Sunday, May 9, 2010

Chapter 12-Meet the Families

“Why can’t we ever go to the stupid parade instead of watching it every freaking year on TV,” Jackie whined.

“Shut up Jacqueline it is too early for you to be running your mouth,” Donna yelled from the kitchen and I laughed as I helped her make the stuffing for the turkey, “Don’t ever have kids they turn into whiney teenagers and become especially whiney if they’re a Kane.”

“I’ll tell Pat that,” I said laughing as I cracked the eggs into the bread.

“Something smells good,” Pat Sr. said coming into the kitchen, “Can I help with anything?”

“No, Ally and I got it,” Donna said to her husband who gave her a kiss. I just smiled at the love they still had for each other after all of these years. I hope Pat and I are like them twenty years from now. I think I’m getting ahead of myself looking to marriage with Pat but I can see myself marrying him but what do I know I’m still a kid, right?

“DADDY,” Jackie called from the living room, “CAN WE GO TO THE PARADE NEXT YEAR?”

“Mr. Kane, can you please go slap her for us,” I groaned and he laughed.

“Ally you should be used to this by now,” he replied, “She complains every year on Thanksgiving that she never goes to the parade.”

“It would be nice to go but I never really considered going before,” I admitted.

“Maybe we’ll go next year that does sound nice now that you mention it, Ally,” Donna said, “Just don’t tell the brat in the living room.”

“I won’t,” I said laughing as Pat came into the kitchen half asleep.

“Good morning babe,” he said wrapping his arms around my waist kissing my shoulder, “Happy Thanksgiving.”

“Hey,” I said smiling as I took the gloves off that I had on and turned in his arms giving him a kiss on the lips, “What time did you get in last night?”

“Around three this morning,” he said sitting up on the counter next to me.

“Did Jon come with you,” I asked.

“Yeah he’s downstairs in the game room sleeping on the pull out couch.”

“Do they know,” I whispered nodding my head towards Mister and Misses Kane.

“Know about what,” Pat asked with a confused expression.

“Erica and Jon.”

“They were planning on telling them at dinner,” Pat said as I started finishing the stuffing so Donna could stuff the turkey.

“Ally go ahead and leave that alone I’ll finish everything,” Donna said taking the spoon out of my hands.

“I told you I’d help you though so that wouldn’t be fair to you,” I said looking up at Pat who rolled his eyes and laughed.

“I said I got it, go have Pat show you what he had built in the back of the house,” Donna said shooing him off of the counter and ushering me out of the kitchen.

“I really wanted to help her cook,” I whined and Pat laughed.

“Oh shut up and look at this,” Pat said as he walked down the steps and passed where Jon was sleeping and through the door that lead to the garage.

“I am not going outside without a coat, there is six inches of snow on the ground and it is ten below zero out there,” I said shivering as the door opened.

“Shut up we don’t have to go outside,” Pat said rolling his eyes and opening up the door in the garage that I don’t remember seeing before.

“Oh my God,” I said as I walked into the room that was attached, “When the hell was this put in?”

There was a fireplace built with a mantle and a futon with two couches. A Blackhawks banner was on the wall and a blanket was on the futon.

“A couple weeks ago,” Pat said smiling, “Do you like it?”

“It feels so romantic,” I gushed and Pat rolled his eyes and laughed.

“That was what I was kind of going for. Think of this as an escape for us when my family is hounding us when we come home from Chicago for the summer.”

“I’m tired,” I said yawning.

“Want to take a nap in here,” Pat asked, “You know the house is a madhouse right now and in here we would have some peace and quiet.

I lied down on the futon and Pat lied down next to me and pulled the blanket over us. I got comfortable as he wrapped his arms around me and gave me a kiss. We fell asleep and before we knew it we were woken up by Jessica and Jackie.

“I hate you two little bitches,” Pat said pushing them out of the room locking the door.

“They can’t stand to not know what is going on,” I said laughing at Pat who was pissed with his sisters.

“Nosey bitches,” Pat said and I laughed again.

