,” Erica replied with a serious look on her face and I couldn’t stop laughing, “What did I say? I’m being serious and he doesn’t have a Stanley Cup or an MVP trophy either, does he?”

“You left out a beautiful and intelligent girlfriend,” I said and she smiled giving me a kiss.

“You’re such a sweet talker.”

“Hey, I was only telling the truth.”

“Did you see the information packet that came for me from the University of Chicago,” she asked and I lied and said no.

“No, but really, UC?”

“I’ve been doing some thinking lately and I really do miss when you’re not around and seeing you once a month and sometimes more during the hockey season isn’t enough. If we’re going to work, I need to be here full time.”

I sat there staring at her in a trance just smiling when suddenly my cell phone rang.

“Who is it,” she said as I pulled my phone out of my pocket.

“Seabs,” I said pressing the talk button, “What’s up, bro?”

“Can you guys do Alyssa and I a HUGE favor?”

“It depends on what it is.”

“Come on man, we’re desperate right now.”

“Alright, whatever it is, Erica and I will do it,” I said.

“Can you watch Jordan for us? I had plans for us to go out but our babysitter got sick and can’t watch him.”

“What about Duncan, why can’t he do it?”

“He is going out with Kelly tonight.”

“What about Kaner and Ally or Adam and Leah?”

“They’re going to the club tonight with Sharpie, Courtney, Kris and Brittany and Adam is in Wisconsin with Leah for Nikki’s hockey tournament.”

“Do you mind watching Jordan,” I asked Erica who shook her head no, “Are you sure? I feel bad because it was just supposed to be us tonight.”

“I’m fine watching him, we’ll take him to Chuck E. Cheese or something,” Erica said, “It’ll be fun, he’s actually not bad when they’re not around.”

“Alright Brent, we’ll do it.”

“Thank you so much, I really owe you one.”

“You have Erica to thank for talking me into it, just drop him off here and we’ll take him to Chuck E. Cheese or something.”

“I’ll give you my credit card, go out on me.”

“It’s cool, I got it.”

“Well, it is my son so I’ll pay for it.”

“Brent, shut up before I change my mind.”

“Okay, I’m hanging up,” Brent said slamming the phone shut and I laughed.

“What’s so funny,” Erica asked.

“Brent is beyond excited we’re watching Jordan. I promise we’ll do this another time but hey dinner was good, right and we at least had an hour or two alone.”

“We’re going to be together all of the time if I get accepted here so we have a lot to look forward to,” Erica said as we both started cleaning up the table. When we were finished doing the dishes, I wanted to be comfortable chasing a kid around the Chuck E. Cheese so I wore my black Nike Shox tennis shoes with a pair of black basketball shorts, and a white cut off t-shirt. I grabbed my Cubs hat and headed into the living room where Erica was sitting on the couch with Jordan on her lap.

“When the hell did he get here?”

“They dropped him off like five minutes ago,” Erica said smiling as Jordan pulled his transformers toys out of his little backpack.

“Uncle Jonny wanna play,” he asked and I smiled before I sat down on the floor and played with him for a little bit. Just the smile on his face when I said I’d play with him made me forget about all the havoc he caused and made me even more excited to be a dad one day.

“Jordan, want me and Uncle Jonny to take you to Chuck E. Cheese?”

“YAY CHUCK E,” he screamed jumping up and I groaned.

“Geeze Erica, thanks for ruining the silence.”

“Oh shut up Jonny, he’ll be fine once he eats and plays a little bit.”

“Alright, let’s go,” I said grabbing my car keys, “Did they leave his car seat?”

“Yeah, it’s by the door,” she said pointing towards it.

She picked Jordan up and we headed for the elevator, Jordan was clapping his hands the whole time.

“Ready to go bud,” I asked him as I picked him up and buckled him in the car seat.

“Yep,” he said smiling and I shut the door before I climbed in.

“So much for, ‘He’s a holy terror’ and ‘I can’t watch him,’” Erica said making fun of me and I laughed.

“What can I say? I have a soft spot for kids.”

“We’re here Jordan,” Erica said when we pulled into parking lot.

“CHUCK E, CHUCK E, CHUCK E,” he chanted.

“Come on bud,” I said undoing his seatbelt and he hopped out of the car and grabbed Erica’s hand. I locked the car and he grabbed my hand and we headed into Chuck E. Cheese.

Jordan didn’t know which way to go, he saw the ball pit then he saw skee ball and the kid was also caught between dinner and the dancing characters on stage.

“He doesn’t know what to choose,” Erica whispered and I laughed as Jordan stood there holding my hand and scratching his head.