“It’s not funny that is why I am so happy they live in Buffalo and we live with Chicago and only have to deal with them two to three months out of the year now,” he said sitting up on the futon running his hands through his hair. I kneeled behind him and wrapped my arms around his neck.

“What’s wrong,” I asked and he sighed.

“I don’t know,” he sighed, “I guess I’m just nervous about Saturday.”

“What’s Saturday,” I questioned.

Pat smirked and I got a bad feeling about what he was going to say, “You and me are leaving this crappy weather and using the airline tickets that I got you for your birthday and going to visit Tony and Cheryl while I still have a few days off.”

“No not my parents right now,” I said standing up and Pat laughed.

“Why not, I mean you’re living with me and my parents know that we are dating but they only know you have a boyfriend and I know they have been asking to meet me because I have been in the same room and have heard the conversations with them.”

“FINE,” I said rolling my eyes, “Plus, it’ll get us away from those two brats for the weekend.”

“Exactly my plan,” Pat said, “We’ll go back to Chicago straight from Florida.”

“Sounds good to me,” I said, “We should really go take showers and get dressed because dinner should be almost done.”

“It’s two o’clock already,” Pat said looking at the clock on the wall, “Shit, I thought it was earlier than that.”

We walked back through the garage and went upstairs, “Want to shower with me,” Pat said winking.

“I’ll pass,” I said smirking, “You know what happened the last time your parents were around and we decided to take a shower together.”

“Good idea,” he said walking into his room and shutting the door.

I finished taking a shower and getting dressed and went downstairs to find that Pat and Jon were already sitting at the table talking to Jackie, Jessica, and Erica.

Erica was sitting next to Jon with Jackie and Pat was sitting next to an empty chair with Jackie sitting next to the open chair. Jessica was sitting next to Erica and Pat Sr. was sitting at the head of the table.

“Here’s the turkey,” Donna said carrying the platter into the dining room and putting it on the dining room table.

“Jon, have you had Thanksgiving dinner before like this,” Pat Sr. asked.

“This is my second year having it,” Jon said smiling, “Last year I ate with Adam Burish and his family.”

“Patrick, will you say grace,” Donna asked Pat and I almost laughed out loud.

“Sure mom,” Pat said glaring at me as I buried my face in Jackie’s shoulder and she snickered.

“Girls knock it off,” Donna scolded.

“Yes mom!”

“Yes Mrs. Kane!”

“Dear God thank you for the food we are about to eat and the success that I’ve had so far in my career. I am forever thankful for what you have given to me throughout the years. My boyishly good looks, my sexy ass body, my sexy ass girlfriend, and my mom and dad. I am not thankful for my two nosey ass sisters who stick their nose in everyone’s business but their own and I am also not thankful for my best friend who is banging my sister.”

“Sir, I swear I am not doing anything like he said to your daughter,” Jon said nervously while blushing and looking at Pat Sr., “She and I have been dating and we were going to tell you guys today but I swear I am not having sexual relations with her. I respect her and I love her and would never do something like that unless we were both ready for it.”

“Calm down, I believe you son. You have to excuse Pat he was dropped on his head when he was a baby,” Pat Sr. told Jon who smiled and laughed before putting his hand over Erica’s and she smiled.

“Patrick Timothy Kane,” Donna scolded while smacking him behind his head, “Behave yourself there are women and children in this room.”

“Sorry mom,” Pat said laughing, “I just couldn’t help it.”

“Yeah well someone will need to help you when I kick your ass into next Thanksgiving if you pull that shit again,” Donna said and Pat laughed.

“Amen I’m hungry, so can we eat now,” Jackie whined.

“Shut the hell up Jackie, all you did was whine today,” Pat said to his sister who stuck her tongue out at him.

“Let’s eat,” Pat Sr. said carving the turkey.

After dinner we started putting up the Christmas decorations that Donna had gotten out of the attic earlier in the week and we finished up around eleven. Pat and I packed our stuff that we were taking to Florida. I had clothes at my parent’s house from the last time I was there and Pat packed a few things from his closet that he thought he would need.