“What’s wrong buddy,” I said crouching down to his level.

“Too big,” he said and I laughed.

“Well, are you hungry?”


“Want pizza first?”

“YAY PIZZA,” he shouted jumping in my arms and Erica laughed.

We ordered pizza and while Jordan ate Erica and I talked about why she chose the University of Chicago out of the blue.

“Why did you pick UC all of the sudden?”

“I realized that Jessica is a year away from graduating and she has been looking at colleges here and Pat’s here with Ally and I know you hate traveling back and forth so I decided to go to school here. My parents are okay with it and they know I’d be living with you so I think I’m definitely going to move here.”

“Whoopsy,” Jordan suddenly said and we looked over and saw he had sauce all over his hands, face, and clothes.

“Did your mommy pack you a change of clothes,” Erica asked and Jordan shook his head yes.

“I bet they’re in that bag in the car, I’ll go get them.”

“Give me your keys, I’ll get them,” Erica said as I reached into my pocket and handed them to her.

I watched as Erica picked Jordan up from the booster seat and carried him outside. They came back in and Jordan was making faces and Erica was laughing. I smiled to myself as I watched her interact with Jordan. She would be a great mother to our kids but she’s only twenty so kids will wait a few years for us.

“Wow, you’re clean,” I said as Jordan jumped in my lap, “Nice shirt.”

“My daddy bought it for me.”

“Of course he did,” Erica laughed as Jordan showed off his little Duncan Keith t-shirt.

“BALLS,” Jordan shouted jumping out of my lap and towards the ball pit.

“Let’s go watch him,” I said as Erica and I walked over and stood there still talking and watching Jordan.


Jordan ran through the tunnel and slid down the sliding board and Erica picked him up and swung him around. I laughed at the sight before me because the thoughts of us having kids came back again.

“What do you want to do now,” I asked Jordan who took off towards the people who were playing skee ball.

“Uncle Jonny, help me please,” he said and I stuck in a token and showed him how to throw the balls.

“Good job bud.” He sucked but I was more than happy to help him, Erica was right he wasn’t bad around us, I guess it’s the whole kids act worse around their parents thing.

“I’m tired,” Jordan said and I picked him up.

“Want to go home with us and take a nap until your mommy and daddy pick you up?”

He nodded his head yes and I carried him to the car and he was asleep by time we got home.

My phone rang again and it was Brent telling me that he and Alyssa just had what he called “the most amazing sex” they’ve ever had and that he needed us to keep Jordan for the night.

I put Jordan in the spare bedroom and left the door open before I walked across the hall to mine and Erica’s room. Erica was already changed and lying in bed when I walked in and took my shorts and shirt off before I climbed in bed next to her.

“I told you he wasn’t bad without them around,” Erica said smiling.

“He’s such a cute kid but he is so bad when they are around.”

“He loves us, but he especially loves you. He was all ‘Uncle Jonny this’ and ‘Uncle Jonny that’ when I had him outside.”

“What can I say? I have a way with kids.”

“Whatever,” Erica said rolling her eyes, “I’m tired, goodnight, I love you, and I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Night, I love you,” I said giving her a kiss turning the light off and getting myself comfortable with my arms around her.

I had just fallen asleep when I felt someone nudging me, I groaned and when I rolled over I saw Jordan standing there.

“What’s wrong buddy,” I said sitting up.

“I had a bad dream,” Jordan said clinging to his stuffed dog. I think it’s name is Duncan but I don’t know.

“Want to sleep with me and Aunt Erica?”

“Yes,” he said and I picked him up placing him in between Erica and myself.

“What’s wrong,” Erica said rubbing her eyes.

“Jordan had a bad dream and he is going to sleep with us.”

“You okay sweetie,” she said kissing Jordan’s forehead and he nodded his head yes and clung to her.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know what else to do.”

“It’s okay, don’t worry about it. Just get some sleep.”

I gave her another kiss and we both headed off to sleep content with how we felt about our relationship and each other and above all I was grateful she was finally going to move in with me.

Normal POV

Pat and I were laughing at Kris as he sat there attempting to rap “Not Afraid” by Eminem in the club. Brittany was embarrassed and so was Sharpie because Courtney was there but it was pretty funny.

It’s how Kris was, you either take it or leave it. Sharpie and Courtney were getting closer and I was glad Sharpie finally found a woman he liked.

“Ally, what’s wrong,” Pat said looking at me as I sat there stunned at what my mom had just told me over the phone.

“NOOOO,” I said crying and Pat grabbed the phone.