We both fell asleep around one in the morning and soon we were up at nine so that we could catch our flight to Florida that was at eleven. Jon drove us to the airport and we were soon on our way after boarding.

We arrived in St. Petersburg around three and got a taxi to my parent’s house. When we got to my parent’s house, I used my keys and let us into the house.

“Mom, Dad,” I called out into the house and received no answer.

“Are they here,” Pat asked.

“I don’t know,” I said, “Let’s take our bags upstairs then I will go check the backyard by the pool.”

I looked out my bedroom window and sure enough my mom was lying on a raft in the pool and my dad was mowing the backyard.

“They’re out back,” I said, “Come on let’s go meet them.”

“Mom,” I said calling out into the backyard.

“Ally, sweetie,” she said paddling her way over to the steps so that she could get out and give me a hug, “What a beautiful surprise.”

“Hey mom,” I said hugging her back, “I finally came home to visit.”

“TONY, ALLY’S HERE,” my mom yelled over to my dad who was currently using a leaf blower to blow the grass off of the patio.

“Hey honey,” he said walking over to me, “How have you been?”

“I’m doing really well actually,” I said, “I’m not living in Buffalo anymore, I’m living in Chicago.”

“For school, I presume,” my mom asked.

“No actually I’m living with my boyfriend,” I said looking down at my feet.

“Ally, you’ve only been with him for three months that’s a little too soon to be moving in with someone,” my dad said, “You’re not pregnant are you?”

“God no,” I said, “You guys already know who my boyfriend is you’ve met him before but we weren’t together at the time.”

“Who is it,” my mom asked.

“Patrick, Erica’s brother,” I said.

“He plays for the Blackhawks now, right,” my dad asked.

“Yeah he’s a month into his rookie year.”

“Is he here with you,” my mom asked.

“Yes he’s here with me.”

“Good we’ll all go out to dinner and I can ask him what his intentions with you are,” my dad said and I couldn’t help but smirk inside considering the things that Pat and I have done.

“He’s actually the one that brought me down here, he didn’t think it was fair that I didn’t introduce him as my boyfriend to you guys since Donna and Pat already knew I was his girlfriend.”

“He’s a nice guy,” my mom said to my dad, “He’s very respectful towards us every time we have ever met him Tony.”

“He was always respectful towards me but right now he’s dating my little girl and will be on my shit list.”

“Dad,” I growled, “You’re unbelievable.”

“Let’s go inside the house so that I can meet him,” my dad said and I immediately felt nervous.

“Pat,” I said as we walked into the house, “You’ve met my parents Tony and Cheryl before, right?”

“Yes I did,” he said sticking out his hand, “How have you guys been?”

“Really well,” my mom said, “How’s the NHL?”

“Really great but Ally here keeps me going and makes sure that I’m never late for practice or a game and she cooks me dinner before the game,” Pat said smiling, “I’ve honestly never been happier.”

I looked at my dad with pleading eyes praying that he wouldn’t say anything out of line.

“When can we come out to see your house and watch you play,” my dad asked.

“Anytime you would like to Mr. Jordan,” Pat said, “Our house is your house.”

“That’s great,” my mom said, “We’ve been wanting to come visit your parents for a while.”

“They’d be happy to see you guys,” Pat said smiling.

“Pat, they were talking about going out to dinner later so that they could get to know you better, is that okay with you,” I asked.

“Yeah sure that’s great,” he said smiling. I could tell he was nervous and I was too. My mom loved him but my dad was going to be a douchebag, I could tell.

“Just let me go get changed and Tony you can take a shower then we will go,” my mom said excusing herself and walked upstairs.

“Don’t you two go anywhere,” my dad said with a fake nice in his voice, “We’ll be ready in twenty minutes.”

My dad went upstairs and I sighed and Pat looked at me questioningly, “What’s wrong,” he asked.

“Mom loves you but dad is having a hard time dealing with this,” I said and Pat sighed.

“I think I did pretty well getting over my nervousness,” he said and I smiled.

“You did but he is going to ask you what your intentions are with me at dinner and you have to lie considering we go at it like rabbits,” I whispered and Pat laughed.

“Don’t worry I’ll lie,” Pat said smiling and I laughed.

Dinner was awkward to say the least. My dad questioned Pat on everything from his past relationships to how he intended on making us work when he was on the road. Oat’s answers were ones that I never even dreamed of.

He had a girlfriend when he was sixteen that broke his heart when she cheated with a teammate of his. He said he’d give up his career if it ever came down to it just so he could stay with me for the rest of his life.

“Well when your NHL career is over, do you have anything to fall back on,” my dad asked.

“I’ve been looking into taking a few media broadcasting as well as business classes so I could be a commentator or own shares of the ‘hawks as well as supporting Ally and our kids when we do decide to have them.”

“So, you plan on marrying my daughter?”

“Yes sir,” Pat said squeezing my hand and smiling at me, “Would that be okay with the two of you?”

“You have my blessing,” my mom said smiling.

“Yes it would be,” my dad replied and I could have slapped him for being as fake as he was right now.

“Thank you both, it really means a lot,” Pat said genuinely.

We finished up dinner and headed back to the house and Pat fell asleep. I let him sleep and went downstairs to where my parents were talking about Pat. I sat on the steps where they couldn’t see me and listened to their conversation.

“He loves her Tony, why can’t you see that?”

“I just don’t think he’s right for her Cheryl. He’s a professional hockey player who is always going to be tempted by other girls on the road. I don’t want my little girl getting hurt.”

“He won’t hurt her Tony, you saw how they acted tonight at dinner. They are so in love with each other. She’s eighteen and he’s nineteen they are both adults.”

“They’re two children who have a puppy love going on and won’t be together more than six months when he breaks her heart and leaves her for a money grabbing whore from Chicago or God knows what city he’ll meet a gold digging slut in.”

“You aren’t even giving him a chance Tony, you know what this is about? This isn’t about not liking him, this is about you being afraid of losing your little girl.”

“He’s not good for her. You can argue with me all you want to but he is going to hurt her. I don’t trust him no more than I trust a dog watching a newborn.”

That did it for me, I didn’t even bother storming downstairs to tell my dad how that statement hurt me. I wiped the tears from my eyes and went into my room. I woke Pat up crying and when he asked me what was wrong, I broke down in his arms.

“My dad hates you,” I cried into his chest, “He doesn’t trust you because he thinks you’ll leave me for a money grabbing whore.”

“I’m not going anywhere, you know that,” Pat said kissing the top of my head and rubbing my back soothingly, “I love you.”

“I know but why can’t he see that?”

“He’s only trying to protect you,” Pat said as I continued to cry, “You’re his only child and his little girl of course he’s going to disapprove of me.”

“I don’t want to be here anymore. This isn’t where I belong and neither do you. I want to go back to Chicago.”

“We’ll go back on Monday,” Pat said, “We’ll check into a hotel here and then we’ll go back to Chicago on Monday like we planned on doing.”

“No, I want to go now,” I said crying harder than I already was, “I hate Florida and everything in it. Please take me home.”

“Alright, we’ll go home,” Pat said pulling me away to give me a kiss.

“Wait until they go to sleep so that we can leave without even telling them why we are leaving,” I said.

“Okay baby,” he said and we both lied back on the bed and Pat pulled me to him giving me a hug.

“Pat,” I said and he looked down at me, “Did you mean what you said earlier about us getting married one day?”

“Every word of it,” he smiled and I leaned up giving him a kiss.

“I love you so much.”

“I love you too,” he said. Why couldn’t my dad see that he loved me? I wanted nothing more than for my dad to like him. Was that too much to ask? I know that he’ll come around eventually but as of right now Pat and I will live our lives in Chicago praying for the best but so far all we have gotten was the worst.


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