“Guys, we got to go,” Pat said, “We’ll tell you guys at another time but we got a plane to catch.”

“Ally, are you okay,” Brittany asked.

“I’ll be fine,” I said crying, “I’ll see you all this week.”

“He’s going to be okay,” Pat said squeezing my hand as we drove through the streets of Chicago so we could go pack our bags and book our plane.

“The next flight leaves at one o’clock, it’s now eleven fifteen,” I said looking at the clock, “Hurry up and pack.”

We packed in record time and before we knew it we were flying through the streets of Chicago yet again into the direction of the airport.

Once we were through security and on the plane, I called my mom and told her we were on our way. Once we were up in the air, I sat there crying and Pat lifted the arm rest and put his arm around me.

“What happened,” he asked.

“My dad, he had a heart attack and they don’t know how bad it is. He is having emergency bypass surgery right now.”

“He’s going to be okay, I promise.”

“Pat, if something happens to him I am going to feel like shit because I haven’t talked to him in two years.”

“Really,” Pat asked, “I didn’t know that. I hope I’m not the reason why.”

“You’re not the whole reason, I just decided not to talk to him because he didn’t accept my relationship with you. I love you and I don’t care what no one thinks.”

“I don’t want you losing your family over me,” Pat said, “I love you and I am going to work damn hard to get them to accept me.”

“I’m not worried about that right now, I’m worried about my dad.”

I cried myself to sleep in Pat’s arms and when I woke up the Florida sunshine was poking through the window of the plane.

“Please fasten your seatbelts, we will be landing shortly,” the voice on the intercom said.

“How long was I out,” I asked Pat who shrugged his shoulders.

“We flew out of Chicago at a quarter after one in the morning and it’s like eight am now so about seven hours or so.”

“Wow! Did my mom call?”

“She did call, your dad is out of surgery and is in a regular room sitting up in bed since he spent the night in the ICU.”

I couldn’t help but cry, my dad was going to be okay but I still needed to repair my relationship with him. I hope he didn’t hold it against Pat. We got off of the plane and my grandmother picked us up.

“Ally, my darling,” my grandma Ella said hugging me, “Wow! Look at you, you’re beautiful.”

“I missed you Gram,” I said hugging her and not wanting to let go.

“I missed you too sweetheart, you met that NHL boy and thought you were too good for us. Speaking of which, that must be him over there signing autographs for those kids.”

“Pat,” I said waving him over and he smiled finishing the autograph he was signing before he walked over.

“Oh my, is that Donna and Pat’s son?”

“Yep,” I said smiling, “He grew up nicely, didn’t he?”

“He’s adorable.”

“Thanks grandma,” I said hugging her again, “God, it really has been too long.”

“Two years too long, how’s gramps doing?”

“He’s still as stubborn as ever,” she said smiling, “He’s at home trying to get the guest rooms together for you.”

“Aw gram you guys didn’t have to do that.”

“It’s okay, he’s been dying to meet Patrick anyways.”

“Mrs. Jordan,” Pat said hugging her when he came over, “How have you been?”

“Patrick, look at you. You’re so grown up and handsome.”

“Thank you,” he said wrapping his arm around my waist.

“I’ve never saw my granddaughter happier, you really make her happy.”

Pat smiled and kissed my forehead, “So, I make your happy and you talk to your grandma about me.”

“All of the time,” I said and he laughed as we got into the car and headed to the hospital.

“Are you ready,” Pat asked me as we stood in front of my dad’s room. I was holding a balloon and a stuffed animal.

“I’m as ready as I’ll ever be,” I said as Pat pushed the door open and I walked in first.

“Ally,” my dad said and I kneeled down on the floor crying as he put his arms around me.

“Daddy,” I cried and he rubbed my back.

“I’ve missed you,” he said, “By the way, Pat, I’m really sorry for what I said about you. I was wrong and as much as I hate to admit it my daughter was right about you. You are something special and my thoughts and actions were just me afraid of losing my only baby girl because I realized she didn’t need me anymore.”

My mom walked in and was in tears at the sight before her, “Thank you Mr. Jordan,” Pat said walking over to shake his hand.

“Please call me Tony,” he said, “Welcome to the family.”

I sat there crying and Pat had his arms around me and we talked like nothing ever happened between us. Pat agreed to stay until my dad was released from the hospital which would take a week and a half. I was really certain everything was going to work out. My dad and Pat were getting along, we were spending time with my family, and then we were flying to Buffalo before we went to Disney World and I just hoped our two lives became one when we are in Orlando.